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Page 03-August-1945


03-01.August .18th.1945

(1)Indonesia Independence Commitee had decided :

(a) The Basic Laws (UUD) 1945

(b) Ir Sukarno, President Republic Indonesia and Drs Moh. Hatta as the Vice President.

(c) In temporary the work of President were helped by an “National Committee”

(2)Vintage photo illustrated “Indonesia Independent Committee” meeting at Pegangsaan Timur 56, The Sukarno House(P)

(3)Vintage Film Theater(Bioskop)’s picture Propaganda on Dai Nippon Military Post-card, send by Dai Nippon Native ‘s civil worker, postally used without sencored , from CDS Djatinegara 18.8.05 to Magelang , Kedoe Syu Naisebu zaimuka .

The Kanji character on the postally used  official Dai Nippon  Military’s Picture post card   were tranlate of my son’s native Japanese friend

“ The City theater/Bioscope “ and ”The Bioscopeman said Welcome. This Bioscope very famous and please came  into Bioskop”

The letter in Kanji:  “ Su-Maru-Wan (Su-marwan , name) Sama ( How are you)  .

O gen ki de Su Ka (please don’t) O Ka Ge sama de  (?)

Watashi Domo  wa Ma n na Jo(My Family) bu de o Ri ma su( in health condition)  .

Go an Shiu(please don’t) Kudasai(?).

O ma e Wa ima hon tou no Tsu Yaku (?)

In ui Na ri Mashi Ta ne. O me de tou (Congretulation) go za i ma su (?) a no ne (and) cho tto ko no sho (help to look at this photo) shin wo yoku Mite Kuda sai yo(you will be the very good interpreted)

Tai hen i i de su yo (?)Sayonara(Good by)

(The letter from R.Sudarso were told  that his friend Sumarwan  have passed the exmanination to be the japanese inter-preter, this was the second Military  postcard , the first free Dai Nippon military Postcard was send before dai Nippon surrender  with information that Sumarwan didn’t passed the examination of Japanese interpreter and he hope Sumawarman studied more hard, looked at “The Unique Document and Postal History Dai Nippon in Java Collection “ in this block. The two postal history native inland postally used free Dai Nippon Military Postcard rare and historic collections, may be someone have the same collection please comment and informed –auth)

03.02 .Sunday,August .19th.1945

(1)Merdeka Magazine Clipping,Rosihan Anwar, p-74,Jakarta ,Feb.1946.

In Sunday, August 19th 1945, 12.00 pm ,  I have sat in the meeting room of Independece Committee in the KOMONFU (?) building. Two days after the Indonesia Nation Independece Proclamation had done.

Now they have talked about the problem of the Government’s administrations , how many the ministaries ? How to countered the Japanese’s power that still existed.?

They meeting very slowly   and  very difficult to got the  decision. I looked the face of the mambers  one  by one, who sat around the the long desk , they were  behalfed of the people from all over Indonesia.

Mr Poedje from Bali not much talked , Dr Amir from Sumatra have seen didn’t have interested , Kiai Wahid Hasyim ( the father of the 4th Indonesia Presiden Abdulrahman Wahid-auth) always standed from his chair , walked in and out the room.

The meeting was went  on with the chief was   Ir Soekarno, since Saturday (wrong Friday-auth),He was choosed as The President of Republic Indonesia.

The meeting not so clear (tersendat-sendat) , and not stable (gelisah) , maybe because the unfixed future situations.

I didn’t know why in the important day of August 17th 1945  when the Independent of Indonesia nation proclaimed to all over the world , oh why I didn’t in Djakarta that day ?

I don’t blame that everything went  suddenly , I just took a bed rest in Soekaboemi Hospital . The Atomic Bom also suddenly .

The President have stood up, the hammer was sounded, What was that ?The meeting Off ,because the Sajoeti Melik’s   unanswer-ed questions , dimmissed!

