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@copyright Dr Iwan S 2010
Japanese expatriat in vietnam before WWII picture postcard

Japenese Expatriat in Surabaya Indonesia Photo(I will install later)was in that book,I will seeking the book and installed their photos.
A Dr Iwan S notes
1.A weeks ago,June 2010, I had found a very interesting documen with several photos from the Japanese expatriat who lived at Surabaya before WW II, he have the shop name Yokohama and several familiar photo with his best friend Dr Sudiro(one of famous Indonesian hero),after WWII they had put in the Prisoner of War camp in Australia and after release the hole family came back to Japan, the elders child the school in Japan and later became a famous pianist, she had teach many Japanese Ambasador and mameber of Indonesia Embassy in Japan,and made a show in Japan, one day he wrote a letter to the Indonesian leader ( I donnot know who,because no name there,may be cut by the owner), she made several show in Japan sponsored by the Indonesia embessy in Japan
She have send a letter with complete story,document and photos to teh Indonesian leader (his name not found,my be cutting),she told about his family ,his father stayed at surabaya and his best friend Dr Sudiro ,an Indonesian heros. I will show the collections below.
2.During I stayed at Padang city ,circa 1979, my nice Andri had afriend a Japanese expatriat Indonesia sons mr Wi (Suzuki) they call him Wi Japan, his father was a civilian expatriat ,the mechanic, he was japanese expratiat before WWII, and merried the chinese oversea Tionghoa Indonesia,and after the war he became Indonesia citizen and nationality until he passed away. I had ever met him to show my Dai Nippon occupations collection in 1979 and asked him for traanlated the Kanji latters, but he didnot want to tell his history, but when my Brother in law study IT master at Osaka Japan in 1968-1670 he bought a japanese languages book about Indonesia and Mr Kasim Japan profile photo with his son Wi Japan(suzuki).
3. After starting collecting Japanes occupation in Indonesia and Asia countries, I built a very best and intereting Dai Nippon Occupations and Japanese before WW II collections, I will put as the illustration in this story.were consist realted postal history, document and picture history postal.
4.In 1986 I read a history of Dai Nippon soldiers ,their were on military duty in Indonesia,some still in Indonesia and some in Japan,in december 1986 , abigger Dai Nippon document exhabition,and based on this story which writting by Saut Hutabarat(now senior journalist at Metro TV Jakarta) about some Dai Nippon Naval officer which on duty in the Molluca area ,based on this Tempo journal Indfonesia December 1986 I starting to add my document and postal history from all over Indonesia then from all asia countries, in 2009 I write in my blog Dai Nippon Military adminsitration Java,based on the diary writen by Indonesian man which I found in Jakarta,abouit his work at The Dai Nippon logistic distribution at Djoerangsaoi village Bondowoso,after that I write about The Sumatra under Dai Nippon Malaya Singapore collections 1942-1943.
5.I write this story with best collections illustration dedicated to mr Wi Kasim Japan (Suzuki),my friend Sofyan who help me to find the collections,and to in memorian Mr Yamsita my Japanese phillatelis collectors frien and also to Mr Aoki famili (because he was passed away) who have the famous dai Nippon Indonesia collectors in the world who have bought Gen.Suryadharma colections and write many books,Mrs Retno and his sister mrs Asih which the Indonesian expatriat in Japan cica 1960-1965 because their father work at the Indonesian Embessy in Japan, also the mrs SM the Japanese expatriat daughter which now became the famous trader in Jakarta ,we ever joint together to made a social health campaign 1n 1997 at Jakarta, at least to all the Japanese exp[atriat Indonesia family who ever stayed Indonesia,some became IndonesianNationality citizen,and some back home ,also some still in the Papua jungle, I have found some interesting collections in The Japan Hole at Biak Island like key,medicine bottle,teeth brussh. also Sake Bottles.also to all Indonesian student at Japana ,in the Indonesia-Japan Group associations
5.One of my wife best friend ,have study and merried in Japan with the Indonesian Student after the WWII, also I have the picture of Indonesia citizen who study at Japan Military Academy and later became the Famous Indonesian Inteliggentservices(BAKIN) in memoriam General Yoga Sugomo. also many expatriat Dai Nippon military which after the war merreid Indonesian citizen and becamee Indonesian national citizen.
5. This story will be the bigger and interesting informations with realted rare unique collections have ever report by Indonesian collectors, that is why I need support by the Japanese item collectors in the world with send the info of their collections to made more complete,at least the supporting donation sponsored for the operational cost, because I write alone and need more professional help, because iyhout help this site will finish very long time may in one or two years.thank you for all friendly help and donations. I hope the reader and collectors will be patient because this story writing very slow and will finish very long times.
1. The story and unique collections of Mr Kasim Jepang Padang
2.The story and unique collections of The Japanese expatriat live at Surabaya.
3. The Japnese homeland postal History send to Indonesia by Indonesian traveller
the Dai Nippon japanese military collection:
1.Postal History
2.The Dai Nippon Military Picture Postcard
3. The Dai Nippon Expatriat document during the war


