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Vietnam war memorabilia intro(Cathedral Basilica Saigon)
December 30, 2009 by uniquecollection | Edit

The latest Cathedral Basilica Saigon photo-August 2009-coutersy Dr iwan S.

Dr Iwan S. profile in the front of mother Mary statue of the catheral Basilica Saigon 2009

Cathedral Basilica Saigon document memorabilia during Indochine-Cocchin Chine before World war II with rare emergeny overprint Indochine francaise revenue on electricity abonnement certificate.
Many memorabilia collections during Vietnam war. One of the best collections that made anybody who ever lived or visit Saigon pre,during or post Vietnam liberation war were the Catheral Basilica Saigon memorabilia because the very exciting,and beautiful art design of that catholic church with best einvirontment garden dan especilally the Jesus Christ ‘s Mother Mary bigger statue in the front of that Basilica. Someone told me that this cathedral had the same design with Cathedra Notre Dam in Frenc. The Cathedral ‘s memorabillia in IMUCS collections to choice by the collector were The Document of Cathedral Eletricity abonnement during Indochina era before WWII , two vintage photo illustration in Saigon Agenda 1964 with Mother Mary statue and another illustration without the statue , and one vintage photo of catheral with Mary Statue. The memorabillia collections will gave us information that the Mary statue was builded by the Saigon regime first president Ngo Dihn Diem who was the Rome’s Catholic. The leader after Diem didn’t destroy that monument included during three war crisis first in 1963 the Diem Assasination year, second during Tet Offensive 1968, and the last the fall of saigon 1975. Also after the Vietcong with RDV vietminh army had control the Saigon administrations the Cathedral and Mother mary statue still exist without any destructions. At my last visit 2009, I made some photo of the Cathedral included my profile in the front of that catheral as the new memorabable photo collections for anybody who ever or never saw that best cathedral in Asia and as the comparative for their own country’s cathedral.
I had ever prayed in the front Mother Marry statue in 2007 ,asking Her mercy in helping me to found the Vietnam Liberation war unique collections and when I turn back the small stamps shop was found, and from that phillately trader ’s information I have found the best collection that I show in this blog, but very pity at my last visit I didn’t found him anymore. Complete story please read in “Vietnam War 4.3 Vietnam liberation war” .
So the second time my profile was put in this blog, I hope all the collectors will happy to looked at the old traveller and unique collector from Indonesia. Any comment were need, also please choice the best collection to put in IMUC cybermuseum.
I want to say hallo and thank you very much to two persons who helpme during Saigon unique collection exploration, first the small stamps shop trader in the front of cathedral and the deskman in Phivu hotel at Nguyen Trai street where I stayed during visit saigon who gave me much information about the cathedral and Vietnam Liberation war. If someone know that two persons, please asked him to contac t me throung this comment in blog or to my e.mail iwansuwandy@gmail.com.
Vietnam War memorabilia 2(Cathedral Basilica Saigon)
December 30, 2009 by uniquecollection | Edit

The street in the front of Cathedral Basilica saigon -2009, the memorabilia after the vietnam liberation war ,the latest situation when vietnam being developed to be the Dragon country, other side of cathedra looked below.all photo courtesy Dr iwan S and @copyright reserved 2009.

The Backside of Cathedral Basilica Saigon-2009

In outer front center of cathedral Basilica Saigon , The leader of the cathedral sign and armoured.

The Cathedral official name plague-2009, if you want to go there by taxe tell them you want to go to Gio Mo Cua not cathedral or church they didn’t understand

Saint Anton(y) statue inscription marble , Ta On Thanh Anton, the statue made at Gia Dinh 6.2.1983 after the fall of Saigon, and the mysterius marble plaque name may be the name of donatur or martyr please comment.

Saint Anton(y) statue with many marble name plaque of Cathedral donatur(?) at the right backcorner of Cathedral Basilica saigon -2009.A remembrance for our editor Anton J.S.

The leftside of the cathedral Basilica saigon-2009

The centerside of the Cathedral Basilica saigon -2009


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