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2.JANUARY 1944
10.January 1944
(1)The Order(maklumat) Gunseikaqn no1 about Rikuyukyoku (Transportation Administration OffIce)
(a) Railways north , Kadoeng banteng and Tjepoe, South Djatirogo to Rembang.
(b) Road Soerabaja si,Palmpangan,Sembajat,Poerwosari,Pohjejer,Modjokerto,Krangan,Bodjonegoro,Ngerong,Ngawi,Badegan,Toeloeng Agoeng, Patjitan,Batoe,Pasirian,Kepnadjang,Blitar,Pare,Wates,Brengolo,Djember,Sempolan,Paiton, Pamekasan and Ketapang.
(c) Sea: Kamal-Kalimas and Kalianget-Penaroekan.
(d) Trem in Surabaya Si
a. Mr Karawata and Mr Matsasuki came to office about New Charity Java Hokokai. (diary,11th)
b. Saibai Kigyo Kanri Kodan Bandoeng Si bu leter about the new Kohi Kanrika customer. With sencored.(document,11th)
3)The Menak Jinggo Kretek Cigar official Postcard send from Bojonegoro 15.1.04 to Koedoes but the name of Nojorono Koedes was closed by red writting line,and used privately at Bojonegoro.about the late sent of the tobacco to used at Nojorono cigaretes, and he asked leasing(remboers) because to much cigarate in Bojonegora this time.(Rare Kretek Postal History,15th)
4)Toko “Bie” Songojoedan street Soerabaia private postcard with dai nippon Wayang 3cent stamps send from Soerabaja 7.1.04 tomKoedoes with Sencored abaout the recieved and payment of “Piano” Cigaret .restored card(postal History,7th)
5)Waiting the permission from Mr Nagano tu buy Strika(Iron) and two Pacul.(diary,20th)
6)Pemalang’s Arabic ethnic writer death certifiacte(document,27)
7)Soerabaja Syu Kigyo Tosei Kai recieved payment from Toko “Setoedjoe” with 15 cent Dai Nippon sun rays overorint revenue(postal history,31th)
7) I went to Jakarta to joint the second Tyo sangi in conference(diary,25th to Feb 7th)
8) Tjikakak Yakkyoku Bandoeng official with 3 ½ cent Ned,Indie stamps without overprint sent from Bandoeng Military cds 26.1.04 to Semarang without sencored, with Postal Propaganda Stamped “Alamat Sempoerna Dengan Menjeboet Djalan dan Nomor Roemah”about the price of Bottle , 20 sen.(postalhistory,26th)
9)Private inland trader card send from Malang 29.1.04 to Semarang with square Sencored chop and Dai Nippon Java Stamps 3 ½ cent Rice platation and Karbou red,about The children shoes sample.


11 February,1944
1) I went with Patih to Bondowoso to report the second Tyo sangi In conference , but We didn’t meet Syu Tyo kan becausae he have joined the Teacher’s Meeting.We only meet Naisei Butyo.(dairy,14 th)
2) I went to Bondowoso with the man who want to joined Peta Student training , but cann’t meet Syu Tyokan, anly meet Naise Butyo.
After that with Soeparwan the chief of Besoeki Syu famers to see the Rice planting technology demostration at Ardjasa. (dairy,23th)
3)Factuur recieved 12 dozen Boeboek Gosok Gigi(Teeth Paste) Bay Kong Siong Pasar Senen (Monday Market) Jakarta send by truck no 2 with common 15 cent Dai Nippon Sunrise Overprint(postal history, 24th)
4)In the afternoon there were the training of Huzinkai ,Kaibodan and Seinedan becauase will All Java traning , I with Mr Sasaki dan Huku Kentyo came to see that training until 7 p.m (dairy,26th)
5)All The official officer from Djoerangsapi ken from 10.30 am to 6 pm , but 2.30 pm the Sirene about Dangares was blowlling , and I went back to office.(dairy,27)
6)People and Army joined the bigger war training (Latihan prang-prangan) in all of Java from Feb.28 to March 4th (dairy,28th)

1) Mr Suzuki from Keizebu have came about White linen to made the flag, and about Hookoo Kai Toa senso ,the Dai nippon Cherity Board( diary,1st)
2)Gunseikanbu no 2 about Tekisan Kanri Gutyoo, The Dai nippon Board to administrated the enemy property.Everybody who have keeping or adminsitrating the enemy properties much report to Tekisan Kanri. If didn’t obeyed this order will put in jail.(diary,1 st)
3)The Land text from Djakarta Tokubetu-Si, with Sunray overprint Revenue 15 cent and the PTT Dutch podstal recieved (Bedrag)with DJakarta Menteng circulair date stamps 28.3.04, the rate was changed fram 7 % to 3% Hand-chopped squeare, rare Postal Mark during Dai Nippon Occupation (postal historry,1th,23th and 28th)
Information from Mr Saki, that they cann’t added the cigaret.(diary,10th)
4) Mr kawawatta telphon about Jarak Platation in Djember and Lamongan, I will told the Kuntyo. (diary,11th)
5)Djawa Rengo Tai Ikoe Kai ‘s certificate that R.Soemarwan have finished the first Java Boedo traning(document ,18th)
6)The third Syuu Sangi Kai conference at Bondowoso .(diary,22th)
7)I made a training about Hookokai to Kutyo from Kalisat and majong .(diary,26th)
8)I went with Mr Poegoeh to Toegoesari Dam for the ricefield’s developed 100 ha, and saw the best cotton field and Rabur and coffee platations was cuted to made Jarak Plantation.(diary, 28th)
9)BPP office have made a ceremony to honored seven man who want to join the Peta Officer’s training at Bogor .(diary,30th)
10)I have seen Syoogootai at Aloen-aloen and Syutyokan have came threre(diary,31th)


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1.JANUARY 1943

(1)2603(1943) New Year’s ceremony with the regent of Dai Nippon Military Administration(Gunseikanbu) at “Balai pertemoean“ Meeting room due to Colonel Miyamoto’s investation “Undangan” , 2 PM (dairy,1st)

(2) Lunch at Colonel Miyamoto’s house (dairy,3rd)

(3) In this night there were incident about “Use Indonesian Language”, Colonel Miyamoto order to change with “Use Nippon and Indonesia language”, and Ducth language forbidden .( dairy, 4th)

(4) The first learning book about “Bahasa Indonesia”(Indonesia Lenguage, before Dutch was used Melayoe Language) with new method writen by Armijn Pane, product “Oesaha Baroe Djakarta”Jacatra New movement.1943.
Dai Nippon Military Administration used this book as propaganda against Dutch Language and the using Nippon language as we could readed in page134 “Sekarang zaman baroe (now new era),Toean soeka lagi pake (Mester still like using) bahasa Belanda(Dutch lengauge) ? Toean tidak tahoe (Mr didn’t now) bahasa Belanda tidak boleh dipakai lagi(Dutch language forbidden to use anymore)-(document, 1943)

(5)Writen letter from Moh Kafrawi to Mr Budhyarto, about a white “Kain” for his friend’s wife who just delivary a baby, because in Bondowoso the white “kain” not found anymore. This letter put in the dairy. At least he write Arrigato Gozaimazen(Thank You very much) (document,7th)

(6) 10.30 am, Mr Moestopo was phoned to came at Ken Pei Tai office with the key of Meeting Room and when come back he put the Meeting Room ’s key , but mr Noguchi , Satoh and Leutenant Kii said that the wrong information by The Dai Nippon ‘s spy, because they want the key of Dutchman house in the front of Meeting Room.
Due to Spies information I keep that key, I told them that I didn’t keep the key. At a moment they phoned that the key keep by Sontyo(Japanese village’s chief), after that Mr Noguchi said o.wrong.wrong and the go back .(dairy,9th)

(7)Handdrawing on the back of Dai Nippon 3 ½ cent Postcard from solo in city 9.1.03 . Interesting drawing, with narative “ada air djarang mas?”(Have boil water brother?)”tidak, kadau air grondol ada( No,if grondol water yes), grondol means ???( postal history,9th).

(8)Lunch at Colonel Miyamoto house after saw the film in the meeting room.(dairy,10 th)

(9)2 pm went to Colonel Miyamoto house to bring an Scorpion orchid flower to plant at his garden.
After that went to my house and have lunsced, whe went by “dokar” Horsecycle car.(dairy,11th)

(10) Mr Kawada from Basuki-Syuu Jail, Nippon military, and Judge came to buy Battery and soap.
I told them that every village and town in the Basuki area have their own battery , forbidden to sold to another area, including to the Dai Nippon officers.
6 pm, Colonel Miyamoto came and I bring him back home, after that I wrote a report about HK and send via Mr Soetarman , becau se tomorrow he will go to Bondowoso (dairy,12th)

(11) Indonesian Chief(Patih) asked to made the propaganda picture’s show, only one day in the Meeting Room. (dairy,22th)

(12)Mr Gotada and Mr Nakamura came and asked about Propaganda Pictures show without Dai Nippon Military Adminsitration’s permission and they want to close the Meeting Room.
I told them that Mr Fuku-Kentyo(Village Vice Chief) was asking the permission , I think he have that permission.
I asked forgived , and another time will more carefully.(dairy,23)

(13)Dai Nippon propaganda in the low school ex libis “ Pasar Kliwon Sekolah rakjat “ with 43 item interesting pictures.one in the chapter cover illustration.(documet)

(14)In the afternoon with Colonel Nakamura made short Nippon course (dairy,26th)

(15) Rare latest used the return card (kartoe Balasan) of “DEI Atwoord Briefcard” send from Soerabaja 22.1.03 in city, the late used DEI Return card,although Dutch language forbidden to used.(postal history ,22th)

(16) The Recceipt of trading 8 Batik sarong a’ 22 gulden with Dai Nippon Plakzegel 15 cent,(postal history ,27th)

(17)The earliest used common Dai Nippon char Postal stationer,send from Poerwodadi Kedoe 26.1.03 to Kendal 27.1.03 with Pen paraf sencored (Postal History,26th)

(18)With Kentyo go to Bondowoso meeting about Venduumester leasing with properties & valuable assets borg (ahli rumah gadai) (dairy,27th)

(19)The earliest used rare, combine char Briefkaart Kartoepos DAI NIPPON 31/2 cent DEI type Karbouw Postal stationer without sencored ,send from Djokjakarta 28.1.03 to Semarang (Postal History,28 th)

(20)Offial C7 Sign Control Card issued in Batoe Feb.21.1942, still valid until March 1944, the duct char Naam(name) , Beroep(jabatan),Adres , de identiteit is vegesteld were overprint manual with Indonesia character. But no date ,The queen face on the DEI stamp didn’t overprint. This wrong because during DN the queen photo forbidden to used or show. (postal history)


(1) at 10.15 am, Basuki Syutyokan (the chief of Residentie Basuki) with Mr Kooda, Kentyo (Village’s chief) and Patih (Native chief) have seen aound HK office and storage, and at 10.30 am went to Shomin Ginko (Bank).
Syutyokan asked me to work carefully and the same to Kentyo .(dairy, 2nd).

