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*ill 001














(this picture will printing in canvas only one items ,who want to buy this very rare images drawing and never report in any Museum in the world,only found one in the world,contact via comment the editor will contact you via your email-auth)

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Sultan Ahmad I

Sultan Suleyman

Sultan Murad III

Sultan Osman Picture

Sultan Osman ceramic

Sultan Mahmoed

Moldovia stamp 1858

M.Ali father Albania

First Ottoman stamps 1863

Ottoman stamps 1867

Ottoman stamps 1868

Last Ottoman Sultan

Istambul Unique Coll.

Vintage Book cover

Vintage Book cover

Hello collectors, thankyou for click UCN tday
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This day UCM will posted The Turkish during Othman Empire Collections between !5th -19th century, created by Dr iwan S from his wn collections related to Othman empire which have fund in Indonesia, stamps, vintage book with illustrations and recent turkish plate ceramic with Ottoman emperor handpainted.
This is the firs Indonesian collections of Ottoman empire have report in the Cyber area. Please remember this cretion still @copyright Dr iwan S.2010. forbidden to copy without written permitions from Dr Iwan S.

Hari ini UCM telah menginstalled info and illustrasi mengenai negara Turki pada masa kekaisaran Othoman dari abad ke-15 sampai ke 19, Dr iwan S telah menyusun info ini berdasarkan koleksi yang ditemukan di Indonesia berupa koleksi prangko, buku lama lengkap dengan info sejarah yang terkait serta illustrasi yang langka, dan info ini merupaka suatu laporan pertama yang disusun oleh seorang kolektor Indonesia, sebaiknya sebelum membaca info ini, klik dan baca The Vintage Palestina war Collections dan The British Mandate Palestine war karena ada beberapa informasi terkait dengan situasi ditimur tengah dan jatuhnya jajahan kerajaan Ottoman palestina ke tanggan kerajaan Inggris sesudah perang dunia kedua, dan prangko kerajaan othoman yang terakhir juga dipergunakan didjajahannya palestina.
Dengan lengkapnya informasi dari wilayah ini, sangat membantu bagi kolektor yang berpergian atau bertualang di Palestina khususnya jerusalem (baca The Vintage Palestine book 1938) dan Turki.
( Saya sudah merencanakan suatu pertualangan ketempat tersebut selama sepuluh hari, agar koleksi yang ditampilkan akan lebih lengkap dan menarik, tetapi sponsr belum diperoleh,mungkin ada kolektor pengusaha travel mau mengajak saya sebagai guide ke perjalanan visit the Holyland Jerusallem, Tiberias, dengan lanjutan ke Istambul Turki untuk melihat musuem yang sangat hebat dan memukau Tokapi Sarayi, walaupun belum pernah kesana, saya telah memiliki klksi yang lengkap tentang wilayah tersebut, silahkan kontak editor Anton J.S via comment,terima kasih.-Dr iwan S.)


1.Pinocchio Puppet Wagon
please click The vintage Dysney’s Pincchio Book, yand you will have the complete inf and ill. related to Pinocchio.

2. Palembang Pittis coins
ucm have complete Palembang pitis coins which made from tin, and the info nd ill will installed later The Ancient South Sumatra Collections, all the clollection still compile and after finish , the info will starting to installed.


From the Thirteenth to the Nineteenth Century
UCM-uniquecollection.wrdpress.com Cyber Museum Show
@copyright Dr Iwan s.2010

Many people chancing upon ‘Turkish during Ottoman Empire collections’ will be suprised that there such a subject as Turkish unique collections like postal collections , turkish vintage book with miniature painting and picture illustrations, also the vintage Turkish hand painted plate Ceramic belongs to Dr iwan S which found in Indonesia and he created this rare informations and installed in his uniquecollection blog for all the collectors all ver the world, especially for middle East collectors and also Indonesian Collectors.(Dr Iwan S.)


1.The 14th Century
In the second quater of the 14th century the Osmanlis were so strong’s son Orkhan wa able to consolidate Osmanli ( and Islamic) authrity in Westren Anatolia(Turkish) and crss the Dardanelle int Balkan Europe. Orkhan’s succession cmpleted the Islamicizatin of Europe’s southeastren corner in the second half of the century, and the Ottoman Empire was on its way.

2.The Ottoman Empire in 15th Century

(1) With the heart of Byzantium now in their control, the Ottoman Turks spent the next century cngquering the Arab world, a task that was aided immeasurably by the presence there of the remnant Mamluk and Seljuk population from the centuries of the Crusades. Thier authority eventually extended beynd Egypt to the berber Lands of the westren Medireanean, but their primaly cntrol over Arab culture was centered throughout the region f the fertile Crescent, frm the Nile to the Euphrates. For the fitst time since trhe collapse of the Roman empire a thousand yer earlier, the Middle East brought under the dominon of a foreign state-Ottoman Anatolia (later Turkey)-that had the pwer to maintain political order and security.

(2)The Reign Of Murad II (1421-1451)
look at the mini painting of Murad II ill.

(3.) The Reign of Mehmed II (1451-1481)
Look at The mini painting of Sultan Mehmed(Mahmoed) ill.

