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Soetan Sjahrir,Prime Menistry. The complete history please read at Indonesia Independet war. All the menistry from the Fisrt Cabinet who worked with Dai Nippon millitary Administration Java or Sumatra didn't exist anylore at the Cabinet II-Parlementare Cabinet because many Indonesian people especially the Young man afraid the British SAllied Forces will arrest all of the Dai Nippon Collaburators that is way the caniet changed from Presidentiil to parlementair.all the photo picture illustration from rare vintage special Merdeka journal to commemorate six Month Indonesia Independent anniversary 17.2.46, @Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.

Ir R.M.P. Soerachman Tjokroadisoerjo , Menistry of Finance


Dr Darmasetiawan , menistry of Health


Ir Darmawan Mangoenkoesoemo, Menistry of Wealthfare(Kemakmuran)


H.Rasjidi ,Menistry of Religious (Agama)


Mr Dr T.G.S. Moelia, menistry of Teacing,Education and Ethnisc Art(PPK)


Mr R.Soewandi , Menister of Law (Kehakiman)


Ir Putuhena, menistry of Transportation(Perhubungan)


Ir Abdoel Karim, menistry of Transportations(Perhubungan)


Mohamad Natzir ,Menistry of Information -Comunications(Penerangan)


Josodiningrat ,Vice Menistry(Menteri Moeda) of Defend.

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Mr A.A.Maramis,menistry of Finance(keuangan)

Mr Iwa Koesoema Soematnri , Menistry of State


R.M. Sartono , Menistry of State


R.M. Abikoesno Tjokrosajoso, menistry of Transportations(Perhubungan)


Prof Mr.Dr.Soepomo Meniistry of Law, incoorect before Mr Amir Sjarifoedin ,Menistry of defense.


Mr Amir Sjarifoedin ,Menistry of Law.(kehakiman)


Ki Hadjar Dewantara , Menistry of Teaching,Education and Etnic arts(PPK)


R.A.A.Wiranatakoesoema Inland affairs menistrer(dalam negeri)


Profile Dr Boentaran Martoatmodjo (1945).menistry of Health.@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010


Profile K.H.A.Wachid Hasyim, menistry of state, father of in memoriam President Indonesia III Abdul Rachman Wachid (Gus Dur) their profile near same.@Copyright Dr iwan S.2010

Profile the menistry of Republic Indonesia Cabinet no.I 1945 became difficult to find now, I have the best collection from Merapi newspaper special edition six mothh Indonesian Independence, B.M.Diah,17.8.1946. This very rare books and the photo inside were my copyright @Dr Iwan S.2010 because after 50 years Merapi copyright didn’t exist anymore, and I am the first report of this photo from my collection is the new copyright.(please comment from the copyright expert)

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