(2) The blank Cheque of Syomin Ginko , all in Indonesia character (document)

(3)Ken Pei Tai asked to buy soap with basic price.(Ken Pei Tai buy soap, dairy,3rd)

(4) Deer Horn,type Mendjangan, was given to Colonel Miyamoto as a gift for Syutyokan(dairy,7 th)

(5) Mr Soetarman phoned, about the chinines( malaria medicine) for police agents in south shore .
I have told him that the Police agent have that pills, but if they need more asked dr Oetomo at Tanggoel Polyclinic where more medicines.
(dairy, 8th)
(6) The German Libiermann Waelchi * co Private Postcard with DEI 31/2 cent stamps without overprint,not sencored, with the Head of Djakarta Post Office handchoped on Stamps
CDS Djakarta 10.2.03 to Malang.(postal history , 10th)

3. MARCH 1943

(1) Express sold “Batik” linen at Kenyokusho room at 5-8 pm,but 6.30 pm all 13 “kodi” (12 dozen) were sold and many people cann’t buyed.(dairy, 4th)

(2) The receipt of March ,27, 2602 was paid in March,20 th at Soerabaia with The Earliest used Dai Nippon Risingsun limabelas sen revenue overprint DEI revenue .(Postal History,20th)

(2) Ex coconut oil container must given back and must have permission to sold , HK Djoerangsapi have 2355 cans and Blawan 6000 cans , good condition cans only 4700. Mr Saki want to buy the ex cans. But Basoeki-syu afraid this can will export aout of the Basoeki-syu , I have send the letter for permission to sold taht cans but no answer.(dairy, 22th)
(3) Mr Tan Bing Hwie from Tao A Sho Kai bring the letter from Mr Namuri, Tohiso Kabushiki Kaisa for seeking the Nails,teer,zink and cement. I told that he must go to Bondowoso to have the permision ( diary, 27th)
(4) Private Postcard with DEI 31/2 cent stamp without overprint send from Koperki (Koempoelan Peroesahan Koelit Indonesia)-Indonesia Calf industry Probolinggo 18.3.03 to Soerabaja 22.3-03.(postal history, 18 th)

4. APRIL 1943

(1) Dai Nippon Almanac Boelan Tiga 2603.
(2) The Tax office Semarang about the sum’s tax (penetapan Padjak) of the year 2602 (document,1st)
(3) The Receipt of toko Setoedjoe buying things 1496 gulden, with Sunrise Dainippon revenue limabelas sen overprint DEI Revenue ( postal history, 2th)
(4) Dai Nippon Tikyusetu day from Almanac ,Boelan Tiga ,2603(document,6 th)
(5) From this day HK (Humiai Kumia= CV) under Djoerangsapi Kentyo, if need Kentyo will contact Basoeki Syuutyo Keinzabu.The first Dai Nippon administration civil trader.(diary,7th)
(6) a)At 10.00 am, I went to railway station to honored Mr Sasaki from Rikuyu Jimusho Cho moved Jakarta as Seibu (Vice) Rikuyu (Train) Kyoku(Office) Djakarta, I ddn’t Understand , no one Indonesian people who wasn’t Rikuyu officer came (dairy, 10th)
b)Dai Nippon Rikugun Kinenbi day,from Almanac 2603,Boelan Tiga(document, 10th)
(7) Mr Sontyo (Chief of the village) Djoerangsapi as the order of Balatentara(Army) Dai Nippon open HK in Sunday because military want to buy Cigarates.
I have told him, HK was an office not retailed shop, to help Dai Nippon Army, some Cigars could buy in Banjoemas shop, if the need another things there were in the storage room , Mr Sungkono had the key .(diary,13th).

(5) Mr Tjan Hwan Hing from Amboeloe didn’t want to be the distributor of Coconut oil and soap because the prize didn’t enough to operational cost .
He asked too about night round watch for Tionghoa people like at Amboeloe, I have told him that I don’t know, better he asked Mr Guntyo.( diary, 14th)

(7)Djawa Baroe (New Java) Magazine postcard Djakarta send to Mr L.C.DamaisbPekalongan Street vDjakarta about magazine no 6 abonement payment, Qeen Wilhelmina stamps forbidden to used, postal return to sender (postal history ,15th)

(8) a.Dai Nippon Syunkikoreisai day,from almanac 2603,boelan Tiga( document,21st)
b.The late Dai nippon Postcard brown paper type from Jogya 21..4.03 to Semarang without Sencored choped only handsign (postal History,21st)
(9) Mr Kin Mei want to stop as cigaret distributions. I aske him to sold to Bali where the cigaret more fast sold.(diary, 22th)
(10) Chinese Khong Hoe Tjoe (Confucius) Imemmorial day ,almanac 2603 (document ,23rd)
(11) Mr Kafrawi telphone to stop the Soap selling, because the price will change, wait the new price ( diary ,27th)
(12) Kantor Penetapan Padjek Pemerintah Balatentara dai Nippon (The Tax Office of Dai nippon military adminstration) Soerabaja used Dutch east Indie Tax Form (document,28th)

5. MAY 1943

(1)Almanac 2603,Boelan Ampat with Proganda writing “Sawah Ladang Poesaka Kita. Hasilkanlah berlipat Ganda!” Ricefield Our Heritage. Made Product Multiple (document,1st)
(2)Tan Koen Swie ‘s Native Java character book, sold by Perpustakaan Bahasa with dai Nippon katakana char, Malioboro-Jogja(document)
(3)Dai Nippon Military from Soerabaja want to buy Nails(Pakoe), I told them that must have permission from Bondowoso and the Liang Yoe soap asked by Soerabaya have send to Bondowoso this day.(diary, 1st)
(4) Dai Nippon Zinmu Tennosai day from Almanac 2603( document ,3rd)
(5) Chinese Tjing Bing day ,15 th day after Chinese New Year (document , 5th)
(6) Davros Cigaretes must sold and the unsold Cigaretes will send back to Djakarta.
Desnood and Silver city Cigar-etes sold below Market price because it will be broken .(diary,13th)
(7) The earliest Dai Nippon Jogya Senchored Choped on Dai Nippon 3 ½ cent postcard white paper type from Djogjakarta 31.5.03 to Semarang.(Postal History ,31th)

6. June 1943

(2) Dai Nippon Tentyosetu day ,almanac 2603 (document,29th)

2.3 JUNE 1943
(1)Dai Nippon Java Almanac ,Boelan Enam with Propaganda writing “Kita Lemah Negeri Meosnah! Kita Sehat Negeri Kuat! We Weak Country broken! We Health Country Strong! (document,1st)
(2)Anniversery one years Rikuyu (Train) and Denki (diary,1st)
(3)I went to Tax office and told them that the Papera was died because all the money collected by HK as the Dai Nippon Military Administrations distributions board.
I have told Mr Kafrawi that my travelling’s cost as to Bondowoso paid alone by myself. (diary,2 nd)

(4) Gas and Electric Batavia Bedrif (bill) still used Dutch East Indie administration form , late Used .(document,7th)

(4)I went to Bondowoso to look the show of Basoeki Syuu product after Dai Nippon occupations (diary, 12 th)

(5)The map of Java and Bali island keep by Mr Sato(Ken Pai Tai) (diary,26th)
(6)Dai Nippon Kaigun Kinenbi, almanac 2603 (document,27th)
(7)The Delegation of Perwari Djakarta came and discussed about trading(diary,30)

7. JULY 1943

(1) The chief of Yubinkyoku(Post office) came and suggest to save money at Postspaarbank(Postal Saving Bank) (diary, 1 st)
(2) The chief of KPT office came and Mr Matsusaki with Mr Poegoeh accompany to recieved the letter about the charity for “orang soetji’Holy persons.(diary,3rd)
(3) Dai Nippon Taisyohotabi day,Dai Nippon Java Almanac (document,8th)
(4) Mr Njono Pranoto from “POETERA” (POESAT Tenaga Rakjat) The Center of People power, came to discuss about their organization(diary,9th)
(5) Kiaji (islamic leader) came to discuss about “POETERA” , and in 3.30 pm Ken Pai Tei come to asked about Religious organization, I told them the chief Besoeki Tyo was Mr Moh.Saleh , but in August 1942 the organi-zation was banned.(diary,9th)
(6) The meeting at Aloon (wide area in the center of city) about how to made America and English broken down and money saving.(diary ,10 th)
(7) Islamic Mirad Nabi Moehamad S.A.W, Dai Nippon Java almanac (document, 13th)
(8) Osami Seirei no 22 about civil NGO school.(document,21th)
(9) Soerakarta Zaisan Kanri Sikyoku letters about leasing at Toko Fuji Solo must come to that office for paying the lend’s money 2,93 gulden,(document,24th)
(10) Telphone from Gunyakusho about to open the school (diary,28th)
(11) Telphon from Brother(MAS) Boen at 2.45 pm, about he must went to Djakarta and report to Gunseikanbu Kakka( The Chief of Military Administration Indonesia) and after that went to Nippon (diary,30th)

8. August 1943

(1) Dai Nippon Java Almanac 2603 with Propaganda writing “Biasa Menaboeng Toea Terlindung” Common Saving Older Protect
( document,1st)
(2) I went to Ken Pei Tai office with Mr Poegoeh and Mr Dhowandi, to asked our letter about the charity to Dai Nippon Military Administration, they told us that that letter was up to Syutiokan Kakka (diary,4th)
(3) Taisyohotabi day,Dai Nippon Java Almanac 2603 (document ,8th)
(4) Mangkoenegaran Kochi Eirin Syo Tyo (Pembesar Djawatan Kehoetanan M.N) Forest Office , about lend manoy to Fuji office , tehy don’t have lend that money,
(document, 19th)

(5) Osamu Seirei (Order) no. 31 tentang Rapotan Oto (Car Report)
Auto dan Sepeda Motor (car and Motorbike) harus me-nyampaikan Soerat Repotan (must send car report letter) .
Auto Biasa (Common Car)
a. Cadillac,Packard,Lincoln year type 1938,
b.Dodge, De Soto, Buick ,Chrysler ,Plymouth, Chevrolet , Ford year type 1939.
c. Auto Gerobak (Pick Up) kecuali (except) Autobis(bus) Auto istimewa (Specia) : Ford, Chevrolet , Dodge, Fargo , Bedford, GMC year 1939.
d. Motorbike: Harley Davidson yaers taype from 1939.
Gunseikanbu can changed that car with another car , with the price compensation.
If didn’t obeyed this order, will be punished 3 month and porto(denda) pay 500 gulden (document, 24th)


