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Hallo Collectors and all my FB friend,
Iam just back from My Mother Cramtions dust put in my Father tomb at Panang Panjang Ceremony, and after the ceremony I have two days time for adventure at Bukittingi and Padang city, where I met old friend, and found some interesting collectoions, Ihave write in Indonesian Langgugae about the vintage Minangkabau School of Payakumbuh vintage book with the unique minangkabau ethnis language , with article :”Istilah unik ethnis Minang ” , and after this I will at the information of unique collections found during my adventures , etancient and vintage foreign coin found in West Sumatra, and also other kng of unique collections.
After my old blog can operational again, because I have wrong in the blog account name and passward , now ok, I will put the info and not edit info in hhtp://www.uniqecollections.wordpress, and the edit info wit full illustrations will put in my new blog hhtp://www.iwansuwandy.wordpress.com. Please click my new blog if you want the more profesional iilustration and edit info,especially the premium Info special for the Premium member. My old blog still free info.

Greating and thank you for click Dr Iwan s old anfd new Blog

Dr Iwan S.
old blog : hhtp://www.uniquecollection.wordpress.com
new blog:hhtp://www.iwansuwandy.wordpress.com

Halo kawan-kawan kolektor, dan teman-teman Fcabook.
Setelah kedua blog saya yang lama dan baru dapat operasional lagi karena permasalahan kekeliriuan account nam and pasword sebelum ini,sudah teratasi dengan baik, juga teman-teman dari Kompasiana.com, apabila and ingin info gratis yang tidak diedit dan tidak lengkap illustrasinya dapat dilihat dlam blog lama ini, tetapi bila ingnin melihat srtikel yang lebih rapi,sudah mulai diedit,dengan illustrasi lebihbanyak yang free dan bila mau yang lengkap premium harus menjadi anggota premium agar saya memiliki dnsa untuk fee editor dan fotograper yang profesional. dapat mendaftar diri di blog baru hhtp://www.iwansuwandy.wordpress.com.
I hope thisd appointment wiull make all collectors friend more enjoy and will not comment why didnot edit,many wrong type,and bigger words and so on, the non edit free info,no charge, I cannot edit because wdit and complete illustration have very high const that is is why you must join the premium member to collect the fund.


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Alexander Graham Bell

Backside Bell Telp

Front Bell Telp.

Ericson telephone info

Bell telephone info

Vintage NGMagazine 1936

Hallo collectors, thankyou verymuch for click UCN today
UCN-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberNews
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

This day UCM short show will installed the Vintage Telephone collection, consist two info :
1. The Graham Bell telephone info and picture , with Dr iwan s. Vintage Graham Bell telephone collections.
2. The Ericson telephone infor and vintage book illustrations

Kolektor Indonesia, hari ini Dr iwan S.mengistalled photo koleksinya telephone antik ciptaan Graham bell , lengkap dengan illustrasi Graham bell dan penemu telephone lainnya Ericson dari swedia, kolektor Indonesia Mas Mahfud memiliki Ericson Telephone yang ia perlihatkan pada Dr iwan s.ivat blognya, terima kasih pak Mahfud , anda memotivasi saya untuk menampilkan berita yang menarik ini. selain itu juag terima kasih kepada National geography magezine 1936 dan Bandung Magazine 1975 atas informasi anda, saya harap anda tidak keberatan menampilkan beberapa illustrasi anda untuk melengkapi iilustrasi lain yang merupakan koleksi Dr iwan s dan Mas Mahfud.


UCM-uniquecollectio.wordpress.com CyberMuseum
@copyright Dr iwan S.2010

A. Intro
I found The Graham Bell vintage telephone at Padang in 1985, and after that I never seen and found another original vintage first telephone. I have seen many fake and more rescent telephone in Indonesia collctors, except Mas Mahfud Ericson Telephone, plaese all the Insrument Collectors must be carefully because many fake and repro telephone exist to day please look carefully my original collections before buy one for your collections, plaese another Instrument collectors who have the same original first telepone tell me via comment,thankyou verymuch .

