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Mark Twain 1876

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Tom Sawyer 1876

Mark Twain Painting

Mark Twain postcard

Mark Twain 1st ed.

Tom Sawyer Poster 1938

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Mark Twain 1954

Tom Sawyer 1968

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Buried treasure

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Widow Douglas

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Original Bowie knife

Injun Bowie knife

Tom Sawyer 1978

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This day UCM new stle FAB-Famous Author Book will starting installed the very famous book with choose one short story from Mart Twain ‘s the Adventure of Tom Sawyer , cmplete with the history and illustration of the writer and the book.Please comment your suggestion for this unique article. created br Dr Iwan S frm many vintage dcument and Book related to the writter and story, as about the Bowie knife.

Halo kolektor Indonesia, khusus buat anda telah tersedia Berita Koleksi Unik, hari ini silahkan melihat dan membaca infrmasi tentang topik baru yaitu FAB-buku karangan pengarang terkenal, merupakan serial artikel lengkap dengan illustrasi sejarah pengarang dan terbitan buku yang terkenal hasil karangan penulis tersohr tersebut, buat serial pertama The Adventure of Tom sawyer karangan Mark Twain, buku ini sangat terkenal diluar negeri sehingga sepantasnya kolektor buku Indonesia dan kalangan pemuda dan anak Indnesia sebaiknya membacanya sehingga apabila memain kan game computer nantinya dapat berjalan dengan lancar serta meresap didalam kalbu. Saya sarankan agar seluruh pemain game kmputer sebelummemainkan gamenya lebih dulu cari cerita aslinya di uniquecollection.wrdpress.com blog ,klik Unique Collection book, atau FAB.-

1. Dai Nippon Military Postcard
Please click Dai Nippn Military administration Post Card. consist the DN official card for Indonesia, Singapre,China,Japan and Korea.
2. The rare Ceramic Decoratin
Please click RCD-rare Ceramic decoration, RCD have installed the rare decoration of Ming Tiger ,Ming buffalo, Ming Mouse, Yuan fish celadon. later will installed Yuan deer, and Ming imperial chrysanthenium.


FAB-Famous Authors Book @Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

A. The History of Mark Twain
1. Nov.30th,1835
Samuel Longhorned Clemens was born in small Missuri town, later became the famous American author and humorist with name Mark Twain. After Pilting river steamers alng Missisipi for fur years he began writing humrus shrt stries for newspaper.
Mark Twain merried OLivia.
3. 1869-1871
Twain owned a newspaper “The buffalo Express ‘,wrks as editr and writer.
Mark Twain write the book : ‘The Adventure of Tom Swayer, consist Twenty short story. The Sdventure f Tm Swayer was Twain’s first full-length nvel.Many f the adventures of Tom and Huck Finn actually happened t Twain in his byhood . Even though Twain wrote this book mainly to entertain bys and girls, he hoped that adults would read and enjy it, and recall their own childhood.(I choose one short story related to
unique collections chapter 18 ‘Burried Treasure’ read below, very simple and amizing story )
5. 1884
Mark Twain write the second book Adventure of Auchhleberry Finn ,which has been call the great American Novel.(if the collector have this vintage book please shw the cover via comment)
6. Twain was afriend to President,artist, and Eurpean Royalty.
Twain was very ppular, and his been wit and incise satire carned prorse both vcritics and peers.
Twain wife, Olivia was died.
7. April.21th.1910 Twain Was died.
During his died, he was lauded as the greatest America humrist of he age and William faukner called Twain the father of American literaterist.
Mark Twai Have died, but he left the wrld a true picture of American life and the American spirit in his novel,shrt stories and ther writings.
8.1927 Twain huse became a museum focus on him
(please look the illustratins of collection realted with mark twain0

(The chapter 18 of Adventure of Tom sawyer)
Whitin minures, the news had spread arund twn, and dozens f men were on their way to the cave with Tom and Mr Thatcher.
When the cave door unlocked, a srrowful sight presented itself in the dim twilight. Injun Je Lay streched upn the grund dead, his face clse t the crack of the dr. It seemed as if his last moments had been spent searching for light and cheer frm the wrld outside.
Tm was tuched, fr he knew thrugh his wn experience how this man must have suffered. Tm felt pity,but even more, he felt an incredible sense f relief and security. INjun Je was dead. N lnger wuld Tm’s drems be haunted by theughts f Injun je’s revenge. N longer wuld he tipte arund, wndering when the man wuld seek him ut fr having saved Muff Pother’s life.
Injun Je’s bowie knife lay clse by its blade was brken in tw frm Injun Je’s unsuccessful attempts at chipping and hacking at the dr which blckwd the cave exit.
Ordinarily, ne culd find dozens of bits of candles left by turist in the crevices f this path. But now there were nne.Injun Je must have seached them out and eaten them. He had prbably als caught a few bats and had eaten them too, leaving nly their claws. The man had starved t death.
The men in the search party buried Injun Je near the muth f the cave. People flocked there in bats and wagns frm the town, village and farms fr miles arund. They brught their children and all sorts n fd, making it mre f a picnic than a funeral.
The mrning after the funeral, Tm and Huck went t their secret place n the hill t have an imprtant talk. Huck had learned all abut Tm’s adventure frm Mr Welsh and the widw Duglas, and nw HUck wanted t explain t Tm all that had happened utside the tavern. Tm,just like we agreed, and I fllwed Injun Je and his partner when they left. I verheard their terrible plans for the Widw Duglas , s I ran t Mr Welsh and begged him t save her.
“That was great,Huck’ Said Tm” But why didn’t yu want anyne t knw hw brave yu were?’
“Because even thugh the Widw Douglas wa saved, Injun Je had escaped’. Tom ndded. He understood exactly hw Huck had left. But that was dne, and Tm wanted t discuss the subject that had been n his mind fr weeks-the treasure.
‘Huck’ He said,’that mney was never in rom number two at the tavern’. ‘What!’ Huck searched his friend’s face fr sme sort of clue.’Tom, have you got on the track of that money again?’ ‘ Huck’s eyes blazed.’Say it again .Tom .’ he cried.’The money’s in the cave’ “Tom, are you seius ? D yu prmise you aren’t kidding abut this ?’ “Iam serius, Huck. Will yu go in the cave with me and help get it out ?’ “yu bet I will!… That is, I will, if we can d it withut getting lst’ ‘Huck,we can do it withut the least little hit of truble, I prmise yu that. we ‘ll need sme bread and meat, s few strng bags and three balls f kite string. Als plenty of matches’
The by gathered their supplies and a little after nn, the gt underway. when they were clse t the ppsite shore f the river, Tom pinted high up on the hillside and said ‘Nw you see this bluff?’ it lks like all the thers, but there’s a small white mark up there. see it, Huck? That’s ne f my marks,we’ll get ashore nw’
the bys pulled the raft n shre, and Tom shwed Huck the tiny cave pening hidden behind a thick clump f bushes. Huck was impressed. The hle wuld have been impssible t find withut Tm. They climbed thrugh the hle and entered the cave. Tom tk the lead, and they made their way t the far end f the tunnel. As they passed the spring. Tmleft a shudder go thrug him. He shwed Huck the fragment f candlewick perched n alump of clay against the wall, and he described hw he and Becky had sat there watching the flame struggle and die.
The by cntinued n thrugh anther crridr, talking nlybin whisper, until they reached the ledge. then Tm raised his candle high in the air and tugged at Huck’s sleeve.’Nw I’ll shw yu smething’ said Tm’Lk as far arund the crner as yu can.do you see that?there .on the big rock written with ashes?’ ‘Tom,it’s crss!’ ‘Nw,where’s yur number two/ under the cross,right?” Huck stared at the cross a while, then said with ashaky vice” Tom,let’s get ut f here!’ But Tm was the cool vice of reasn. He slwly explained t Huck that there were no ghst in the cave,’Injun Je is dead’ he reminded Huck,’and we’ve bth suffered enugh lking fr the treasure. Nw that we’re s clse, it’s silly t be afraid’Tm managed t cnvince Huck that the treasure was rightfully theirs.
At the base f a rck, they saw signs f activity-a blanket, sme tls and a piece f bacn rind-but n metal treasure chest.’he said under the crss’ whispered huck.’Well, this cmes nearest t bring under the crss. It can’t be under the rckitself,because that sets slid clay grund.’ they searched everywhere arund the rck,then sat dwn discuraged . Huck had n isdes, but Tmwasthingking and planning all the while he sat.
‘Lk there,Huck!’ there’s ftprints and sme candle grease n the clay n ne side f this rock,but nt n ther sides. Nw what’s that fr? I bet yu the mney under the rck. I’m ging t dig in the clay.’ They bth began t scratch and dig, and after tw hurs they uncvered sme bards. nce the bards were remved, they discvered a whle new crridr which led under the rck. They fllwed the path until it turned a curve. Tm stpped suddenly and exclaimed ‘Huck. I’ve fund it! Here’s the treasure’t was the btreasure bx, sure enugh. tm lifted the lid, and uck scped up the tarnished cins with his clay-filled hands’ ‘We’re rich. Tm!Wereally are!” Fr a few mmmentts , the bys just std and lked at their treasure. Sn. the began putting the mney int the bags and carrying it ut fthe cave. When they emerged frm the cave int the clump f bushes, they lked arund to make sure all was clear. After a short rest for lunch, the bys laded their raft and pushed ut int river. The sun was dipping tward the hrizn as they left the shre, and by time thay landed, it was already dark.’Nw Huck!’ said Tm,’We’ll hide the mney in the lft f the windw’s wdshed. i’ll cme up in the mrning, and we’ll cunt it an d divide it. The we’ll hunt up a place ut in the wds fr it will be safe. But nw, just yu lay quet here and watch the stuff while I run and find a wagn. I’ll nly gne a minute’ Tm disappeared , but sn returned with the wagn.They put the sacks f mney int it and started ff,dragging their treausre behind him. As the bys passed Mr Welsh’s huse, the ld man stepped ut and called’Is that yu Huck and yu Tm?cming alng with me everyne is waiting” Mr Welsh helped them pull the wagn a shrt ways dwn the rad, and they parked at the utside the Widw Duglas hus.They was aparty ging n inside. The thatchers, the harpers,Aunt Plly and just abutveverybdy f imprtant was there. The Widw greetd the bys as heartily as anyne culd greet tw suc ragged,dirty-lking yung men wh were cvered with clay and candle grease frm their latest adventure. Aunt Plly blushed and frwned, then shk her say a wrd.Mr Welsh began explaining hw he had stumbled n tm and Huck right at his dr”s I just brught them alng.’ he added.” And yu did right’ said Widw’Cme wit me ,bys” he tk Tm and kuck t abedrm and added’ Nw washe and ress yurself. Here are tw new suitsf clthes with shirts and scks and everuthing yu’ll need. We’ll wait fr yu dwnstairs. Cme dwn when yu’re ready’