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UCM-uniquecollection.wrdpress.com CyberMusuem
In order to built the UCM -cybermuseum with video and music streaming, UCblog have found sporsrship
ACAlead, the sponsor will help the upgrading of the blog, that is why Please all the collectors joint the sponsor ACAlead survey and the sponsor will upgrade our blog and the collectors will seen the illustration more than what you seen below :

1.The Mongolian prime Menistry cardname and papermoney. (Dr Iwan S Collection)

send from my French friend

2.The Bhutan Film label
(send from my Bhutan friend,the prducer Jigme.W. and the actress Jeeshewoog.)
rare label ,first report, from the unknown country

3.The picture from the Tibet Bhuddist Monk

4.Native Sofja picture

5.Liban Coin

7.Unique Native India Picture

B.UCMs Announcement

Hallo Collectors UCM just find the ACAlead sponsorship in order to upgrade our loving blog with Video and music streaming which made uniquecollection.wrdpress.com blog
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(As the bonus I will illustarted some new info just found . )

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( I AM STILL WAITING THE SPNSORSHIP OF THIS PRGRAM IN 2010, AFTER THAT THE SECRET BECAME ONLY THE FAMILY SECRET,WITHoUT SPONSOR I CANNOT OPEN THE SECRET WHICH HAVE FOUND WITH VERY EXPENSIVE COST, VERY PITY MANY COLLEC-TORS ALL VER THE WORLD WANT TO KNOW,AND ASKED ME TO TEACH THEM,for sample please look at th eprcessing of The Bhutan unique collections,info will post step by step in one weeks,another will also step by step because i am very busy in preparing my next Adventure t Guillin China -Dr Iwan S.)
created by uniquecollectin.wrdpress.com Blog
@cpyright Dr.iwan s.2010.

Many blogger put the commn and garbage stamps in their blog because they donnt know the rare or valuable stamps,als revenue and postal histry,because the catalgue very expensive now, just I asked my brther to buy the Australian stamps catalgue 2010,he tld me the price A$100,;, the indnesia Revevue catalque Eur 60, and the Internatinal Scott Catalogue US$600.-. h s expensive fr the yung people, that is why the collectors must knw how to know the valuable and rare stamps illustrations for free. This site I suggest to sponsor by the National or International stamps dealers r Auctioner like Stanley gibbns, Christie , e-bay, Apeks stamps etc.
Look at the rare stamps frm several countries, if the blogger want to post in their blog, this are the rare and valuable stamps that many collectors have never seen, that made they interest with your blog.

rare Japan stamp

Rare Labuan Stamp

Rare Tibet Stamp

rare Austria stamps

Rare Germany Stamp

rare Russia stamp

Rare Italian Stamp

rare Vietnam Stamp

Rare India stamp

My son Albert S,our photographer will write a special note how to choose the best Digital camera, he choose the Digital Olympus camera , we have three types camera first for close up, second fr automatic fast mvement and during traveller, and third the proffesional photgraphy special for art phtgraphy.
I suggest Olympus digital camera will be my blog sponsor, special for photography and picture galery collections. The perfect picture send by my native Friend also used the same camera , that I have made blur in order to protect agains reprductions, because to much f my Info were us by many blog without say hello to me via google., hallo Indnesian blogger I am still waiting your comment.

my native Bhutan friend

How to arrange the picture of native traditional ceremonial , because best informative related the native traditional ceremony with the unique traditional collection were used during that ceremonial will up the interest of collectors and travellers to visit their countries. like I have arranged the ceremonial situations, and the unique traditinal item used at Bhutan, especllialy the Bhutan Buddhist statue ,I made in large side ,may the mighty Buddha belssed me and the spnsreship I have suggest :the national Turisme Board or the famour International travel Agent will used my blog as the promtional tool and want to be the spnsrship of this prgram. this picture send by my native Bhutan friend in April 2010. what are the sponsrship cmment,please send via cmment.