B. The Vintage National Geography Magazine Graham bell Telephone Info 1936

A Prophecy of 1877
One of the first business telephone transactions on record, and probably the firs over ‘long distance’ was between a Travelers man and the father of Alexander Graham Bell- concerning an accident insurance policy.
A publication of the period quaintly observed :’This,we think, is the latest novelty in accident insurance, and a fresh demonstration of the usefulness of Prof. Bell’s invention. It is not only capable odf transmitting the human voice over long distamces, but preserves every articulation distinctly, and it no doubt destined ere long to be of great practical value’.
Prophetic words! Both telephone and the Travelers have come a long way since that day in 1877. Both have grown into vast service networks that cover the entire cntinent.
Today (1936),thanks to this expansion, the holder of Trevelers Accident and Automobile Insurance, while he may be out of luck, is never out of reach of help when he needs it. No matter where he may meet with an accident, he has only to call the nearest Travellers man for prompt service.
For travellers has thousands of representatives, and claim statins located strategically throughout the Unites States and Canada. Thus Travellers policyhlders can be certain, not only of accurity is along-established company, but of getting their money when and where they need it. (look at Graham Bell with his telephone in 1877 book picture illustration, and anther Graham Bell vintage pictures)

C. The Vintage Bandung Magazine 1975 about Telephone inventions.
(1) Alexander Graham Bell telephone
It Happened on March,10th.1876, Alexander Graham Bell , was the first man to have his voive transmitted by telephone. In his labotary while he was wrking on a transmitting instrument he had just invented, Bell spilled acid from a battery over his clothing. Spontaneously he immediately spoke through the instrument to call his assistent , warsn, who was in another room:’Mr Watsn,come here. I want you!’ Watsn rushedinto laboratry, shouting ‘ Mr Bell, I heard every word you said, very vclearly!’ the acid that was spilled in Bell’s laboratory in Bston uSA accidentally helped to make the day one to be remembered by the whole world as the date when the telephone came into existance. the first telephone that could be used publicly was installed in 1877; today (1975) more than 170 millin telephones in the world.
Perhaps Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor, didnot rea,ized that his discovery was going to become one of the most important means of communications.

(2)The word telephone comes from the Greek words tele meaning far and phone meaning sound. These words actually describe what the telephone does. It carries sound over a distance, by using electric currents. The telephone transmits speech so that it sounds natural.

(3)Lars Magnus Ericsson Telephone
Two year after Bell invention,in 1879, a Swedish name Lars Magnus Ericsson also succeeded in making a telephone in his own cuntry. Although this equipment was rather primitive compared with today’s telephones, the word was amazed by Ericsson’s creativity (look the illustration of Ericsson profile and his first telephone)
When Ericsson retired frm bussiness activities in 1903, his company had already grown and was well known throughtut the world. Nowadays Ericssn’s company can make a picture telephne so that you can see the person’s who is talking to you. Using this instrument you can show your companion picture,photos,diagrams and the likje, while you talk to him on transmitter (1975)
As you often see in foreign film (now everybodies in Indnesia and the world have the digital handphone, and Ericsson company joint with Sony was one of the modern first product now ), there is wieless or radio telephone that doesn’t use a telephone cable.
Ericsson also made the first buttons telephones , change from the Dial telephones.( Sonny Ericsson product also developed in the technology until now,like Ipod and blackberry etc)

@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

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Rare Embroidary design

Rare German stamp

Indonesia Independence day

Rare embroidery design

Hallo collectors thankyou for click UCN today
UCN-uniquecollection.wordpress.com Cyber News
@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.

UCM have two types of the rare Indonesia ethnic embroidary design :
(1) The handmade embroidary Design in the early 20th Century.
This rare and best collections found in West Sumatra.
(look at the illustrations embrodery design Butterfly)

(2) The Vintage Machinal embroidary(Bordir) design in 1953.(look at the illustration rare design Shrimp 1953)

UCM will installed ” The rare Indonesia Ethnic embroidary design ” in two types :
(1) The rare Indonesia Etnic Embroiadry Fauna Design .
(2) The rare Indonesia Ethnic Embroidary Floral Design


1. The history of Indonesian Independence Proclamation.
please click INDONESIA INDEPENDENCE WAR in this blog for the complete informations and the illustration UCM Indonesia Independence War 1945. this is the best chronlogic historic arranged with the collections documen,photo,revenue and postal history. Until this day have installed 1945, Jan and Feb 1946, after that starting from March 1st 1946, UCM March 1st :”The Indonesia Independace war today” have installed until March 14th. and the next April 1st 1946. please read the UCM information in UCN to know when installed have finish.(please look the illustration the DN west Sumtra stamps used during Indonesia Independent proclamations day August.17th.1945.)

2. Rare Germany Stamps
The rare Germany stamps many during German state, and the German Building stamps, Hitler SS stamps and the victory Bell stamps. (please look the illustrations)

3. Postmark Crimean war
please click the early British Postmark and the collectors will seen the special postmark of Crimean war. no special stamps issued. For the history of Ottoman empire which involved the crimean war, please click The Ancient palestine war Collections and The british Mandate palestine war collections because Palestine was the Ottoman area that time.

