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ill 4 Rolex 18k yellow goldPresident band US$ 4.700.-

ill.3 Rolex only buckle 18k gold and leather straps US$ 2.300,-

ill.2 Rolex 18K yellow Gold US$5.300.-

ill. 1 Rolex 18 K white Gold US 5000.-

Hallo collectors . one of our collctors from Indonesia asking me to put the rare watch collection with the price have sold, that is why our topic this day about that expensive collections that only rich collectors could made investation or for show their social grade high society. All of my watch collections very fast sold because I am afraid to the hot tropische climate will mad the collections condition become bad and the value became very low. I am now only used the watch have gift to me as promotion from Canon, and before I used the common watch but when the service man change the batterei he told me this is expensive watch because the machine was original Omega very lucky because I bounght very cheapest only US$50.- I have 18 K vintage pockets watch mark Junghans the popular wacth duirng that time special the grandfather clock. Before i only sold the rare vintage pocket watch between us $ 100- to 200.- but the expensive one us $600,- with the design of locomotive and military tiger corps. My suggestions be careful because many OMEGA or ROLEX watch with Hongkong or China machines – this repro were started after 1950.

The history of Rolex reflects the progress of watchmaking in the 20th century. Examplesof the development include the first officially certifiede Wristchronometer (1910), rotor self winding machines
(1931) ,date window (1945).Rolex has been a pioneer in the quest for perfection.
The tradition continious today , not only in trems of technical sophisication but also in the uncomprimising integrity of Rolex craftsmanship . Each watch is built tothe highest standards of procision ,beauty and endurance at Switzerland .


ill. 1. OysterbPrepetual Day-date model 18039/7286/9 value US$5.000.-
Superlative chronometer.Rotor self winding.27 jewel/18 K white gold. Saphirre glass cruystal. luminoius hand and hour makers.

ill. 2. Oysterquatrz day-Date ,model 19018 waterresisten value US $ 5.300.-
Superlative chronometer. 18 K yellow gold case, engraved ezel and integral band with ahidden claps. Champagne face.Sapphire crystal. Luminous bands and solid gold hour markers.

ill. 3 . Model 18038 F008c. 18 k yellow gold. value US $ 2.250.,-
18 K yellow gold buckle with black and brown leather straps.

ill. 4. Model18018038/7286/8. Foo8D1. 18 k yellow gold President band. value US $ 4.700.-
18K yeloow gold President band has a hiden claps.

The other type value under US.1000,-didn’t illustrated.
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.


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Simeon sing the love song Love love Kiss my chick.

Drunken Simeon Backhome after drinking too much wines.@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

Darling Simeon I am coming !!! sorry collectors simeon picture lost during install and add the new picture upper than the right palce,its only a joke, .@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

Drunken Simeon went home


Simeon gilr friend stayed on the balcon during he cameback home


Newspaper and satirical publication, were training grounds for many well-known comic artists in the early 1900s. The health medicine product promotion crazed provided a great deal of employment for these and orther artist whose work is comperatively undocumented but worth . The humour from that time can seem crude or even offensive today, but the situations shown in the best humour book are as amusing and fresh now as they were then . There is a wealth of material in topical gags dealing with then novelities, such as health such as medicine effect to the bad evils. The first Humour Book from Bayer -Aspirin tablet (famous that time & now) promotion before the World war two Until now Bayer still use for promotion antipyretics medicine Panadol and also by insecticides againts Mosquito’s bite (Obat Nyamuk).

This Indonesian Humour Medicine Promotions book of Aspirin Tablet product Bayer in Indonesian language were very difficult to found in fine conditions.
Some of our collectors asking me to put in the blog the vintage Indonesia Heath humour (Karikatur), but very long time I didn’t found, and tomorow my friend Sofjan sold to me and I put in the blog, but in three episode :

1. Episode one : Simeon drunken back home and when he look at the beautiful girl on the balcon , Simeon fall in love and singging the song for her.