Native traditional ceremony

To craete an artistic illustration, the blogger must have an artistic and unsual type of illustration, like uniquecollections.wordpress.com blog have done,the cutting of the illustration, how you created that.
many collectors who seen this illustration send the comment nice article illustrations. look at the beautiful cute native Bhutan recent pictures was send by Dr iwan S friend.This Graphic technologic suggest sponsored by the Graphic factories or association..

nice cutting illustrations

The sponsored ship of uniquecollection.wordpress.com Blogs special free program
@copyright Dr iwan S.2010.
@copyright Dr iwan S 2010.

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Osamu Serei No.1 7th

DN Order no.1 7th

Let.Gen Hitoshi Immamura

EX Gov.Gen.Tjarda

Let.Gen Ter Poorten

DN enter Batavia 7th

DN attack Wangon

DEI Forces surrender 8th

Ter Porten at Kalidjati 9th

Kalidjati March 9th

Kalidjati now

DN landing Krangan Map

KNIL Resisted Wangon Map

Capitulation Kalidjati Map

@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

I.MARCH 4th 1942
The 48th Division Army of Dai Nippon Forces Landing at Merak Banten Coat lead by May.Gen.Tsuchihashi, Brigade sakaguchi led by May Gen Sakaguchi, and Resimen lead by Col Shoji, under the Commander-in-Chief Let.Gen. Hitoshi Immamura.

II,March 5th 1942
(1)Dai Nippon army which landing ar Krangan, after occupied Tjepoe (march 2nd), and Bojonegoro , the DN proceed futher and overhelm by The Dutch defense at Ngawi regency, after this regency occupied Dai Nippon occupied Tjaroeban,Ngandjuk,Kertosono, Kediri and Djombang (east Java).

(2)Dai Nippon attacked Dutch army at the route Serang,Rangkasbitung,Leuwiliang,Buuitenzorg(now bogor) and straight attacked and occupied north Subang and tjiater ,also Tanggerang city in this day.

III.March.6th 1942

1..Dai Nippon infiltrated and occupied Solo and Jogya.

2.. Dai nippon enter Batavia in this day

(1)The illustration of Dai Nippon enter Batavia(now Jakarta) picture illustration by The Dai Nippon Soldier sketch . caption “DN enter Batavia ”

(2) The vintage book “The Last Day of Batavia”
(Meeting The Teacher by Soelaiman,Setyawati)

From Mei 1940, Many Dutch Proffesor in Batavia couldn’t communicated with Dutch Homeland, after the Pacific war begun ,the DEI government have prepared to Dai Nippon attacked, The Batavia coast around Tandjong Priok harbour have upgrading the protecting . The Civil Stadwacht (City watcher)and Land Wacht(Landwatcher) have builded to prtect the cicil citizen. and after that they trained the First aid.The proffessor also join this Civil defense and during teaching they wear the Citywatcher uniform.
After several times the Kemajoran Airport were boombing by Dai Nippon aircrafts, All the Literature Books were moved into the Main University Building which added Beton cement protected, the student of Anthrophology University of Indonesia were helping to move the Literature Books.

During boombing, the High School’s teaching were stopped and the student must secures theirself under the stairs after the Sirene stop. Although in the war situations the Teaching still go on, except some student had led to their village.

One day our Professor had shaked hands to farawell , we are the student very sad .(after Dai Nippon Occupation all the Faculty closed except Medical and Technical Faculty, I heard when the University occupied by The Dai Nippon soldier, all the Books from Libbrary were through out of the windows,when Mrs DR de Jong want to keep the literatur, Mr Prijono said ” Mrs, remember Your life”, after that we moved to intern Village)

I still remember at the time in the afternoon, when Batavia attacked by The Dai Nippon Army. I still at the Archeology Faculty building and saw some student learning in the room (now the library of Art science-Sastra Faculty). I saw Prof. Soepomo with traditional Java Sarong and Blankon , he was the Dean of law faculty , and he met the Dai Nippon soldiers during the Indonesia university were occupied.