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Bigger Celodon plate found West Sumatra

Rare Yuan Fish bigger plate

Yuan Fish found West Sumatra

Yuan Fish found West Java

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(1)This day RCD ,the short show of UCM will installed The Rare Yuan Fish Celadon Ceramic. the info look below.
(2) The Yuan Celadon’s bigger plate with Fish decoration very difficult to found, I have ever seen at the Cetral Jakarta Museum still exist now and Adam Malik Collections I heard have sold by his wife and Children beacuse the Adam Malik Museum were closed after he died.
(3) I found the Yuan bigger plate with two fish decoration in West Sumatra and the other one in West Java, that is why this artifact were the proof that Yuan Mongol soldier bring this Yuan fish Plate as the gift of the earlist yuan emperor Ku Bilai-khan before he order to attack singosari as the punishment due to the King Kertajaya made slice tattouage the face of Ming Se Yuan envoy(read at the Anciet Travel Unique Collections, The unque Book Collections).
After the Yuan attack Java, the yuan soldier only bring Yuan Imperial flower chrysatenem ceramic in blue or red in glaze. and I never found the Yuan bigger Plate in West Borneo only small celadon cup with small fish decorations. after that no Ming blue white ceramic found in West borneo ,the archelogist calle The MIng Gap.

@Koleksi Dr Iwan S.2010
Hallo Kolektor Indonesia, terimakasi telah klik UCN hari ini,Berita
Koleksi Unik dari Dr Iwan S.
Pada hari ini anda dapat melihat gambar keramik alsi desain dekorasi keramik seladon dari Dinasti Mongol Yuan dan membaca informasi terkait dengan IKan.
Keramik yuan seladon dengan gambar dekorasi Ikan sangat banyak ditiru atau repro ,barang palsu terutama piring ikan seladon ukuran besar, tetapi belum mampu meniru warna dan disain ikan yang asli, silahkan anda lihat dan bandingkan dengan milik anda, jika sama harganya cukup tinggi sebab tidak banyak yang memilikinya setahu saja hanya ada di Museum Puat jakarta warisan dari kolekto Belanda yang mendirikan museum keramik tersebut, dan juga ada dalam museum Adam Malik tetapi sayang Museum Adam Malik sudah ditutup setelah beliau meninggal dunia, dan keluarga Pak Adam Malik kabarnya telah menjual koleksi yang langka ini, harap keluarga Pak Adam Malik atau ex kuratornya Ibu Sumriah Adhyatman berkenan memberikan inrormasi dan mengirimkan foto keramik itu via Comment, terimakasih Ibu ,salam kenal dari Dr Iwan S. kami sangat mengharapkan komentar ibu, termasuk Pak Abu Ridho tentang informasi Keramik Langka dalam blog ini.


1. Vintage embrodery
Please click The Vintage Indonesia Embroidery, and if the collectors want to have informations and illustration of The Vintage Kebaya embroidery 1953 ,please asked via comment.

2. Avery Brundage Ceramic Collections
The information of rare Chinese imperial ceramic collection based on the very best collection in the world of Averybrundage collections, read The Unique Ceramic Collections, if the collectors want to look the Averybrundage collections you must go to USA, but if you want to look the picture from vintage book, please aksed via comment and UCM will asked permission the USA Museum for installed some of his best collections.
Averybrundage was ex IOC-International Olympic Commitee, I think the senior collectors remember him during the openinc ceremomu Olypic game in Roma and Munchen.


RCD-Rare Ceramic Decorations
@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

A. The Chinese Ethnic History of Fish
1.Fish forms an important part in the domestic economy of the Chinese. Together with rice ir constitutes the principal staple of their daily food, and fisihing has for this reason formed a prominent occupation of the people from the most ancient times. The commonest kind of fish that serve as food in China are the carp,perch,plaice, whitevfish, blue fish, mullet,pmfret, Sciaenidae fish, rock trout,sabbard fish etc. for more info read the vintage book The Ningpo Fishere,in the New China Review,1919,vol IV,pp 385.
2.From the aesthetic point of view Fish are also much appreciated by the Chinese. Many beautiful and fantastic varietes of fish are reared in ponds and jars, this ornamental species having been introduced into Europe toward the end of the 17th century.
Carp and Perch are frequently depitched on Chinese Porcelain. (look at the Rare Carps fish on Yuan celadon bigger Plate)
3. Yhe legendary Emperor Fu Hsi (2953-2838 BC) is said t have given his name, which means literally HIdden Victims, on account of the fact that he made different kinds ofnets and taught his people how to snare animals and secure the products of the se.
4. Fish Symbol of Wealth
The fish is symbolically employed as the emblem of WEalth r abundance, on account of the similary in the pronouncation of the word Yu,fish and yu,superfluity, and also because the fish are extremely plentiful in Chinese water.
5. Fish symbol of regeration
owing to its reproductive power it is a symbol of regenations.
6. Fish Symbol of harmony and connubial bliss
As Fish is happy in its own element of sphere, so fish has has come t be the emblem f harmny and connubial bliss.

7.A pair of fish is emblematic of the joys of union
A brace of fish is presented amongst other articles as a betrothal gift to the family of the bride-elect on accunt of its auspiciuos significantce; as fish are reputed to swim in pairs, so a pair of fish is emblematic of the joys of union, especially of a sexual nature.

8.Fish is also one of the Charm to avert devil and symbol of Buddha fully emancipated.
it is also one of the Charms to avert evil, and is included among the auspicious sign on the footprints of Buddha. The fish signifies freedom form all restraints. as in water a fish move easily in any direction, so in the buddha-state the fully-emancipated knows no restraint or obstruction.

9. The Carp fish as the symbol of perseverance
The carp,with its scaly armour, which is regarded as a symbol of martial attributes, is admires becausu fish struggles against the current, and it has therefore became the emblem of perseverance.

10. The Fish transformed into dragons
The sturgeon of the Yellow river are said to make an ascent of the stream in the third moon of each year, when these which succeed inpassing above the rapids hence this fish is a symbol of Lung-men becme transformed int dragons; hence this fish is a symbol of literary eminence passing examinations with the distinction.
If the Fish have 300 scales, it will transfrmed to Dragon or be get the dragon, nly the turtle can prtect it.
(I have the bigger plate with decrations fish transfrmed to dragon, and will installed at The Rare Ming Imperail Dragn five clown ceramic)

11. The Fish legend of Po Ku TU
According to the Po KU Tu, fish are compared to a king’s subject, and the art of angling to that fo ruling. Thus an unskilled angler will catch the fish,or will a tactless prince win over his peple. on account of various legend that letters have been fund in the bellies of carps etc, the fish is also emblem of epistolary correspondence.

12 The Chinese phillosophy of Fish and catching fish.
If you a fish to someone, he will eat fish only one day, but if you teach them how to get the fish, they will eat fish everydays.
this mean donnot give a materia t smeone because he will used that material or money only until off, but if you teach them how to mede or get the material or Money they will find every days.

B. The Chinese Lucky Fengsui of Fish

1. In the Chinese bigger party, Fish must exist as the foods, but if at that area didnt have fish, the Fish must be the decorations.because a pair of fish is the emblem of joy union. The fish als gave wealthy fengsui, that is why carps in china was called Lei-Yu ,the prnuncatins like ‘Have the property of wealthy’.

2. In the Temple Fish statue put on the roof in order to prtect the temple from burning.

3. In the House better to have the Fish statue because, the fish will gave the owner the Wealth or much money .

4. The Fish especially the red gold arawana fish in aquarium will gave the owner healthy long life and wealthy.

5. The Chinese Newyear card with The Carp leaping the gate in order to transforme as the dragon, this is the emblem of the god day.

6.The Carps had associated with the Art and science ancetors because that ancetors always rides the Fish-dragon, that is why the Chinese always want to be the scientist because the Schlar have the highest rank, honorable and will be the famous human.(this is the Confusius phillosophies, that is why many Chinese always studies along his live )
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Yuan Cock Mhammedan blue

Rare Yuan cock cup

Rare Yuan Cock ceramic

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RCD and UCN special show this day.
BERITA KOLEKSI UNIK khusus buat kolektor Indonesia tentang:

I. Dr Iwan Collection Notes
1.Starting from this day UCN-uniquecollection.wordpress.com will
presenting the new style with more informations and illustrations in English and also in Indonesian languaguage special for Indonesia native collectors.
2. also starting from this day ,the short Info of UCM like RCD-Rare ceramic decration, IRC-Indonesia rare Stamp,RBC-rare book written by the famous writers collections ,The Indnesia Independence war today, Dai Nippon Occupation Collection today etc will install in UCN ,
3. According to this UCN new style presenting, please all the collectors click UCN every day like reading the morning,afternoon or Night newspaper, and if you have enough time, you will choose the interesting topic for added informations to your loving topical collections or trading collections.
4.I hope one day, UCN will be the best Uniquecollections Cyber news in the world with double lengguae of course if all the uniquecollections collector all over the world read UCN everyday and click their topical collections. Thankyou very much to all collectors all over the world your participations in this later three mothn up 400 % compare than in 2009, and my vision to be the best uniquecollections will done in this year,with target Google will put their logo as the sponsored and UCN and UCM have enough cost for upgrade the blog with more illustrations including Video and music, because UCM have the best vintage record and film collection for installed in the special new blog UCN and UCM .
Hallo Google Inc. Managers, please help me with your sponsorship
to build two bigger blog UCM-uniquecollections Cyber Museum blog and UCN-uniquecollections Cyber News.
Please remember this UCM and UCN @Copyright DR Iwan S.2010, forbidden to copy without written permissions by the founders Dr Iwan S. or editors. Anton J.S. please cntact via comment.

Greeting from Dr Iwan S.viva uniquecollections blog,viva UCM,
hidup Koleski Dr iwan S.