2. Episode two : Sudenly a cold water falling on Simeon faces and body, the Beautiful girl angry the he took the cold water and poured to Simeon from the balcon. Simeon run away and near his house there were raining and all his body have cold due the raining effect.

3. Episode three: During back home ,Simeon on the street feel affraid because he saw a gost her face very bad and her eyes bigger on. Simeon take a steal stick but the gost didn’t afraid and shoot her arrow to Simeon that made simeon filled pains.

4 Episode four : When Simeon arrived at his home, he sit on the chair, his hand filling broken like the steal stick knock down, many evil attacked him at head back and leg, that is why simoeon shouted loudly until mr Medicine hearded.
5. Episode five : The Bayer cross was hanging in the front the house called Apotheek(Medicine shop), the windows were open , like have oredr by some one, one tube full cointained run out. Look! one Aspirin tablet get in the glass and disolved alone. The Tube shouted to Simeon, lets drink fast. Right, soon after he drink all the disease off. Where the disease evil gone ? Aspirin took them out. (very clever didn’t kill, different the recent promotion all the devil were killed, why during that time allthe people think evil cann’t died)

The Bayer Aspirin promotion very suceed, also the recent common cold medicine “Bodrex” the evil were killed by the soldier ‘s angel.

ill.1. Aspirin promotion label
ill. 2. Simeon
ill.3 Perkara bergoena (About the need)
ill.4. Simeon Profile
ill. 5 Simeon Drunken’s walk
Naration :
Sameon djalan sempojongan (Semeon labil walking)
Mabok,minoem anggoer kebanjakan (Drunk, drink wine too much)
Poelang karoemah terang boelan (Came back home the moon shining)
djalannja selea-seleo kiri-kanan ( his walking labil-labol left-right)
ill.6. : Sameon stop and singging love songs at down of balcon where the beautiful girls stading.
Naration :
Berenti sebentar dimoeka roemah sobatnja (stop a while in the front of his friend home)
boeat bikin maea-maen sebisanja (for done plyaing as he could)
Sameon menjanji lagoe tjinta-tjinta (Sameon sung the song of Love-love) .
disitoe-dibawah itoe djendela ! (there under the window!)
Sameon menjanji sama boenjiin gitarnja( Sameon singging with his guitar)
Ach, berdebar -debar hati saja ( my hearth have pounding)
Djantoeng hati tjioem pipi saja ( loving Heart kiss my chicks)
bikin mati api tjinta saja (made my fllamming love off).

I hope humor collection collectors will look the another episode Simeon 2,3 and 4.
@copyright Dr iwan s.2010.

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DEI first stamp

DEI second stamps

Brankas (Safety box) stamp

Bandung Jaar Beurs 1922

Kon 5 gulden.(rare), this stamps later overprint 1947(common)

Kon 25 gld 1942

KON. 35 cent-1942

Dai Nippon Occupation Aceh Star overprint.

Dai Nippon Occupation East Sumatra Dai Nippon yubin overprint

Dai nippon Occupation Tapanoeli Hinomaru overprint

Dai Nippon Occupation West sumatra Cross overprint

Dai nippon Occupation Palembang dai nippon squared overprint.

Dai Nippon Occupation south sumatra postmaster Arifin Ring initial overprin

Dai nippon occupation overprint postmater Palembang initialIPL.used off cover.

Dai Nipoon Occupation overprint postmaster Palembang IPL(lengkong) ,the ring stameped very expensive.

Dai Nippon Occupation overprint Hinomaru lampong.used off cover.

Dai Nippon Overprint Dai nippon Yubin Lampong,used off cover


Soerakarta Emergency Miltary stamps. Used off cover.