In afternoon on March 8th 1942, I saw the Dai Nippon truck stopped ,and I have seen Prof.Bernet Kempers (The famous Dutch expert of Anrkeologist) , Prof Ertheim and other Dutch professor at the truck, they up their hand and said Good by till we meet again. All the Dutch, British and Australian army were put in Jailed 9as the Prisoner of War) .

At the first day Batavia Chaos, nobody Brave to go out of thei house, because I heard when Dai Nippon occupied Shanghai china many robery and sex saduced, but in Batavia didn’t happened. When The Storage were robery the Dai Nippon solder have shooting the Roberies. The Dai Nippon army also from Korea soldier as the front soldier attacked, they had odered to keep the Car for attacked Bandung, my father’s car also captured too. After the situation more sophisicated, I brave went to my friend home Ida Nasution near Salemba not far from Medical Faculty, they have keep enough Rice before the Dai Nippon attacked, I didn’t know my Father still worked in his office because very difficult to find rice if not work.
Another day I saw many White man with beard,dirty not cleaned, they were the prisner of war order the walking in the road from Glodok prisioners to the Striswijk Prisoner (now Rutan Salemba).

Not so long, the Europe and Australian womens with their children also put in the Civil Prisoner Camp. in 1943 there were the camp at The Raden Saleh street. Jakarta but The Indo (the son of mixing couple White and Native people ) didn’t put the prisoner Camp.
Mrs Kampers and her son also put in the prisoner camp, they stayed away from their husband , because they have were put in The Java Civil prisone Camps, beside prof. bernet Kempers also another famous Europeaun Archeologist like Bob van Heekern and De Casparis were put in the Burma and Thailand prisners camp to build the railways.( please look the Dai Nippon Military card from Molmein Burma prisoner of Camp at “Dai Nippon Millitary Collection”in this blog.
With the god bless all the archologist Kempers,Bob van Heekeren and de Casparis still alive until the end of the War, and I am very happy to have their guidence and knowledege teaching until finish the bachalor degree , at least I still met Prof Kemper and I write this story special for Him. (UCM have prof Kempers private letters with his own hand signed, -dr Iwan S.)

IV.MARCH,7th 1942

1. Dai Nippon Government issued Dai Nippon Military order (Osamu Serei) no 1 About how to administrated the Dai Nippon Military Government.
Tentang mendjalankan Pemerintarahan Balatentara
Pasal 1 until pasal 6.

Djakarta,tanggal 7,boelan 3,
tahoen Syowa 17 (2602)
(look the illustration of the original book issued by the Dai Nippon military Government about the Dai nippon Military administration in Indonesia Language , caption : DN order no1 7th, and the complete order read “Dai Nippon Administratin Java” in this blog. Dai Nippon have made the best occupation’s planning included the Osamu Serei or Regulations, collectors will seen some very interesting Osamu Serei collection laters)

2.Dai Nippon army in West Java
In this day DN Forces occupied lembang,and the meeting between DEI army and DN army (Shoji) at Hotel Isola lembang (ex villa Barrety, ex IKIP Institute and now Faculty Educated) .
Dai Nippon Ultimatum to DEI army too surrender in 2x 24 hours , if not Bandung will boombing until destroy or surrender.

3.Dai nippon army in middle Java
DN Forces advanced rapidly and overcome all Dutch Army defense in Blora ,Solo ,Bojolali ,Jogya ,Mage-lang ,Salatiga ,Ambarawa and Poerworedjo.

4. The last flight of KNIL
The DEI Forces (KNIL) last flight DC3 Wielewaal from Andir airport, at Boeah Batoe Street Bandoeng flea Let.Gov.General DR van Mook, The Commandant of KNIL May.Gen. l.H. van Oyen led to Australia(Brisbane) to developed the DEI government there.and Indonesia only have The Dutch Forces commander in chief without Governrur General anymore because Tjarda only ex Gouvernur General of DEI (Vaccum authority)

V. MARCH 8th 1942

1. In the morning of this day
The Dai Nippon army (The Kanei and Matsumoto detachment) move through mainland, capture Keboemen, and Purwokerto north Tjilatjap and the Dai Nippon military of Yamamoto detachment move along the beach and mounted a two jungle strong attacked ,entering Tjilatjap. The Dutch had withdrawn to Wangon, a small town between Poerwokerto and Tjilatjap (look at Wangon map illustration cap. DEI forces resisted Wangon map).