Khusus buat Kolektor Indonesia
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1.Halo kolektor Indonesia, mulai hari ini khus buat anda tersedia
rubrik khusus Berita Koleksi unik dan untuk memudahkan kolektor
cilik yang belum memahami bahasa Ingris, klik saja Koleksi Dr Iwan

2.Hari ini UCM CyberMuseum Koleksi Unik menampilkan special
show (atraksi khusus) tentang RCD-Dekorasi keramik Langka dari dinasti Yuan (mongol) dengan dekorasi shio Ayam. Pada masa dinasti yuan sangat jarang keramik dilukis dengan motif hewan, seblumnya sudah diinstalled motif Ular (klik The rare Yuan Snake ceramic) dan hari ini motif ayam (klik The rare Yuan Cock ceramic)
slelanjutnya motif ikan dan rusa.
Sebaliknya pada masa dinasti Ming lebih banjak keramik dengan motif hewan sehingga tidak langka seperti ikan, ayam, rusa, burung,bebek dsbnya kecuali motif kerbau-sapi ,kucing dan tikus tetap langka (klik The Rare Ming Buffalo Ceramic, The Rare Ming Mouse Ceramic ) ,selain itu juga langka keramik dan merah dalam glasir istana Klik The Rare Artifact Yuan Imperial ceramic, the rare Artifact Ming imperial ceramic. dragon five clown dan The rare Yuan Red in glaze ceramic) .
Terimakasih atas banyak komentar dari kolektor buku,keramik dan koin dari Indonesia. dari Dr Iwan S.

1. Gunseikanbu Sumatra
Please look at Singapura unique collections, Click Dai nippon Sumatra Under Dai Nippon Malaya administrations. The rare Dai Nippon Guseinkanbu (Military Administration) sumatra were the hand overprint of Residential area of sumatra during under Dai Nippon Military administration Malaya with the capital at Singapore, that is why I put the collection under Singapore Unique collection , the sare between April.1st. 1942 until April,1st. 1943 .please click that site.
2. Kingdom of Tanjungpura
please click The Vintage west Borneo Kingdom collections, and you will look and read the complete information about the forgoting small Kingdom in West Borneo, until this day have finish install The Kingdom of Tanjungpura-Matan,Sukadana-simpang and Mempawa and Sambas includding info about chinese Tai Kong Kongsi monterado and Chinese Sam Kiaue kongsi Sambas (compleet info will installed later The Chinese Kongsi West Borneo Collections with illustration the rare coins of west Borneo Kongsi, the first report)

@cOPYRIGHT Dr Iwan s.2010

(1)Starting from this day all the UCN special show with put in UCM SPECIAL SHOW TODAY like IRC-Indonesia Rare Coins,RCD-Rare Ceramic Decoration, UBC-Unique Book Collection written by the famous writers, Indonesia Independence war today, Dai Nippon occupation Java or other area today and other type short show. (2)This day special show RCD-Rare ceramic Decoration.

The Rare Yuan Ccck Ceramic Decoration was one of the rare Yuan Animal decoration, before have installed the other rare Yuan animal decorations Snake, and after this Bigger fish and Deer , this animal common during Ming and Qing dinasty.
The Yuan cock ceramic frmthe bigger cup.

(1). The cck is the chief emnodiment of the element Yang,which represents the warmth and life of the universe. It is supposed to have the power of changing itself into uman form, to inflict good or evil upon mankind.
(2). The cock have a crown in his head, a mark of his literary spirit and he also have spurs on his feet, a token of his warlike disposition.
(3), The Cock is courageoud, for he fights and benevolent , always clucking for the hens when he scratches up a grain and faithful, for he never lses hours.
(4) The picture of a red cock is often pasted on the wall of a house in belief that the bird is a protection against fire.
(5). As aGhsts disappear at sunrise, the cock is supposed to drive them away by his crowing.
(6). Hence a white cock is sometimes placed n the coffin in funeral processions to clear the road of demons.
(7). The Chinese say that one of the three spirits of the dead comes into the cock at the time of the meeting the corpse, and that the spirit is thus allure back to the residence of the family. Some explain the used of a purely white cock to the exclusion of any other coloured cock on such occasions, by saying that White cock is a divine or spiritual fowl.
(8) Cock-fighting was practised in China some five hunderd years ago (In Bali still a traditions until now, althoug agains the law if t be a gambling and the Police will arrest them especially at the islamic area.

3. The Chinese Lucky Fengsui of the Cock
(1.) No doubt, however, its white colour is emblematical of purity of heart.It was the customof the bride and bridegroom to eat white sugar cocks at the wedding ceremony. A white cock is said to be aprotection against beneful astral influences and to be the only capable guide of transient spirit.
(2)The Sins of the offerer are said to be transferred t the entrails of the Cock, and these are exposed upon the hused-top, to be carried away by birds of the airs,
(3) A cock and a hen standing amid artificial rck-work in a garden of peonies is common pictorial design symbolizing the pleausures of a country life.
(4) A Cock on the roof of a house is regarder as a bad omen, and it very unlucky if it thunders while a hen is sitting on eggs.
(5) The embroidery Cock design were used on the Judge wear,the cock on the rock looking the sunrise were the emblem of the Emperor power and authorities.
(6) The lucky days of the cock is the Saturday, if someone have their wedding in this day, will made the harmonis and wealthy merriage, but if the buried ceremony on this day will made their rank up in People society.

@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

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Ming crocodile-dragon ceramic

Ming Dog-dragon

Ming Crocodile-dragon

Ming Dinosaurus ceramic


Guan Long dinosaurus

Giganforator dinosaurus

Dilong dinousarus

Liaoceratops dinosaurus

Yin Long dinosaurus

Ming Crocodile -Dragon

Tail Chaoyangsaurus

original Chaoyongsaurus

Ming Dog-Dragon

RCD-Rare ceramic Decoration
@Copyright Dr iwan S.2010

1. Crocdile was Amphibian.He will appear with during rainning seasns and then hibernation until the ther years.
It have the figure like dragon , and they belief the dragon as the dragon that incarnation to the dragon.
2, during Tang dinasty, the crocodile were lived at Chao-chou , and it been led ut by Han Yun and ther official with the magic power,
3. The Yantze crocodile were painted with Dragon on a Copper cup during Shang dinasty, The Crocdile frm these area have the profile near like dragon.
4. The crcdile-dragon near same with the flying dinsaurus , like their fossil, just found in china . Chinese charter for crcdule was To and related with dragon chiao.

1. Crocodile-lung realted with the world dragon , have cntrol by Jupiter.
2. If someone who built the building at the Crocdile-dragn day (Thursday) will found honor and wealthy, and who merried in this day wil have the children with lng life.but frbidden to gon at burried-ceremony in this day because they will alway sad.
3. The suspect criminalman will take atthe front of crocodile, and the crocodile only swallow the criminal ne only. (Believe or not,depend on you)

1. Dr Iwan S collection
(1) Ming Crocodile Dragon dinosaurus ceramic (brussh washer0
(2) Ming Dog Dragon dinosaurus (brussh washer)
(3) Ming Humanlike dinosaurus. (Cup)

2. XU Xing Dinosaurus (Chinese)
(1) Giganfrator
(2) Guan Long saurus
(3) Chaoyongsaurus
(3) Dilong Sauraus
(4) Liaoceratops
(5) yin Lng saurus.

Illustration will installed at night
@Copyright Dr iwan S.2010

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head Ming dinosaurus

tail Ming dinsaurus

head Chaoyangsaurus

Tail Chaoyongsaurus

Hallo collectors, thankyou for click UCN today
UCN-uniquecollection.wrdpress.com CyberMewrs
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RCD will install the creator like dinosaurus on Ming ceramic, but no infrmation from the Chinese sumblic literature , also at the Fengsui literatur, after seeking many infrmations I think better to name that creation as The Ming Crocodile-dragon ceramic. for complete information please click at night THE RARE MING CROCODILE-DRAGON CERAMIC.Look and compare the Ming Crocdile-dragn dinsauruswith the real china Xu xing dinosaurus 9ythere are six dinsaurus near same with the Ming ceramic decration., Dr iwan s have three type Ming dinosaurus Ceramic. This the first report.
Please the Archeologist will help us with more information related with the creator like dinosaurus, look at illustration the head and the tail of that creator. the very rare decoration,nly one have found from artifact water brussher.

1. THe Bead collection
Please click The vintage Indonesia Bead collections, and the Bead embroidary later will illustrated.
2. The Crown of Rajah Serawak
Please click and look at The Sarwank Unique Collections, the phot of three Rajah, didnot used crown, I think the collectors want to see the coat of arm of Sarawak Kingdom, look the illustration like the water Mouse (in Indonesia we called Berang-Berang, please the native sarawak tell us the name via comment, Halloo Mr Chan Kee Tech I am waiting for your comment , are you still angry with me because late 15 minute at our last meeting, beg yur pardon)
UCM have intalled The Vintage Westbrneo Kingdom Collections,
just the Kingdom of Tanjungpura-Matan and the Kingdom f Sukadana-Simpang with the illustratin, anther Kingdom willinstalled later.

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Kingdom Mempawa Tomb

Kingdom Mempawa Palace

King Tanjungpura Matan

Ancient West Borne

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UCM will installed The Kingdom of West Borneo collection , look at the sample illustration old West Borneo Map and the King Saunan as the King of Tjanungpura-Matan kingdom.
Another West Borneo’s Kingdom like the kingdom of Sukadana,mempawah,Sambas, Tayan, Sangau ,Pontianak and other frgotten kingdom of West borneo will illustrated with the Map, King picture and another unique collections, please read UCN when the install will finish.


1.The Comic Card Collection
Please click Kartu Komik opa celine, later UCM will installed UCM The Vintage Comic Card Collections.

2. The Cat Spotted Cat Figurine Collection
Later will install The Rare Ming Cat Collections.

1.The rare ming Monkey Ceramic have 100% installed.
2.The Kingdom of West Borneo collections have starting installed this day and will finish in March,27th,2010.

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King Pontianak Syarif M.Alkadrie

King Pontianak sign and Stamped

Emblem of old Borneo Mao

old Sambas Map

Sukadana Old map

King Pontianak M.Alkadrie

King Sy Idrus Tomb

King Kubu Sy Idrus

Governor Sarawak Otman

King Kubu Sy Idrus

King Ngabang A.Hamid

King Landak Abdulrani

Sambas Palace Map

Dragon Jar monterado

Monterado Map

Chinese at Monterado

Sambas Map

King Tsafioedin Sambas

Kingdom Sambas Palace

Mempawa Map

King M.Thaufic.A Sign

Panembahan Mempawa stamped

Kingdom Mempawa canon

Kingdom Mempawa tomb

Kingdom Mempawa Palace

The Last Tanjungpura King

Canon of King Matan

King Tomb Complex

King Tanjungpura tomb

King Busrah Tomb

Mulia Kerta tomb

Matan Palace 1960

T.pura Matan Palace

West Borneo now

Matan Pawan river

Sukadana and Karimata

Ancient West Borneo

UCM-Uniquecollection wordpress.com CybeMuseum
with proud presenting the first report of Dr Iwan S.
Travelling unique collection around the West Borneo
forgotting Kingdom during 1990-1994.
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.