Preface :

Hallo collectors, especially collectors from Indonesia. Many Indonesia stamps collectors asked me how much the price of Indonesia rare stamps? very difficult tl answer this questions because many factors related to the price, but I promised to answer the collectors questions. please look at the stamps illustartions, not much rare stamps in Indonesia as off cover or unused stamps , the very expensive were the postally used because the limited edition stamps used very short time due to the political or war situation especially during Dai Nippon occupation and Indonesia Independence war. The earliest stamps issued many stamps about 1.000.000 stamps, but still have good price because many Dutch collectors lover their Royal King or Queen, but the young generations have different opinion and because of the economic crisis the price became lower until 10 % of Catalogue price. I think the collector can buy the lowest price now, but some trader still didn’t want to sold their collections only the rare stamps, they want to sold all of their collection, that is the problem the  trader want the highest price, the collector want the fair price and the investor want the chiepest price. Many collectors unhappy because when they want to sold their collections no one to buy with catalogue price up that 30 % , many want 10 %. The collectors must be carefully to arranged their collections because many garbage stamps and that stamps cann’t sold with the catalogue price ,many investor want to buy maximum $1. each.

The very expensive Indonesia stamps only Six  stamps (very rare stamps I have ever seen)

 The first : Dai Nippon Occupation ” Lombok sunray over print” on postally used covers , off covers or mint not expensive because the serious collector didn’t want that stamps.   I ever seen this stamps, butvthe owner didn’t want to sold, now he was passed away.

The second : Surakarta Emergency Military stamps (ill) many unused stamps still exist, Mr Eric have the bigger bloc of eight. The postally used on cover only one item belong to Mr Vrijdag Netherland , have sold in V.esbensen auction 1985, I don’t know the latest owner.

The third : Dai Nippon Occupation Bengkulu David Star (Jews star), I have this time before off cover , Mr Bulterman Bought from me, because I only collectect Postally used Covers.

The Fourth : Dai Nippon  Occupation Postmaster Ring overprint south Sumatra , I never seen this stamps postally used cover or postcard. The used Cover Fragnent not expensive (ill)

The Fifth      : Dai Nippon Hinomaru Lampong postally used, I have this cover but bad conditions the stanps half broken that is why I sold to Mr Bulterman after repared, the only one ever seen. 

The sixth : Middle Sumatral Typemechine overprint Rep: Indie: I only two exist ,  fragment cover (my collection keep on Bank deposit locker) and off cover (Collection Mr Ricardo now in Den Haag Museum Netherlands). I cann’t show this stamps because I am afraid someone made the copy or repro, inDen Haag Museum invite me, I will show that rarest stamps in Indonesia with Mr Ricardo collections.  

The postally used cover during earliest republic Indonesia at Sumatra still difficult to find the original guinine covers , many fakes CTO covers exist now, that is why I cann’t show that cover.I have sold 8 postal used postcard and covers Sumatra Republic Indonesia emergency stamps toIndonesian Collector because I need money to move to Jakarta and paid my Son education and buildt my uniquecollection cybermusuem and cybernew home office in 1985, but pity he didn’t hold his promise that very rare collection were sold at Netherlands auction 1n 2008, but I have the color photo of that collections.

How much the price ? hwen I sold my collections, in 1985 , the basic price were the rare stamps (only 10-20 item exist) US$400 per items and the very rare only one ever seen US 1500.- per items. I am very lucky, that collections in 2008 cann’t sold in Indonesia Auctions because the price to high one postally postcard US.5000.- no one want to buy, at least at Netherlands auction they used my price US $ 1500. but only one sold , the other one only US$400.-

What about the limited edition Dutch East Indie :

(1) The first and second stamps (ill) , I have bought in USA auction 1n 1979 durinng euro crisis, the two stamps used only US $ 30 only 10 % of catalogue price, the unused stamps I didn’t bought because the Indonesian wheater to hot and not dry, the gum always became brown (troopis) , the unused bloc eight very expensive only one exist belonged to Singapore collectors ever show during Internationa exhebition in Jakarta, also the second stamps one full sheet (50 stamps) used   before belong to Indonesia collector but now sold broad this also the very expensive stamps. This stamps on postally used cover mixed with the third Indonesian Stamps also very expensive only one ever seen.