2. In the Afternoon until Night
Dai Nippon military have succeed their campaign when this afternoon Commander In Chief Dutch Forces Let.general Ter Poorten (up his rank to General when the meeting) surrendered to Dai Nippon Army Commander In Chief at This first Kalidjati Calpitulation meeting.
This mysterious Kalidjati Capitulations meeting that made in the very clever Dutch Political strategy, because when the meeting DEI without the authority of Governor General (he had led to Australia yesterday) because Tjarda was ex Governour General, he havenot the authority, that is Why the Dai Nippon Commander in Chief Hitoshi Immamura didnot want to have meeting with him , and Tjarda went back to Bandoeng, the meeting forbidden to made photo ,only a picture painted by japanese soldier with The light on in the night.(no Photo EX Governor general meeting and sign the surrender, look illustration Let.gen ter Poorten surrender at Kalidjati ,this photo in this Night or midday March 9th still confuse because no light on. caption DEI Forces Surrender 8th, If the collectors have the illustration March 8th at Kalidjati with light on please show us via comment,UCM have the painting illustration but still cann’t found in UCM library,please collectors be patient the illustration will installed later if we met that vintage book name Bandoeng old and new-Dr Iwan S.)

Dai NIppon Commander In Chief also the Governor of Java later, have the meeting two times this night when (Let) General ter Poorten as the Commender in Chief of Dutch Forces surrender to Dai Nippon, and tomorrow the second meeting with complete picture in midday(no light off).
This situation have made a favor for DEI government after the WWII ,DEI led by Let.Gov.general Van Mook have claimed that Indonesia still in the authority of DEI, amd British allied forces must given Back Indonesia to DEI, and DEI didnot accepted NRI Independence proclamations until this day, that time they said NRI as the rebellion or extrimiest govern-ment, and only gave the authority to RIS under union under Netherlands in December 1949, but Indonesia alsways said once Independence always Independence in August 17th 1945.
The detailed information please red in this blog Dai Nippon Mitilary administration Java.were the founder reseached compile with my friend medical collaege now PHD in Historian,DR Rushdy Husein report the Kapitulasi kalidjati ; we haved discuused about this myterious Capitulation in 2000, because the contradiction of Capitulation’s photo in midday without light not at night with light on, after more researched I found that there were two meeting , first in March 8th at night forbidden to photo,only painting the weeting at night with light, and the second meeting in March 9th with complete photo.
The first Meeting in this night with Tjarda not succeed because Immamura didn’t want to meet ex non-authorized Governour Genral OF DEI, and after that the meeting only with Ter Poorten, that is why during Kalidjati capitulations ,only Commander in Chief DEI forces surrender , but The DEI Goverment didn’t surrendered. and also the Caitulation administrations didn’t found anymore after the war,but Immamura written in his memoir that the administration exist.(may be burn why by Whom?? still mystery)
Let.Gen. Ter Poorten in this first meeting accepted to Surrender , in March 9th will informed the Dutch Army surrender to Dai nippon via Dutch Nirom radio and came back to Kalidjati bring the list of DEI army power at 13.50.

3. In the Midnight
Let.Gen. Ter Poorten order for all the DEI forces to surrendered and put in the news paper of March 9th 1942 early morning printed.

VI.MARCH 9th 1942

1.Let.Gen. ter poorten order DEI Radio(NIROM) to announced the DEI Military surrendered to Dai Nippon at Kalidjati Capitulation in March 8th 1942, and order to all Dutch Army commandant to surrender ( but the Marine Soerabaya until April 1st 1942 still not surrender, they issued the official letters-look at April 1st 1942 collection at Dai Nippon occupation Java today .)

2. The Second Kalidjati Capitulation meeting
Let.Gen.Hitoshi Immamura in his memoir have written that the two side have signed two document about capitulation in Nippon and Dutch language about 13.20. From the DEI Jendral Ter Poorten. Chief of staff May.jen.Bakkers, Let.Col Mantel and Capt. J.D.Thijs as the translater. The Dutch government didn’t confirm this informations, because no surrender capitulation document exist , the same also during japanese capitulation in 1946 ,many document were burne by the Dai Nippon.

