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@copyright Dr Iwan S 2010
My profile during catching the Butterflies in West Sumatra 1975

My Son Anton with the collections at Solok city West Sumatra in 1977.


1.Between 1975-1979 during my job at Solok city,every sunday I with all my family visit my father and mother in law at Padang Panjang. After my two sons playing with Tok In -my mother in law housekeeping, I and my wife Lily take a sport at the beautiful Anai Valley because my father in law have a restaurant there and
I saw a Japaneseman catcher the butterflies there with mthern net and he told me that in that place there were some very rare butterflies, and I made the traditinal catcher from Bamboo and ring from copper wire with the net from gordijn
(look at the picture of Anei valley with my father in law profile and his restaurant)


2. After four years , I have catched some veryrare butterflies and I made the photos and conservated that butterflies but in 10 years all the collections were broken because not god weather and conservations,but the informations picture still keep until now and we will compare with the veryrare butterflies collections of Mr W.A. Fleming in his vintage Book Butterflies of West Malaysia and Singapore ,the same area with West Sumatra.This book I bought at Michaels Bookshp,22 rchad Road,Cold Strage Shopping Centre Singapore during visit that city in 1974, I THINK THIS SHOP DIDNOT EXIST ANYMORE.Please collectors comment..
After 1979, forbidden to catched the butterflies in that area because protect by law at the restricted area until now.
Very fresh and healthy air and wheater there made me very happy ,and take a delicious native Minangkabau Rice Chicken randang which I still remember until now,this time the restaurant have sold after my father and mther in law were pass away.
During the last bigger eartquaked in 2009 these area still in good situation not broken.

3. During my Job tour area in South Celebes between 1995-1996 ,one of my junior officer ,the native celebes, bring me to Butterflies conservations at Bantimurung Waterfalls, and he bought for me as a present some rare butterflies which still intact in my collections, we will compare with the picture in vintage Protected Butterflies In Indonesia Books 1990.
Many of very rare South celebes and Papua I have found at Bantimurung ,very difficult to found now, I keep with best conservations which made the collections still intact.
Please the collectors look that very rare butterflies in next chapter .
4. During the 50th years anniversary of Indonesian Independent Days in 1965, at the native stands I bought some very rare Butterflies from the native West Java conservations.

5. In 1956, I bought at Jakarta a veryrare female Brookiana, very difficult to catch in Indonesia, many in sarawak that is why the name of Rajah Brooke were given to that butterflies.

Dr iwan S Anai Valley and waterwall west Sumatra painting 1939
a. The road and Railway brigde at Anai valley

b. Anai Valley Waterfall Painting

a1. Family Papilionidae
(1) Trogonoptera Brookiana
a. Male

b. Famale

(3) Graphium empedovana

(4) Meandrusa Payeni (catch by the Japanese)

(5) Mycalesis or Troides Dr iwan ( not list in the catalogue, mycalesis with White Head female,that is why I put my name )

a2. Family Nymphalidae
only one very rare butterflies cathced in this family. Charaxes Durnfordi .the butterflies flies very fast and difficult to catch..

In the hill near this village , I found the nest of the Bird Fying Butterflies in the family of Papilionidae, genus Troides, many types never report from the small until bigger types , during this time I bring my elder son Albert with me during my dury tours to Sawahlunto and sijunjung Indonesia National Police Resort between 1976-1978.
( from the vintage books there were twenty subspesies troides,
(1) Troides hyplitus hiplitus
(2) Troides amphrysus: amphrysus,miranda,cuneifera,andromache
(3) Troides helena : helena,oblngmaculatus,darsius,riedelli,vandepoli,halipron,criton,
plato, aecus,minos,rhadamantus,plateni and dohertyl.
(4) Troides magellanus: magelanuss, prattorum.
(please Mr Hunianto,help me to search the name of troides I have found at Padang Sibusuk sawahlut Sijunjung west sumatra. may be new subspecies which be in my name,thankyou.Dr Iwan s)





2F TROIDES 6 (Miranda)

1. Family Papilionidae
(1) Ordo Lepidoptera
(a1) male

(a2) female


1. Papilio carna

2. Other types I donnot know the name.

(courtecy A.H.Hunianto, kompas,mei.25th 2010)

Hunianto was the senior Indonesia butterflies collector starting from 1970 until now after he read the vintage book Vlinders van Java (the butterflies from java) written by Roepke 1935. after hunting in Java,he had hunting at Sumatra,Celebes ,Nrth Moluccas and papua, he found Papilio carna ,troides vandepolli, rnitptera priamus , at Nrth Malusca he catched Trides aescus and trides prattorum . he ever seen the very rare butterflies Papilli Lamsacus , but never seen after four month hunting (look his profile and the collections)
I hope Mr Hunianto will give me permission to installed his collectioons, if in ne week he donnot comment, I think he agree because no copyright in the Kompas newspaper.