(2) The limited edition Konijneberg Queen Wilhelmina 1942, the very rare 5  gld(issued 8000) , 25 Gld (issued 14.000) and 35 cent (issued 10.000) . this stamps will very expensive if postally used cover,but I only seen one cover of 25 Gld  and the other 35 cent and 5 gld never seen postally used cover. The unused stamps still low price before I sold 35 cent unused US$100. I don’t know the price now, in auctionblock of six 35 cent price US $ 600.- but no one bought. the 25 gld, I want to buy through the international auction  US $ 25.- used off cover , but cann’t succeed because the other collector bought upof my price, in 2009 I bought from Bogor collector US$30.-

(3) Bandoeng Jaar Beurs overprint stamps (ill) I bought one collection Ned.indie .collection with this stamp exist, US $1000.- and I sold that stamps because unused tropisc condition to Dutc collectors US $ 600,- In 2009 I bought this stamps in Indonesia only US$30.-(5% of catalogue price).

(4)Brankass stamps (the stamps used when sending document to keep in the brankass) , I have the off cover used stamps not expensive, but I have never seen postally used cover, catalogue price very expensive.US $ 3000.- used stamps complete,postally used cover I want to buy only US $ 300. 10 % of catalogue price.

haloo collectors, do you ever seen this rare Indonesia Stamps, if you have that stamps postally used cover please contact me via comment I need that stamps , but with fair price not catalogue price. This day I meet the investor, I asked one postal caver 19th century send from Indonesia to Vietnam indochina US 20.- he said ok you buy all my collection each postcard Us 10.- he have more than 200. Indonesia 19th postcard, but i only need that postcard to put in my blog under “Vietnam Indochina collection”, in vietnam I only bought US$ 3 to 1o per covers. still cheapest.

My suggestion to collectors, please only by the fair prizes rage between Us $ 1.- to US.30,- not more because very difficult to sold in the future except the only one ever seen stamps on postally used cover US 300.-

My Suggestion to Traders, please donn’t sold the stamps in one collections because no one to invest on stamps anymore, better choose the very rare stamps and sold in the auctions, and the other stamps sold 10 % catalogue prices because if you keep the collections you must have high investation fund or you will bankrupt, I have seen thousand traders bankrupt.

Suggestion to investor, better seek the stamps and cover from the sources : old Archives, if you are lucky you can found in very cheapiest prize and you can sold very fast in the fair prize.

If the stamps Collectors, traders and investor did’t carefully I think one day the stamps collection will “Died” , only the Postal history will stil live in the futures, the three must be partners to built the Indonesia and International phillatelic collections.

Sorry, if my opinion did’t well, but you must know I am only travellers and uniquecollection collectors, i don’t mind with priced , for me more important the information fact from theat collection as the human heritage collections.

Please comment, what ever your opinion, i think very good for your , but for another collectors depond on him.

Greatings Dr iwan S.@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.

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Hoan Kiem Lake, I have stayed near this beautiful lake still the same during may visit 2007.@gopyright Dr iwan S.2010

Native ship at Nha Khong Port Saigon

French expatriat teacher of Donh Khanh high school at Hue

Native Vietnamese Singer Hanoi

French expatiat nun and Physician at the front of Gia dinh Hospital Saigon (1925).

King Duy Tan prepare to leave Hue Palace.

During my first visit Vietnam in 2007 , I still found the earliest 20th century Vietnam  photographies, ad the last visit 2009 no exist anymore. Many foreign picture postcards and photograpies have swept all of the collections in Vietnam.

“Vietnam War During Indochina ” were the best top click of the  years, please the collectors all over the world to choose the best top ten collections to put in IMUCS Cybermuseum please choice via comment with your name , because we will send the unique collections gift to the winner during uniquecollection blog louching in February.9th.2010.

In order the make the “Vietnam During  Indochina collections” as the Best of the Best Collection of the year,  I put my special rare Vietnam Indochina photography early 20th century , all the native Vietnamese and expatriat vietnam will be happy to look the very historic photography as the Vietnam Indochina  human heritage and we can compared with recent situation, if someone have the recent photo related with this vintage photo please send via comment, thank you.