(4.) The Reign of Bayazid II (1481-1512)

4. The Ottoman empire in 16th Century

(1)The Beginning of the sixteenth century
By the beginnig f the 16th century condition in the middle east seemed favrable to renewal of ecnmic prperity and the renascence of Arab culture through a revival in fortune of the native mercantile classes,which were still mostly Arab. The Ottomans had restored order and security to the intercontinental trade rutes that passsed through the Fertile Crescent. They had eliminated mst of the internal squabbles between and among the Turks and Mamluks in provincial areas of Egypt, Palestine and Mesopotania. They shared a common religius outlok with their Arab subject. Nevertheless, instead of an era f increasing properity and advancing culture, a perid of further economic decline, plitical deterioration and culture stagnation was t be the Arab’s fate in the centuries to come

(2)The Reign of Selim I (1512-1520)

(3) The Era of Suleyman the Magnificent(1520-1566)
(a) The miniature painting , the Amik lake in the plain of Antakya and the rntes River with arabic descriptions of the stages of Sultan suleyman’s campaingn in the two Iraqs.(not illustrated)
(b) The miniature Painting, The westren half f Baghdad n the right bank of the Tigris with Arabric dsecription f the stages of Sultan suleyman’s campain in the two Iraqs (Not illustrated)
(c) The Miniatur Painting showing Sultan Suleyman recieving Sheyk Abd al-Latif .(illustrated)

(4)The Reign of Murad III (1574-1595)
(a) The Miniatur painting of sweeper cleaning the parade ground; in the background, the reviewing Sultan Murad III seated in a kiosk
(b) The Miniatur painting of Attendants entertaining the public; courtiers and Eutopean ambassador n the reviewing stand in the background (not ill.)
(c) The Miniatur painting of the taxidermist passing review in front of Sultan Murad III(not ill.)

4.The Ottoman empire during 17th century

(1)The Reign of Sultan Ahmed I (1603-1617)
(a) the miniatur painting , above : Music in the house f a notable, belw: grotesque dance performed by masked man during Sultan Ahmed I.

(2)The Reign of Sultan Ahmed II (1617-?)

5. The Ottoman empire during 18th century

(1)The Reign of Sultan Ahmed III (1703-1730)
(a) several miniatur painting of Sulatn Ahmed III, only one ilustrated.
(2) 1798
The French invasion in this year, when the france broke out of Egypt and entered Palestine, the Ottman gvernment appealed to England for help. the England had interest to prevent a unilateral French takever of The Middle East, thus the England responded to the Ottoman appeal with a force of Military adviser and all ver the empire quickly trew the poorly supplied napleonic forces back into the Nile delta.

6. Othman Empire during 19th century
(1) The Reign of Sultan Mahmoud I

(a) 1801
Toward this end an Aglo-Ottoman force invaded the Nile Delta in this year and defeated the remaining French troops.

(b) Muhammad Ali , Ottoman visceroy of Egypt
A ranking officer in this force was aman of Turkish and persian ancestry whse father was an fficial in the Ottomans European province of Albania. His name was Muhammad Ali, and through a succession of events after defeat of the French he was appnted by the Ottoman emperor to be the new ruler of Egypt-the personal viceroy of the Ottoman sultan.

(c) The Wahhabi Revolt
At the end of the eighteen century, emerge a man named Abd. Al-Wahhab. as a priviladge son of the Wahhabi tribe, he had been sent to Bagdad for religious studies. repelled there by the Ottoman theological perversion of Islam, retuned to the Nejd inflamed by a passion fro reform, he preached a return to Muslim purity and a revival of the simplicity of Islam.
With the help of a local warrior sheik by the name of Muhammad Ibn Saud,the Wahhabi reform movement spread quickly, naturraly and fiercely through Arabia during the firs decade of the 19th century. But when Ibn saud began to lead tribal armies into Syria and Iraq to forcibly impose Wahhabism on the Arab strongholds of the Ottoman Sunnite realm, the conflict became more than religious; it became political, as well as, and when IBN saud and his wahhabi forces tok over the hejaz (look at the hejaztamps) and close off the anual pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, thereby compromising the authority of the ottoman Sultanate throughout the islamic world, they touched off a series of political and military event that would, a hundred years later, bring the entire Arab would out from under the yoke of Ottomanism and produce the Arab political awakening.The Ottoman Sultan at the time of Wahhabi revolvt was sultan Mahmoud II
(d) Sultan mahmoud II had set out to make reform in the Ottoman institutions so as the strenghten the empire sufficiently to meet the threat of the increasingly apparent European imperialist designs on the eastren mediterranean. but he was totally unprepared for the Wahhabi chalange to his authority. as Caliph, he was responsible for the safety of pilgrim travelling to the shrine.
(e) Action by Sultan mahmoud was imperative, but the Ottoman government could not put enough forces to attack Ibn saud and his arnies nor could it cmpel the pashas (governor) Syria and Iraq to carry ut imperial orders to destroy Wahabi.
(f) 1810
Muhammad Ali was the most powerful and influential man in the Arab part of the Ottman empire, and it was to him that Sultan mahmud finally appealed to put an end of the Wahhabi in Arabia.
(g) 1812
Muhammad ali responded by sending an expedition to the peninsula in this year.
(h) 1818
After six years of intermitten warfare the froce of Muhammad Ali, led by his son Ibrahim capture Dariyah, Ibn Saud’s capital in the Nejd and snuffed out the power of the Wahhabi in Arabia.
(i) 1821
In this year, the Ottoman Sultanate was faced another revolt-this time in Greece-Sultan Mahmoud again turned to his Egyptian viceroy for help, promising him dominion over Palestine and syria.
(j) 1825
Muhammad ali sent his army and Navy t Greece in this year.
(k) 1827
After two year fighting, the Muhammad Ali Egyptian frces were destroy and the Ottoman empire became weak, because Briatin,France and Russia jointly intervened out of their resctive self-interest.
Treaty of London signed by British, France and in 1828 by Russian and the Greek war of Independent were lasted..
Crete Island was administrated from Egypt and Serbia became an Autonom principlaity.
Despite the defeat, Muhammad Ali called Sultan Mahmoud n his promise of Syria, when Mahmoud refused, Muhammad Ali prmptly decided to seize Syria by force and in this yaer launched attack across Palestine. His cnquest of Syria was rapid and caused profound consternatin in the Sultanate. Muhammad Ali had made his intentions clear. He wan nw intent on Wrresting the sultanate away frm Mahmoud and taking it for himself.
Sultan Mahmud went to The British for help , but Ali had already cncinced them for his drive to Constantinople was directed at strengthening the Ottoman Empire so that it could resist grwing Russian imperialistic design in Ottman europe; If Ottoman Europe fell to Russia, the Russian would only be a short remove frm central and Westren Europe. the British supprted Muhammad Ali’s ratinale and Sultan Mahmoud then turned to Russia for assistance.
(k) Ottoman during a grave international crisis
Ninetheenth century European great pwer political cmpetitin was at its height and the Russians, perceiving an opportunity to gain an easy fothold in the Ottoman empire, promptly came to Mahmoud’s aids. This in turn brought British and French threats against the Ottoman and resulted in what in mdern plitician parlance wuld be called a grave International crisis.
After a gd deal of saber-rattling between Britain,France,Russia and the Ottman , thye crisis was relved,but nt befre Muhammad Ali was granted Syria (along with four more Muslim territries) and the Russian presence was firmly established by treaty at the very gates of Constantinople.
(l) The Rivality between Muhammad ali and Sultan Mahmoud
The rivalry between ali and Mahmoud continued unabated. while two jousted ver the limping empire, the European nations sharpened their attantion. If the Ottoman Epire were to disintegrate through its own internice strife, each of the European imperial pwers was intent on picking up the pieces for itself, or at least preventing its rivals from gaining control of the Ottoman domain.
(m) 1838
Muhammad Ali announced his intention to remove all ttoman lands from Syria westward from the cntrol of the sultanate and to incorporate them under his wn independent Egyptian rule. This brought an attack of forces from Constantinople.
(n) 1839
The Ottoman forces were completely routed by Ali’s armies in syria in June of 1839. Shrtly thereafter Sultan Mahmoud I died, and the disorganized Ottoman leadership had no choice but to accede to the victorious Alis’s demand.

2. Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

(1) 1840
(a)It looked now as though the sultanate and the center of Ottoman power were about to shift from Anatolia t Egypt, where the French would enjy special status. Britain could not permit this happened. The British persuaded three of the other four great European powers-Russia, Austria and Prussia- to join it in putting a stop to the transfer. The four then put pressure on France.
In this year France wasced, under the threat of war with Britain and Russia, to acquiese in a British attack n Muhammad Ali’s forces in Syria and palestine. The british won, thereby shring the Sultanate and forcing Ali to abandn his dream of ruling the Ottoman Empire. The European permitted Ali to retain independent control over Egypt,at the instance of France; in so doing they guaranteed Ali’s autonomy except in religious matters and thereby disctated Constantinople’sloss of Egypt. From this date on, the flow of event in the middle east was no longer dependent upon the Ottoman or Egyptian ruler, but upon the European powers.
(b)In this year the fisrt public post in Ottoman empire.

(2) The Cremean war (1854-1855)
The interplay of imperial rivalries and interesta in Europe subsequently brought the crimean war, which pitted Russian against the Ottomans , in alliance with Britain and France. Although the Ottmans won because they had enlisted the aid f Britain and France, their empire came inrrevocably under the economic and political tutelage f these two cuntries. Thereafter, the Ottoman gvernment fell into a steady state f decline. Constant iner-Arab warfare in the Fertile Crescent-ussually religius cmbat by Muslim against Christian incited by reactionary Ottoman ruler trying to shore up their influence-brought repeatedEuropean intervention.

Moldovia (now in Romania) were Principality under Ottoman empire forming theNothyern mst part of the Ottman empire (look at the rare local Moldovia stamps and the Admirality steam ship stamp used at Suez canal )

Moldovia (now under Romania) and wallacge declared their independence (look the rare Local Moldovia stamps ill.)

(a)Only 58 Post Offices in the entire Ottoman empiree including Europe and the first stamped with Ottman emblem was issued, the first stamps use fr the whole empire from Europe to the top of Arabia, westren to Libya.
(b) Ottman issued the firs stamp with ottoman emblem decrations (look at the illustration)

In this year The Ottoman wages another was with Russia-the one unsuccessful-and felt into functional bankrupcy. In rder to protect their investment, the british and French stepped up their intervention in Ottman affair.

(8) 1878
Bulgaria became Principality

(During Sultan Abdul Hamid II ,the Ottoman empire postal services in 1863 had Issued the first stamp with the Turkish Ottoman coat of arm, and in 1867 the second issued Moon and crescent design, in 1869 the third issued were overprint the second issued with new nominal currency, after that issued another rare type stamps like the figure of Sultan Abdul Hamid II
I have also found in Indonesia a vintage Turkish multicolour handpainted ceramic plate with the last Ottoman emperor Sultan Mahmoud I picture decoration. (please look the illustrations)

(9) 1882
(a)The first massive intervation came in this year, when the British occupied Egypt in rder to protect their Suezanal and other econmic interest during an uprising of nationalist Arab against the Ottman ruling-class descendants of Muhammad Ali. the occupation only served to fortify the native populatin’s resentment against freign presence and influence.
By 1882 the idea of revolutionary nationalism, forged out of the French revolutin, was a well-established idelogy throughout Europe. Indeed , it had fr some time been at the heart of the Ottoman empire’s troubles as first Greece, then other Ottoman province in southern Europe, struggled to free themselves frm Turkish cntrol and establish, by revlution, their own soverieghn states.
(b) The Sultan in 1882 was Abdukl Hamid II, and behind him were arrayed the frces of Ottoman reactionism.Hamid was a fanatical Muslim who promulgated a policy of Pan-Islam, a policy that envisioned the entire Ottoman world free of any other religious influences.