1. The story of Dr Iwan S travelling
My first visit to the Kingdom of Tanjung Pura-Matan, in 1994 on my official duty with the Wesr Borneo National Police Commander in chief the balinese Police Colonel ,later became General for National family Planning promotions, Because not road connected between Pontianal (the Capital of West Borneo or KALBAR, we must take small ship or small aircraft of Dast airways with only seven passenger added pilot and co pilot, many new Police commander didnot like the small ship because when came in Ketapang city port very bigger South China ocean wave-everybody will mortionsicknes and vomit, but i like this trip because more danger by small aircraft because many drop and broken int pieces. I have seen the passenger were broken backbone vetebrae sacralis after the small aircraft falling dwn tho earth due to the air turnulent, he became impotent and incontinence urine-urination without himself control.
the first time flying with this small craft I am very afraid, and written a testament for my family, but the Police Commander in Chief Mr Bagong, said in Joke but i think he also afraid ‘ Very Happy falling down with Physician and he think I have the magic power because I have gave him the spiritual medical care during he have the diare only infuse and one tablet three time a day and oke, ‘ I replied to him ‘ Pak Bagong will be the General rank in anumerta” then Pak Bagong said seriuosly :’ we cannot falling down because Dr Iwan have the magic power ha! ha! ha!.The small plane very difficult to up from the grown, the machine roar sound like the old man pulling a bigger bag, but very slow we up until 3 meter upper the coconut tree, flying very slowly, when the wheater raining I am very afraid but still in mind I think the good mission always help by the God, at least only 15 minute we arrived at Ketapang city air port , this is the second visit, after retired I visit Ketapang by fast boat eight hours two times in 2002 and 2003 to seeking information and collections related to the tandungpura and matan Kingdom, some rare artifact Yuan imperial ceramic collection were fund around this Kingdom area belong of the local collectors, but during my visit not many found anymore because Mr Aboeridho from national Museum have bought all in 1985, and put in the Central Museum jakarta. After several times visit , I found same interesting collections from in memoriam Mr A Beng, pity he is passed away in 1998, and we didnot know where he found the rare artifact anymore ,sme ne told me he found at the small river at Karimata island in the front of Sukadana. I have ever go to sukadana by road , but didnot visit Kharimata and maya island because the bigger ocean weaving very danger to visit this Island by traditinal boat from sukadana.
From Ketapang city with best Road across the pawan river, we arrive about 15 menit to the Kingdom of matan very small castle, but to visit the ancient Kingdom of Tanjung Pura ,only the tomb of The King still exist made by hard wooden (look at the riginal Photo) we must used the traditional boat name ketek because the sound of Diesel Mechine Ketek ketek, take 2 hours to came there, the legend said every West Borneo or Borneo leaders must Suwon or asked permission the Tanjungpura’s King with give honor to their tomb, Pak Bagong didnot visit this tomb,and some traditinal people said that is why he didnot became General, but I visit the Tomb still didnot became General, I Think that legend not true, t became a General depand on the Situation, during my duty only one General of health department, now three General that is why all my Officer below me have became General. If I am the General, very difficult for me to built the uniquecollection blog because very strictly General code forbidden to write because his informations very strictly cntrol by the people, like now the Commisioner General Susno Duaji informatin have made him be trouble in law. hallo my General Friend , General Dr Budi Siswanto and Gen. Dr Mosadeq congratulations to up the rank Brigadir General but you must be carefull to give the informations.

2. The Chronologic Historic collections
The King of Baparung was died, and his son Karang Tunjung ascended the throne. Karang Tunjung like to sleep n the leave of Tunjung Flowers, He was very famous because his magic pwer(sakti) , that is why his name The King of Karang Tunjung, and later became Tanjung Pura (the palace temple called Pura),

(2) 1501
The King Karang Tunjung was died in 1501, Panembahan Kalahirang ascended the throne. The kingdom from Tanjung Datuk at North and Tanjung Puting in the south, estren border with Sintang and westren border at Karimata island. almost all the province of West Borneo now.

(3) 1502
The Panembahan Bandala ascended the throne of Tanjungpura Kingdom and became the Maritime Kingdom, with their bigger ship had sailed to Banjarmasin and Brunei.

(4) 1538
Panembahan Bandala was died, and Panemahan Dibarokah (before Sibiring Manbal) ascended the throne until 1550, because the son of Bandala Giri Kusuma still young child,

(5) 1550
After Giri Kusuma adult, he ascended the throne in this year.
The King Panembahan Giri merried the prince fromlandak kngidom
Ratu Mas (Gold Queen) Jaintan.
During King Giri, arrived at Sukadana Islamic Syech Husin , starting from this time TanjungPura sukadana Kigdom became Islam. Sjech Husin merried with the daughter of King Giri brother(sepupu) and they have a son Syarif Hassan.The King Giri Kusuma pointed Syarif Hassa as the crown prince.
After King Giri died, The Queen Mas jaitan ascended the throne with title The Queen of Sukadana because the prince crown Syarif Hassan still young children.

(5) 16th Century during The Kingdom of Majapahit.
(a) The Prince Prabu Jaya, The king of Mojopahit’s son had came to West Borneo . The Price of Majapahit married Junjung Buih and built the Tanjung Pura Kingdom, this Kingdom always move and changed the name first located at Kuala Kandang Kerbau, then move to Sukadana and became the kindom of Sukadana, after that became the area of the King Akil from Siak Indragiri middle sumatra.
Although the Tandjungpura Kingdom alway moved and hange name but still exist , and the prince Agung built new Kindom The Kingdom of Simpang with the same capital name), and least the kingdom became the Kindom of Matan.
(read the Ancient Travel Unique Collection, General Ike Mase cs soldier of dinasty yuan emperor Kublaikan punish Java Kingdom singosari due to tatoism the China envoy Mingse, but Raden widjaya ,the son in law of kertanegara have made fooled and attack the Mongol armies, the runhome via Tuban, some general escape to West Borneo, that is why the Imperial ceramic artifact culd found at West Borneo near the place where the mongol stayed. I have also found the artifact of Buddha (only artifact of head and ear ,look at the ear of Buddha Mojopahit eather ware artifact)
(b) The folklore (The people story) of prices Junjung Buih
Junjung Buih was the nonmerried daugter of Bujang Bengkung and Dara Dondang, that is why they was put at the bigger plate on the traditional Rakit made by the Banana tree like Musa was bring in the river and at least arrive at Pawan river (near the Kingdomf Matan Palace) , Rangga Sentap have met her and he made her as his own children, and one day Prabu Jaya asked the permissin from Ranga Sentap to merried Junjung Buih. Prabu Jaya was the older King of Mojpahit, asking the future teller (tukang Ramal)
who will the best next King of Mojopahit, and the frtune teller pointed the younger son Prabu Jaya, that made his older brothet angry, and they used black magic and they give poison in the Prabu Jaya food , after eating the poison food, Prabu jaya bodies became pruritus and became bleeding after eching the skin, the King of Mojopahit help him with the traditional physician (dukun) but the skin diseses very difficult to cure and all the people became afraid. The Prabu Jaya was put on the ship at the java sea, and he move by the airflow until arrive at Kuala Kandanfg kerbau West Brne , and Prabu Jaya staying there , and when he mwalking n the back of crocodile in the river and became patin fish which linking his body and the skin disease were cure and he became a healthyman.
One day during Prabu Jaya fishing in the river, he found a Gold box with a long hair inside it, he think this hair belong to the very pretty women, that is why he shipping on the river until arrived at the Rangga Sontap House, very difficult to came there because to many bakung flower there, he order his soldier to cameback to Majapahit kingdom of java asked for helped and they succeed to passed the Bakung flower with the magic boat.
Dayang Putung , that time had the same skin diseases like Prabu Jaya. Prabu Jaya asking the patin fish to cure Junjung Buih , after junjung Buih have healthy, the name of Dayang Putung was changed to Junjung Buih , after that Prabu Jaya asked permission to jungjung biuh’s father to merried his daughter.
The son of Prabu Jaya and Junjung Buih, were Pangeran Prabu with title the King of Baparung, who built the kingdom city of Sukadana, Gusti Likar have made the kingdom of Meliau, and Prince Mancar , the chief of area in the Kingdom of Tayan.
(6) 1604
The VOC- Dutch East Company came to sukadana for trading gold , and after that there was the Battle of sukadana between VOC and The Kingdom of Tanjungpura Sukadana, The queen was arrest by VOC., and VOC pointed Air Mala or Male became the King of TanjungPura.

(7) 1622
Sultan Aliudin or Sultan muhammad Syaefuddinascended the throne and during this time Baureksa, the chief of Kendal,attack the kingdom of Tanjungpura with the mataram kingdom expedition.

(8) 1659
Sultan Muhammad Syafeiuddin was died and Sultan Zainuddin ascended the throne. he have two son from Queen Nyaik Kendi, Price Mangkurat with title Sultan Dirilaga with the Kingdm at Indralaya and Prince Ratu Agung.
During Sultan Mumammad Syaefuddin have friendly communications with Sultan Brunei and sultan Sulaiman of Johor Kingdom .
Prince Agung didnt satified as the compagn in his Brother government , he want to be the king, and he made the brotherhd war. The son in law of Price Agung, Tuan Haji HUfas and Daeng Mataku attack the Palace and coup d’etat , all the Palace had under his power, he pointed his son in law as the commander in chief of Tandjungpura army and the Sultan Moh. Zainuddin with all his family was arresy and fled to Bandjarmasin. At the same time The king of Minangkabau attack the kingdom of Johor, but not succees because the King of Bugis soldier command by Upu daeng Menambon help Johor.Daeng Menambob with the Bugis soldier also attack Price Agung soldier ,but didnot succeed.
After sultan Muhammad Syaefuddin arrived at Banjarmasin, and asked Daeng Menambon for help him, and they came back to attack the prince agung soldier .
After arrive at Kuala Kandang Kerbau, Upu Daeng Menambon met the beautiful princes Kusumba and he fall in love , he asked permission to merry her to her father Sultan Muhammad Syaefudin , and he aggreed, the wedding were go on.
After Dae manambon merried the Sultan Muhammad Syaeifudin daugters, he starting to attack the Prince Agung soldier, before the war begun, there was the meeting between daeng menambn with the son inlow of prince Agung, Daeng Menambon didnt war the brtherhood war , he asked the son in law of prince Agung fled from Tanjungpura and the two son in law of prince Agung led to Riau with the johor soldie.
Upu Daeng mentambon with his soldier attack the tandjungpura palace and aksed Price Agung to surrender and he told that his sn in Law had leaving, and the prince Agung was arrest by Upu Daeng menambon and he had led to Kuala kandang kerbau.
After arrest Prince Agung, Upu Daeng Menambo went to Joho for helping the Kingdom of Johor war against the kingdom of minangkabau.