The Vintage Vietnam Indochina photography will arranged in several catagory :

1.Famous Building :Ngoc San temple,Kim Lien Pagoda,The resident superior House, Hanoi Great Opera House,the gate of guardman military camp in Hang Bai Street, Godard Restaurant,Hang Co railway station. Hanoi Grand Cathedral , Metropole hotel, Dong Xuan Market, Lui Finot museum. The gate of Hue imperial,Tien Mu Pagoda Hue,Van Mieu temple,the gate to Thai Mieu Temple, The Security  Concil building, Dong Ba Market,Thai Mieu Temple, Ngo Mon Royal Gate,Hue Railway station,The Hue King office, Saigon  NHa Kong port building,   Saigon cityhall,Norodom palace Saigon, The Govenoer of  Indochine palace at saigon, Military Hospital saigon, Gia Dinh Hospital Saigon, etc.

2. Famous landscape : Hoan Kiem lake, Hang Hom street, Hang Giay street,Hang Duong Street, Paul Bert street, Hang Kay street,  Hang Trong street, Old Hanoi citadel, The port of Hue, Saigon River,  Saigon street etc.

3. Native Human Figure: Old women, Children,native trader, native Women trader in the market, Beautiful native teans and lady  , native Man music player, native women music player,famale student, Native farmer, native Vietnamese nurse, Native vietnamese Indochine miltary guard, native Vietnamese singers, native vietnam boy, native vietnam indochina army.

4. Vietnam Royal during Indochina : King Duy Tan leave palace, The native Royal guard, the Native Royal elephant guard, The Native Vietnamese Guards of Honor to accompany  the King, Native Vietnamese Royal ceremony guard,The native Vietnamese Police gaurds when Royal visit, the Military honory guard during the Royal welcome ceremony etc.

5. Transportation during Vietnam Indochina : various type Ricksaw, Horse Carriage, vintage Bus, vintage tram, the King carriage, the  Elephant carriage, vintage Train, vintage car, Native ship, vintage citybus, the Indochine Gouvernor car, Indochine Military cavalary.

6. Unusual phtography : very are special curious photography of the famous vietnam Indochina figure or other unique collections(will in put in the blog through uniquecollection cybernews)

I hope all the photography collectors all over the world (Vietnam Indochine specialist) will choose this collection as the best of the best collection of the year. for native vietnamese your comment ” Vietnam Indochine the Best” via comment.

@copyright Dr Iwan S. 2010.

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Mac Thi Boi (Herione Guerilla) stamps 2000 D, plese who have the postallu used on cover this stamps show us via comment.Thank from Dr Iwan S.

Potrait of Mac Thi Buoi(Guerilla Heroine) 5000 d -used off cover @Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.


Chan dung(Potrait of) Mac Thi Buoi (guerilla heroine) 1000 D .(mint unused) @ Copyright Dr iwan S.


Hallo Collectors our topic this day  The Vietminh rarest Stamps , this  very rare stamps will put in this cybernews site becasue yesterday many collectors click VIETHMINH PHOTOGRAPHY, I think they will happy look this stamps and complete informations especially the native Vietnamese stamps collector.

During my last visit at Ho Chi Minh city, I cann’t found Vietnam recent Stamps Catalogue, the Bookstore tell me no Vietnam catalogue issued, may be the Vietnam Phillateliv society, in Scott catalogue I didn’t found complete information and illustrations.

During my visit at Phomphen Cambodge in 2007 , I found a special Vietnam catalogue  TEM BUU CHINH VIETNAM 1945-2005 issued by  NHA XUAT BAN BUU DIEN A POST AND TELEMATICS PUBLISHING HOUSE  -HANOI 2006 WIT PREAMBLE BY PROF .dr OF Science  Do Trung Ta Menister of Posts and Telematics, with Preface by DR Hoang Tho Thai Member of VNPT’s Board of Management Chairman of Vietnam Philately Association. Also in this special Catalogue  , we can read A Few Words aboutvHistory of Vienam Postage Stamps. This special catalogue became difficult to found in Vietnam because limited issued.