(1) Ken Pei Tai and Mr Prajogo came to my office , they asked about Rice distribution and I gave them the information.(diary,2nd)
(2) Mr Sontyo order HK to sold rice only to Ken-,Gun; and Son Yakusho and HK members (diary, 8th)
(3) Official Takhisan Kanrika bandoeng Sibu Pariangan Syuutyo sencored letter free postal , postal used Bandoeng 4.9.03 , about hIs house under The Enemy Belonging Control Board , and must pay “Sewa rumah ”House charge every month before 5th. (Postal History,30th)
(4) The Bondowoso ‘s Police Kesatsu-butyo officer asked the informations about the man who helped Dai Nippon Military (diary,18 th)
(5) I work hard this day to distribution linens for Lebaran(Islamic Fest ) at Sunday.(Diary,19th)
(6) DAINIPPON ORDER NO.30 ABOUT THYUUO SANGIIN, THE INDONESIAN NATIONAL BOARD UNDER THE DAI NIPPON MILITARY ADMINISTRATION, WITH DUTY TO ANSWER THE SAIKKO SIKKIKAN (The highest chief of Dai Nippon Military Adminstration) and give “oesoel-oesoel” the action plan proposal to Saikko Sikkikan.
Tyuoo sangiin have Giin-members ,Zimukyoku-The Office officers and also have Gityoo(Chief of board) and Hukugityo(Vice of Board). This board like House representative (diary,5 th)

(6)Syukikoreisai day,Almanac Dai Nippon Java 2603 (document,23th)
(7) Khong Hoe Tjoe Birthday,Dai Nippon Java Almanac 2603 (document,26th)
(8) 40 Anggota (Members) Tjoeoeo sangi-In 2603, with one Gitjoe,Ir Soekarno and two Foekoe –Gitju RMAA KOESOEMO from Djakarta Tokoebetsoe –si and Dr R.Boentaran Martoatmodjo from Semarang, with their small photo illustration (Document 1943)

10.OCTOBER 1943

(1)a.Progadanda writing “ Berikan segala korban Agar Moesoeh dimoesnakan” Give all sacrifices and Enemies will be dissolved,
b. Idoelfitri , Islamic commerative day after fasting,
Dai Nippon Java Almanac (document ,1st)
(2)I went to Bondowoso with Sangikai Gun from Djoerangsapi with Mr Poegoeh car to accept the order as Giin at Basoekisyuu Sangi Kai , the dairy writer photo were in the Tjoeoe Sangi In List 2003, (dairy,1st)
(2)Osamu Serei (Order) no. 44, October.3,2603 about PETA (PEMBELA TANAH AIR), THIS HOMELAND DEFENDER’S JAVA ISLAND AND GREAT EAST ASIA.(document, 3rd)
(3) Kannamesai day,Dai Nippon Java Almanac (document,17th)

11. NOVEMBER 1943
(1) Meizisetu day, Dai Nippon Java Almanac 2603 (document,3rd)
(2) I have an order from Y.H. Naisebutyo went to YH Syutokan for reported about Tyoo Sangi In at Nov, 5th, and I asked the Car because very busy to lend .(dairy,4th)
(3)This day I am going to Bondowoso “matur” YH Syutyokan with Mr patih and Mr Moebagio, we talked about Tyo Sangi In and the Rice not enough
I asked the “POETRA” organization’s fast devolopment
We have Dinner with Syutyokan (diary,5th)
(4) PETA army propaganda conference at Kenyakusho for Kentyo ,Guntyo , and Sontyo. From 12 a.m -3.15 pm (diary,9th)
(5) Mr Solakan c/o Neseibutyo telpnone about charity fund 500 gulden must send via Syuotyokan Soerabaja ,don’t straight to Engokai Funds .
I told him that the straight send depand on The I told him that the straight send depand on The ok Chokin Ginko adviced .(diary,18th)
(6)Private cardnsend without stamps to Kotubu Bunsitu bandoeng , with Dai Nippon character recived and choped 19.11.03(document,19th)
(7) Minamesai day,Dai Nippon Java Almanac ( document,23th)
(8) Djawa denki Djigyo Sha ,November 1943 ‘s electric bond.(document)

12. DECEMBER 1943
(1) Propaganda writing”Perang Asia,perang kita.Asia menang,kita girang.Asia war , Our war. Asia win we are Happy. Dai nippons java Almanac 2603 (document, 1st)
(2) Sencored Postcard Dsai Nippon 31/2 cent from Jogyakarta 2.12.03 to Semarang(Postal History,2nd)
(2) Kao Sai day, dai Nippon java almanac 2603 (document,8 th)
(3) Taisyo Tennosai day,Dai Nippon Java almanac 2603 (document ,25th)
(4) PETA cadet Honory meeting at Bondowoso(diary,,28th)
(5) Sencored Postcard From Tjoa Kee Tjong Mojokerto 30.12.03 to Koedoes , about the recived of Kretek Cigaret cap Pala.
(6)The Honored meeting for Peta Officer.(diary,28th)
(7)The lunch at the House of Djorangsapi’s Police chief. (diary,31th)


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CHAPTER ONE – DAI NIPPON RECAPITULATION JAVA – In March 2002 – Before, During and After

2.1.1 JANUARY 1942



3) Officail Free of Port native letter from Semarang Inspectuer of Finace CDS 30.1.42 in city postally used not sencored (Postal History,30th)

4) DEI Change of Adress card (Kartoe Pindah) dancer 2 cent, postally used from Soerabaja 29.1.42 in city. Rare used card,because many of this card overprint by Dai Nippon at Sumatra, and very short used after Dai Nippon Capitulation in 1942, after april 1943 all DEI with Dutch Character forbidden to used.

2.1.2 FEBRUARY 1942


2) ,Official C7 Contol Card with DEI Konijnenberg 10 cent CDS Batavia centrum, 11.2.42 . This Card belong to Indonesian Medical Doctor Sjofian Rassat later he became the dean Of Indonesian University medical Faculty,valid until Feb 1944(postal history , 11th)




5) JAVA SEA WAR , THE DUTCH AND ALLIED WARSHIP BURNED De Ruyter ,Java,Kortnaer,and broken & Sunk during voyage to Australia in Sunda strait. HMS Electra and Jupiter,

2.1.2 MARCH 1942

1)DAI NIPPON LANDING AT JAVA’S SHORE UNDER COMMAND LEU-TENANT GENERAL HITOSI IMMAMURA, THE THE ARMY XVITH CHIEF, THE 2ND ARMY DEVISION COMMAND BY Mayor general Maruyama, 48th Devision Command by Mayor General Tsuchihashi, Brigade command by Mayor General Sakaguchi and Resimen command by Colonel Shoji.
The Landing area Banten shore at Merak, Kranggan Rembang, Eretan Wetan Indramyu .
The attack’s rute, Merak-Serang-Rangkasbitung-Leuwiliang-Buitenzorg (Bogor) -Kragilan-Tangerang-Batavia
The allied Army warship broken at Sunda straight: USS Houston,HMS Perth; Broken in Java Sea during escaped to Surabaya: HMS Exeter and USS Pope, (Dairy, March 1st)




This evening Batavia city was fallen to Dai Nippon Military Forces, during that time I have seen the student still learned in the room (now Art Faculty ‘s library) , and in The front room I saw Prof Soepomo with batik ”sarong and java head cup”Blankon”. In the truck Prof Bernet Kempers,Prof Waltheim say hello with up their hand. All the Dutch, British and Australia put in jailed AS APRISONER OF WAR(POW) .(dairy,March,8th)


2.2.7 MARCH 8th 1942
General Immamura didn,t want to made a meeting to Ex Gouvenpr General Tjarda. He only want to meet the DEI Regent who have the legitameted official powers.

2.2.2 MARCH 9TH 1942
One PM Nippon Time, at Kalidjati Military airpost near Subang west Java.



1) APRIL-JULY 1942

a.APRIL 1942


(2)NO POSTAL ADMINISTRATION in Java until 4th April 1942 (POSTAL HISTORY,Bandoeng FEB 27th ,recieved Tjiandjoer Feb.27.42 , NOT FOUND THE ADDRESS , return to sender from TJIANDJOER April. 4th return to Bandoeng.

(3)RECEIPT OF buying Papers of Lindeteves Stokvis (Dutch bigger Store) Surabaya with Dutch Indie revenue(POSTAL HISTORY,3 th)

(4) DAI NIPON MILITARY OVERTOON ,revenue 15 cent Dutch East Indie. AT Malang 14.4.1942 , Dai Nippon Calender notyet used.
The Dutch character “Ollanda jang berlakoe di Hindia Nederland” was overprint manual with” Balatentara Dai Nippon” THE EARLIEST DAINIPPON MILITARY USED ON OFFICIAL DOCU-MENT TWO WEEKS AFTER DECAPI-TULATION ( RARE POSTALHISTORY ,APRIL ,14th)

(5)DEI Radio Liscence, renewed with Dai Nippon postal circulaired date stamped , ONLY COULD HEAR ONE CHANEL.DAI NIPPON (Postal History):
(a) Situbondo 15.5.42.(still Euro calender)

(b)Soerabaja 23.5.02 ( the earliest used of Nippon’s calender)


b.MAY 1942

(a) Chokin Kyoku form
(b) Choki Kyoku stamp
(c) Chokin Kyoku card(Kartoe Taboengan Pos)

(2)Bandung, Receipt of diamond (Berlian) transactions.140 Rp, with Dutch East Indie revenue.(2nd)

(3)A Letter send from Bandung to Semarang BUT NO comunication and information ( notes on postcard ,16 th)

(4) Soerabaja Tax office ,Dutch and Indonesia char form , Fee Tax ,native paper. (document,29 th)

c.JUNE 1942

(1) TRAVELLING FROM BANDUNG TO TEGAL WITH DAI NIPPON PASPORT ,notes on postcard (postal history. 11st)

(2) Electricity Receipt, still used Dutch East Indie Company, N.V. Algemen Nederlandsch –Indische Electrisiteit Maatscappij (documet,26 th)

d.JULY 1942

(1)Receipt of Buying Man Bicycle DVB , 26 Rupiah , used DEI revenue .(postal history,7th)

(2)THE Dai Nippon Revenue sheet combined 2602-Zegel van Ned.Indie ,not list in Voose ‘ Revenue Catalogue, very rare , LETTER OF FINISHING SCHOOL(Soerat Tamat Beladjar), The low technical school of Magelang(Sekolah Pertoekangan)-the earliest Dainippon Revenue Sheet form (Postal History,10 th.)

(3) Chinese book, with Dai Nippon permission for book’s product learns Chinese Kuo You without teacher vol 1 and 2 July,11th 2602 with Dai Nippon Choped “ pada tanggal 11 Djoeli 2620, telah diizinkan menerbitkan boekoe Kuo Yu zonder guru,djilid 1 dan 2”(document, 11th)


a.AUGUST 1942

(1) Buying Rice 1800 kg a’ 5,90 gulden minus 4 gld per kwintal from Pasoeroean.
Meeting with Mr Kayama about Soya and rice for Dai Nippon Military (dairy,1 st)

(2) Private Postcard with 31/2 cent Karbouw DEI Stamps , CDS Poerwodadi-Grobokan, 3.8.02 , to Semarang about send the coconut- coal 3 tjikar-Traditional horse-car -55 keranjang (rattan box) The earliest Nippon calender used postal circulare Date stamped (postal history,3 th)

(3)Soap and coconut oil from MJ Formosa must sold retailed due to Mr Soerejadi Telphone. (dairy,6 th)

(4) All Rice send by IRA ship must had Permission, according bto Mr Soedjono (dairy,8th)

(5)DEI Postcard without DN Overprint, sand from small village Pakis-Guntyo, DIE Round type House of Delivery (Rumah Pos) handstamped and CDS Maoes.11.8.02.( Rare postal History.11st)

(6)Must made new license of permission to send Rice from Dai Nippon Civil Bondowoso, old Permission not Accept(dairy,15 th)

(6)Magazine “Pandji Poetaka” 15 Agoestoes 2602 tahoen XX (document,15 th)
(a) Ephemera: 8 items
(b) Photo:28 item
(c) Special Informations
(d) comic:Nasroen;Nachoda Goma.