3. In this day Mayor Gen. Pierre A.Cox , the Dutch Central Army distric Commandewr, surrender his troops to The Dai Nippon military .

4. In this day Mayor Gen.Ilgen. commander of the KNIL in east Java signed the instrument of surrender( still mystery why in April 1st 1942, The soerabaja ‘s Marine
still issued the recommendation latters ,look at the collections illustrations later signed by the Marine Devisionwork’s chief van Schmidt?)

VII. MARCH 10TH 1942
Let.gen.Hitoshi Immanura became the new Governor of Java and madura ( only eight month until Nov.11th 1942. he was subordinate to Field Marshall Count Hisauchi Terauchi, the Dai Nippon supreme command of Southern Army, headquaters in Saigon, French indochina. He was also the Governor of the so called Southern Territories of Malaya ,Burma ,Philli-pines,Hongkong,Java,Sumatra and Borneo and directly subordinated to the Imperial Headquaters Tokyo.)

The end @copyright dr Iwan S. 2010.

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Cyrus II Coin

Emperor Herod

Caliph Umar

Halo Collectors,thank you for click UCN-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberNews to day.

The ancient Palestine war collection will installed in this blog,some illustrations of the King who had conquer Palestine will installed :
(1) The emperor Cyrus II from Persian had canquered Judah (the name of Palestine that time): caption :Cyrus II coin.
(2) The Emperor Herod , had conquered Philistine ar Syria Palaestine (the nam of Plestine that time)
Caption : Emperor Herod.
(3) The King(Caliph) Umar of Islamic Kingdom conquered Jerussalem from the Christians.
Caption : Caliph Umar
The complete informations and illustration please click “The Ancietn Palestine war collections” in this blog, will installed tomorrow.

(1) The highest value coins in the world
The highest value coins in the world is The Five cent Nickel Coins 1903, please read and look at “The Highest value coin in The world” in this blog.

(2) The Hitler stamps
The Hitler Unique Collections will installed in this blog next week, consist vintage picture,stamps,revenue, postal stationer and other related to Hitler. UCN had installed “The Unpublished Hitler collection”.
UCM announced that The Indonesia Independence war this day March 4th 1946 information have installed and the illustration tomorrow because the profile of Tjarda,Ter porten and Van mook still in process.

@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.

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Mao and Chiang 1938

Dr Sun stamps 1948

Cixi Profile 1903

Hallo collectors ,thankyou for click UCN uniquecollection Cyber News this day.

During Chinese New Year Jakarta Metro TV with the Tionghoa (Indonesia Chinese ethnic) Unity trader organization have celebrated the Chinese New year with theme The Unity Indonesia Tionghoa new year. One of the showed were Metro TV showed The Biography of the Chinese Leaders, Empress Dowager Cixi, The founding father Dr Sun Yat-sen , Comerade Mao Tse-tung, and Generalisimmo Chiang Khai-sek.
After all Indonesian collectors seen that show, I suggest more better to look at the UCM uniquecollection CyberMuseum showed related with that Biography . The History fact of the Chinese leaders were arranged chronologic with the uniquecollections that never showed before in Indonesia , because during president Suharto’s era 1965-1998 were forbidden to collect , keep and show all kind of the Chinese communist documents .
All the document and postal histories collections found in Indonesia some were bring during the chenese overseas imigration to Indonesia like paspport and visa,DEI ID card.all of The used stamps with clear postmark were from the letter from China homeland to Indnesia, only a little postally used covers, but some still in fragment but without adress because the chinese overseas have cutting the cover due to the president Suharto law that forbidden to keep that communist collections and only the important books with Chinese lenguage still exist, This collection very difficult to foound this day, many Chinese expatriat who work in Indonesia have swept all the chinese stamps and pstal history because difficult to find homeland in China and still low priced in Indnesia, very pity the rare postal history were off now.
All the collectors will compared that Biography TV showed with UCM show the history fact of China Independent war, Resistant war and Liberation war, and all the collectors will find the new and never reported factual informations

The three illustration related with the the Chinese War collections will installed :
1. Cixi profile 1902
The original photo of empress Cixi in the courtyard of the Hall of Happiness and longevity at Summer Palace in 1903.