Outside the meetingroom, I have met Mr Kasman Singadimedjo. H e brought the unlacky informations, The Homeland Guard (PETA=Pembela Tanah Air, read “Dai Nippon in Java” about PETA-auth ) must be dismiss-ed.(Dibubarkan) because noused anymore.

Everybodied who hearded this informa-tions were silenced (diam) and St Makmoer was cried like a baby, he sat down and put his handkerchief.

The wether very hot, no wind flowed and I went back to my office . In the Car I have thinked:” Were impossibbled my Homeland passed all of the future’s difficulties? Very heavy the duties were waiting ?

(Rosihan Anwar  was the senior Indonesian Journalist who have seen the Indonesia Independence war, but very pitty he wasn’t seen the Independence proclamation.Sorry Mr Rosihan if  my free translate didn’t right as your meaning and I hope your comment ,please –auth)

(2) Chronologic The Sate of Repulbic  Indonesian ( Moerdijanto, Police Academy Memoriable Book, 1952, after this with abbrevation M)

The First Indonesia Presidentiil ‘s Cabinet , (until November 4th 1945)(M).

(Many menistry ofthe first cabinet  were the man who callaborated with Dai Nippon Military administrations and the youngmen didn’t like because they afraid the allied armed forces will captured them as the Dai Nippon war- crime, that is way the first cabinet were changed to the Parliamentery Cabinet with Prime Minestry when the Allies were came in November 1945 -auth)

(3) The Sukarno’s Order of Sri Paduka Ingkeng Sinuwun Kandjeng Sultan Hamanku Buwono IX (The Collections of Jogya ‘s Order,Jogja’s Government,1952.after this abbrevation J)

We are The President of Republic Indonesia, menetapkan :

Inkeng Sinuwun Kangjeng Sultan Hamengkubuwono, Senopati Ing Ngalogo, Abdurachman Sajidin Panotogomo, Kalifatullah Inkang kaping IX In Ngajogjokarto Hadiningrta .(The honoured of Sultan Jogjakarta’s name)

Pada Kedudukannja dengan kepercayaan bahwa Seri Paduka Kanjeng Sultan akan mentjurahkan segala Fikiran , tenaga, Djiwa dan Raga untuk Keselamatan daerah Jogjakarta sebagai bagian dari pada Republik Indonesia.(J)

(In his status on the belief that the honoured Kanjeng Sultan will poured all his thingking, power, Soul and body to the sahety of Jogjakarta area as the part of Republic Indonesia-free translate by auth )


03-03.August .20th


(1) Off cover, Dutch East Indie stamp without overprint,Dancer 7 cent ,postally used CDS Magelang 20.8.05, still used Japanese calender. The Magelang post office still under Dai Nippon Administration .(PH)

(2) Dai Nippon Postcard postally used with dai NipponJava stamp 5 Sen green coconut and mountain design ,from CDS Semarang 20.8.05 to Boejaran, the letter  about Coconut oil distribution , the distribution must be controlled by Mr Soncho (the Village’s chief), and the price F.6,65 per Tin(kaleng), and the empty tin must reported and bring back. The Postcard must bring during distribution. Sign and stamped by Semarang Syu Syokutyo Haikyu Kumiai. (PH)(Dai Nippon administrations still have power after surrendered until the Allied came in November 1945 and The complete Dai Nippon information  read Dia Nippon in java in this block-aut

(3) Homemade Cover from Dutch East Indie form, postally used from The Chief of Pariaman Government (West Sumatra) CDS in katakana character  Pariaman 20.8.21 to  Padang CDS 20.8.25 with Sumatra Dai Nippon stamp 2 x 50 cent (rate one Gulden) .(PH)




(1) Official (DINES) Tekisan Kanrika (The enemy’s property account office) west Sumatra , still in juapanese character, 3 ½ cent Karbouw design Dai Nippon Postcard , and increades rate with  31/2 cent Dai nippon Sumatra stamp, rate became 7 cent. CDS in katakana Padang 20.8.21,( This is the latest  Dai Nippon Official sent a postcard with dai Nippon kanji char. At this day the historic book said  that Padang Post office was occupied by the chief of West Sumatra Indonesia post office M.Sudibjo but why the postman still used the dai nippon character date stamped ? . This historic card was the evedinece of the increase postal rate to 7 cent, V.Esbense report that he have no evidence that postal rate increase during August or September 1945, very pity my best friend V.Esbensen had pass away , I hope he could read this information from heaven  -auth)


