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new ill. no 02 24.12.45 Dutch East Indie Porto(Tax) Stamps overprint revenue Tasikmalaya, used as revenued on Tasikmalaja Hospital 's billing Dai Nippon Roemah sakit Tasikmalja -ken for first paid (Persekot) 20gld in patien. The two ne illustration were put in the wrong book collection after scanning br Mr Vosse to put his new revised Dai Nippon and Indonesia Revolution Revenue catalogue, I hope he did,t forgotten to put my name as the owner of this collection. This revenue still contraversial who made the overprint Republic Indonesia , Dai Nippon or dutch NICA, please comment! @Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

New ill.01 19.12.45 Nederland Indie Dancer stamps 5 cents with SOLO revenue overprint used on the recieved of credit money by chinese overseas form Weeskamer Semarang still with Dai nippon name Semarang Zaisan Kanri Kyoko, this office specila tasked to protect the Chineseoverseas Heritage for his underage children , and after age more then 17 years all his father heritage belonging gave to them.in Indonesia called “Balai Peningalan Harta warisan”please someone help me to naration in more best engish term,


20.8.17 means August 17th 1945. Indonesia Independence proclamation Day. If I didn’t have revenue used at the memorable date, Stamps or Document will used as memorabilia and the collector will know the revenue related to that memorable Independence war situation. All the revenue and postal or Documen History with simple narations better to read the chrnologis collection in this blog “Indonesia Independenc Warollections” , After this starting fron January 1846 collection will showed month by moth because very difficult to arrange one years like 1945.@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010, please choose the best collections to put in IMUCS Cybermuseum.


18.8.05 Dai nippon Military free postcard must send via post office added dai NNippn Java stamps because no Dai Nippon Military post orcourier anymor. In this day PPKI elected the first Indonesia President Sukarno and VicepPresident Hatta, and authentication the UUD ’45 Indonesia basic law.


24.8.05(1945) Dai Nippon Java revenue used at Grabag with syowa date.


8.9.05 Dai nippon Java postal staioner used at Bogor with syowa date (Dai Nippon still admintrated Bogor Post Office,later will change the name of the city as before the war Buitenzorng and at Least in 1950 changed wgain to Bogor until now.


10.9.2605 Dai Nippon Revenue used with Dai Nippon Hudoosan kanrikoodan magelang official stamped in violet color.this the last dai nippon biling from Gouverment House rebtal at magelang.


12.9.05 Dai Nippon revenue used at Bukittinggi with syowa date.


15.9.45 The Indonesia People Army marched to joint the Ikada Giant meeting where Sukarno only spoken few minutes to asked the people power go home because Dai Nippon forbidden this meeting.


4.10.05 (1945) The payment of Hudoosan Kanrikoodan(DN Gouverment House rental) Bandung Billing. with Dai Nippon Java reevenue sheet look above @copyright Dr iwan S.2010.


4.10.05 (1945) Dai Nippon java revenue sheet 2605 used at bandung for the payment of Dai nippon Hudoosan Kanrikoodan (Gouverment rental House) at Bandung , look below the other part of billing document.


7.10.2605. Dai Nippon Sumatra revenue used with syowa date at Bukittinggi west sumatra (Dai Nippon adminsitration still have the power that is why syowa date still used.


15 Sept 1945 British Allied forces warship arrived at Tandjong priok.


17.10.1945 Two Month Independence anniversary at Koedoes (Billing document)


18.10.05 Dai nippon Java revenue used at Magelang with Dai Nippon syowa date.on the billing payment meubeleur.


19.10.1945 Dai Nippon java revenue 1.50 gld used at Soerabaja, one weeks before the Battle of Soerabaja in Indonesia called “Surabaya Lautan Api”


20.10.1945 Dai nippon Java revenue used on the recieved of money for buying the ceremonial things duirng two month annyversary indonesia independence at Koedeos(central java).


30.10.45 Brign General Mallaby was burned in his car at Soerabaja and passed away.Beitish allied Army ultimatum Republic indonesia People Army to arrest snd delivered to british Allied fornces who was shooting and burning Mallaby in 2x 24 hours, if not Soerabaja will bombardement .


3.11.45 Dai nippon Java revenue used on the recieved of buying Raleigh Bicycles 3500 gld.


12.11.45 Dain nippon Navy overprint used CDS DENPASAR(bali), date not dai Nippon Showa, the Post office occupied by Republic indonesia people army because not used DaiNippon year and postal stamped(CDS), this was old DEI postal cancalled (please comment this NICA or Republic Indonesia occupied)


10.11.45 Battle at Tanjong perak -soerabaja Port, British Allied Forces bombardement that harbour.


10,11.1945 the first official republic indonesia chopped in red color from Soerakarta, and 15-11.1945 the Battle of Soerabaya.


10.11.1945 Komite Nasional Indosia Bahagian peniaran Garut (Indonesiatia National committe journalist devision ) Garoet -west java official stamped on republic Indonesia Journalist Identity Card.(Garoet occupied by Republic Indonesia adminsitration)


23.XI-45 Dai Nippon Revenue as at Bukittinggi with the republis international date 45 (not Dai nippon date 05).Bukkittingi under Republic Indonesia Administartion.


30.11.45 The Chief of TRI -Indonesia Peole Army -Payakoemboeh Goverment official chopped, look the Mederka salute fron the chief letter below.