(10) 1890
By the 1890s small but vocal secret Arabic societies had sprung up in Syria, Iraq and Egypt devted t the struggle for local plitical independence frm Ottoman rule.Simultanneusly, in Europe, a small movement called Zionism -based on the Jews dream of restring their riginal hmeland -was gathering adherents and momentum.
( In the year 1905,a bk appeared in Paris called The Awakening Of The Arab Nation, published under the imprint of the League f the Arab Fatherland. it propunded the natin of an independent Arabic-language nation extending from the Tigris-Euphrates across Syria and Palestine to Suez canal. The state wuld have an Arab’sultan’ to exercise political rule and acaliph to administer religious affair. By 1905 then,Arab nationalism-however much the cncept dependened on a religius structure that cntradicated truly nationalistic impuls-was in its first stage of birth-Thomas Kiernan)
( In 1908, the stresses and strains to which Arabs were subjected during Sultan Hamid’s harsh regime were alleviated somewhat, if only temporarily, by a palace revlution in constantinople in july 1908. A group of yung turks exasperated with Hamid’s rampant depotism, ousted him in coup d’etat and set out under the banner of their Committee of Union and progress to intitute real reform within the empire and restoreit to its former glory.France already had control of the frmer Ottoman province of Algeria and Tunisia and was moving n Marocco. ritain was irmly ensconced in Egypt and alng the Arabian pennisula. in 1916 which ttally ignred Mac mahon’s agreement with Srafid Hussein. in 1917 Hussein and his sns succeessfully carried out their action and in this year had destroyed the llast remnats of Ottoman rule in Hejaz. france and Great Britain agree to futher and assist the setting up of indegenous gvernments and administrations in Syria and Mesopotamia.Thomas Kiernan)

(11) 1899
Crete became autonom
The end.
@copy right Dr iwan s.2010

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Ming Imperial Chrysanthenum

Original Ming mark

Ming tsuante mark

Original Ming Imperial

Hallo Collectors, Happy Pasque days for Christian
Thank you for click UCN Today
UCN-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberNews
@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

This day UCM short show about RCD ,The Rare Ming Imperial Chrysanthemum Ceramic with the Chinese Ethinc history and lucky Fengsui related to that beautiful flower , please look at the perfect style of painting and exciting Mohammedan blue color which no one can immitating now, still in Mystery about the technic. The China Teipeh, National Palace Museum have starting to make research about the tehnical production of Chine Imperial ceramic and other art collection which Chiang evacuted from nanking to Taipeh, I hope if they want to make a research of My very rare imperial Yuan and Ming Artifact, in order to find the technical of painting and the chemical analysis of the Color red in Glazed and Mohammedan blue color in Glaze, Please send invitation via Comment and the UCM editor will arranged our meeting and prepared the prosedure to bring some best collection to Taepeh for a modern technical researced in order to open the mystery of that very rare chinese Yuan and Ming imperial ceramic, as that show in China TV CCTV.


1.Halo kolektor Indonesia, rubrik ini khusus untuk anda. Salah satu kolektor Indonesia Pak Masfud telah memperlihaktan koleksi bukunya yang cukup unik, salah satunya yang langka terbitan sebelum tahun 1850 tentang flora di Ambon. Yang menarik dan unik koleksi buku tentang Sumatra, Jawa dsbnya ,terbitan setelah 1850 umumnya cukup unik tetapi edisi banyak dan kertas serta illustrasinya mutunya lebih rendah umumnya repro terbitan pertama dan telah ada photografi ini termasuk Vintage Book alias buku lama, koleksi ini jadi langka bila terbitan dari pengarang yang terkenal seperti yang dapat diklik Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer, selanjutnya akan diinstalled The Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe , DH Laurance, Enest Hemingway , atau buku lama tentang negara yang sedang mengalami perang dan konflik seperti, The rare Vintage book of Palestine 1938, The rare Vintage Afghanistan 1958 books. saya harap apk masfud terus meningkatkan koleksi buku langkanya. terutama edisi sebelum 1850, baca pada The Uniqe Book Collections.
Pak Masfud juga memperlihatkan beberapa prangko masa hindia Belanda, dengan stempel titik dan tipe lingkaran kecil , seluruh perangko tersebut dikirim dengan stempel dari kota besar seperti Batavia, Sorabaya,Semarang dan Bandoeng yang tidak langka karena sangat banyak dikirim dari kota tersebut ke Negeri Belanda.
Stempel yang langka , stempel titik dari kota kecil yang umunya nomornya lebih dari seratus, dan stempel bulat kecil yang langka pada abad 19 harus masih diatas sampul ,dikirim dari kota kecil umumnya dari wilayah timur Indonesia seperti dari papua-Sorong,Merauke, hollandia ,Babo dan Timor,flores dan Ambon serta kota kecil di Kalimantan dan sulawesi. Stempel pos yang langka adalah setengah ringaran (Halfround) diatas Prangko Hindia Belanda No 1 dan 2 masih diatas sampul (Postally Used Cover)

2. Hari ini Museum Koleksi Unik didunia Maya (UCM-uniquecollection Cyber Museum) telah mulai diinstall koleksi keramik asli-original dari kerajaan Ming disain bunga Chrysanthemum alias bunga Serunai atau Aster dengan merk Kerajaan Ming Tsuante, koleksi ini merupakan hadiah dari Kaisar Ming kepada sultan di Jawa Barat ,karena Kerajaan MIng tidak menjual keramik khusus dengan merk kerajaan. hati-hati banyak yang tiru keramik kerajaan ini, baik tiruan tempodulu masa dinasti Qing,RRC, Jepang, anamese dan akhir Indonesia di Bandung atau malang, pernah tahun 1984-1985 seorang pedagang Antik dari sungei sarik almarmuh B. memesan dan meniru keramik kerajaan dari dinasti Yuan dan Ming dengan kualitas tinggi sehingga banyak kolektor dalam dan luar Negeri kena tipu, saya menemukan beberapa keramik tiruan tersebut ,saat ini harganya sekitar 3 sampai 5 juta rupiah ,sedangkan yang asli sampai 1000 kali lipat 3 sampai 5 Milyar rupiah, bahkan banyak yang hanya ada di Musueum, tetapi Museum juga kena tipu. Makanya para kolektormKeramik, rajinlah klik Uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberNews agar mendapat informasi tentang keramik yang asli untuk dibandingkan dengan yang palsu.

1. Toyata Car Collection
I have written about my Toyota car collections with Chronologic history of the developmen of Toyota car productions,starting by Toyoda, and the devemopment of Toyota Astra Mobil in Indonesia, the founder Willian Suryajaya just past Away (died) five days ago.also the story of Dr Iwan S and his son Anton J.S which now as the manager of Toyota Astra Mobile’s marketing diviasion. Please click Koleksi Toyota Astra.