The informations of the rarest stamps below compiled from this book and other information from Google explorations, I hope the Vietnam stamps collectors will be happy .

(1)The name of stamps : Mac Thi Buoi (Army,s heroine)

(2) Date of Issued : November  .3nd.1956

(3) Sesigner : Bui Trang Chuoc

(4)  Size  : 37 x 26, Perf: 11.5 Offset monocoloured. 90 stamps per sheet.

(5) Printed at Vietnam National Bank Printing Works.

(6) Number of Issued : not known

(7) catalogue prize : Gia ban tem Series(VND) 9.280.000. but Scott prize lower, the same at auctions only US $100-200.-Postally used on cover never seen.

(8) Illustration complete four items  mint unused 1ooo D, 2000 D, 4000 D and 5000 D. in the catalogue, but the used stamps illustration only two item  1000 D and 5000 D.

I hope the native Vietnam stamp collector give us more informations about the postal used cover with this stamps , exist or not.

The Founder : Dr Iwan S. @Copyright 2010.

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The contraversial misprint "REPOEBELIK INDONESIA' Overprint (the right spellik REPOEBLIK" , Netherlands Dai Nippon Club written this overprint were made at the Padang printings office, but I am was born and stayed long at Padang, in this city during Indonesian Independence war didn't have Government printing office information from Joes kalijo the chief of Government printing office after the war(My father friend), and the other four printing office when I asked the owner in 1968 they never printed this overprint (two printing office belong to my familie Express and Radio printing office they only print Panarang news paper, the other one Gazaira his son owner my friend he said that their printing office didn,t print this overprint, the other one was my father work somatera Bode they only print newpaper. I think may be this overprint printed at Government printing office Bukittinggi, that time this city was the Capital of Sumatra province. Bulterman said all of this stamps were burn by Dutch Nica soldier, but I seen many unused stamp still exist , but postally used only 10 , six belong to Ricardo now in Deng haag phillatelic musueum and four I have found in 1980. I have unused block twenty, ten different variations.@copyright dr iwan S.

Rare contaversial Triple overprint REPOBELIK iNDONESIA on DEI Kon.Queen Wilhelmina stamp, on postally used Dai Nippon 31/2 cent postal stationer card CDS 8.2.46.


The very rare Indonesia commerating Indonesia first years independence , postally used in 1947 between republican city to the village at west sumatra. Only one ever seen in the world. Provenance Dr Iwan S. 1979. This postcard was the historical fact that Republic Indonesia exist 1n 1945-1949,before the Dutch officially transfered the authority, all netherlands collectors after seen this collection were accepted the indonesia Independence 1945 and they begun to issued the republic Indonesia catalogue not as the Indonesia rebbelion government stamps anymore, what about your highness Royal Netherlands Queen wait and see at the 65 years Indonesia Independt anniversary celebration if your highness joint the celebrations means accapting the Indonesia Independence 1945, I prayed for that moment.@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.

Hallo Collectors ,yesterday  many young man from many bigger city in Indonesia have made the bigger demsntratrion against Indonesia President SBY and Viec President Boediono, The didn’t accepted the progress of the Government in against Corruption especially Bank Century scandals .

In Indonesia many times the youngman want to the more best president, from the first President Sukarno, The secodnd president Sukarto, The third President Gus Dur was impeached, the fifth president they don’t choose again, and now the last president have the asame demonstrations.