(7) Conference with Military-office Guntyo Majong, about the things from Dai Nippon with Mr Soeharto from Rambipoedji(Dairy, 17 th)

(8) All Basoeki-Syuu conference at Bondowoso (dairy-18 th)

(9) Recieved from Mr Kho 20 Blik for Bondowoso and 15 blik(container) for Soerabaya based on Mr Kafrawi Interlocal. Adn Paperi asked Kaoes beslahan , soap 9 wooden box, 4 for Bondowoso and 5 for Djoerangsapi(dairy.20th)


(1) DEI Postcard 31/2 cent send from Bandoeng 3.9.02 to Soerabaia, about the technical work in Ice Fabrique Isamu had finished and oprational, asking peremisiion to cameback to Soerabaya(3th)


(3)Kem Pei Tai (DAI NIPPON MILITARY POLICE), asked the property of Hai Kyu Kumiai Ima PPRD (the Dai Nippon Distributions Board), and I prepared the administration until 1 PM, and send to City Police via their police Agent bring to Bondowoso with train 7 AM tomorrow(diary,15th)

(4) Dai Nippon Miltary Tax Office (Kantor Pendaftaran Padjak Pemerintah Balatentara Dai Nippon, NO FREE POSTAL, SEND WITH DEI stamp dancer 5 cent , CDS Soerabaia 24.10.02.
(Postal History ,24th)

(5)Conference with Mr Suzuki and Mr Controleur about the Soap and Coconat oil for train’s members .(dairy,26th)

c.OCTOBER 1942

(1)”Benang’ only sold idepend on the list of “Jahitan”,without list forbidden to sld(dairy,1 st)

(2)Mr Han Oen Koei, Dowo Malang Bireou, sold Sardines , Singer nails, “Benang”Elephant and Anchor markand Tomato sauoce(dairy.7th)

(3)Conference with Your Majesty Ken Tyo (the chief of Office) and Sumo BU Tyo about HK and IMA PPPR, Soap distribution.(dairy,15th)

(4)Telephone from Bondowoso about Rikuyu(train transportation) and Zizuka cigarete were send to Djoerangsapi.(dairy,27 th)


(1)Rikuyu(Train transportation) fee 6-7 cent per 100kg, and 6 cent for the Bagage pulling to HK , because it nearly from station .(dairy,7th)

(2)Receipt of the bus travel ‘s from Solo-Semarang go-return, 55,15 Rp with handchoped more than one hours much paid f.50 per hours.15 cent for revenue ,used the Dai Nippon PlakZegel.Solo 9.11.02 , the first combine type betwen Dai Nippon and DEI.(postal history .9th)

(3)conference wit Mr Machmoed from Djati Stree, about the Horse from Bima.the famous horse’s milk (dairy, 18th)

(4)To Bondowoso and came to Your mayesty Koro for introduce myself. Why this day, because I am very busy because to much work.
Mr Koro, asked how much HK margins trade,I anwered about1700 gulden minus operational cost 10.000 gulden= 700 gulden.
Mr Koro asked don’t give to Much for the “Andil”Bonds qwners, give the 12 %, and some give to help national disaster like float or to “Jarak” and “Kapas” plantation which need to product “kain”.
During War didn’t need tomuch tade’s margin, but The Chnese and Arabic trader didn’t like it.
I have told MR Koro, that I was forced to work by Kentyo Djoerang-sapi because before I am a freeman( diary,20th)

(5) Books,Pictures and dagger was took by Mr Yaku and Kaneko from Kam Pei Tai was (dairy,30th)


(1)Three Nippon asked the Keys of Storage building,one with Uniform, and they pulled two picture and another picture they putted in the dark room.(dairy,5th)

(2) The chief of Djoerangsapi Middle School, Mr Moebangio report that he have an order from Bondowoso to use HK Building for upgrade the school.(dairy, 10th)

(3)A Letter from KedoengLoemboe, 14.12.2602, with Kedungloemboe Azatyo official handchoped, about the new pikoekoeh ‘s letter(14th)

(4)Official Dai Nippon “Balai Pengoreoesan Peroesahan Tenoen “ Priangan Syuu Bandung asked to filled the Income fee form , postally used DEI stamps without DN overprint 2x Dancer 5 cent, CDS Bandoeng 2.12.02(postalhistory,2nd)

(5 )Cover from Tekisan-kanribu-Chosaka (Enemies property Board) Batavia, send with DEI stamps Danser without ovrprint 5.12.02 with Dai Nippon sencored chopped to the Netherlands Famale association (Ned.Vrouwenbond) Djakarta, but didn’t found , send back to sender.(postal history, 5 th).

(6) The Letter of Dai nippon official lend the card, Opel Olympia 1938, belong to Hade isdafran, with Ozawa-sho chop. About the car’s lend, look at The Dai Nippon order no.31. date 24.8.03. (document,31th).

the end @copyright Dr Iwan Suwandy 2011

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Page 04-Sept.1945(file code :4509)


. SEPTEMBER 1st 1945

(1)The National salute “MERDEKA” was officially announce with one hand up at the ear level with five fingers ,meaning that the state of Republic Indonesia based one five sila(Panca sila) and Red-white pin start to use(D).

(2)Van Mook, Dutch Letnant-Governor General of the Indies, met British Lord Mountbatten in Ceylon and asked that Japanese troops still in Indonesia be ordered by the British to suppress the Republican gfoverment be the Japanese delay.(The Republican especially the youngmen very fast movement to got the guns from Japanese except the biggest city like Semarang and Surabaya –auth)(D)

September ,4th 1945

(1)Indonesia Red Cross was inagurated.(D)

(2)Dutch aeroplanes flea above Jakarta, everybody were waited the British Allied Forces (D).

September.5th 1945

(1)Radio limited channels licensed Certificate, in the Japanese and Indonesia character form and the radio’channel have been protected only for the japanese program , with theDai Nippon official stamped that radio have protected (D)

(2)Sultan Hemangkubuwono IX and Paku Alam VIII declare that their kingdome to be part of Indonesia . The copy on their statement (Jogja Government,1952):

(1.1)The Statement of Hemangkubuwono IX

Sri Paduka Inkeng Sinuwun Kangdjeng Sultan.

We hemangku Buwono IX. Sultan Negeri Ngajogjakarta hadiningrat announced:

– That the State of Ngajogjakarta Hadiningrat as the Kingdom was the state of Republic Indonesia’s special area.

– That we as the Area Chief holded all the power in the State of Ngajogjakarta Hadiningrat , and because of the situation this time, all the government administration in the state of Ngajogjakarta Hadiningrat since this time under our hand and other powers we handed all.

– That because the straight relationship between the state of Ngajogjakarta hadiningrat and the central government of the state of republic Indonesia. We have the straight responsibility to the President of Republic Indonesia.

– We order all the citizen in the country Ngajogjkarta hadiningrat to obey this statement.

– Ngajogjakarta Hadiningrat 28 Puasa Ehe 1876 or 5-9-1945.Hamenbgku Buwono IX (D)

(1.2)The statement of Paku Alam VII
Sri Paduka Kangdjeng Gusti

Pangeran Adipati Ario Paku Alam

We Paku Alam VIII the chief of Paku- Alaman state , Ngajogjakarta Hadiningrat country, declare :

-That the state of Paku-Alaman, as the Kingdom were the Special area of the State of Republic Indonesia.

-That we as the areal chief handed all the power in the state of Paku-Alaman and that is way because of the recent situation all the government in the state of Paku-Alaman start from this day and other power were in our hands.

-Between The state of Paku-Alaman and the central Government of Republic Indonesia have the straight relationship and we have responsibility straight (langsung) to the President of Republic Indonesia (D)

(d) The photo of the first Cabinet , command straight by President Sukarno were born this day (P)

September.6th 1945

(1) The allies Radio have informed that Lord Louis Mountbatten as the chief of South East Asia Command (SEAC)’s Allied armed forces ,Singapore as the headquaters.

He have ordered the Dai Nippon Gunseirekan to dismissed the State Of Republic Indonesia(NRI) and captured their leaders and brought to the allies.

This informations was made the Japanese became strong again and have insiatived to fight against the Native Indonesia peoples. (D)

(2) The Vintage photo of Lord Mountbatted (P)


September,8th 1945

(1)Seven Laisson officers of Allied Mission was landed by parachutes at Kemayoran airport. They have duties to report the situations of Republic Indonesia as the preparations of Allied armed forces


.September,9th 1945 __________________________________________

(1)Japanese armed forces in eastern area Indonesi finally surrender to Australian allied forces at Morotsai and Timor Kupang harbor(D)

(2)Postally used Dai Nippon Java 31/2 cent postcard , the rate still same before Independence proclamation in Java (altough in july 1945 the Dai Nippon Postal Administration had annouced the increase of Postal rate, but in java cann’t done but in Sumatra the increase of postal rate had done, Read Dai Nippon in Java-auth), send from CDS Bogor 8.9.05 to Djakarta without sencored.

Communication between E.A.Portier Nisja 35 Bandoori 7 street(still japanese name-auth) to Ch.Poiri about the bigger fiesta with 1000 invitations, but many couldn’t came. The first priest couldn’t came, the second priest were sicked since two weeks, and the third priest work outside the town.

My brother and sisters also haven’t came and I had sicked since one week .

Why the grand ma XXXVI years old , not 35 , must study again, please dodn’t made a joke on me.

In the nex Tuesday or Wednesday ,here will be KERK(church) concert that is way we cann’t go to Djakarta.

Dad very angry that you didn’t came

Because you have promise( Because the worst situation the Fieasta not succeed, everybody was afraid to went out their own houses, also they cann’t travel out of the city –auth)


.September ,10th 1945


(a)Four days after the Allied’s Radio informed status Quo before allied came , the Dai Nippon Gunseirekan announced that the Dai Nippon Government willn’t gave the power to the State of Republic Indonesia, but to Allies.(D)

(b)The Small -size Receipt of Government house rental (Hudoosan Kan Koodan) Kedoe-shuu Magelang,to pay the rental of the house at Bajoeman Street no.36, for KU-Gatsu (August?) F.32.81, with 15 cent Dai Nippon Java revenue and official stamped(PH)(This was the latest document of Dai Nippon administration collection at Magelang, because in October there were the battle between the allies & Dai Nippon with the Republic Indonesia soldier and youngmen people powers in Semarang,Ambarawa and Magelang .