UCM have finish installed The very rare Ming Tiger Ceramic, with the best photo illustration with the History and The Lucky Feng-sui of the Tiger.The collectors will understand about the art and ethnic traditional of China cultural history.

@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

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Ancient Greeks Clown relief

Greece Clown amulet

Ancient Greeks Clown

Srivijaya Ankor clown

Srivijaya clown earthenware

Sung Clown Statue

Native Dayaks Devil clown

Dayak clown amulet

Wayang Clown Painting

Semar Clown Painting

Ancient Papua Clown

Ming Clown amulet

Ming Monkey clown

Ming clown brushwaser

Ming Clown amulet

Ming Smiling clown

Qing Goddest Clown

Qing Clown amulet

Qing Clown Mask

Ancient Greece Clown coin

I.The Literature Study

1. The Definition of Clown (Wikipedia)
The Clown are connical streotypically characterized by their groteque appearance stylistic makeup,color hair,outlandish costume, unussually large foot wera,red nose,etc. who entertain spectactator by acting in a hilanous fashion.
2. The Type of Clown act
(a) Wikipedia
Greatly variations ,altough some find clown to be scarry, their intended purpose us to entertain people,especially young children.
(b) Berger.P
Berger writes that it seem plausible that folly and fooly,like religion and magic, meet somedeeply rooted needs, like human society. For these reason clowing is often considered an important part of training as a physical performances dicipline,partly because tricky subject master can be dealth, but also because is required a high level risk and play in the performance.

3. UCM Ancient clown collection
(compile by @copyright Dr Iwan S 2010, from many vintage books , also from Indonesian native Tionghoa , Batakks ,Dayaks and papua interview information)

(1)The ancient Greece Clown
The westren clown developed from a broad fratition of histotical performance Crown like comedian in ancient Greece or Greeks(wikipedia)

(2)The Indonesian native Tionghoa clown
All Tionghoa native clown were :
(a)the Devil Clown for safety protections amulet statue ,their face like bagger or anti evil figurelike Qillin against the bad spirit.
(b) The Smilling Goddesh or Budha clown, the face smilling with big belly(abdomen),in Indonesia Gendut)
for wealthy Fengshui amulet in form small or Bigger Statue .
(3) The Indonesia native Battaks,Dayaks and Papua
All the this Indonesian ethnic art clown in the scarinh antidevil figure small statue or masked for protect from bad spirit.
All the Ancient Indonesia clown collection found during Dr Iwan S. travelling around Indonesi between 1960 until 1979. after that very difficult to found the original ancient antidevil clown amulet with best patina, many found the modern clown amulet circa 1980-1990 and now willn’t found anymore during the last visit between 2000 -2009. This the first Indonesian reportt,remember @cpyright Dr Iwan S.2010



@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

(a) Ming Monkey Goddest Clown (Sun Go Khong) the guard of Quan Yin Budha.
(b) Ming Monkey Clown Ceramic (safety bruss washer)
(c) Ming Antidevil Clown statue: 2 items
(d) Ming safety clown (Qillin)
(e) Ming Smile Goddest clown (Smilling Budha-weatlhy goddest)
(f) Ming Roster clown(gambling goddest)
(g) Qing anti devil Clown mask
(h) Qing smilling Goddest Clown amulet
(i) Qing smilling Goddest mask.

@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.
@Copyright Dr Iwan S.
The Vintage and Modren Clown Collections will installed after the Ancient Clown Collections finish and the day .

Dr Iwan S. send the Greeting the Holy “Nyepi” or No Light religious days to the Hindu Collectors all over the world ,especially in Bali,Tengger and South celebes.

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Walt Disney 1930

Disney Cup 1930

Disney Mickey1960

Hallo collectors, thankyou for click UCN-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberNews today

UCM special show THE DISNEY UNIQUE COLLECTIONS during processing to installed consist the chronlogic historic of Walt Disney vintage profile and Vintage Disney cooperation-Disneyland limited edition collections from before and after WWII.
UCN illustration this day is the vintage photo of Walt Disney & Mickey , also two rare Disney collections The Disney Cup 1930 and Disney palstic Myckey Mouse 1960.
If the proccessing and installed finish,UCM will announcing at UCN next day.
UCM hope the collectors who asking to show this very interesting and rare collections will he happy .