(7) 1722
Upu Daeng Menambon cameback to Tanjungpura via Sambas, and he help to made the peace between the son of sultan zainuddin because they have quarell to find the throne , and Upu Daeng Menambon have given the title from Sultan as the Prince Emas Surya Negara (the Golden Sun state)
when the king of Mempawah died , Sultan Zainuddin pointed Upu Daeng Menambon as the King of Mempawa. and Pangeran Mangkurat became the Sultan f Indralaya, Price Agung Martadipura as the sultan of kartapura(rad sand) , and Prince Ratu Agung as Panembahan of Simpang (1735)

The Sukadana city were empty.

Sultan Mohammad zainuddin was died in 1728 at Indralaya and the Prince Mangkurat ascended the throne with title Sultan Dirilaga.

(10) 1750
Syarif Husein Al-Qadri leaving tanjungpura in 1750 tomempawa beacuse the quarel about the punishment of the ship captain which have Zinah (nonmarital make love).

The kingdom of Tanjungpura move to Sijenguk (red sand0 at the Pawan river , and still there until 1829.

The DUtch army command by C.Muller arrived ar Sukadana with the king Akil the grandson of Siak sriindrapura Kingdom. Several attack of Dutch sldier didnot succeeded , and at least price Gusti Mursal surrender and Sultan zainuddin or Prince Iradilaga fled to Martalaya and Prince Cakra Negara fled to Kendawangan. Prince Jaya Negara fled to Tanah Pinuh and then to Nanga Tayap, Sanggau.
Sultan Mohammad Zainuddin II was died at the ex Tanjungpura city, and his tomb was fund there.

(13) 1827
Tengku Akil arrived under the command of Dutch Company

(14) 1876
After the King of Tanjung Pura died. the govenrment under Pangeran Perdana Menteri (Prince Prime Menistry) and Haji Mohamad Sabran have pointed as the king of Tanjungpura and move to Mulia Kerta in 1876′
Panemahan Haji Sabran pinted his son Panembahan Saunan as the care taker King during Prince mas study ut f the country.

(15) 1924
After cameback home Prince Mas ascended the thrne with title Panembahan Saunan. the King have rebuilded the palace in the modren form (still exist this day I have ever visit the palace near the Pawan River)

(16) 1943
The King Saunan was arrest by the Dai Nippn soldier, there was the legend that when the Dai Nippon want to kill him,he was disappeared.

(17) 1945-1946
Three Prince have pinted to administrated the Kingdom of Tanjungpura-Matan :
(a) Uti Halil as the Prince Mangkunegara
(b) Uti Aplah as the Prince Adipati
(c) Uti Kencana as Anom Laksamana.
At least MPKM joined in the Federal Swapradja of West Sumatra state.

Sukadana was the capital of Tanjungpura Kingdom
2. 1600
VOC-Dutch East Indie Company first landed at Sukadana
The King of Mataram order Tumengung Bahureksa of Kendal to attack Sukadana, and the Pricess of Sukadana was taken to Java (read Tanjungpura Kingdom above) during this time the King f Tanjungpura Sultan Muhammad Syaefuddin move to Matan.
4. 1669
The Islamic Kingdom of Makassar was falling down, and this situation were made a bad effect to the Kingdom of Tandjung Pura, because the Kingdom of Makassar had always protected Tanjungpura (read the Kindom Tanjunhgpura above), and at least the kingdom of Tanjungpura leaving Sukadana city.
5 1700
The conflict between the Kingdom of landak and the kingdom of Sukadana due to the Daimond area The King lake(danau Raja) Ubi Diamond Kobi (Intan Ubi)
The King of Landak asked The King of Bantam to help him , one expedition form Bantam arrived at Sukadana for potected the englishman expatriat at Sukadana. During this time Bantam was attacked by the VOC.The King of Sukadana-Sultan zainuddin surrendea nd fled to Waringin city.At this city he asked the Bugisman frm Bandjarmasin and cameback to Sukadana, and the Bantam soldier didnot protect Sukadana anymore, and Sultan Zainnudin had his authority and powers again at Sukadana.
6. 1724-1784
Sukadana was the empy city beacause The Kingdom of Tanjungpura leave that city, and during 100 years the empty city withouth governement was used the Bajaklaut(Sea Hijeck) as their nest (Sarang lanun) althouh the people (citizen) still leave there.
the king Ratu Agung ascended the throne from The kingdom of Simpang .
Sultan Ahmad Kamaluddin gave her brother the north of Sukadana area, whe he made The Kingdom of Simpang (small kingdom).
During the King Sultan Akhmad Kamaludin ascended the throne , Sukadana and Matan became very developed, and this situation made declination of Pontianak (during King Sultan Abdurakman),
The named of Kingdom Tanjungpura was used by Sultan Akhmad Kamaluddin in order to rebuild the new kingdom of Tanjungpura with the same name.
10 1786
The King of Pontinak asked the VOC(kompeni) helping to attacked the Kingdom of Sukadana, and the King of Sukadana fled to Matan. In this year teh Kingdom of Sukadana was falling down.
11..circa 1815
Sultan Jamaludin ascended the throne of the new Kingdom of Tanjungpura.
The Dutch East Indie Soldier command by G.Muller with the Prince Akil(grandson of king Sriak Sr Indrapura(Sumatra) attack Sukadana , and asked Sultan Jamaluddin to gave the Karimata Island ,if not they will destroyed the New Kingdom of Tanjungpura. Sultan Jamaluddin fled to Matan and he lossed his power and authority.
The DEI gvernment pointed Price Akil to be The King of NIEWE BRUSSEL (the new name of Kingdom Sukadana), the King only as a Simbolic king of the DEI puppet Kingdom, the same at other kingdom in west Borneo.
13. 1824
Ratu Agung, the king of Simpang was died., the Kingdmf Simpang had several prince as the panembahan with rolling system but the DUTCh pinted Sultan Jamaludin Muaziddin as the puppet King of new Tanjungpura with thecapital at Tanah Mera and The Kingdm f Simmpang under his command.
14. 1831
The Kingdom of Simpang was divided from the kingdom of Sukadana, although the Kindomof Simpang have moved from simpang.
The King of new Tanjungpura pinted Gusti Asma as the panembahan of Simpang puppet Kingdom.
The King Akil of dutch puppet kingdom at Sukadana was died.His sn didnt ascended the throne, Dutch east Indie Gvernment only pointed hiim as Tengku Besar Anom.
17 1853-1892
Gusti Asma was passed away, Gusti Mahmud ascended the throne of Puppet Simpang kingdm with the tittle Panembahan Anom Suryaningrat , whe he was died,
The Sukadana War between Tke Kingdom of Pontianak and The kindom of Sukadana, Pontianak win and Sukada was falleng down, The Sukadana port was closed, and Pontinak port became the biggest economic port of West Borneo.
Sultan Akhmad Kamaludin moved his governement to Matan, and later to Laya, Sei Kayung .
19. 1878
Tengku Besar anm was died and his son Tengku Putera ascended as Panembahan likie his fataher (nt Siultan or King)
Panembahan anon Suryanigrat of puppet Simpang kingdm was died, his children only 10 years old, Gusti Roem and his mother Queen Athalia Wilhemina Theresia control the Governement .
The kingdom of Simpang occupeid by the Dutch East Indie soldiers.
22. 1910
Tengku Putera was died and his son tengku Andut became Panembahan of Sukadana.

1.Pre Kingdom of Mempawa
(The legend of a Dayak Kingdom at Mempawa)
(1) The Kingdom of Sidiniang
The Pre Mempawa kingdom rules by Patih Gumantar , the father of Dara Hitam near the Sidiniang mountain at Sanking area Mempawa hulu, during that time the capital of recent Mempawa Kingdom still cover by water of the sea. This kingdom was the divided of the Kingdom of Tanjungpura-Matan, and Patih Gajamada from Mojopahit ever came to this kingdom in order the united all the kingdom in Indonesia, may be he came here after the visit to the Kingdom of Muang Thai for made at friendy relationed in order to counter the next attack of the Yuan dinasty ,emperor Ku Blai-khan, to Mojopahit because Raden Wijaya had made a fool and attack the Mongol armies backhome during the Mongol attack to punish tke King of Singosari who had made tatouage slice at the Mongol envoy Mingse (read the complete story ,click The ancient TRavel unique collections or the Unique Book Collections). The visit of Gajamada had proved with the founding of a Gajamada Kris present and still keepedby the Mampawa hulu people, and they called it Kris Susuhunan.The Kingdom rules by Patih Gumantar was named Sidiniang, because the location at that area.
(2)1400 The falling of Sidiniang Kingdom
The Kayau war (kayau means cutting head with Mandau)
The Dayak Kingdom of ethnic Biayu or Miaju have interest to destroy the kingdom Sidiniang in order to get the expensive jewellery and goods and the head of the Patih gumantar or other royal familly by kayau (cutting the head, and keep the head to find the inner power by the dayaks ). There were no law in Kayau War, the Dayaks attacs suddenly , like guerillia war, alway they attack during the enemy have celerebrations ceremonial and the Dayaks have succeed to defeat Patih Gumantar and the Kingdom of Sidiniang was fallen down in 1400 AD.

2. circa 1610
The Kingdom of Sidiniang erected again in the new name The Kingdom of Mempawa by The King Kodong and the people called him Panembahan Yang Tak Berpusat (without the ambomen center knot) and the capital at Pekanan ( now Karangan, Kecamatan Pontianak), and he merried the Dayaks ledies Puteri Berkelim.