2. Dragon Ming Ceramic
Please click The rare Artifact of Ming imperial Dragon Ceramic, you will look the original imperial dragon five clowns decoration which have found by Dr iwan S in Indonesia.

RCD-Rare Ceramic Decorations
UCM-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberMuseum
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

(1). The Chrysanthemum Indica or China Aster, is much cultivated il all parts of the country and is gretaly esteemed for the variety and richness of its colouring.
(2). There are innumerable varietes of the Chrysanthemum in China,of which at least thrirty-five are said to be indigeneous in Honan. Four distimct treatises have been written on the cultivation of this composite flower.(PRC had issued the serial Chrysanthemun flower on their special commemorative stamps)
(3). The Dried fragnant flowers are said to be tonic, sedative and cosmetic.They re principally used as a wash for sore eyes. The tincture is said to be useful in debility. the ashed of the flower are said to be insecticide. The flower istaken in the form of powder to recover the drunkard. .
(4).A kind of tea is made from the dried petals which are sometimes soaked in wine.
(5) The 9th moon is known as the Chrysanthemum Month, when it is customary to make a special point of going out and feasting the eyes upon the beautiful blossoms, after which a refestion of crabs and samshu is consumed. In Beijing, chrysanthenum cuttings of different kinds are grafted on a sturdy, wild variety, which grows in profusion on the city wall, thus producing a grotesque plant with bloosoms of many colours.
(6) Since the republican ere it has been employed as a decorative motif on collars, badges, buckles,sword-hilts etc. used by the Army, in contra-diction to the sheaves of rice, which are similary employed in the Naval uniforms. It was regard as the national flower. (the same during Yuan dinasty, that is why many yuan ceramic with this flower decorative also in ming dinasty, but the imperial chrysanthenum decoration were special type, please the biologist collectors help to tell us the spesies of the Imperial chrysanthemum from the illustrations via comment)

(1) The flower is an emblem of mid-autumn and symbol of joviality.
(2) The Chrysanthemum is generally associated with a life of case, and retirement from public office. The poet Tao Chien 365-427 AD is spite of poverty refused to occupy an official post, but preferred to devote his life topoetry, music, wine and chrysanthemum growing.
(3) Chrysanthemum are given very charming and refined names. The yellow button, similar to wild form, is called Heaven full of star. the White quill,Goose-feathers Tube’, the yellow quit’Carrot-threads’. The large ragged mauve ‘Drunk with wine made from Peaches of the Immortals.
The big single white with yellow center ‘ Jade Sauceer Gold cup’, the varietes with very fine petals’ Pine Needles’ or ‘Dragon’s beard’
REd ground and white dots’ Maple leaves and Reed flower’. White striked with red’ Snow on the Ground rouge’; The idea suggested being either that of a young girl admiring the snow or journey of the lovely Wang chao-chien to the snowy wasted of Central Asia.
(The ethnic chinese always look the flora and fauna nature related to lucky fengsui and the made the exciting poem which gave the sensitive emotion for joy and longlife -the art of ethnic chinese homeand still didnot disappear in ethnic Tionghoa Indonesia, tehy alway prefered their wedding day at the 9 Month of the Year circa September and october, I and allmy son also merried in that month ,and we are always happy in the family, do you belief or not, please proof to your family wadding day-DR iwan S)
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

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Gen Immamura signed order

Dai Nippon ovpt.Overtoon

DEI PTT telp bill 1942

Lindeteves Bill 1942

Marine Letter 1942

UCM-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberMuseum
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

After Dai Nippon capitulation Java at March,8th.1942. The Dai Nippon Military Administration have issued several Order (Osamu Serei) :

1. Osamu Serei (Order) No.2 about Keep The Secura and Protect thye Property (Tentang Mengembalikan ketertiban and melindungi Harta-Benda):
(1) About The People Security(Tentang Keamanan masjarakat)
(2) About the Account (Tentangan Keuangan)
For a while The Banks work were Stop (Buat Sementara waktoe bank-bank diperhentikan)
Thus all the banks administrtaor must report to the Dai Nippon Military administration for more information and wainted the order when the work will beginning (Maka sekalian kuasa dari Bank-bank haroes menghadap selekas-lekasnja kekantor Pemerintah Balatentara oentoek menerima keterangan dan menoenggoe perintahnja bekerdja lagi)
In temporary forbidden to take over to another side the unmowedproperties , bonds,Money, deposit money in Bank etc without Dain Nippon Military Administrations permission( Boeat Sementara Waktoe dilarang keras memindahkan ketangan lain harta benda jang tidak bergerak, soerat-soerat berharga, oeang, oeang simpanan dibank dsb dengan tidak mendapat izin lebih dahoeloe dari Balatentara Dai Nippon)
(3)About Paper Money and Small Money( tentang Oeang kertas dan Oeang ketjil)
(a) In all Area had occupied by the Dai Nippon Military administration (Diseloeroeh daerah jang telah didoedoeki Balatentara Dai Nippon)
THe Military papermoney were seven types (Oeang Kerta Militer adalah tujuh matjam ) , f 10 (ten roepiah), F 5 (five roepiah), a half Roepiah, 10(ten) cent, 5 (five) cent and 1 (one) cent.
The Paper Money, form and design ike print below.
Forbidden to used another Paper money beside the Military Papermoneyb and the past Dutch East Indie Government paper Money (Dilarang keras memakai oeang lain dari pada oeang kerta militer dan oeang roepiah pemerintah Hindia Belanda dahoeleoe).
The low nominal paper money issued by the dai Nippon which nominal 10 cent, 5 cent and 1 cent also must used as official money (akan tetapi oeang ketjil jang dikeloearkan oleh Pemerintah Dai Nippon jang berharga 10 cent, 5 sen and 1 sen haroes djoega
digoenakan sebagai oeang sah.)
(b) About The Price of goods
(c) About the trade with foreign country and wessel (Money order)
(d) About the communications and Traffic (Perhoeboengan dan Laloelintas)
Djakarta, Date 8 , Month 3
Syowa year 17 (2603)
The Official of Dai Nippon Military
(Pembesar Balatentara Dai Nippon)
Choped Signed Stamped
Let.general Hitoshi Immamura

2. Order No.3
About Forbidden to meeting etc
Djakarta,date 20,Month 3
Year Sjowa 17(2603)
Pembesar Balatentara Dai Nippon.