1.Rare Yuan Ceramic collection
The rare Yuan ceramic have shown by UCM , please click THE ARTIFACT IMEPERIAL YUAN CERAMIC in this blog , coosist blue and white,red in glaze, qing bai and zhou Chou collection,this the best info for compered with fake repro collections.

2.Indonesia Independence war collections
The Indonesia Independence war collections have installed in this blog from 1945,January 1946,February 1946 , after that UCM March The Indonesia Indepen-dence war Today installed at the day when UCM have the rare collection arranged with the historic info related to that rare collections.Please collectors read the UCN everyday to know when the UCM installed the info, the last installed is UCNMarch14th THE INDONESIA INDEPENDENCE WAR COLLECTIONS TODAY with two best collection The Veryrare Indonesia Red republic overprint and rare Pati revenue .

UCM-uniquecollection Cyber Museum starting to installed THE CLOWN UNIQUECOLLECTIONS and the first part ANCIENT CLOWN COLLECTIONS will finish at the night, and the other part THE VINTAGE CLOWN COLLECTIONS tomorrow and THE MODERN CLOWN COLLECTIONS the day after tommrow. This special info consist the chrologic history of clown collections from Ancient coin ,ceramic, wooden and relief, The Vintage collection before WWII including ceramicand vintage picture and at least The Modern Clown Collections after WWII. exist the picture of the Clown around the world from Euro,Africa,Asia,Australia and America in cluding Indonesia (Badut).

@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.

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Qillin decoration

Document History collections

UCM Library

Meeting room

working room

dragon boat musuem

Ceramic Collection

Ceramic Collections 2

VOC ship tile

VOC Tile&Token

Ngoc San Hanoi tile

Ancient Wayang Petruk

Ancient wayang Semar

Hallo Collector
THe founder and All of UCN uniquecollections cybernews staff send the greatings and Happy Chinese New Year “Gong Hi Fat Choi” .
During this happy seasons, UCM uniquecollection cybermuseum and UCN home office open house , all of our best friend collectors were invited to joint the celebration ceremony of the opening of the home office and small museum .

All the collectors from allover the world Please look at the illustration of the new restored UCM-UCN home office and small musuem:

1. The front of the homeoffice with Qillin staircase or tangga Killin as the protection of uniquecollection cybermuseum homeoffice, constist two Qillin stone statue,two Qillin wooden carving, three artifact Qillin late Ming ceramic , design by Dr Iwan S. built by Mr burhanuddin , the idea from Ming emperor palace forbidden city Beijing @copyright Dr Iwan S.2010 (ill. caption “Qillin decoration”)

2. The vintage Writing desk and cupboard (ill Vintage writingcase), in the cupboard the collector will see the albums of vintage document histories.

3. TheLibrary of uniquecollections literatures (ill.library)

4. The Meeting room

5. The Working room

6. The Small Museum consist :
(1) The Ancient ceramic Collections in two vintage showcase( ill ceramic collection 1 and 2)
(2) The dragon boat style Museum with the uniquecollections show : ceramic,stamps and revenue,martavan,woodencarving,statue,metal collections, cins,ancien smoking Pipes, vintage Labels, vintage paintings (ill Small museum)
(3) special close up illustration of VOC ship multicolour tiles-(ill VOC Gauda tiles), VOC Fort tiles(ill.VOC Delft tiles), Wayang Berber Paintings (ill Wayang berber 1945).
(4) The founder show the very rare handpainted pictures with calligraphy ancient wayang book (ill. Ancietn Wayang Petruk and ill. ancient wayang Semar)

After look of the UCM-UCN home office with small musuem illustrations we hope all the collectors will more closed with the best uniquecollection blog of the world and always click this blog to found anykind of uniquecollections information, if you didn’t found the informations please asked as collector choice via comment lika Fake Coins, the value of Rare stamps, the Indochine coins,stamps and papermoney informations etc.If our visitor near 1 million , uniquecollections blog will develop the uniquecollectins club all over the world, please the collectors of all over the world asking the copyright permission with special regulations via comment and editor will contact you to issued the written permission and regulations. every members will send the UCN and the UCM showed with regular one year or life member operational postal & scanning cost to send that information stright install via the members sms adress.the complete best color illustrations. This only the recent proposal, please comment and suggestions.