30.11.45 The Indonesian Independence salut”Merdeka” of TRI(Indonesia People army) letter Payakumbuh to Padang..Republic Indonesia Occupied Pajakoemboeh (west Sumatra) but stamps,revenue and postal stationer still used from Dai Nippon without overprint please report who have that items.


1.12.45 Dai nippon Postal card used without overprint with Republic Indonesia Postal Cancelled Blora (java) (changed from Dai Nippon date 05 to international date used by republic indonesia 45), Blora post office occupied by Republic Indonesia postman but they still dai Nippon used stamps,revenue and postalstationer, please report if the collector have the ietem like this from another city or villige.Blora under republicans administrations.


14.12.45 the earliest Padang Rep Indonesia Postal CDS cancalled on Postal saving book -the Padang postoffice under republic Indonesia Administration-provenance Dr iwan S.1985


15 Desember 1945 RI Troops occupied Ambarawa, information from vintage Book, no revenue found frromthis area december 1945.


18.12.1945 sumatra Dai nippon revenue used at Bukittingi without overprint but the dai nippon date didn’t used anymore (from 05 change to 45) The Post Office under Republic Indonesia administration.


December.30th.1945. Dutch Marines landed at Tandjong priok and then March to the Central Batavia(Jakarta) No Dutch NICA revenue found before this date(read NICA unique collections)

During  Indonesia Independence proclamation in August 17th 1945 all Postal servirces still under Dai Nippon Administration although they have surrender in August 15th 1945, because British Allied Forces too late came to Indonesia, and Allied forces asked Dai Nippon Military administration still managed Indonesia, status quo no changed in Political but Indonesia National hero with the youngerman with helpin of Maeda who sympatized with Indonesian , at night 16th 1945 until early in the morning 17th August 1945 used his official house at Menteng (now became museum) for meeting and prepared and signed  the Indonesian Proclamation by Sukarno -Hatta (complete information read in this blog ” Indonesia Independence war” .

After collecting and research almost  50 years, I have only some postal and revenue History from 1945 to 1950 , the best collection will put under ” Indonesia Independence War Collection” and Illustration at “Indonesia Revenue History (from 1945 until 1950” About postal stationer History, revenue and stamps there were many catalogue have issued by Mr Bulterman, Mr V.Esbensen andMr Vosse , Mr Suwito also from Dai Nippon club Netherlands and APPI -Indonedia Phillatelic Trader Assocaiations , Ihave contribution with some of my collections exist in their catalogue. but the postal and revenue history arranged with Archived original document as History fact arranged chronologically is the first written and report in my uniquecollection blog, after choosen by all collectors in the wolrd added with their own collection, all illustration with complete naration will put in my IMUCS-cybermusuem.

I built the different collections style, and I hope all writter asked permission in written statement before copyor repro  the informations with anykind technology,  @ Copyright Dr Iwan S. 2010.

My conclussion of  the Revenue History 1945 , After proclamation august 1945  and  during British Allied Forces occupation until early December 1945   : Dai nippon Revenue , stamps and postal stationer  still used in all area  except Free Dai nippon Military postcard must send with added dai Nippon stamps send via Dai nippon postal office because Miltary Postal office never exist in Indonesia and the military courier Postal service not exist anymore.

In November Republic Indonesia started from Soerakarta occupied Dai Nippon Military Administration office ,this history will seen at the Administration document still used Dai Nippon form but the Dai Nippon names was surchages by Pen or type machichine  with Republic Indonesia Official Stamped   but not issued Republic Indonesia overprint or Definitif revenue , this situation until early December 1945. Late December 1945 some Post Office occupied by Republic Indonesia postman they up the indonesia flag at the office, Circular Date Stamped- postal cancelled not used Japanese showa date change with international date (from 05 to 45) . The Republic Indonesia Revenue ,Republic overprint on DN stamps &Postal stationer begun in 1946. Please all the collectors to look at their collections and report if Republic Indonesia overprint revenue ,stamps and postal stationer ever exist in 1945  please report because to many Cancelled To Order or phillatelist trader creation exist . In my collection on found two nominal DN Revenue 15 cent and later 1.50 gld  in Java, and in Sumatra 0,50 , 1 and 1.50 gld , I have never seen the other nominal especilly the highest nominal like 2, 5 , and 10 gld please report if the collector have it. Also I need information about British allied Forces Postal or Revenue History 1945 because I have no info and collections from the allied administration in 1945,may be from England and India British Allied Forces will show us their collections especially in 1945 collections, Bulterman report 1946-1948 collection of Prisoner of War and British Allied Forces free postal stationer.

After read and look my Collection. the Collector will understand the diferent between Catalogue and my information, uniquecollection best collection were the history fact not only related to the rare items and price. The Collectors must used carefully the catalogue priced because many related to the traders strategic to hold the market with keep the unusual items and gave high price, but if you sold to them they only buy 10% of their catalogue priced. If Collectors want to know the real price of their collection please send you collection photo and I will help you to identified that item rare or common, the price than depend on your need.

Day by Day , Month by Month the collections arraged with the related situation will help us to know why at that day we cann’t faound the collection because the war situation, but if you still found please report because that collection will be the beast and rare  , like the collections around Surabaya battles arround 10 November, Semarang Battles arround september and December, Ambarawa Battles around 13 until 15 December.@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.  

I hope all the collector read carefully the historical fact in “Indonesia Independence war Collection” before look the illustration in “Indonesia Revenue History (1945)”


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