I have seen a Dutchmen’s collection of document with Dai Nippon Magelang leges used in September or more later month . If some one have the Java or Sumatra’s document or postal history in October –December 1945 please inform us –auth)

(c) Off cover Deffinitive Dai Nippon sumatra stamps 2 x 2 cent, postally used Dai Nippon character date stamped :

Padang Pandjang .20.9.12 = September .12th .1945 (.very late used dai nippon date stamped –auth)(PH)

.September.11th 1945

(1)Radio Republic Indonesia(RRI) was officially born, with the leader Dr Abdulrahman saleh, Maladi etc.(D)

September 12th 1945

Dai Nippon Java prestamped postcard 31/2 cent ,postally used from Djakrta CDS 12.9.05 to Parakan. The letter was asking to send all his books , writing books in the “doos”(boxes0, he hope the importan books will send fast, with best packed because that books very difficult to found that time .(During the war , he wasn’t forgotten his books collections-auth)


September 13th 194


(1)“Berita Indonesia’(Indonesia Newpapers) was the first Indonesian Newspaper after Independent.

(that is why difficult to find the proclamation information in August 1945, that time all Indonesia newspapers were banned by Dai Nippon, if someone have the Proclamations text in August newspapers inland or abroud please inform us-auth) (D)


September.14th 1945


(1)Radio Australia have annouced that tomorrow one 10.000 ton Cruiser ”Cumbe-rland” will came to Java Island. This cruiser will bring Medical Docters, food and medicine for Aliied Prisoner of War(D)

(2)Information from the Dai Nippon Hoodobu’s bulletin that The Allied Armed Forces will landed at Tandjong Priok harbour. The soldier will march at samo area in Djakarta city. The public suggested willn’t press them.(SW:Star Weekly Magazine,1946)

(3) All the “Rintangan” at Drossaer street have moved out . In the evening have seen the British allied soldier sat Eating and drinking at the Chinese restaurant while hearing the Jazz music, biside them sat one Dai Nippon officer elone, how his filling we don’t know (SW ,1946)


September ,15th 1945


(1)Early in this morning the people saw five Flying engines flied up the Kemayoran airport around two hours dropped Packets hanging on parachuttes and four Red cross Cars were taken that packets to the Nort Djakarta, Hundreds people have seen this , especially Indo and ambonese.

Many peoples were waited the British allied Forces along the Gunung Sahari street. After one day waited , in the evening came several Sedan car with British Marine officers and Trucks went to Hotel Des Indes, the people want to see the profile of the British soldiers. Indonesian people didn’t seen, only their propaganda ‘s draws at the buildings “Freedom the glory of any nation”,”The only road to peace (is) to acknowladge the Republik Indonesia”, At the building near Weeskamer were written “Freedom or a general slaughter”(SW,1946) .(SW,1946)

(2)The Allied’s Warship landed at Tandjong Priok,consist British ship “Cumberland”, and Dutch “Tromp” and few ships carried the Marine detasment.

In this landing also came Rear Admiral W.R. Patterson , vice Command SEAC , who have the temporary duty as The Command of Indonesia allied Armed forces or AFNEI (Allied Forces in The Netherlands Indie), also came with him Dutch’s army leader , General Van Straten , Colonel Abdul Kadir and Dr Ch.O. van der Plas as the vice of Dr H.J.van Mook (the chief of NICA: Nederlands Indies Civil Administration)(D)

September ,16th 1945

(1)British Rear Admiral Patterson landed at Jakarta . He announced that the Britishmission is to maintain law and order until that the lawfull governmentof the Netherlands East Indies is once again functioning.

The Dutch Askes Patterson to have the leaders of the Republic Indonesia arrested, but thr British Highcommand Patterson not to interfere in politics.(D)

(2) Information from Berita Indonesia newspaper that the Dai Nippon still keep law enforcement because only some British were came (SW,1946)

September .17th.1945


(1)Mass pro Republic robbers in Jakarta

(2) One month after Indonesia Independence proclamation, 50-100 peoples marched in the Jakarta city with holded flag , Bambo’s spears and “Golok”(bigger sharp’s knife ) .

In the night one Japanese was killed at Krekot area like cutting the chicken. The Gun shooting and the Telephon bar war sounding , as the danger’s situations signed.(SW,1946)

September .18th 1945

The Gunseikanbu (Japanese army) announced forbidden to march with gun and another kind of weapon Bung Karno protest that the announcement made the Indonesian fell ashemed “Menghina” and the situation became worse, all the Chinese shop clossed (because they afraid the badman wll used the situation to robery-aut) (Rosihan Anwar,1946)

September.19th 1945

(1)The first “Giant ” mass meeting at IKADA’s field Gambir Djakarta with many peoples, although was forbidden by the japanese.

Bung Karno only speak 5 minutes “ We will protected the Indepenence , not only one word will off. We had made the Plan. Queit and “Tentram” , but always ready to have our command(ibid,M,1952)

Tan Malaka (Datoek Soetan Malaka) Indonesia nationalist who fight against the japanese , was came to Ikada (Ikatan Atletik Djakarta or Jakarta Athelic association)’s field with Sukarno,

In the book “Hatta Answered “ (ibid Yusni,1981) , Bung hatta said that “ Tan malaka emerged on 19 September 1945, many people say that he entered Indonesia dutring the Japanese time and worhed as a romusha at Bayah, South Banten, in mine there, as a houses servant. At that time Bung Karno, Sukardji Wiryopranoto and I went there , and indeed Tan Malaka was in Bayah. Because he knew that I knew him, he served me tea from behind me. This I learnt later, when he emerged in Jakarta on 19 September 1945. That was when the people in Jakarta flooded Ikada Stadium and the Kempetai and the Japanese army came out with their guns because we were not allowed to hold a mass meeting.

Bung Karno and I (Bung Hatta) went to the mass meeting and announced that Independence had been proclaimed and that we should build up our strength ; we advised the people to remain calm , not to shed blood uselessly and to go home.

The people did go home, and we held a meeting afterwards at Soebardjo’s house. ( but if we look at the photo the man behind Bung Karno wasn’t like Tan Malaka face, they, Tan malaka and Sukarno have different principle and strategy in Indonesian Independent movement, Bung Karno Collaburator Japanese and struggle with political , but Tan Malaka want a liberation war like Ho Chi Minh at Vietnam, they didn’t collaburated with japanese and fight with liberation war against Dutch, Tan Malaka and Ho chi Minh before Independent were study Sosialist-communism at Russia, that was why they called as the communist.Hatta said in the book Hatta Answered (ibid yuzni,1981) that Tan Malaka established new Party PARI, on this basis,Moscow expelled him from the communist Party) .

After the Ikada meeting , .Everybody came home with peace, nothing happen like what Sukarno’s prefered, he could managed the people’s emosion with his very short and powerful talked-auth)

(2)Fiver photos of the Ikada Mass Meeting,

(a)The first IKADA’s photo

Bung Karno with many peoples, marched to the IKADA there were three Indonesia polcemen, and beside Sukarno two Indonesia leader (? Who, Poetze said Tan Malaka because approved by Bung Hatta, but the face not like him , where Bung Hatta ? He was there ?)

(b) the Second IKADA’s photo

Thousands Indonesian people in the IKADA-Gambir and 4 Dai nippon Militaries with guns were standing there.

(c) The third IKADA ‘s photo,

the Djakarta youngmen with “bambu Runtjing”or bamboo spears had ready to protect their country, they were went to Ikada-field to join the Giant Meeting in 19 September 1945“

(d) the fourth photo : the peoples and native armed forces “Laskar” with the Red -white flag and Banteng ‘s flag in the front went to IKADA “Giant” Meeting (P&D

(eThe 5th photo

Bung Karno speaking in the IKADA field, Mr Poetze have seen one man with l hat “Helm” near Bung Karno and the same man walking together with Bung Karno ( the 1st photo) after compared that photo, he concluded that Tan Malaka was the man because he smaller than Bung Karno, Tan Malaka 165 cm and Bung Karno 172 m.

( we must compared too with the photo profilae on Tan Malaka in 1945, because the Tan Malaka photo during in Moscow different, and we didn,t have the Tan Malaka’s photo 1n 1945, please someone comment and shiw us the Tan Malaka profile in 1745 for comparative-auth.)

(3)I was laid bedrest because of Malaria, that many cases after one month Republic Indonesia, the information had came to my ear. This day in Gambir there was the “Giant” meeting , thousand people from around Djakarta with train-wagon were came to hear their Preseident ‘s speaked.The japanese were afraid that the people will took a revanced.Tank and Mitraljoer were standby . My friend had told me that the Meeting with People-action, sukarno said that the Independence not only by the will of Sukarno but also by 70 Million Indonesian people.(ibid,Rosihan Anwar,1946)

(4) In the midday

one Japanese was killed in the front of M de Koning’s Shop at Noordwijk Batavia (now Jakarta), and at that place everybody could read the propaganda:

“ I expect freedom and Justice”( from the Mac Athur at Missouri Sept 3rd 1945).

The robery begun at the people house and the storage building , one was belong of Magazinmessters , they was phone that they forbidden to tell the Kampetai (Japanese Military Police-auth) (SW,1946)

(5) Gunseikabu bulletin wrote that the Chief of Japanese army announced from SEPTEMBER 18th were forbidden to march with guns and another kind of weapons. Soekarno-Hatta protest that Forbidden to March were “Menghina”blammed the Indonesian people, after the situation became worst a nd all the Chinese shops were closed .(SW,1946)


)September 19th 1945

(a) In this day the British allied Forces have taken over the duty from the Dai Nippon soldiers when their reinforcement were landed, six weeks after Dai Nippon surrendered.

(b)The situasion in September were “Afraid and Hate”, The afraid’s people were Indomen which hate by the Japanese.

(c)Pelopor Indonesia have phisically contact with the Indo, and in the Berita Indonesia news paper and the propaganda Plaque put on the wall we could read the “provacation “ against the Indomen, the Police couldn’t taken any action . The word Nippon did’t used anymore.(SW,1946)


September,20th 1945


(1)Rear admiral Patterson have called General Nagama and General Yamamoto from Dai Nippon Military Adminstration and instructed them to delivered all Indonesia Inventaritations to Allied.(The British Occupation Jakarta were started-auth) (D)

(2)Dai nippon 31/2 cent Karbouw design postcard , postally used from Padang 20.9.05 to Boekittinggi, added Dai Nippon Sumatra 5 sent stamp (increase rate to 81/2 cent).( Sumatra still under Dai Nippon administration-auth)(PH)


September .21th 1945


(1)Soerakarta Zaisan Kanri Sikyoku’s death certificate form send to Masaran Soncho (Sragen).