UCM-uniquecollections Cybermuseum have announced that this night will show ” The Qing Imperial Collections’consist The Qing imperial Paintings, ceramics , meubeluers, and other kind unique Qing imperial collections , this show sponsored by anonim Chinese Beijing collectors.
@copyright Dr iwan S.2010

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The Gate of Palace

Palace Museum

Palace Museum info

Copper&Iron Vats info

Chillin copper vats

INcense Burner

Bird Copper vats

Imperial dragon staircase

The hall of Supreme Harmony

Supreme Harmony hall info

The field of Supreme hall

The Roof of Supreme Hall

The Wall's tiles of Supreme Hall

The Window of Supreme Harmony Hall

The Door Of Supreme Harmony Hall

Turtle copper vats

Sundial (Ri Gui) info

Sundial (Ri Gui)

Central Harmony info

Hall of Central Harmony

Preserved Harmony info

Hall of Preserved Harmony

Heavenly Purity info

The Palace of Heavenly Purity

Heavenly Purity info

The Hall of Union and Peace

Union and Peace info

The Magic Door

The Magic door info

The Imperial Garden

Imperial garden info

Branch interlocked info

The Branch Interlocked

Crimson Snow info

Pav.of Crimson Snow

Pav. of Spring Seasons

Pav. of Ten Thousand info

Floating Greenary info

Pav. of Floating Greenary

Hill of Elegance info

Hill of Accumulated Elegance

Platycladus garden info

Platycladus Orientalis garden

Shenwu gate info

Gate of Devine Prowers

Good By Forbidden City

Summer Palace Introduction

The gate of Summer Palace

The God of Longevity info

The stone of the Longevity's god

Hall of Longevity info

Guidance Map

Garden of harmony info

Garden of Harmony

Eastren varanda info

Eastern Veranda

Grand stage info

Grand Stage

Hall of Nourisly Pleasure

Hall of pleasure info

hall of jade info

Hall of Jade Riples

Yiyun Hall info

Yiyun Hall at the Top

Yiyun Hall info

Yiyun Hall

Chang lang info

Long coridor Summer palace

The Summer Palace lake 2008

In the front of Ming-Qing Palace 2008

Hallo Collectors,thanks verymuch for click UCN uniquecollection Cyber News this day.
UCM-uniquecollection Cyber Museum this day will open the special Chinese New Year cybershow “THE CHINESE IMPERIAL POSTAL HISTORY ” this morning the chronologic historic postal history collections will install and later the illustrations, please all the chinese,chinese overseas and Indonesia Tionghoa collectors click this showed, because this cybershow of UCM special for you, the founder and all staff send to you our greetings at the happy seasons”Gong Hi Fat Choi” and at night UCM will install the cybershowed “THE BEIJING IMPERIAL PALACE COLLECTIONS” consist imperial ceramic, meubeluer and painting from the two palace ,Ming-Qing Palace in forbidden city and Emperess Ci-xi Summer Palace musuem. Very difficult to have the original photos of the collections because forbidden to to take picture, but with hidden camera we can showed all the collector the very rare imperial collections, very pity some of the imperial paintings have in the bad conditions , i hope the Chinese government to protect this human heritage collections.

To add your informations about this two Beijing Palace, UCN will write the information and general infrmation with illustrations “THE CHINESE IMPERIAL PALACE AT BEIJING”


(1) The Forbidden city Gate

(2) The Ming-Qing Palace Gate

(3) The Palace field area

(4) The Copper and Iron Vats

(5) The Emperor staircase

(6) The Hall of Central Harmony

(7) THe Hall of Preserved Harmony

(8) The Gate of Heavenly Purity

(9) The Palace of Heavenly Purity

(10) The Hall of Union and Peace

(11) The Magic Door

(12) The Imperial Garden:
(a) The Branch inetrlocked, (b)The pavillion of Crimson Snow,(c) The Pavillion f Ten Thousand Spring seosns, (d) The Pavillion of Floating Greenary,(e) The Hill of Accumulated Elegance,(f) The Platycladus orientalis flower

(13) The Gate of Divine Prowers

(14) The Lake behind the palace


(1) The Summer Palace Introduction

(2) The Summer Palace Gate

(3) The Stone of the God of Longevity

(4) The Hall of Longevity

(5) The Summer palace Guidance Map

(6) The Garden of Harmony

(7) The Eastren Varanda

(8) The Grand Stage

(9) The Hallof Nourish Peasures

(10) The Imperial Qing Ceramic

(11) The Imperial Qing Paintings

(12) The Imperial Qing Meubeleur

(13) The Imperial vintage photo and card.

(14) The Hall of Jade Ripples

(15) The Yiyun Hall

(16) The Long Corridor

(17) The lake and dragon boat

(18) The Wenchang galery

I hope all the collectors be patient because the illustrations will install one by one.

@ copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

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