Hallo Indonesian youngman, we must remember how our grand-grandpa fighting  against Dutch Nica armiest during Indonesia Independence War 1945-1949, that time our grandgrandpa were the youngman they were fighting to protect the Republic Indonesia still exist because didn’t accepted our Indonesia Independence proclamations August 17th 1945, they called Extrimies or the Rebellion Government, who were fighting ? the youngman. What were the historical fact ? The youngman from Republic Indonesia Post office were made special Republic Indonesia overprint on Dai Nippon stamps to show the world that Republic Indonesia stil exist. The best Postal history made by the Youngman at Middle Sumatra Post Office Padang, they made Repoebelik Indonesia overprint on Dai Nippon on Dainippon surchaded dai Nippon yubin and cross on DEI Wilhelmina stmaps  and also the young  military man issued  the Postage fre  card with picture of tank,soldies and airplanes commemorating 2nd Anniversary of Independent August 17th 1947, also the youngman from Republic Indonesia Social office issue special postcard  postage free with stationer Stamp without value and picture of Red-white  Republic Indonesia Flag. all the Dutch collectors said that the stamps and postctcard unissed because all the stamps and postcadr were burn by the Dutch Nica soldier they said Indonesia not yet Independence that postal items were the rebellion made and didn’t accepted for postal used because Republic Indonesia didn’t joint UPU. What happened ? the youngman still keep the Republic Indonesia stamps and postal cards , and I found that youngman creations in postally used covers and postal stationer used, this historical fact were the proof that Republic Indonesia de facto exist in 1946 to 1948.

I have put the illustrations of that historical stmaps and postal stationer in this blog but not many youngman understands what the meaning of that very rare postal history for republic indonesia. The youngman creation have proff that Republic Indonesia still exist and their goverment have the authority at Padang city , that is why please your majesty Royal Netherland Queen to accepted the Indonesian Independence day August 17th 1945 and came and joint the 65 years anniversary celebrity at Merdeka Palace Jakarta in August.17th 2010.

All the historical fact were made by the youngman, the fight with their live , and now what happen the young man made demonstrations to each Indonesian president that choose by them for what ? may be someone can explain.

Many collectors asked me what the naration of the historical fact Postal stationer one years Independence issued by the youngman from Social reagent office west sumatra, this the answered.

Please look carefully to illustration, you can see the Red-White flag with  one years Independence anniversary of Republic Indonesia , the Republic weren’t accepted by the Dutch nica governemnt, they said Republic Indonesia not exist , that was the rebellion creation forbidden to used,they burn all the items, ut the youngman still keep that historical postal stationer , but send later in 1947 from CDS Pariaman 19.5.1947 to Kajoetanam (small village between Loeboek Alung-the border of Republi-Nica due to Lingarjati agreement  and Padang Panjang city, that time Republic Indonesia office were moved there.

Mr Bulterman and Mr v.Esbensen  phillatelic expert said to me that this postcard never used or unissued, but when they look at that historic posytcard , Oh this is the only one I have ever seen in the world, very amizing, they want vto buy but I said no, this is Indonesia heritage postal history I only want to give this card only to Indonesian collectors who will never sold abroad.

Only one Republic indonesia postalcard from west Sumatra(Padang0 commemorate Indonesia Indpendence August 17th 1945  ever seen  , the first anniversary and the second anniversary have put in this blogbefore but without naration because to long for the caption, before I am waiting to put in Indonesia Independence war collection August 1946 and 1947, but because not many collectors asked me , the  site was pending for a next month  until many collecters asked me ,because very difficult to arranged that collection matching with the history , because to many collections exist and I don’t have much tiem.

After know this informations , all the youngman  will starting to choose the more usefull creations and demosntrations for developing our loved country , because our youngman during  1945-1949 had fight together with the national leader against foreigners, so pity after Independent we fight each other.

I hope this information, will made the youngman in Indonesia and their leader with the opositions work together to developed our loved country.

@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.

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The Vintage Malang Kretek Cigarettes Mark Lengkeng (chinese Palace fruits) , postally used cover with RIS stamps -rare Kretek cigarettes postal history after the war -RIS period 1950 @copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.

Vintage Semarang war kretek cigarettes label mark DJAMAN PERANG (War Era) owner Oei Tjong Hay, the very rare label, only one with the battle scanes, may be the Battle between Rpeublic command by General Sudirman with British allied Forces and Dai Nippon forces at Semarang 5 days battles or Ambarawa battles (read complete imformation Indonesia Independence war 1945 in this blog)@copyriight Dr Iwan S.2010.


