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Traveller Palm,postally used from Medan18.6.32 via Singapore post agent to Bangka island.

Railway station,postally used from Singapore via KPM ship paquebot postmark to Medan 20.2.34


Fullerton building.postally used from CDS Singapore 29 jan 34 to Padang 3.7.36


Singapore Harbour,postally used from Tanglin-singapore CDS 6 jan 1924 to Tjiandjur Java(west)


Famer house postally used fromSingapore CDS 24 jan 1918 to Weltevreden Java(Jakarta) cds 28.1.12

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Raffles old Painting(book ill.1858)

Statue of sir Stampfordnraffles in te front of the victoria memorial hall building in empress place (book ill.1958)

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fake FDC last President Nguyen van Thieu stamps,I have the original ones

fake First day cover the last RSV President Nguyen van Thieu, I have the guine one.

One of our collectors seeking informations about Vietnam Fake coins. During my exploration via google type ” Ancient Coin” you will found in the picture site, many  fake china and vietnam coins made during last period of Dutch East indie in Indonesia, Japan alsomade the fake cash coin to used during japanese occupation in Java , but some official Indonesia cash coin with chinese char. were produced due to difficult to found the original Chinese or Vietnamese cash coin due to the political situation and communication that time but made in tins called pitis , someof the originil pitis were found from Palembang darusalam Kinmgdom, Bangka, Montrado  & another west Borneo chinese Kongsi . About this topic just in writting process be patient.

The modern fake coins in Indonesia still found in Antique Shop Surabaya street, the rare silver coin from Meiji yen and Dutch Willem I,Wilhelmina coronation 1898 also Hispand Globe coins, Chinese dragon cash coin, Mojopahit ancient coins . Indonesia law enforcement official seems to have given up to this case.

This situation same same in Canada (David Wels), David write about fake coins you can read full in his blog, some informations from him about E-bay protection against the fake coins:”How many buyers can recognize that they have been sold a fake or dishonesty described or “doctored” collectible ? If the answer is a few percent, it is clearly profitable for unscrupiduos seller to give them refunde, avoid negative feedback and go on fleeing those less perceptive. For years a forgery vendor centered in Toronto has been defrauding neophyte ancient coin collectors by offering fake ancient coins on EBay identies have been used by seller,who prepares them in advance trading in cheap items like postage stamps and move to another “clean”identity wherever a scan is discovered.Canadian law enforcement seems to have given up on this case, and so no longer have any serious intress in identifyingt and apprehending those responsibble”This situation same in Asian country like China,Hongkong and Indonesia, that is why collectors must be carefull if a rare unique coins,stamps or ceramic offered to you in cheapest or to high price ,the first in your mind say impossible the guinine items at that price, the fake always in bad condition but also in very good printing more best than the original item. One of This blog mission was to avoid the fake collections to grew up with show the original item through Artifact that found in the ground or from the sea, because several years ago noone collect artifact but I started early still found free or in very law price . Please collectors to look carefully every items show in collectors choice program and Artifact rare ceramic , also the postal history items in this blog because many fake found this day. Several month ago, a senior stamp dealer offer me the fake Chinese imperia Tzu Chi birthday stamps with  Faux stamped on that very are stamp, i told im this was fake (in france faux) stamp but he said he baought that stamps from in memoriam senior Indonesian collectors who stayed lng in Australia, when I asked him refund he reject, that is why be carefull to buy the rare collections. All rare collections in this blog were guinine ones because I found my slef from an old collectors circa 1973 and in an old archived and myself eksploration at the field circa 1960-1976. In another years I will write and showed you the fake collection to  chompare with guinine ones.Happay New year 2010, maygod bless you and never bought a fafe items, plese show us the rare item you want to buy and I will help you to free identify. Greeting from Dr Iwan S.

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The lattest issue before world inflation and the papermney didn't tight to gold that is why the value low and still found this day, the banknote after 1930 didn't list because common but the UNC still hard to find.

uncommon latest issued with Franch Indochine Bank leader statue, rare UNC. More information read at “Vietnam war :Indochine before ww 2.


latest issue, still found in evarege condition, UNC rare


Banque De’l Indochine issue for cambodge with Ankorwat statue design , difficult to found in uncirculated condition


Latest issue Banque De’l Indochine -rare only Uncirculated condition,low conditin still many found.


Uncommon Banque D’l Indochine 10,20&30 cent


rare Banque De’L Indochine Vingt Piastres Saigon 1907


veryrare Banque De’L Indochine cent Piastres-Haipong 1907


rare Banque De’ L Indochine Vingt Piastres Saigon 1905, very rare issue at Haipong.


very rare Banque De’l Indochine Hudred Dollars-1893


rare Banque De’l Indochine Twenty dollars -1893

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common Saigon issue una piastres 1901 , but haipong issued 1901 more rare, compare with the very rare one dollar Saigon issued 1893.the complete Indochine currency look at "Rare Indochina papermoney(collector choice)

very rare one dollar/piastres 1893 Banque d’l Indochine paper money

One of our collectors asking about the Indochine currency, many  types and the rarest papermoney issued by Banque D’l Indochine in 1893 in dollar curency were very rare,  but one Piastres Saigon issued in 1901  uncommon and haipong issued 1901 rare,  high nominal 10.20 ,50 and 100 piastres until 1920 very rare, but after the inflations all the papermoney common but uncommon in unc conditions. Look at “Rare Indochina papermoney” . Thanks for yoyr choice.Please another collector to choice whic one were the best collection to put in IMUCS cybermuseum, becareful the condirion of the rare papermoney alway very low.

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Truong Vuong headquaters with native ladies,where ? please Truong vuong 48 infantry 18 help me to identified this office.

AVRN soldier party at Nghi Xuan Restaurant-1955, look at the Flag of RSV and AVRN, please more information the location and who were the AVRN personil in civil dress, may be farawell party


Chineseoverseasman AVRN with his family, in the back written “Ay men Hoi contie 1959” during Diem era .please someone help to translate this native vietnamese info.


Chieneseoverseasman joined ARVN=Vietnam Army RSV, more info read the chinese langgague writting in the back of AVRN soldier below


Chinese information on the back of AVRN photo above,please someone help to translate.

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Non identified Vintage Vietnam liberation war photos with national Rsv flag ,native ladies and two elephant statue in the front of building, Truong Vuong or Government building,please comment, and choose this best photo.@cypright Dr Iwan S.

One of our collector choice about Truong Vuong 48 infantry 18 from wordpress analyzed not in the comment , due to that choice, IMUCS cybermuseum asked more information about Truong Vuong, may be about Military Headcouters during vietnam war. Some interesting Truong Vuong and other military vintage photo will put in blog to choosen for IMUC cybermuseum collections. Please look at the other photo at “Vintage Vietnam liberation war  military photos (  Truong Vuong)

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