3. 1680
The King Kodong was died, and his tomb at Pekana,Hulu Mempawa. The King Senggauk or Sengkuwuk ascended the throne
, the Capital moved to Senggauk hulu Mempawah river.
The King Senggauk merried the Princes , the daugter of the King Batu Rizal from the Kingdom of Indragiri,Riou Sumatra.
The King Senggauk was the ethnic Dayaks and with his ship went to sumatra and have merried the daughter of The Indragiri Sumatra Kingdom.
The King of Senggauk have a daughter name Princess Utin Indrawati and the princess have merried with The King Panembahan Muhammad Zainuddin , then King of Tanjungpura, they have the beautiful princess Puteri Kesumba and that made the best relationship between the two Kingdom.

4. 1740
Upu Daeng Menambon was the family of the King of Kingdom Luwuk Celebes Upu Daeng Tandering Lorong Rilaga bin Lamadoe Salat, he arrived at Banjarmasin as the brave sailor ( The Bugis ever sailed to Mandagascar island), and also sailing to Johor , and then to the Kingdom of Tanjungpura,
Daeng Menambon and his brother later merried the princes of Kingdom Tandjungpura because they have helped the Tanjungpura to attack and get the Kingdom of Tanjung pura from the Enemy occupation (read at Tanjungpura Kingdom)
(1) Upu daeng Kemasih ,The elder brother , have tittle Pangeran Mangubumi.
(2) Upu Daeng Perani, was died during the battles against the King Sulaiman Johor
(3) Upu Daeng Celak have the tittle Yang dipertuan Mahkta of the Kingdom Johor Malay Kingdom.
(4) Upu Daeng Melawa, have the tittle Yang Dipertuan Muda at the Riau Siak Sumatra Kingdom, and he merried the daughter of King Sulaiman of Johor kingdom .
(5) Upu Daeng Menambon have the tittle Ptince Mas Surya Negara. At the Kingdom Tanjungpura Matan, he was merried the princes Ratu Kusumba (later have tittle Ratu Agung Sinuhun) , daughter of the King Panembahan Muhammad Zainuddin, they have several children , the famous was Utin Cinderamidi and her elder brother Panembahan Adiwijaya Jaya.
after several year Upu Daeng menambon and his wife visit his brother in Law at the Kingdom of mempawa/
in 1740 The panembahan Senggauk was died, and Upu Daeng Menambon ascended the throne and he moved the capital at Sebukit Rama.

5. circa 1766
The King Upu Daeng Menambon or Mas surya Negara was died and the crown prince Gusti Jamiril ascended the throne with tittle Panembahan Adiwijaya Kesuma Jaya. His elder brother Utin Dawaman had merried Ratu Bagus of The Kingdom Landak Ngabang.
Before ascended the throne Gusti Jibril ever visit Betawi(Jakarta) to met his uncle Daeng Kelola , his uncle was the son of Upu Daeng Biasa , the brother of Upu Daeng Relaga, the father of Upu Daeng menambon. Upu Daeng Biasa joint the VOC soldier with the rank Mayor. At Betawi Adiwijaya was merried his cousin and he have merried three times after his wife was died. the name didnot recorded, and he have the son Gusti Jati and then have the tittle Muhammad Zainal Abidin.
The King Adiwijaya , was anti-colonial and anti imperialist, although his brother in law from the Pontianak Kingdom, sultan Abdirrahman had good relation with The Dutch Company.
The Dutch Company soldier with The Kingdom Pontinak soldier were attacked the Kingdom of Mempawah, several times, but the king Adiwijaya of mempawa soldier alway win. the famus battles were :
(1) The Battle at Galah Hirang at the Rama mountain
(2) The Battle at Sangking.
Latter The Dutch Company and Kingdm Pontinak soldier win that battle, and Thye King Adiwijaya of Mepawa , retreated to village Malinsam, there he joined with the Dayak soldier and they win the battles. After the Dutch company soldier retreated to the far area
from Mempawa, the King adiwijaya moved the capital near the mempawa beach .

6. 1820
Sulta kasim f Pontinak’s Kingdom attack the Kingdom of mempawa, and win agains his uncle King Adiwijaya, and the fort of Sultan Kasim still arected at the leftside of Mempawa palace.
Gusti Jati didnot felt as the losser, he retreat to the old Mempawa kingdom area and came back with more sldiers, and beated the Kingdom Pontianak soldiers, and the King Sultan Kasim soldier retret back to Pontianak.

7 1831
The mempawa Kingdom vaccum of the authority , and The Dutch East Indie government entered the Mempawa Kingdom , with pointed Gusti Amin to administrated the Government below DEI with the title Panembahan Kamaruddin.

Gusti Mukmin with title Penambehanm Mukmin ascended the thron by the DEI and he worked together with Dutch Company government. later he was died and his tomb at inner area. and his son Gusti Mahmud ascended the throne with tittle Panembahan Usman.

The King Adiwijaya Gave the throne to his son, Gusti Jati with the title Sultan Muhammad Zainal abidin and he capital moved near the Mempawa river (still until now)
The name of the Kingdom Mempawa , based of the name of three which many found at the Hulu Mempawa river. called Mempauh three.
Gusti jati asked his father to move to Mempawah city, but his father the later King Adiwijaya didnot to moved to that ex dutch Company area,
When The ex King Adiwijaya died, his body send with ship through mempawa river, but the coffin was empty, that is why there were two King adiwijaya tomb ,one at hulu Mempawa river, an the other at Karangan.

10. 1858
Gusti Muhkmud with tittle Panembahan Mahkmud was died, and his son Gusti Usma ascended the throne with tittle Panembahan Usma.

11. 1872
Gusti Usman was died, but his son Muhammad taufiq Accamuddin stil the young boy, the Kingdom was administrated by the Father in law of the king, Gusti Intan with tittle Pangeran Mangku or Ratu Permaisuri.

12, 1904
The tweleve King of Mempawa was Gusti Muhammad Thaufiq Accamudin , and begun to administreted in 40 years old,

13. February,20th 1933
A very rare and historic document was sign by the King Of mempawah with his official stamped Panembaha mempawa Gusti Muhammad Thaufiq Accamudin, the thaufic very clear in the handsign. (have the collectors ever seen this same documen?please report via comment)

The King Muhammad Thaufic Accamudin was arrested by the Dai Nippon Millitary administration West Borneo but the tomb didnot found. Dai Nippon appointed the new king Gusti Mustaan as the vive of Panembahan , because the crown prince still a young boy.
After the crown prince adult, Drs Jimmy Ibrahim,became the official at the West Bornoe government, (I here that he was the next Governor of SWest Borneo,please confirmation from the West Borneo collectors viacomment)
A.The Legend of Sambas Kngdom
1. The Queen Sepudak from Mojopahit Hindus ascended the throne of Sambas Kingdom, location at Telok Kramat (about 36 km from sambas city now.). Queen Sepundak had two daughter , the oldest had merried with the Queen sepundak brother child Raden Prabu Kencana.
Qoueen Sepundak have pinted Raden Prabu kencana (her daughter in law as the crown prince.

2. The King Rajah Tengah with many peoples and soldiers arrived at Sambas. he came from the Kingdom of Brunei.
Raja Tengah was the eight generation of Sultan Akhmad of Brunei’s Kingdom .
Sultan Akhmad came from China with name Wong Sin Teng, the title of Sultan Akhmad was given after he merried the princes Brunei ,daughter of The King of Brunei .
Before Wong Si Teng was the menistry of China emperor, Emperor China order him to get Dragon Jade (Kemala Naga) at the peak of Kinibalu muntain at North Borneo( Kinibalu name from China -Balu meaning the Chinese solder who was beaten and losser during fight with the Dragon in order to get its Jade .
During fighting, menistry Wo Sin Teng used the light of candles in the glass box and the dragon have unconcious after seen hiw own shedow at the glass box and the Drahn jet was out of the dragn muth , and Wong Sin Teng get that Dragn Jade and bring backhme to China but during the jurney backhome, He and other menistry Wang Kung which jined the expedition had beaten Wong sin Teng and he led with his brken ship and the sailr frm Brunei help him and bring him to the kingdom of Brunei.
Wong Sin Teng then served The King f Brunei, and didnt cameback to China. The KIng of Brunei like him very much and merried himwith his daughter, and gave him tittle Sultan Akhmad , and later his was pinted t be the next King of Brunei.
Wong Sin Teng with the title Raja Akhmad had a daughter , and merried the King Syarif Ali bin Ummi Ibnu Barkat, and pinted t be the nex king with title Sultan Berkat, sultan Berkat have son Sultan Sulaiman, sultan sulaiman had the son sultan Abdul Kahar, Sultan Abdul Kahar have a son Sultan Saiful Rizal, sultan Saifulrizal have a sn Sultan syah Brunie, Sultan Syah Brunei have a sn Sultan Hasan, sultan hasan have a son Sultan abdul Djalil Akhbar, and sultan Abdul Djalil have a son Sultan Raja Tengah.
Sultan Raja Tengah arrive at the kingdom of Tanjungpura -Sukadana, and merried the King of Tanjungpura daughter Ratu Surya, and his son Raden sulaiman wh built the Islamic Kingdom of Sambas.
3.Sultan Raja tengah have the Aura lighting power from his bdy, everybdy will lile and love him when look at him, the ratu sepundak aslo like him and all the kingdom were under the Raja tengah religious, then later became Islam.
After Ratu Sepundak was died, her sn in law Raden sulaiman ascended the thrne with th etitle Ratu Anm Kesuma Yuda, and

The same time the second daughter of Queen sepundak , Mas ayu bungsu merried with the son of Raden Sulaiman (the elder sn of Raja Tengah). Raden Sulaiman have a son Raden Bima.
During Ratu Anom Kesuma visit the kingdomof Johor , Pangeran Mangkurat (the brother of ratu Anom ) have told the informations that Raden sulaiman wanted to coup d’etat the Kingdom, and asked ratu Anom cameback home and the Raden Sulaiman man had killed by Pangeran Mangkurat. Raden sulaiman reprt to Ratu Anom but he didnot mentioned.
Due to the Ratu Anom didnt want to punish Pangeran Mangkurat , Raden sulaiman have taken an Action , he led to the new city,Kota baru, and built Kota Bangun, and many peples jined him and they went to Bandir city. after that the meeting between ratu Anom and Raden sulaiman in rder t solve the cnflict, and there were seperate Ratu anm wnet t new capital Kota BalaiPinang and Raden sulaiman went t the south t Selakau.
After Ratu anom and Pangeran Mangkurat were died, the son f Ratu anm , raden Bekut with his wife Mas ayu Krntik , the daughter f pangeran Mangkurat. pinted as the new King.
Raden Mas Dungun , the sn of Raden bekut was the last king of Kota Balai. the Kingdom was over, and Raden sulaiman bring them back to sambas.
After Three years, the capital was move from Bendir to Lubuk Madung, and than was called Muara Ulakan, where the palace was built, and still exist until now, Muara Ulakan was the center f three river, the little Sambas river, Subanh river and Teberau river. (the legend very detail and will made the collector hav the headache, yu believed gthe Legend? ya legend always the legend without the histrical fact document or artifact.)