3. Order No. 4
About Dai Nippon flag
Djakarta,date 20,Month 3
Year sjowa 17(2603)
Pembesar balatentara dai Nippon

II. April,1st.1946
In this day during the Dai Nippon Military Administration in Java , at Soerabaja ,East java, the Dutch Marine and the Chinese bill to Dutch Lindeteves still issue (very rare DEI document during Dai Nippon Occupations, look at the illustration )

1. Marine Defensie werke Document

Telefoon No H 2588 SOERABAJA 1 April 1942
Onderwerp Bijlagen
Diens Foerklaring ____________________________
: :
: Aan der heer :
: B.Kasiman :
:___________________________ :
Onder geterkende werklaart dat di heer
B. Kasiman
als tydelijk opzichter by di Marine defensie Werken
heeft gewerk von Augustus 1941 tot Maret 1942
wegens stoking der werkzoon hider kon vas zij diensten
gen verde gebrink worden gemaakt.
Kasiman heaft zisch door kennen als ein yverig er goed
Opsichter dic di hem gsyeddregen toortezaam hedij Zeer Goed
heeft uitgevoerd.
Hie Hoofd Marine Defense Werken
nge di In gemein

hand sign van Schoomveldt


2. Dai Nippon Post telegram telephone serabaja office still used The PTT telephone Soerabaja billing cover with DEI revenue 15 cent with date in dai Nippon sjowa April,1st.2602(1942), look at illustrations.

: :
: _____________________ :
: :(telephon nummer,naam,: :
: :adres,bedrag,abonement: :
: : : :
: : Lauw Djin Tjioe : :
: : Sidodadi gg. 8/12
: :____________________:
: :
: ______________________________________ :
: Maand : Datum : Gesprekskosten : : :
: : : Distr : Interloc: Internat: :
: : 26 : : : : :
: : 27 : : : : :
: : 28 :
: : 29
: : 30
: : 31
: : 1
………….: 25 :
: : :
Total : : : : 12 : 90:
Plakzegel f 0.15

Total f 12.90 de compatabel sambtenssr
v.s Hoofposttelegramtelephone
Duabelas roepiah DEI Revenue
90 sen 0.15
1 April 2602
Sign Stamped

orang nja masi pigi (the man still go)
nanti dibajaR sendiri saja.


voor betaal telefoons abonnememt over de maand APRIL 1942
andere aan ommzijde gespeelfleeeerde kosten

Deze kwintantie dient in haar geheel te weorden voldaan Evenruele verschillen later, na ontvangst der reclame worden verevend.

III APRIL,3rd.1942
The Firma Lindeteves Stovkis Soerabaya bill recieved(rare Ducth firma document during Dai Nippon Occupation Java, maybe this
bill have prepared before DN capitulation and the Dutch firma was under control by Tekisan Kanri -special for control the enemy properties-Dr Iwan S.)
Oei Khong Hwa Sorabaja (Java)
Panggoeng no24 Telefoon No 159 N
Terima dari Firma Lindeteves Stokvis te Soerabia.
Banjaknja oewang Limablas 15/100 roepiah

Bowat bjara Pembilian 1 riem Brodpapier

SOERABAIA, den 3 April 1942
Terbilang f 15. Dutch east indie Revenue
Zegel 0.15 15 cent
__________________ Red Stamped P.P. OEI KHONG HOA
F 15.15 3/4 1942


IV. APRIL, 4th,1942
The Tjiandjoer Postal cancel CDS 4.4.42 On postally used cover
letter from the Commander in Chief DEI Army Bandoeng CDS 27.2.42 to Tjiandjoer, this latter cannot send to the address because Dai Nippon capitulations March,8th 1942, recived date CDS Tjiandjoer 28.2.42 and then the Tjiandjoer post office was closed and in this day open again CDS Tjiandjoer 4.4.42 but the addess Nji Enog Bangbajan desa Waroeng Kandong Tjiandjoer didnot found and the letter retursn to sender with hand written Ongafgeh. ret Afzd BD Riouwstraat back t Dai Nipponmilitary Head quaters Bandoeng, (This is very rare and historic cover during capitulatin dai Nippon in Java, please the collectors who have the DN capitutalions cover, contact me via comment. The illustrations of the cover please look at UCMMarch8th; The Dai Nippon Military administration in Java today-Dr Iwan s)

V. March.14th 1942
The rare Dai Nippon handoverprint DEI Overtoon document
(very rare document, overtoon was DEI Leasing form, was handwritten overprint Pemerintah Balatentara Dai Nippon-Dai Nippon Military administration on Pemrerinatah Ollanda-Nederland -the DEI government (please the collectors whohave the same collection please report via comment-Dr Iwan S.)
Besarnja F 50,= Oewang
handwritten overprint
Indonesia on Hindia Belanda

Pada waktoe kapan sadja datang penagi minta oewang kepada saja jang bertanda tangan di bawa ini bernama Adam
soedagar di Masasan(Tadjenan) kampoeng Wadjok
misti lantas bajar kepada Ripp Tjhoen Gwan
di Malang atawa pada kwasanja
Banjaknja Oewang Lima Poloeh roepiah

oewang jang lakoe di ..hand overprint Indonesia on Hindia Nederland..
harga dari barang dagangan jang saja soedah trima betoel.
Atas ini oetang saja soeka di tagi menoeroet et -handwritten overprint Balatentara Dai Nippon on Ollanda- jang berlakoe di Hindia-Nederland.
Apa jang terseboet dalam ini soerat hoetang saja soedah mengerti betoel

Malang , den 14 / 4 1942
vor a val DEI revenue
Hand thumb fingerprint
date. 14/4-1942