In this certifiacte were listed the identity of the Death Mean,Father and mother, when they merried,the property , if they weren’t officially merried must merried officially in Solo.(until september Dai nippon still have powered in Solo and sragen,Middle java-auth)


.September.22th 1945


(1)Postally used Dai Nippon 31/2 cent Java postcard. Send from CDS Djakarta 22.9-05 to Parakan.the letter :” Very long time didn’t have informations.If you come hear you willn,t familier anymore to our house because we have renovated.Our brothers had came homes. I want to go to Djawa, but must be waited one or two month when the train weren’t full.I hope after recieved this letter you will write again.”(The Allied forces(British) didn’t aoccupied the Central Djakarta post office (Pasar Baru,now phillatelic center), and the Dai nippon callender stil used on Date stamped, the postal rate didn’t change-auth)(PH)

.September 23th 1945

(1)Native Java “ wono Caroko” characters’s certificate , receipt in this day (may beone day someone will tranlate this native certificater –auth)(D)

(2) Patterson send Captain Hayes of the Dutch navy to inspect the Surabaya situation (D)

(3) Three or four days after the Ikada Mass meeting (on the 23rd of Sepetember 1945) the meeting at Subardjo’s house was continued, again at Soebardjo’s place. That was when Tan Malaka appeared at the meeting (I think meneer Poeze wrong, Tan Malaka wasn’t appeared in Ikada mass meeting September .19th 1945, he appeared in September 23th 1945 at Soebardjo’s house second meeting ,Hatta saw Tan Malaka, please comment Mr Poeze-auth)

There was no doubt that it was he, when we shook hands with each other. At the time Tan Malaka to join us, saying(Hatta):”Do join us in the government, for instance by training a propaganda front”

“ No, you two ( Bung karno and I) are just right,” he (Tan Malaka) said, “Let me just help in the background” (this was the anserwd of my queation many years, why Tan malaka didn’t joint the Indonesia Independent (that he was created) Government? –auth), Thus, he(Tan Malaka) did not like to be under us who were much younger, because he was older. I (Hatta) think that was his real reason ( May be Tan Malaka didn’t want to be the prsedent of NRI –the state of Republic Indonesia, he want to be the The Biggest leader of all Indonesia revolutionary area(Peminbin Besar Revolusi Indonesia)-auth). So he (tan malaka) said that he wanted to help in the background by strenggthening the movement and to stryggle to defend our freedom.

(ibid,Yusni.”Hatta Unswered”,1981)

September 25 th 1945.

(a)Two days after the second meeting at Subardjo ‘s House and met tan Malakq, Bung Karno came to my House (57 Diponegoro street,Menteng jakarta), he said :” What shall we do, I have gone too far and have given a verbal promise that, if the two of us are arrest by the Alliest, the country’s leadership will be transferred to Tan Malaka ( very famous and sensational “ Bung Korno’s Will Of the next Leaders “ was true due to Hattas –auth)

Hatta react to Sukarno’s will, he said :

“ That is impossible” he said to Bung Karno.

“ You remenbered , since the Japanese time it was felt ( it was not officially expreseed, but it was felt) that the PKI (Indonesian communist Party) elements were against Tan Malaka. How could he become a successor to the two of us ?

“ But because Bung Karno has gone too far, how would it be if we just change it ? We will give the mandate not just to Tan Malaka alone. Let us take four people. Tan Malaka represent the radical group, Syahrir the emi radical, Sukiman represent the Moslem group, while Wongsonegoro represent the conservative group. Thus they will represent the whole people. Sukarno agreed.

He went home to his house at 56 Pegangsaan Timur Jakarta (near Menteng, now became the Indpendent garden with the Statue Sukarno-hatta Independence proclamations, the house was broken down by Sukarno later and made the Pola building, also the proclamation ‘s PEWARI (Indonesian Lady’s association) statue-auth)

, and frome there phoned Soebardjo to inform Tan Malaka that Bung Karno wanted to see him again, “ But also with Bung Hatta who was not preent the previoeus time” He (Bung Karno) said.

(b)At that meeting, I again explained that it was necessary for the four elements to participate (Hatta was true, until this day the four element alsways cann,t joint together,and the situation always made Indonesia not too stable between 1950 until 1965, and again after 1998-2004, I hope our president SBY-susilo bambang Yudoyono will anticipating the four element to joint together, Hatta was very best strategic heros in Indonesia-please comment-auth)

At the meeting. Iwan Kusuma Sumantri said that Sukiman was not there :”I could take his place, because I am aslo from the Masyumi(islamic party-auth) “ He said. Ultimately a document was prepared with Iwa replacing Sukiman,

Sukarni once said that the idea and the term Republic of Indonesia originated with Tan Malaka, I (Hatta) said :” That is not true. Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo had used that term earlier, that was in 1913. So it was not Tan Malaka’s idea. Cipto was opposed to monarchs . Ad all of us from the nationalist movement at that time were republicans”

The PKI movement , in 1948 , Muso’soriginal plan was to procalim as Indonesia Soviet State,

(the story read at 1948-November chapter-.

Hatta have told us that the public ‘s opinion ,especially the Tan Malaka folloower that the term of Republic Indonesia was Tan malaka Opinion wasn’t true-please comment Meneer Poeze –the Tan Malaka expert-auth)


September,27 th.1945


Republican’s youth take over PTT headquaters at Bandung (D)


September.28th 1945


(1)British reinforcement landed at Jakarta(D)

(2)Soerakarta Kooti Jimu Kyoku letter with official Kanji stamped to Semarang Zaisan kanri Kyoku about the report of birth that not yet report the birth since 1942.

(Because of war, many chlid’s birth have very late report, due to the law must report in two weeks and the Dai Nippon administration still done their duties although they have surrender , salute to their deciplined., this was the best Document history-auth) (D)

(3) From Aneta’s information that, Soekarno and Hatta under House arrest(SW,1946)

(4)Foreign Radio have announced that General Dempsy had an order tho sent the soldier to Indochina and Java (SW,1946)


September 29th


(1) Republican youth take over railways and radio station at Jakarta and Surabaya, installation at jogja,solo,Malang and Bandung(D)

(2) Fighting escalaters between Republican Youth with foreigners Dutch troops and Military Police massacre Republican youths in Pekalongan

(3) Japanese troops pushed Republican out of Bandung , hand over that city to British allies armed forces

(4)Allied forces(British) landed at Djakarta with the command of Leutenant General Christison (ibid,M.1952)

(5) Radio SEAC, The Letnan General Christison, the Chief Command of Indonesia Allied Forces (AFNEI) ‘s annouced about their duty in Indonesia :

(a) Repatriated the prisonor of War and Internirnees, which administrated and operationed by RAPWI ( Rehabilitation Allied Prisoners of War and Internees)

(b) “Melucuti” dearmed the Japanese and repatiated them backhome to Japan .

(c) Keep the situations still in well conditions ( “tertib&aman”) in orded the duty will be done.(D)

(6)The Sudanco of Solo declare allegiancy to Republic(D)

(7) King of Bone declares support for Republic, Raja of Makassar and Bugis join .(D)

(8)Former PETA ,HEIHO and islamic forces organized themselves adds a new fighting forces.

(9) Australian troops take surrender from Japanese navy, and they give support to NICA(D)

(10) About 11.00pm many trucks full with British-India allied soldiers came in Jakarta city. In the night were raining, the wheater felt good , everybody happy that the British armed forces now came to protect the security .

Many leaflet that aksing the people suggested don’t interface the Allies and the Dutch because they came only for protect the general securities, the status of Indonesia willn’t “ditetapka’ by them but by one United Nation conference of America,England, Rusland, Tiongkok(China) and Franch (if someone have this leaflet please show us-auth) (SW,1946)


September.Sunday 30th 1945


(1)General Christison announced that Republic Indonesia have “the de facto’s power”(defacto Government)after he have seen with his own eyes the Indonesia’s Power in Jakarta at September 29th 1945( This was the British political statement that made their movement at Central Java will more peace conditions, and they have succeeded –auth) (D).

(2) Van der Plas didn’t succeeded to asked the good favour from the R.I ‘s Police at their meeting in the Allies headquaters at south Gambir no 13 (ex Dai Nippon Military Headquaters , now Pertamina building?)(D)

(3) The Dutch soldier also landed with the British allies, and many Leaflet asked the people to attactk the Dutch “Attacked the Dutch durin the best situations”, but the Indonesian did’t foud the gun from Japanese , that is why nothing happened because without guns the Indonesian couldn’t moved.(SW,1946)

(4) At 1.00 pm, CH.O.der Plas have spoken in Malay at the Radio , he said that “The politician who collaborator with the Japnese willn’t sue except who made the danger situation to the people life(Yang mendatangkan tjilaka kepada sesama pendoedoek), after that in Dutch “ everybody were invited tomorrow at Koningsplein Ost KPM building , and the life securities were protected, and he use the word in dutch “Een Nieuw Indonesia” one new Indonesia.

At 1,15 pm The Allies Radio read the the news in English and then in Indonesia and Dutch language only five minutes about “The Allies forces have came in Batavia as the proposal . This morning the turn of the power will begun”(SW,1946)

(5) Some Dutch Marines were walking around Koningsplein Oost 5, KPM Building . but the visitors had told that Van de Plas didn’t seen. At the Koningsplein Zuid(South) no 8 we could read “Headquaters U.S.Dept.404 “ and the USA flag flow (now the USA Ambassy-auth)(SW,1946)

(6) Dai Nippon Java prestamped 31/2 cent postcard postally used from CDS Solo 30.9005 to the chief of Zaisan Kanri Sikyoku at Tambaksegaran Solo, with letter that the Land (perponding)Tax (pajeg)2605/2606 haven’t paid because he haven’t recieved the Tax administration form until this day

(The best people, he always thinking of this tax paid duty, he didn’t know that the Japanese was surrender , he must write to Republic Indonesia Tax office, maybe not exist, please comment if someone have the republic Indonesia Tax form of Solo, because in Sumatra the tax always paid altough the war was went on-aut)

Page 05-October 1945


The earliest British Allied Armed Forces came to Jakarta in October 1945.


October,1st 1945


(1)Merdeka Newspaper as the newspaper after Asia Raya, had written the information“At Pendjaringan The Scot soldier had shooted many roberries “ (SW,1946)

(2) After fighting, the Dai Nippon Headquaters at Surabaya have surrendered to The Indonesian people(M,1952)

(3) The Dutch goverment announced that the suggestion of the meeting with” Sukarno government” willn’t accepted (M,1952)

(4) Very late Dai Nippon Solok (west Sumatra)Isankarisha’s agent latter to Isankanrisho (weeskamer or the official office to administratated “Warisan”) , the letter that

“Because no papers exist, the report of the new reciept of September 2605 didn’t made, “Rekening-courant”(Fiscal administration) was same with April,1st 1943/1945 (1 Gatsu 4 Nichi Djowa 20/2603 (December 2602), was no money in or out . (Very interesting and historic letter but very pity the cover wasn’t found may be burn/loss or through out from the file-auth)


.OCTOBER 2nd 1945

(1)In the night at Kramat, Senen,Tanah tinggi, Kalibaru , Bungur and Kepu area of Central Jakarta, the Indo-Dutch and Japanese have made the secret ’s patrol operations (in native language: ,”pengre-bekan” -auth) (D)

(2)TheRepublic Indonesia announced that the NICA banknotes not accepted “Tidak belaku” not circulated.(M.1952)

.October 3rd 1945

(1)Some Japanese were tried to assasinated President Soekarno, but not succeed.(D)


.October 4th 1945


(1)At Tandjong Priok harbour were landed eight ship with Australian flag with the Dutchmen as passangers(D)

(2) Dr H.J. van Mook , the chief of NICA arrived at Jakarta(M,1952)