B.The History of Sambas Kingdom
1.At the place where raden sulaiman ascended the crown as the first King of The kingdom of Sambas. with tittle Sultan Muhammad Syaefuddin I.
2. Raden sulaiman (Sultan Muhamad Syaefuddin I have a sn, Raden Bima.
3. raden Bima visit the Kingdom of Sukadana, and there he merried the sister of Sultan Zainuddin, Puteri Indra Kusuma.
After merried, after one years Raden Bima cameback home to the kingdom of Sambas.
4. After arrived at sambas, The King Muhammad Sjaefuddin I order hia son Raden Bima to visit their family in the Kingdmf Brunei.
After cmeback from Brunei, Raden Bima ascended the throne with title Sultan Muhammad Tadjuddin.
5. The King Sultan Muhammad tadjuddin was died, his sn Raden Melian ascended the throne with title Sultan Umar Akamudin I.
6. The wife of Sultan Umar Akamuddin I, Queen Utin Kemala, have made the kingdm of Sambas have the glory with peace and justice Adil , and the Kingdom under Marhum Adil.
7. The daughter of Sultan Muhammad syaefuddin I have merried Utin kemala, the daughter of Ryal prince of Landak Pageran Dipa.
8. sultan Umar Akamuddin I was died, and the son f Raden bunsu ascended the throne with title Sultan Abubakar Kamalludin and after he died Sultan Abubakar Tajuddin I ascended the throne, after that Raden pasu or Pagenran Anom ascended the thrne with tittle Sultan Muhammad Ali Syafeiudin I.
8. Sultan Muhammad ali Syaefuddin I very famous,

9. 1779
The King Raja Ismael of Siak sri Indrapura _sumatra with his sldiers attack the Kingdom of Sambas, but Sultan muhammad sjaefuddin I (pangeran Anom) succeed t beat the enemy.

10. 1799
The border conflict between the Kingdom of Sambas and the kingdom of Mempawah. but they have met the agreement to end the conflict.

tHE CONFLICT BETWEEN Tionghoa Thai Kong Kngsi and Sam Thu Kiau kongsi that made brother war. Sam Thu Kiau have under the Sambas King, that was why the King sambas also helped Sam Thu Kiau Kngsi t attack Thai Kong Kngsi. At the war, the sambas cmmander in chief Tengku Sambo ,ex commander in chief Siak was died and the Head of Palingma sambo was keep by Thai Kong Kngsi at Mntrado in their temple.
(Please read The Tionghoa West Borneo Kongsi Collections, will installed after this,please read UCN when the installed finish)

The siar sri Indrapura armies ,cmmand by Siak King Sultan Sai Ali
attack again the Kingdom of Sambas, but also the Kingdm sambas win again, the commander in Chief sambas Panglima Lawang Tendi have killed the Siak commander in chief Panglima Aru.
Later the queen of Siaks kingdom attack tke Kingdoms Siak again, Sultan Muhammad syaefuddin I had command to cunter attack the Queen of Siak, he used the canons with his Pitunung bomb strait to the Queen of Siak and made her died.

13. July,24th.1812
The Ship of East India Company (British EIC) arrived at the beach to attack the kingdom of Sambas, this time the King of Sambas just visit Serawak.This attack as the revance of the sinking f British EIC ship at banjarmasin in 1789.
The British EIC sldier cannot enter the defennd of the sambas kingdom soldiers under command of Pangeran Muda.
The British then went their ship thrugh the sambas river and landed at Kartisa, then thrugh small Sambas River enter the Sambas city. the battle between British vs sambas begun, the Sambas sldier retreted to Pendawan village.
The British sldiers through the Small sambas rivuer to Muara Teberau and burn the village, and until knw the village called Kampung Angus (burned village).

14. 1813
The Kingdom of Sambas surrendered

15. 1815
Sultan Abubakar Tadjuddin I was died, his crwn prince ascended the thrne with title Sultan Muhammad Ali Syaefuddin and the dutch Governr have made the Loji prt at Teberau in th efrnt of the Sambas Sultan Palace.

16. 1828
Sultan Muhammad Ali Sjaefuddin was died, his sn Raden Ishak ascended the thrne with tittle Pagenran Ratu Nata Kusuma, but he was still yung six years old, and the administratin was vice by the brther f Sultan Muhammad Ali Syaefuddin ,Pageran Bendahara Sri Maharadja with tittle Sultan usman kamaluddin withh the Dutch Gvernuer besluit r order Mei,8th.1819.

17. December,5th.1845
Sultan Umar Akamuddin III was died, and the crwn prince Pangeran Ratu Nata Kusuma ascended th ethrne with title Pangeran Adipati.

Sultan Abubakar Tajuddin II led by the DEI t Java at Bjong Maron village,Cianjur,.

Sultan Abubakar tajuddin II have permissin to cameback home in Sambas.

20. April,5th.1861
The crown prince Pangeran Adipati pinted as Sultan Muda

Sultan Muhammad Syaefuddin II ascended the throne

Sultan Muhammad Syaefuddin II built the Msque and school at Sambas

23. 1918-1923
The road between Sambas pemangkat and Singkawang bengkayang were built.

24.July,11th 1931
Sultan Usman Kamaluddin was ided, his brother Pangeran temanggung Jaya Kusuma ascended the thrne as the vice with title Sultan Umar Akamuddin III.


A.The Legend of Kingdom Landak Ngabang
1. Circa 1370 AD
In the Jering village ,(Ngabang now) , there were the foklore story about a man ,Kaleder and a women , Anteber. they were were merried , their legend story very famous and never forgotten by the Ngabang native people until now.

2. circa 1377
Kaleden and his wife Anteber have a daughter, Riya Jambi.
Later Riya Jambi merried with a women from Bawang(nion) Mountain Sambas, name Ngantan Barangan. and they have five sons , Riya Kanu, Riya Tan, Riya Rinding , Riya Tanding and Tiya Jane.
one day, when the children played Gasing (native round wooden tys could ciclyng) in the front of their house, came a by which didnot know from where he came, age 12 years old. The foreinged boy beat the Gasing of Riya Jambi until bounded thrugh to the kithchen wall and broked the Riya Jambi’s ancient Jar. The ancient Jar in west Borneo belief as the holy Jar and the value very high ,but the forigner boy disappear.
The other day, the foreign boy appear again and beat the Riya Jambi’s Gasing again, and Riya Jambi asked himwhere he came from, and he answer taht he came from Bawan Mountain and his father from Ngatam Barangan name BUjang nyangko, the famus named. His name Riya sinir, Riya jambi very happy that he was his family, and Riya Sinir asked to stay with his brothers, and Riya s
Sinir be the The Riya Jambi’s Father loving son.
Riya Sinir before stayed with Riya jambi, cmeback t his mther, and she asked Riya sinir to seeking the skin of Engang Bird for used at his sunatan ceremony(islamic preputium cutting).
Riya Sinir went to forest and shoot the Engang Bird with his Sumpit(traditional weapon made from bamboo or woden with hole in the center for bring a small arrow bullet shooting ). The bullet at the the breast of te bird, it still flying and back t its cage, the bird belong of a girl at Tembawang Selimpat, Riya sinir seen the bird have cure by the young girl, and Riya sinir want to took the bird from her, He cannot took the bird because belong to her, and when Riya sinnir told her why he need the bird, the girl gave him that bird and riya Sinir fall in love to the yung girl.
The young name, Dara Hitam, said If my ring could used at your finger, that means you are my Fiance, and the Ring sized was the same with riya sinir finger and they will engaged officially and Dara Hitam will waiting Riya Sinir at his huse in Tembawang Selimpat unti he be the youngman.
3. Dara Hitam (Black girl) was the daughter of Patih Gumantar, a small king , and many other king wanted to occupied his area.
The Kingdom Miaju attack the Patih Gumaentar small kingdom, and the head of Patih Gumentar was cutting(Kayau) by Miaju, this Kayau head nead by the dayaks fr farmer ceremnies, and they belief if the Kayau head lost the farmers willnot succeeded.
When Dara Hitam as a mature women, she became a Balian (Native witchraft doctor,paranormal) , she use the root of wooden tree as medicine, her recipe still used by Dayaks until now. ne day during native medical around trip, Dara Hitam have Bathed in the river Tenganap which the water flow to the Palace of King Pulang Palih. During Dara Hitam have bathing, one of her very long hair were falling down into the water at her Bokor (Native Copper plate) , flowed to river near the King place and the bokor with very long hair bring to the king Pulang Palih, and he order his soldier to seek the owner , and they met dara Hitam at Her huse as the owner of that long hair, and the soldier get Dra Hitam with forced and bring her by ship to Tembawang Ambtor and when the King Pulang palih seen her ,he was falling in love and asked her to merried him, Dara Hitam didnt want to refuse, she said that she want to merried someone who can cut the Merbau Wooden tree, but the King couldnot done ,also his man, the King cameback home, he order dara Hitam to be a coking servant and his face to colour in black with Arang(coal) that is why her name Dara Hitam.
Dara Hitam asked the King to called Riya Sinir to cut the Wooden tree and he could cut that tree .
The Wooden then used to made the jong (native ship), but The King Pulang palih cannot drop the Jong to the river.in rder to send his army for get the Patih Gumentar Kayau head,
Dara Hitam asked the king to call Riya sihir, and if he can pulled the Merbau Wooden tree Jung to the river and get the Kayau head , the king will gave him present to choose one of his wife.
Riya sinir asked the King to prepare seven pregnant women near deliveries as the pillow at the tree, and seven egg, three Gantang(native metal box for rice) metal coins combination silver-copper-tin.
After all prepared, the seven pregnant wween sleep in the fornt of Jong, and the Jong(native shiP) will run throungh the pregnant wmen’s bellies, Riya sinir walking slowly at the jong on the bellies until the water , but the pregnant women still healthy, the Hen eggs will keep until seven cock birth. and the war weapons put in the Jong , and the King order Riya sinir to command the soldier to attack Patih Gumantar, for have Patih Gumentar kayau head .
At Night Riya Sinir drop the coins near the native water resevoir (Sumur) with poisen at the root of wooden tree. in the morning, when the people seeking water, they saw the cin and tld the ther peple,Many peoples came to that place and they put the coins, all the tree they cut and the fish in the river also had poisoned, the peple forgotten the Tayau Head of Patih Gumentar, Riya Sinir get the Tayau Head withut any prtected and they came back to the king Pulang Palih palace, an dRiya Sinir gave the Kayau head t the king, and he gave Riya Sinir a present. the King Pulang Palih asked riya sinir t chse one of his wife as a present. he made from Sirih , a magic kunang-kunang (small lightening flying bees), and he said, the princes who have choose by the Kunang-kunang will bemy wife. The Riya Sinir kunang-kunang flied to the kitchen and choose Dara Hitam, the King very upset , but he must keep his promise , then Dara Hitam get permission to merried Riya Sinir.
4. Dara Hitam and Riya Sinir have a couple son, and he invite the King Pulang Palih for giving the name of his sons, name the elder Lutih and the younger Kari .
When the King Arrived he gave the name Dulkasim and Dolkahar. The King asked Riya Sinir sons to be his son, the elder Lutih Dulkasim still at Riya Sinir, and Kari Dolkahar was given to the King.
Five year later, Lutih Dolkasim as the owner of the Hulu land(darat) of Dayaks and Kari Dlkahar as the owner all the beach area(pantai).
This is the legend of the Dayaks King of Land and King of Beach.

