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Original Wilhelmina 1898

Original W I coin 1818

Original American Eagle

Original Willem I

Original VOC

Proof Japan 5 yen bigger size never report found in indonesia, this coin still contraversial Faked or original, please comment @Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010,

Original Japan 5 yen brass coin.


Faked USA Dollar coin with Copy mark at the below of that coin.


Original Queen Wilhelmina rough hair silever coin.


Fake Queen Wilhelmina Coronation coin compare with the original below.


Original Queen Wilhelmina coronation silver coin but in bad condition.


Faked VOC 3 gld coin compare with the original below


Original VOC 3 gld silver coin. I have this coin in very fine condition but cann’t illustrated except if chooese ast the best to put in cybermuseum.


Faked Hispan carolus coin compared with the original below.


Original Hispan silver coin. Rare coin double restrucked new design over the old design Calorus III over Carolus III Potosi mint Paru found in Indonesia, the first report ,if the colector have the coins please report via comment @Copy right Dr Iwan S,2010


Fake Hispan Globe $ Pillars coin compare with the original coin below.


Original Hispan Silver Globe & Pillars coin.


Faked Hispon (Spain) coat of arm coin compared with the original below.


original hispan(Spain) Coat of Arm silver coin


Indonesia mint faked Netherland Willem I silver coin .

Yesterday I have made the study of recent Indonesia mint faked coins at jakarta antique shop Surabaya street, still found some fakes coin not many compared in 1990 because many have sold during 1992-1994 and now everybody understand the difference , but still must carefully if you buy at hongkong mint because they productions more perfect with best  silver or gold plated, the difference only in weight and the special mint mark and very sharp design. Some faked coins still exist with the original coin for compared ( not all can illustrated because I don,t have that coins  also some expensive coins also cann’t showed because I keep my that coins in the bank safety box, if the collector choose hat coin as the beast collection to put in the IMUCS Cybermuseum the collectionwill showed in more professional photography.@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010,


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