Vintage Semarang war Kretek Cigarettes label mark TENG (chinese overseas lamp) owner Tjan See Kauw


Vintage Semarang War Kretek Cigarettes label mark SETLIKA( Irons) owner Kwik Hwaij Gwan.


Vintage Batavia war kretek cigarettes label mark Kreso with batik design owner Liem Seng Ho


Vintage Batavia War Kretek klobot label mark Goenoeng Matahari (Mountain Sun) owner Koo Hien(1948)


The Vintage War cigarettes mark Commodore sole agent BAT (British -America Tobacco company )Java limited Batavia. The British Allied Forces and Dutch NICA Soldiers smoke this Cigarettes during Indonesia Independent war 1945-1949, this illustration from Copyright document, who have the original label please show us via comment.


Vintage War Cigarettes Label mark Escort Factory BAT(British-American Tobacco Company) Java Limited Batavia, the foreing cigarettes for sale In Indonesia . This cigarettes popular between The British Arme forces and Netherlands NICA soldier during Indonesia Independence WAR 1945-1949, the illustration from Copyright document, the original label very difficult to found because the native Indonesia didn’t keep the Cigarettes label from enemies, the expatriat through out and burned, plese who have the original labe show us via comment. I ever seen this cigarettes label during collage student but I didn’t smoking and collected the label taht time.@Copy right Dr IwanS.2010


Vintage Malang (east java) Kretek Klobot cigarettes label Mark warga Negara(Indonesia Native Citizen0 owner Kwee Poo Sioe during Indonesia Independen War 1948, all the black and white label were the copyright registered illustrations @Copy right Dr Iwan s.2010.


Vintage Malang war Kretek Klobot label mark Djali-Djali(native dancers) owner kwee Poo Sioe (19480


Vintage malang war kretek klobot label mark Angon Bebek(Duck nursery0 owner Kwee Poo Sioe(1948)


Vintage Malang War kretek klobot label mark Langlang(Grasshoppers) owner Kwee Poo Sioe(1948)


Vintage Malang war kretek klobot label mark Montor Balap (motorbike rice) owner Kwee poo Sioe (1948)


Vintage Malang Kretek Klobot label during Independenn war 1948 marka Karapam (Bull cariege rice- Madoera ethnic sport) owner Kwee Poo Sioe.


Vintage Kretek Klobot label during Independence war 1948, Mark Pentjak(with sword) owner Kwee Poo Sioe (different for pentjak label below)


Vintage Malang Kretek Klobot label owner N.T.T.during Independent war(1948)

Kretek Klobot productions exist again after the Dai Nippon surrender August 1945, but very difficult to find tha Kretek klobat label during Dai Nippon Occupation and Indonesia Independent war  because everybody afraid that they will captured by the Dutch Nica soldier(KNIL) as the extrimist. If somene have the native Indonesia Kretek klobot label  from this war time please show us, may be with special war propanganda or heroic disign . Several month ago I found the document of trade mark copyright issued by the NICA government with Black and white label illustrations.

The informatif native Kretek klobot copyright design will help the collectors to write the history related with their collection.

The Indonesia vintage Kretek klobot label during the war :

 (1) East Java factory(Malang),

(2)  Central Java (Semarang)

(3) Batavia(jakarta)

The Foreign Cigarettes for sale in Indonesia during the war  also found in the collections : Escort and Commodore  BAT British -American Tobacco product Batavia, willput in Batavia cigarretes labels.

All the label still have the native design only one with the war decorations mark Djaman Perang (War era) Kretek cigarettes from Semarang owner Oei Tjong Hay.

Please the collectors who have this original labels please show us,thankyou.

@copyright Dr iwan S 2010. This is the first report about Indonesia cigaretets label during Indonesia Independence war in 1948 , Copyright document illeustretd black and white.

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