@copyright dr iwan s.2010,

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Bigger Celodon plate found West Sumatra

Rare Yuan Fish bigger plate

Yuan Fish found West Sumatra

Yuan Fish found West Java

Hallo collectors,thankyou for click UCN today
UCN-uniquecollection.wordpress.com Cyber News
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

(1)This day RCD ,the short show of UCM will installed The Rare Yuan Fish Celadon Ceramic. the info look below.
(2) The Yuan Celadon’s bigger plate with Fish decoration very difficult to found, I have ever seen at the Cetral Jakarta Museum still exist now and Adam Malik Collections I heard have sold by his wife and Children beacuse the Adam Malik Museum were closed after he died.
(3) I found the Yuan bigger plate with two fish decoration in West Sumatra and the other one in West Java, that is why this artifact were the proof that Yuan Mongol soldier bring this Yuan fish Plate as the gift of the earlist yuan emperor Ku Bilai-khan before he order to attack singosari as the punishment due to the King Kertajaya made slice tattouage the face of Ming Se Yuan envoy(read at the Anciet Travel Unique Collections, The unque Book Collections).
After the Yuan attack Java, the yuan soldier only bring Yuan Imperial flower chrysatenem ceramic in blue or red in glaze. and I never found the Yuan bigger Plate in West Borneo only small celadon cup with small fish decorations. after that no Ming blue white ceramic found in West borneo ,the archelogist calle The MIng Gap.

@Koleksi Dr Iwan S.2010
Hallo Kolektor Indonesia, terimakasi telah klik UCN hari ini,Berita
Koleksi Unik dari Dr Iwan S.
Pada hari ini anda dapat melihat gambar keramik alsi desain dekorasi keramik seladon dari Dinasti Mongol Yuan dan membaca informasi terkait dengan IKan.
Keramik yuan seladon dengan gambar dekorasi Ikan sangat banyak ditiru atau repro ,barang palsu terutama piring ikan seladon ukuran besar, tetapi belum mampu meniru warna dan disain ikan yang asli, silahkan anda lihat dan bandingkan dengan milik anda, jika sama harganya cukup tinggi sebab tidak banyak yang memilikinya setahu saja hanya ada di Museum Puat jakarta warisan dari kolekto Belanda yang mendirikan museum keramik tersebut, dan juga ada dalam museum Adam Malik tetapi sayang Museum Adam Malik sudah ditutup setelah beliau meninggal dunia, dan keluarga Pak Adam Malik kabarnya telah menjual koleksi yang langka ini, harap keluarga Pak Adam Malik atau ex kuratornya Ibu Sumriah Adhyatman berkenan memberikan inrormasi dan mengirimkan foto keramik itu via Comment, terimakasih Ibu ,salam kenal dari Dr Iwan S. kami sangat mengharapkan komentar ibu, termasuk Pak Abu Ridho tentang informasi Keramik Langka dalam blog ini.


1. Vintage embrodery
Please click The Vintage Indonesia Embroidery, and if the collectors want to have informations and illustration of The Vintage Kebaya embroidery 1953 ,please asked via comment.

2. Avery Brundage Ceramic Collections
The information of rare Chinese imperial ceramic collection based on the very best collection in the world of Averybrundage collections, read The Unique Ceramic Collections, if the collectors want to look the Averybrundage collections you must go to USA, but if you want to look the picture from vintage book, please aksed via comment and UCM will asked permission the USA Museum for installed some of his best collections.
Averybrundage was ex IOC-International Olympic Commitee, I think the senior collectors remember him during the openinc ceremomu Olypic game in Roma and Munchen.


RCD-Rare Ceramic Decorations
@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

A. The Chinese Ethnic History of Fish
1.Fish forms an important part in the domestic economy of the Chinese. Together with rice ir constitutes the principal staple of their daily food, and fisihing has for this reason formed a prominent occupation of the people from the most ancient times. The commonest kind of fish that serve as food in China are the carp,perch,plaice, whitevfish, blue fish, mullet,pmfret, Sciaenidae fish, rock trout,sabbard fish etc. for more info read the vintage book The Ningpo Fishere,in the New China Review,1919,vol IV,pp 385.
2.From the aesthetic point of view Fish are also much appreciated by the Chinese. Many beautiful and fantastic varietes of fish are reared in ponds and jars, this ornamental species having been introduced into Europe toward the end of the 17th century.
Carp and Perch are frequently depitched on Chinese Porcelain. (look at the Rare Carps fish on Yuan celadon bigger Plate)
3. Yhe legendary Emperor Fu Hsi (2953-2838 BC) is said t have given his name, which means literally HIdden Victims, on account of the fact that he made different kinds ofnets and taught his people how to snare animals and secure the products of the se.
4. Fish Symbol of Wealth
The fish is symbolically employed as the emblem of WEalth r abundance, on account of the similary in the pronouncation of the word Yu,fish and yu,superfluity, and also because the fish are extremely plentiful in Chinese water.
5. Fish symbol of regeration
owing to its reproductive power it is a symbol of regenations.
6. Fish Symbol of harmony and connubial bliss
As Fish is happy in its own element of sphere, so fish has has come t be the emblem f harmny and connubial bliss.

7.A pair of fish is emblematic of the joys of union
A brace of fish is presented amongst other articles as a betrothal gift to the family of the bride-elect on accunt of its auspiciuos significantce; as fish are reputed to swim in pairs, so a pair of fish is emblematic of the joys of union, especially of a sexual nature.

8.Fish is also one of the Charm to avert devil and symbol of Buddha fully emancipated.
it is also one of the Charms to avert evil, and is included among the auspicious sign on the footprints of Buddha. The fish signifies freedom form all restraints. as in water a fish move easily in any direction, so in the buddha-state the fully-emancipated knows no restraint or obstruction.

9. The Carp fish as the symbol of perseverance
The carp,with its scaly armour, which is regarded as a symbol of martial attributes, is admires becausu fish struggles against the current, and it has therefore became the emblem of perseverance.