2. Dr Sun stamp
During the China resistent war and Liberation war ROC always issued Dr Sun Yat-sen definitive stamps with various design with the KMT coat of armed. and later with various overprint until ROC independay day October 1949.

3. Mao and Chiang profile
The original photo was taken after the meeting between Chiang KMT and Ma communist in order to fight together during Dai Nippon war in Chinese 1938

1. Wanli Wuchai Ceramic
Wanli imperial wuchai not many found in Indonesia, if exist the quality bad because the verglanzed not so strong under ground or in the seas, only the Familiar home collections will goos condition, but the geologica earthquake ,political and war situations in indonesia have made the wuchai ceramic were broken and the decoration were off.
I will showed some of my wanli Imperial Wuchai artifact , one of the best wuchai cup iron red overglazed have showed at Artifact Wanli imperial ceramic. The Ming Red overglazed of Swatow were many found in Indonesia but the value still low.
2. Nederland 5 gld Stamps
I have put the illustration of the rare Netherland stamps at “The Rare Stamp’ information and illustrations. The Rare Netherland stamps wasn’t five gulden but the Ten Dollar Queen Wilhemina the first edition and the second edition, but the third edition after the WWII were the common stamps. One Five Gulden rare stamps was the queen seated and the Brankass Stamp.

1. The install of all information of The Chinese Resistant war will complete 100% this day and the illustration will installed tomorrow.
2. The next showed next week were :
(1) The Burma Postal and Revenue history.
(2) The Canada Postal History.

@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

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Vietnam ancient martavan

Vietnam flower market

Native Vietnam restaurant

Phi Vu Hotel HCM-city

Liberation war guns

St Francis X. statue Hanoi

Hanoi University

Hanoi anciet Building

Travel Borobudur 1984

My Profile 1973

Hallo collector
The founder of uniquecollection.wordpress.com Blog , editor and all the of staffs with pround annuonced Uniquecollection blog Lounching days , Thank you very much to millions collector wh click our blog and especially to 4.688 collector choice click or comment.

In this special day February,9th.2010, we had made a special show for the collectors from all over the world :

1. Uniquecollectios’ OUR PROFILE

2. The Best Of The Best uniquecollections of the year 2010 was “THE VIETNAM INDOCHINA COLLECTIONS”(40 % of all click) , The winner is Mr Phi Vu Ho Chi Minh City.The special gift was THe veryrare Regional Vietnam war revenue in the frame will bring by the founder by himself during next Visit to Vietnam, congatulations Mr Phivu, thankyou for your attantion.

This special show dedicated to Mr Phi Vu and the best of the best uniquecollectrion of the year 2010 , will arranged in several cybershowecase:

(a) Ho Chi Minh City Collections: Bus Station,fleamarket,flower market,native restaurant and food, Musuem, Chinese overseas, Martavan , Picture Postcard ,Etnic collection, Liberation War collection,Native trader, Phivu Hotel, Village travelling,Garden,

(b) Hanoi : Anciet Building, Catholic area, University. very pity many Video abut Hanoi cann’t install , but I tried sent to YOUTUBE.

(4) Dr Iwan & family Travel Sumatra-Java-bali by Toyota Landcrusier BJ40 Diesel , (the Toyota history in Indonesia language)

(5) The Hallo Kitty Mama Princessa Collections in Indonesia (next week Opa Princessa collection). this were special written between Dr Iwan s and his Grandchild Princessa (the Editor daughter)

I am sorry the Rare stamps cann’t show because the raining and hot weather will broke that collections, now still in Bant safety deposit box,ay be will put in the cybermuseum.
Until this day the sporsorship still didn’t find, that is why the Cybermuseum project will delayed until next year.

After lounching, only two type illustration will install :
(1) Cybernews
everyday , to answer the Collector choice.
(20 cybermuseum
temporally show special for the collectors who asked via comment with the name ,profile and sms adress.

Hallo collecters , the development of uniquecollectins depend on your click and comment, please joint our special edision Cybernews informations and Cybermusuem show everytime when you flying to the cyber net programs.
the collectors collections show still waiting by the Editor, send your collections photo and narration why you choose that collections.
@Copyright Dr Iwan S.

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