B. The History of Kingdom Landak Ngabang
(1)The Kingdom of Landak was asminstrated by the King Raden Ismayana with tittle Raja Dipati Karang Tanjung Tua, after he became Islam, he have the title Abdulkahar.
King Abdulkahar was a son f Raden Kesuma Sumantri Indra Ningrat Ratu Angkawijiaya Brawijaya Vii with famous as the King Pulang Palih VII (Riya Sinir) who have merried Dara Hitam.
During this time the capital at Ningrat Batur near the Terap (Mandor) river, and that area now was called by Daya Kendayan as Ambawang Bator. ( Ambawang means heritage)
(2) The Son of Raden Abdulkahar , mved the capital frm Niungrat Batur to Munggu at the cross between Landak river and Banyuke river, but because the kingdom near Landak river was called the Kingdom of Landak.

2. 1600
During the government of King Anam Jaya Kusuma , the brother of Princes Mas Jaintan have merried with Sultan Muhammad of Tanjungpura Matan Kingdom.

3. 1700
The Brotherhood war between the Kingdom of Tanjungpura Sukadana and The Kingdom of Landak because the Diamond Intan Kobi. The Kingdm tanjung pura win, becasue helped by the British. The king of Landak Pangeran Anom jaya Kusuma with his wife Nyai mas Nawi or Ratu Bangkok were arrest.
The kingdom of Landak asked helped to the Kingdom of Bantam with the daughter of Pangeran Anom as ths leader (as a man) with name Raden Panji Wijaya.
The King f Bantam, Sultan Abulmahasin Muhammad Zainuddin sent an expedition to help the Kingdom of Landak,command by Raden Adipati Nata Kesuma (later merried Ratu Mas Adi) , and this time the Dutch Cmpany joint to attack the British at Sukadana, at that time the Dutch have a friendly communicatin with the kingdom f Bantam, and the kingdom of Landak win the war, and the King f Tanjungpura fled to waringin city.After the familiar meeting, the King of Tanjungpura gave the kingdom of Landak two canons, the male called Kiayi Sumi and the famale called Ratu Desturi.
Adipati Nata Kusuma and Puteri Mas Adi have merried and have their son Raden Demang, later with the tittle Dipa Negara , Dipa Negara Merried Raden Ratna Dewi Puteri , the daughter of Sultan MUhammad Syaefuddin I frm the Kingdmof sambas, they have the daughter Utin Kemala with title Ratu Agung.
Ratu Agung have merries with the King of Sambas Sultan Akamuddin with tittle Marhum Adil.

4.19th Century AD
The King of Landak with his peple made the riot against the Dutch Cmpany.
(1) 1831
The Ratu Adil Riot
(2) 1890
The Gusti Kandut riot
(3) 1899
The Gusti Abdurani , helped by Panglima Daud, Panglima Anggu I and ja’Bujang, but not suceed.

the King syarif Zin signed the short document , and the kingdom of Kubu became the puppet zkingdom og zdei, he became the chief of Bestuur.
Syarif bin Zin Ismail move the capitalto Kerta Mulia due to his son Syarif Agel bin Zin merrier Syarifa binti Syarif zaid in 1910, and syarif said gave to his son in law syarif Agel a land at Tanjung Bunga. Syarif Agel never ascended the throne.

The King of Kubu.Zin Bin Ismail was died and his son Crown prince Syarif Hasan still a young boy cannot ascended the throne, Syarif Saleh bin Idrus as the vice zKing of Kubu.
Sjarif saleh bin Idrus signed the short Document (Korte Verklaring) that made the Kingdom Kubu as the puppet Kingdom of Dutch east Indie.
Syarif Hasam bin Zin graduate from HIS(Holland Indische School) at Pontianak.
Syarif Hasan bin Zin pointed as the secretary (schribers) at Ketapang, and the same years move to Sanggau as vice secretary at the Dutch East indie Controleur office.
4. 1930
Syaris Hasan move to Pntianak as Assisten Resident Pntianak
Syarif Hasan move to Betawi(Jakarta)
6. 1943
Syarif Hasan back to Kubu ,and pinted as the chieef of kubu by dai Nippon
7.1949-1958Syarif Hasan bin Zin chice by the peple as self Bestuur the kingdomof Kubu.
( I have met the family of the Kingdom of Kubu Utin and encim asjaaf. she gave me the photo the last King kubu wh was killed by Dai Nippon and pointed Syarif Hasa bin Zin as the new chief of the Kingdom of Kubu in 1943. the Palace abut 1500 m2 ,in the front there four canon, Iook at the royal Kris. I have made a CTO Postally used cover from Tayan pst office and Delivery pos near the The kubu palace, also Encim and Utin signed the cover-look at the illustrations. I have came to the Kubu Palace by speed boat abut half Hours. in 1994. the wife of the latest King f Kubu tell me the story that their family from the Dayaks.and ne of their falily move to sarawak and later beacme Governor of sarawak Hadji Bujang bin Tuanku haji othman -lok at the picture .Dr iwan S.)

1. Four Man from Trim city Hadralmaut Arab, Al-Habib Husin age 18 years old with his brother Al-Saijid Abubakar Idrus, Al-Sajid Umar Husin Alsagaff, Al Sajid Mehammad bin Akhmad Quraisj, depend on their teachers sugetions, travel abroad to east in rder to teach Syariah Islam.
First they arrive at Trenganu, then Al-habib Husin and Saijid Abubakar went t Aceh, after that to Semarang where they met Syekh Salim Hambal and stayed there 2 years.
After stayed at Semarang, they went to Sukadana, and they met Sajid Hasjim Jahja.
When Al-habib Husin arrive at sukadana, the King of Tanjungpura
with all his staff and the people learned syariah islam with him, after that he became the Mufti of Islamic religius judge.
Al-habib Husin merried the daughter og King Tanjungpura, Nyai Tua and they have two son and two daughter. The son Syarif Abdurrahman and Syarif alwi.
Al-Habib Husin then went to the Kingdomof mempawa because the the sexual criminal justice conflict between the King of Tanjungpura with him., he send the infrmatin to daeng menambon at mempawa, and daeng menambon asked him moved to the Kingdm of mempawa in 1750. Syarif abdurrahman merried with the daughter of daeng menambon, Utin Tjandramidi.
2. 1750
Syarif Abdurahman 18 year old when he move with his father Al-habib Husin frm sukadana to Mempawa in 1750. after that he visit Tamblan Island, Siantan Island, Palembang and banjar. at Bandjar Syarif abdurrahman merried the daughter of the king of banjarmasin , queen Syahranum, and he have the tittle Prince Syarif abdurrahman Nur Alam.

After two year at Banjar, Prince Syarif Abdurahman camoback t Mempawa,his father was died and after three month at mempawa, he leave from mmepawa with his family. In the night they ging by ship in the peniti river and at night they rest at Kelapa Tinggi Segedong. In the Morning they turn to The Little kapuas river to Batu Layang area , and Syarif Abdurahmaan shouting all his canon ,a nd said where the conon bullet falling, there we build the capital city of our Kingdom, he done this to keeput the devils, and the canon bullet falling down at Mosque jami Sultan Pntianak now.Firt they built mosque nd then built the Keraton or Palace.
4. 1761
The Palace of Kingdom Pontianak was the latest Kingdom in West Borneo, built during the VCgvernr general van der Parra.(1761-1775) the founders was the eldest son of Al-habib Husin alkadri with tittle Prince Syarif Abdurrahman.Nur Alam Ibnu Hamid Husin Alkadri.
5. October.23th,1771
The Pontianak city was built by Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman. at the cross between Landak river and Kapuas river.
6. 1768
Sultan Syarif Abdurahman f Pontianak kingdom visit andjarmasin and merried the daughter of tke king f banjarmasin.
7.July .5th 1779
The Dutc Company VOC ,sent envoy Resident rembang,Willem Adrian Palm to the kingdomof Pontianak for except the authority of that kingdom.
Sultan syarif Kasim Alkadrie bin Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadrie ascended the throne
Sultan Syarif Osman Alkadrie Bin Syarif Abdurahman Alkadrie ascended the throne
Sultan Syarif Hamid Alkadrie bin Syarif Hamid Alkadrie ascended the throne
11. !872
Sultan Syarif Joesoef Alkadrie bin Syarif Hamid Alkadrie ascended te throne
12. 1895
Sultan Muhammad Alkadrie bin Jesef Alkadrie ascended the throne
(look at the picture,sign and his official stamped collection illustration)
13. 1944
Sultan Sjarif Thaha Alkadrie bin Sjarif sman Alkadrie ascended the throne.
14. 1945
Sultan Syarif hamid II ascended thye throne until 1950.
Sultan Hamid Alkadrie bin Syarif

(if the collector want vthe informatin please asked via comment).
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