10. The Fish transformed into dragons
The sturgeon of the Yellow river are said to make an ascent of the stream in the third moon of each year, when these which succeed inpassing above the rapids hence this fish is a symbol of Lung-men becme transformed int dragons; hence this fish is a symbol of literary eminence passing examinations with the distinction.
If the Fish have 300 scales, it will transfrmed to Dragon or be get the dragon, nly the turtle can prtect it.
(I have the bigger plate with decrations fish transfrmed to dragon, and will installed at The Rare Ming Imperail Dragn five clown ceramic)

11. The Fish legend of Po Ku TU
According to the Po KU Tu, fish are compared to a king’s subject, and the art of angling to that fo ruling. Thus an unskilled angler will catch the fish,or will a tactless prince win over his peple. on account of various legend that letters have been fund in the bellies of carps etc, the fish is also emblem of epistolary correspondence.

12 The Chinese phillosophy of Fish and catching fish.
If you a fish to someone, he will eat fish only one day, but if you teach them how to get the fish, they will eat fish everydays.
this mean donnot give a materia t smeone because he will used that material or money only until off, but if you teach them how to mede or get the material or Money they will find every days.

B. The Chinese Lucky Fengsui of Fish

1. In the Chinese bigger party, Fish must exist as the foods, but if at that area didnt have fish, the Fish must be the decorations.because a pair of fish is the emblem of joy union. The fish als gave wealthy fengsui, that is why carps in china was called Lei-Yu ,the prnuncatins like ‘Have the property of wealthy’.

2. In the Temple Fish statue put on the roof in order to prtect the temple from burning.

3. In the House better to have the Fish statue because, the fish will gave the owner the Wealth or much money .

4. The Fish especially the red gold arawana fish in aquarium will gave the owner healthy long life and wealthy.

5. The Chinese Newyear card with The Carp leaping the gate in order to transforme as the dragon, this is the emblem of the god day.

6.The Carps had associated with the Art and science ancetors because that ancetors always rides the Fish-dragon, that is why the Chinese always want to be the scientist because the Schlar have the highest rank, honorable and will be the famous human.(this is the Confusius phillosophies, that is why many Chinese always studies along his live )
@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

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Ming crocodile-dragon ceramic

Ming Dog-dragon

Ming Crocodile-dragon

Ming Dinosaurus ceramic


Guan Long dinosaurus

Giganforator dinosaurus

Dilong dinousarus

Liaoceratops dinosaurus

Yin Long dinosaurus

Ming Crocodile -Dragon

Tail Chaoyangsaurus

original Chaoyongsaurus

Ming Dog-Dragon

RCD-Rare ceramic Decoration
@Copyright Dr iwan S.2010

1. Crocdile was Amphibian.He will appear with during rainning seasns and then hibernation until the ther years.
It have the figure like dragon , and they belief the dragon as the dragon that incarnation to the dragon.
2, during Tang dinasty, the crocodile were lived at Chao-chou , and it been led ut by Han Yun and ther official with the magic power,
3. The Yantze crocodile were painted with Dragon on a Copper cup during Shang dinasty, The Crocdile frm these area have the profile near like dragon.
4. The crcdile-dragon near same with the flying dinsaurus , like their fossil, just found in china . Chinese charter for crcdule was To and related with dragon chiao.

1. Crocodile-lung realted with the world dragon , have cntrol by Jupiter.
2. If someone who built the building at the Crocdile-dragn day (Thursday) will found honor and wealthy, and who merried in this day wil have the children with lng life.but frbidden to gon at burried-ceremony in this day because they will alway sad.
3. The suspect criminalman will take atthe front of crocodile, and the crocodile only swallow the criminal ne only. (Believe or not,depend on you)

1. Dr Iwan S collection
(1) Ming Crocodile Dragon dinosaurus ceramic (brussh washer0
(2) Ming Dog Dragon dinosaurus (brussh washer)
(3) Ming Humanlike dinosaurus. (Cup)

2. XU Xing Dinosaurus (Chinese)
(1) Giganfrator
(2) Guan Long saurus
(3) Chaoyongsaurus
(3) Dilong Sauraus
(4) Liaoceratops
(5) yin Lng saurus.

Illustration will installed at night
@Copyright Dr iwan S.2010

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head Ming dinosaurus

tail Ming dinsaurus

head Chaoyangsaurus

Tail Chaoyongsaurus

Hallo collectors, thankyou for click UCN today
UCN-uniquecollection.wrdpress.com CyberMewrs
@copyrigt Dr Iwan S.2010

RCD will install the creator like dinosaurus on Ming ceramic, but no infrmation from the Chinese sumblic literature , also at the Fengsui literatur, after seeking many infrmations I think better to name that creation as The Ming Crocodile-dragon ceramic. for complete information please click at night THE RARE MING CROCODILE-DRAGON CERAMIC.Look and compare the Ming Crocdile-dragn dinsauruswith the real china Xu xing dinosaurus 9ythere are six dinsaurus near same with the Ming ceramic decration., Dr iwan s have three type Ming dinosaurus Ceramic. This the first report.
Please the Archeologist will help us with more information related with the creator like dinosaurus, look at illustration the head and the tail of that creator. the very rare decoration,nly one have found from artifact water brussher.

1. THe Bead collection
Please click The vintage Indonesia Bead collections, and the Bead embroidary later will illustrated.
2. The Crown of Rajah Serawak
Please click and look at The Sarwank Unique Collections, the phot of three Rajah, didnot used crown, I think the collectors want to see the coat of arm of Sarawak Kingdom, look the illustration like the water Mouse (in Indonesia we called Berang-Berang, please the native sarawak tell us the name via comment, Halloo Mr Chan Kee Tech I am waiting for your comment , are you still angry with me because late 15 minute at our last meeting, beg yur pardon)
UCM have intalled The Vintage Westbrneo Kingdom Collections,
just the Kingdom of Tanjungpura-Matan and the Kingdom f Sukadana-Simpang with the illustratin, anther Kingdom willinstalled later.

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