.October 5th 1945


(1)Republic Indonesia Army, The People Security Army (TKR) Tentara Keamanan Rakyat ) were founded in this day, and Mayor Genera Oerip Sumohardjo as the chief of General staf and Soeprijadi (ex PETA rebellion Blitar) as the Minestry of security and the high command , but he never came (later this day celebrated as Indonesia armed forces day and suprijadi still mysteriuos , until now eight men confest to be Soeprijadi-auth), Vintage photo of General Oerip and ex sudanco PETA Suprijadi(D&P)

(2)Also Landed in this day three Cargo-ships and four sumarines belong to theDutch(D)

(3)Seven thousand Tandjong Priok’s Workmen “mogok” they didn’t want to served the Dutch’s Ships (D)

(4) The Battallion X soldiers started to show their “brutallity,kekejaman” at Hospital street(D)

October 7th 1945

(1)At Singapore’s discussion, Dr van Mook asked Mountbatten and Chritison took more hard actions in Indonesia (M,1952)

(2) Vintage photo of Mountbatten,Christison and Van Mooke (P)


October 8th 1945


(1)The chief ofJjakarta’s National Govern-ment order that the Jakarta’s people must protected (menjaga) the Food’s storages building .(D)

(2) TRI –Tentara republik Indonesia (republican Armed Forces) had taken Capten Huyer into custody at Surabaya( TRI wrong informations this time BKR-Bandan Keamaan rakyat- People Defeand organisation –auth .(D)

(3) British Allied Forces landed at Padang and Palembang (D)

(4)The Djawa Denki Djigyo Sha” Gas and Electricity” administration , belong to Mr Lie Soen Ho, adress Yamato Bagi Minami Doori no 159. Gas used 21 and electric used 6.10 , must pay F.8.10. the form print on old form. (D)


.October 10th


(1)The British armed forces (&India) , also NICA Nederland IndischeCivil Agency (&Dutch army) landed at Belawan.

Tank Pantser,and Canons were moved to Medan . The Allies armed forces were included Indian Tank Regiment. The chief Command was Brigadir General TED KELLY, the Medan city situation like in the war (the firstday British occupation Sumatra-auth) (D)

(That is why the Republic indonesia stamps cann’t exist in 1945 at Medan, but some fake & bogus postal history ever seen-auth)

(2) The photo of Indian Tank Regiment of Allies during landed in Belawan, the Indian soldier on the their tank in Medan (P)


.October 11th 1945


(1)The fighting with NICA (Netherlands Indische Civil Agency)’s soldiers at Kebajoran, Klender, Tjawang (jatinegara-auth), Pondokgede and Pasar minggu

And the vintage photo of Pasar minggu train railways station (D&P)

(2) The fight between TKR-tentara Keamaan rakyat (republic army, this true because BKR wad changed to be army ,TKR in 5 October 1945 -auth) with the youngmen against Allies and NICA at Magelang, before defeated, Allies made the meeting , and agree to cease fire and all the road between Ambarawa and Magelang will open to Allies and Republican and there willn’t done anything against the NICA activities. (D)


.October 12th 1945


(1)In this day the sporadic Battles also at gang Kernolong and Gang Listrik of Kramat area(D)

October 13th 1945

The British allies landed at Padang and Medan, and occupied Bandung.(M,1952) (their was differrent date with another sources informations before at Oct.10th, what was the true date , please comment-auth)


.October 14th 1945


The Five days Battle of Semarang have begun between The Republican youngmen with the Dai Nippon ,(D)


October 15th 1945


(1)The Japanese made teror movement to Indonesia peoples at Semarang, they burn houses especially at Batik & Suburan village etc. The Indonesia youngmen fighted against the japanese and the five days Semarang war was begun.(There were two version of Semarang five days war were written by Indonesian and British, but we didn’t discussed the detailed, you can found that in the book or another block, please attention that the very rare document and postal history at this war, if someone have it please inform us-auth.(D)

(2) The Kido Butai (Dai Nippon) “AMOK” at Semarang (M,1952)

(3) The Battle of Semarang were the fight to keep the Japanese weapons by The Youngmen . the Japanese “Amok” and teror (mengacau) in the city.Many the Hospital workers including the chief Dr Karyadi were died. Governor of the central Java, Mr Wongsonegoro was be prisoner by the Japanese . The people and Youth around Semarang city erected and counter , the battle were begun.(Bahar,1983)

(4) The vintage photo of Mr Wongsonegoro, gouvenour of Central Java (P)

(5) The battle with Kido Butai Semarang were heard by the youngmen from another area, that is why youngmen poured from Purwodadi, Solo, Jogja, Magelang,Salatiga, Amnarawa ,Banyumas, Kendal, Pekalongan, Putwkerto and arounds area .

The counter attacks were prepair at Technical school at Karren street (now Dr Cipto) , but Governor Wongso were arrestted by the Japanese, and he puss by the Japanese to annouced the cease fire.(D)

.October 16th

(1) The Dutch ‘s Ship were carriaged 250 Indonesians native from Australia with 1000 Dutch soldiers landed at Tandjong Priok( I have some collections of the Dutch armed forces in Australia during Dai Nippon Occupation,e.g Papua-brisbane Dutch soldier emergencey pasport via papua and Brisbane to their camp atCasino New South Wales and another historic collections , look at the next info “KNIL, the Netherlands Indie armed forces ,before,during and after World War II- auth )(D)

(2) TheFirst complete Central Comittee National Indonesia (KNPI) meeting,KNI have found the power of executive and legislative. Working board(Badan Pekerja)for everyday operational were builded with the command of Syahril as the chief and Mr amir Sjarifuddin as the vice with tweleve members( Maklumat X of NRI) (M,1952)

(3) Sutan Sjahrir and Amir Sjarifuddin take over Central Indonesia Nsational Comittee (KNIP) and Sjaheir became Prime Menistry of the Republic.( Sujatmiko had told the story about this moment , Sukarno after several days disappear, this day was standing between two kind of menistry, the first one with ex Japanese collaburator and the second on collaburator, Sukarno then choosed non collaburator’s parliamentary cabinet. The Youngmen said that all the Japanese’s collaburator will punished as the war criminal -auth)

(4) Very late used Hudoosan Kanrikoodan Bandung branch with imprint revenue letter sheet 15 cent 1945, as the recieved F 13.25 , issued Oct 4th o5 and paid 16/10-95 .(very rare postal history, because the letter sheet revenue 2605 not many found in usec condition during the Bandung battle times, have anyone have the same collections please comment-auth)

__________________________________________.October,17th 1945


(1)Van Mook send a telegram to Dutch government urging that negotiation with the Republic (D)

(2)NoelBaker announced that British didn’t accepted another power beside DUTCH (M,1952)

(3) Bung Hatta didn’t accepted the cooperation with Dutch(M,1952)

(4) The Receipt (kwitansi) certificate from KNI Koedoes money F 230,-for buying the things were used during Indonesian Independence commemorative 17.10.1945(Two month independence-auth) with Dai Nippon 15 cent Revenue (Historic postal history-auth)




(1)Japanese troops secure Semarang before hand over that city to British (D)

(2) The reciept document to paid the maubeluer 15 pieces F 1750, with Dai Nippon Java revenue 15 cent,at Magelang.

(Magelang in this day still under Dai nippon administration-auth)


October 19th 1945


(1)Allied armed forces were accapted by the Republic army (BKR) because the allied have Politically announced that they only administrated the perisoner of war and Japanese army without any movement against the Republic Indonesia.( This situation were ordered by the Republic Indonesia Government due to the political tactic of the Allies’s annouced that they have statement that “ De Facto Indonesia Government”-auth)

The first Contact between Governor Java, Wongsonegoro with General Bethel from Allies as Commandant of the Central java Allied forces , Indonesia will served allied with foods and everyday things, and the allied will done their duty without interference the Republic Indonesia.

After this the allies could moved to Magelang trough Ambarawa, but the allies have made bad situasions because the NICA’s also came with them. The Nicas released the Dutch internees that concentratated in that city, especially Ambarawa. Many ex internees work back at their old position and the Native Indonesian people become angry.(D)

(2) The Working’s agreement certificate for work at Indonesia Malaya branch office Surabaya, with One and half Roepiah Dai Nippon Revenue .(the unusal high nominal Dai Nippon Java revenue was very late used in Surabaya, during that time the situation very worst- auth)


.October 20th.1945


(1)The last day of five days Semarang war, many were died, the victim of Indonesia people 2000, and Japanese 850.(D)

(There were special book that told the detailed about Semarang five days war, but not dicussed on this block. But if someone want the detailed information, please asked the editor on comment form, and we will dicuss in as a special request-auth)(D)

(2) President (Sukarno) send telegram to President Truman about the NICA Terors who used the US’s uniform, guns and trucks .(M,1952)

(3) The inagurated the Top command of Indonesia ‘s People Security Menistry: Menistry ad interm Moehamad Soeljodikoesoemo ( because Soeprijadi very long time didn’t shoe himself), The high leader Soeprijadi,the Chief of General Staf: Mayor General Oerip Soemodihardjo .(M,1952)


.October 21th


(1)The 250 native- Indonesians who came from Australia were put at the Battallion X-camp.(D)

(2) KRIS was born from The Indonesian Sulawesi Youngmen forces(D)


October 23th 1945


(1)Under British pressure , Van Mook had a meeting with Sukarno (D)

(2) Japanese Admiral Shibata surrender Surabaya to Dutch, but hands over his weapons to Republicans . Many japanese troops were destroyed by the Republican youth.(D)

(3) The meeting between Sukarno and Christison. (M,1952)

(4) The Republic Indonesia government announced that NRI will aggreed to have a meeting with all block on the basic to decide their own way of life (Nasib sendiri) .(M,1952)


October 25th 1945


(1)British 49th Indian Infantry under Brigardir General Mallaby arrived at Surabaya (D)

(2) British landed at Semarang (M,1952)

(3) The vintage photo of the meeting between Christison and Sukarno in this day . Sukarno said that NRI government will accepted peace with their ownself to decide (P)


October 26th 1945


(1)Reaching Magelang on this day, the Allied troops took over the town. Almost at once conflict developed over the behavior of certain Dutchmen attachewd to RAPWI and a boycott wasorganizred in reprisal by local youngmen(Pemuda),(D)





(1)The Battallion disembarked . most of the battalion went in transport to the Marine school in the south east part of the city. Leutnant COL. Doyle detached “B” COMPANY TO PROTECT Brigade head-quaters.

When the bulk of the battalion arrived at the school, a platoon was detached to protect the radio station in that area “ the communication officer is critical of this move and the deployment of the brigade as a whole at this time “

The rising of violence was so manifest that he (Mallaby) must have recognized that a crisis was developing. The troops in the isolated positions should have been withdrawn into their surrounded by mobs and destroyed. Even the last battalion of the brigide 4 –approximately 1/3 rd of the brigide strength –arrivingon t5he very day of the rising , instead of being held back to reserve and consequently being available to affect the situation, was despatched to the far far end of town where it was just in time to be surrounded and trapped like the rest of the brigade.