03.05. August,22th


Indonesia People defend/ Armed Forces (BKR,Badan Keamanan Rakyat) was builded.(D)




(1) The Poor Death Certificate issued at 23-VIII-2605 by Grogol-Sontyo ,signed by the writer, with Grogol(West Jakarta area) village chief with Old Dutch Grogol official stamped(D) ( very rare document with three historic times, this in the only historic document collectionever seen, please comment and report-auth)




(1) The recevied certificate, F.1866,- for  buying 14 Karoeng (Native bag) Toba-cco 933 kg, Grabag (Center Java) ,date 24/8-05 on Common Dai Nippon rice field  -.15 cent revenue (PH)


03.08. August,27th


(1) Off cover Dutch East indie Stamps without overprint, Dancer ,3x7cent and 3×2 ½ cent, Circulaire Date Stamped Probo-linggo(east java) 27.8.05(PH)


03.09. August,24th


(1) Civil Affair agreement between British emperor and Dutch Kingdom , that the chief  Command of Allied Armed Forces in Indonesia will holded the power under the name of Dutch Government. In order to administrated the civil affairs  will done by the NICA employees under the British command and the power will bring back to Dutch later (Due to the Brithish very delayed came to Indonesia,  the people of Republic Indonesia had enough time and very fast tro occupied all the japanese’s building and guns except the bigger city like Semarang , Surabaya, eastern Island  and Sumatra –Auth)(D)




(1) Dai Nippon Sumatra 31/2 cent postcard stationer used from Padang CDS in Kanji Padang 20.8.29 (20 ,year-1945 read from left to right ), to Padang Pandjang (west Suma-tra). The Padang accout office stamped and the Japanese character was hidden with Blue Bloch.The special  postalstamped in Kanji “ryo kin kan no”( Postage had Paid)were used because the shortege of stamps and Dai Nippon Sumatora (,Sumatra Military Administration). (This is the earliest Dai nippon Official tax office change from  the Dai Nippon character Tekisan Kanrika to English char , Ryo Kin Kan No stamped used to increase the postal rate.This Ryo kin kan stamped were use because   the shortaged of DN  stamps duringthe  last part of occupation , this stamped was certainly applied to postal card and money order card , this card was the earliest used of that stamped, the Dutch collector as report by V.Esbensen, the earliest date 29.9.45 at Pakanbaroe collection Joep Bonn, my collection was more earliest. -auth)

(2) In this Day, Sukarno officially announced   thebuilding of  Indonesia Central National Comitee (KNPI)with the it’s chief Mr Kasman Singodimedjo . Then this Comitee became the Temporary Parliament . (D &P)

(3)KNPI –National Comitee was inaugurated by Sukarno at the art’s building(Gedung Budaya)   Pasar baru (Ex Dutch East Indie “ ‘s Art& eintertenments’s Building=gedung Kesenian) (ibid,M,1952)




(1) Several off cover Dutch east indie dancer stamps without overprint were used in Java, 4x 5 cent CDS Tegal30.8.5 , Dancer 5 cent Malang 20.8.5, Dai Nippon Java stamp 80 cent CDS Ambarawa 30.8.05.( the collector who have another postally used off cover stamp from another area,(  Please comment with your informations,temporary conclusion only Padang west Sumatra have occupied the postal office and some japanese acout office , but why the Postal Mark still in Japanese character although the Tekisan kanrika was changed in English, may be the Japanese thing that the Dutch property were not the enemy property because Tekisan kanrika means the enemy property andministration office, that is way Japanese was started change the name into Account office in  English word , what about another area ? –auth)

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