In addition to not altering the disposition of his troops. Mallaby did nothing to moltify indonesian opinion in the ground despite the fact that the dropping of the leaflets had, at the very least, exposed the British to a charge of bad faith on the contrary, he seems to have provocative.(if someone have the leaflet please inform us ) (D

(5) British aerplane drop leaflets on Surabaya demanding the Republican Armed Forces’s surrendered within 24 hours.(I havan’t seen the leaflets,please somene show us-auth)

(6) British troops on the ground are nearly destroyed by Indonesian troops and ordinary people’s mobilizations(The people’s powers -auth)


.October 28th


(1)The day after the dropping of the leaflet, Mallaby set about repositioning indonesia vehicles in a heavy-handed manner.

This is recorded in the Brigade war diaries :” COL. Pogh commanding sub area ( presumably acting on Mallaby,s order) ordered each battaliond 3 IND Fd Regt to stop and sieze 17 car each. Indonesian occupant very angry , the indonesian response is also recalled by Colonel Doyle.

The Indonesian had apperenty agree to hand over cars , and when those were not quickly provided , British troops were sent into the streets , stopped….. cars at random , removed the occupants and took posse-sions. The british soldier was very disturbed when he heard of this action and even now after all these year they found it difficult to believe that their acted in this way, you can imagine the news of this action, enlarged and distorted, went eddying throught the street.

The same day, the British began the evacuation of women and children from the camp at Goebeng to Dharmo Barracks, where thery could be properly looked after prior to their evacuation. It is questionable hoe sensible this was given that the ubderstanding between british and indonesian had broken down and that unrest was likely. There was a vary real danger that the women and children would be attacked by Indonesian “Republic”.

A rumour was circulated in the villages that Moestopo, whom the British still could not find, had been murdurer by the British.

Indonesian troops moved into position, covering each british position with a superiorforce. Members of black buffaloes , as indonesian paramilitery (laskar) group.

Went around what indian troops would do to them, indonesia civillian were organized into group, each of which was ordered to go to it allowqed station when the time shoul come.

At 4,20 pm, shots were fire south of simpang. The british regarded that at the pre-arranged signal for the fighting to begin. All over surabaya , british possition were attacked. Many british officers have recalled the movement when openhostility finally abrupted.(D)

.(2) The Surabaya’s people fighting with British troops and the command of the Allied forces was Brigadir General Mallaby(M,1952)

________________________________________ October 29th


(1)Sukarno and Hatta arrived in Surabaya by plane . They and Brig. Gen Mallaby agrree on a truce.(D)

(2) President Sukarno , Vive president Hatta and Menister Amir Sjariffudin flyed to Surabaya in order to stop the battle, and cease fire . In the Battle of Surabaya show to front the youngmen Sutomo (Bung Tomo).


October 30th


(1)British Mayor General Hawtorn fly to Surabaya from Jakarta , and he sign cease fire agreement with Sukarno and Mallaby.

(2)Under the influence of events in Surabaya , figting broke in Semarang and spread rapidilly to Magelang.

Fearing the possibility of an Allied strike into the hear land of the Jogjakarta-Surakarta plain, Indonesian armed forces bands began pouring into the outskirts of Magelang from the South. Only repeat air strikes from Semarangprevented the Gurkha from overwhelmed.

(3)In This Emergency , the British felt they had no recourse, but to “the report on the Semarang Incident” says that the group was under the command of Captain Takeshita and was on in way to an internement camp prior to repatriation.(D)

(4) Indonesian armed forced and the Youngmen “laskar” activities in and around Magelang reinforcement poured in especially from Kedu,Jogjakarta and Banjumas.(D)

(5)Mac Donald and Mallaby, reporting on his morning’s finding.he told how he worried everything was so quiet .

(6)The vintage photo General Mallaby and Dr Sugiri sat on the front of his car(P), and he was killed in the center of riot at the front of Internatio building near the red bridge (Jembatan merah) Surabaya.(Bahar,1983) The vintage photo of Mallaby broken car(P)

(7) General Christison asked the Surabaya government to surrendered the men who killed Mallaby to the Allies.(Bahar,1983)

October 31 th 1945

(1) Unofficial meeting between Sukarno-Hatta with van Mook-van der Plast, Idenberg at Christison’s place to exchange of Idea (D)

(2)The Djakarta,s Situation in September and October 1945 (Star Weekly Magazine no. 42, 21 october 1946,page 18-19)

(2))Situation Djakart October-November 1945 with much blood from innocent peoples.

(b)The murder in secret places like near Gang Sentiong, Menteng Poelo and Gang Sembilan,( in 1946 have found the murdered bodies in this site-auth)

(c)The October was opened by the fighting between native citizen Indonesia, Ambon, menado with Nippon especially around Senen-Tanah Tinggi because the feeling of suspect (curiga) and hate up to the top.

The House became the shield and street became fighting area.Everybody who cross will examined and if suspacted the “golok” were flying and blood were flowed or poured (mengalir)

(d)In the afternoon , the youngmen had stoped and taken (beslag) the Japanese and Indo-Dutch car at Pasar Baroe

(e)The youngmen had the power in the Jakarta, it’s better to stay at home.

(f)The Ambonese, Indo and manado have evacuated / moved from Senen-Tanah Tinggi to Battallion X where they were stayed temporally.In the market they were forbidden to buy anything by the youndmen, and the traders asked them to ask their helper to buy the food etc.

(g)To make difference, the Indonesia youngmen used the National Cap “Kopiah” with red-white pin especially the men’s face near like Ambon or Indo ( the youngmen didn’t like them because before the WW II , many Indo and Ambonese became the Dutch east Indie ‘s soldiers-auth)

(h)In this worst situation, no one could told who was the Government, there only Government’s Candidate. Thefirst : British army’s Government , but they didn’t announced anything against the murderer and arrested .They only guarded the city, but only in the center area and crossed road only (prapatan) and in that area their policey was nothard.(lembek). They became more hard when one British was killed at Angke. The second candidate, Japanese, altough they were surrendered, in their hand still have the power (Restant/sisa). The third candidate : Indonesia, now they had the power on the japanese later’s offices . The fourth candidate Dutch under Van Der Plaas. They have week powers, and they were afraid to flow their flag .In this time four powers in one city of Jakarta.

(i)All the day from morning to night the red-white Indonesia’s flag were flown everywhere in Jakarta.

(j)In the front of South Koningsplein street’s building (now Merdeka selatan) flowed three Flag: British, Dutch and USA , the Allies Headquaters

(3)In order to had the balance power with the Allied in Semarang, All the national potential ( TKR=tentara keamanan Rakyat, & Badan Lasykar Djawa Tengah) were moved to fight against Allied forces at semaran


Dec.1st: The earliest Dai Nippon Postal stationer card 31/2 cent used at Blora (east java ) Post office by Republican with CDS-post cancelled with International date 1.12.45 not in Dai Nippon date 05, also Chinese overseeas Blora had written indonesia national Independence greeting ” SALAM MERDEKA” this card send to Parakan to tell that he have recieved the latter and thank you.

Dec. 3rd :Mr Longemaan, Dutch colonial menister , announced that Dutch kingdom will meeting NRI prime minister St Syahrir , but our didn’t excepted with President Sukarno.

Dec.4th : Prime minister St Syahril annouced that the meeting with Dutch gouverment only if Dutch execpted State of Republic Indonesia in facct and Justice.

Dec.5th : a. The British allied forces leave Banjoebiroe village at central Java due to the situation that they cann.t defend themself against the NRI troops attacked . Ambarawa were surrounded by Republican,s troops and many Allies forces dropped with parachutes rom airfighter to the Republican area. b. At singapura , there were meeting between Admiral Lord Mounbatten , Let.Gen. Christison and Dr H.J. van Mook to take the strong attacked in order to stabilized the worse security situation in Java and give back the authority to Dutch east indie Gouverment (that time called “NICA” Netherlands Indie civil Agency-auth) . Banjoebiroe Fort occupied by the Republic Indonesia People army(laskar).

Dec.8th : Bogor attacked by British Allied forces with NICA soldier.

Dec.9th. : Republican troops occupied Semarang Airport “Kalibanteng” that is why the allied forces couldn’t dropped troops and amunition etc to battle area around Ambarawa ,and this situation made Allied forces became weaker . Soekaboemi ,s bombardement .

Dec.11th : a. Colonel Sudirman ‘s meeting with the Republican Armies ‘s commanders in order to prepared the Ambarawa Liberation General attack (Serangan Umum-very popular among Indonesian) . b. The Indonesian Poeple Security Army (TKR_Tentara keamanan Rakjat) had succeed to protect the British Food convoy from Jakarta to Bandung.

De.12th : The General Ambarawa Liberation attacked strating at 4.30 pm in this day with Sudirman coordination. Col Sudirman order to made Road Barricade between Semarang and Ambarawa in order to prevent Allied reinforcement form semarang . The Allies borbardement the village around Ambarawa but didn’t succeed to help Allied forces March across Tuntang River.

De.13th :a.The battle between Indonesian people with British army at Bekasi at Bekasi and that city was flamming by British armies. b. Many Tebingtinggi(North sumatra) people army (Laskar) attacked Dai Nippon offices there in order to find the guns , but they didn;t succeeed , many died shooted by the dai Nippon soldiers.

Dec.14th : The first Republican Cancelled CDS Padang REP. Indonesia 14.12.45 on Postal saving book , this the earliest Republican postmark at Padang west sumatra.

Dec.15th . The British allied forces leaving Ambarawa back to Semarang and republican armies marched into the city ( Sudirman became the hero of Ambarawa battle, and later he were choose to The highest command of Indonesia National Armed Forces-auth)

Dec.17th British allied forces burned Bekasi

Dec.18th Col Sudirman was choosen by all Indonesian regional commander to be The Highest Command (Panglima Besar) of republic Indonesia TKR (People Secured Army) and his rank up to General . Dr H.J. van Mook arrived at Netherlands in order to the meeting with his Government about Polical action against Indonesia.

Dec.24th Agrreement between TKR and British Allied Forces about APWI (Allied Prisoner od War Indonesia) action against Dai Nippon’s POW. The earliest Republic Indonesia postal used cover send withs CDS Sawahloento ( west sumatra) Rep. Indonesia 24.12.45 to Padang with overprint repoebelik Indonesia on DN overprint DEI Stamps kon 10 cent(triple overprints) .

Dec.25th Solo(Soerakarta) developed RED People army (Laskar Merah) .

Dec 26th Dutch NICA (Netherlands Indies Civil Agency) Soldier tried to kill prime menister St.Syahril , but didn’t succeed.

Dec 27th The London meeting between British and Netherland about Indonesian situasion. The Badan pekerja KNIP (Center Indonesia National Comittee -worker ) choosen the president(ketua) KNIP Mr Soepeno, vice : m.Natsir, and secretary Mr Sjafroedin Prawiranegara.

Dec 29th : British allied army have take over the gun(melucuti) of Indonesia National Police (POLRI) at jakarta

Dec.30th : 800 Dutch Marine landing at Tandjong Priok Batavia(Jakarta) and they marched in the center of the city (Photo-IPPHOS)

The illustration of collections, please look at ” Indonesia Independence war revenue or postal History(1945)’n this blog. @copyright Dr Iwan S.2011.

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