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Hiject info from internet exploration

The Captain underpressure

The US cargo had Hiject

The Somalian Pirates in action

Pirate capture by the crew

Somalia Pirates in actions & nego

Native crew during&After Hiject.

Pirates leave and US heli came

Crew family after Hijeck

backhome meet family at airport

Pres.Obama meet the Captain

Hallo Collectors, thankyou for click UCN today
UCN-uniquecollection.wordpress.com Cyber News
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

This day UCM short show will installed the hot breakingnews in this year about the Adventure of Smalia Pirates, and I have seen the very interesting documentary film at National Geographic TV channels about The Americal cargo ships captain and crew have fight against the Somalia pirates hijack, very difficult to take the picture because the documentary film have taken in the night from the outside of Captain cabin, and also the pirated red boat, I think better the collectors to see that interesting documentary Film, and also read and look at the illustration of vintage Somalia stamps , picture and document historic related with the collections. Very difficult to find the Somalia collection in Indonesia, may be we will found more easeir at Itay because Somalia before The Italian Colony. the installed will finished in two days .

1.Kolektor Indonesia tentunya sudah mendengar tentang bajak laut Somalia yang membajak kapal dagang yang liwat diwilayahnya untuk memperoleh tebusan uang guna dana perjuangan mereka umumnya kapal tersebut menyerah dan membayar tebusan yang jumlahnya jutaan dolar, termasuk awak kapal Indonesia juga pernah dibajak tetapi dilepaskan dengan keadaan sehat, Apakah anda tahu dimana lokasi somalia dan bagimana sejarah dan koleksi apa yang dapat ditemui di Indonesia, serta kisah pertualangan bajak Laut somalia dalam film dokumenter pada national geography TV chennel, bagaimana perlawanan dari para awak kapal dan bagaimanakan profil para pembajak, awak kapal dan keluarganya seperti di siarkan beritannya oleh TV CNN silahkan click THE SOMALIA UNIQUE COLLECTIONS, agar and tidak ketinggalan informasi, kisah pertualangan para bajak laut Smalia dan awak Kapal Amerika sangat mencekam , rasanya sangat mendebarkan khususnya bagi anda yang memiliki hobbi sebagai petualang tentunya menarik. Saya pernah merasakan bagaimana rasanya naik Pesawat terbang dari Bangkok ke singapore naik pesawat timur tengah tahu 1997, saat itu banyak pesawat di bajak dan bagaimana saya dengan isteri digeledah dan bagaimana rasanya dalam suasana mencekam, karena saat itu tidak ada pesawat yang dapat membawa kami kembali ke Indonesia, sedangkan saya sudah harus masuk kerja cutinya sudah liwat, baca dalam Kisah pertualangan Dr Iwan naik pesawat Timur Tengah Air Jordan dari Bangkok, dan berjuang naik pesaawt garuda dari singapore ke jakarta tahun 1997, akan diinstalled dengan judul Kisah pertualangan dr iwan Naik Pesawat Timur Tengah tahu 1997.

2.Kisah Perlawanan Kapten and Awak kapal Amerika terhadap pertualangan Bajak laut Somalia.
Kompilasi dari berbagai sumber Informasi oleh Dr Iwan S.
@copyright Dr iwan S.2010.

(1)Banjak Kapal yang di bajak oleh para Bajak laut dari Somalia tidak mendapatkan perlawanan, termasuk kapal Taiwan dengan beberapa Awak kapal dari Indonesia yang umunya selamat dibebaskan setelah bernegosiasi dan membayar uang tebusan.
Pada tanggal 8 April 2009, bajak laut Somalia mendapatkan perlawanan dari kapten dan awak kapal Amerika setelah mereka menyusun suatu taktik yang sangat tepat dan dapat mengelabupara Bajak laut somalia yang umunrya adalah bekas nelayan yang merasa daerah perairan taanh airnya dimanfaatkan
dengan leuasa oleh Kapal Asing karena situasi dalam negeri Somalia yang dalam keadaan perang saudara (informasi lengkap baca dalam bahasa Inggris The Somalia Unique Collections)
Taktik yang digunakan adalah dengan memperdaya Bajaklaut yang menodong dan mengancam kapten kapal dianjungan, dengan sandi bila ada pengumuman tanpa kata aman berarti tidak perlu dilaksanakan perintah Kapten. Ketika kapal bajak laut mndekati Kapal dan memerintahkan untuk kapal berhenti,kapten kapal menelpon keluarganya. Lihat bagaimana sikap keluarga kapten dan awak kapal saat mendengar kapal suaminya dibajak direkam dari siaran CNN (illustrasi Keluarga kapten dan awak kapal saat itu)

(2)Bajak laut yang telah mengikuti kapal Amerika yang berangkat dari Mombasa kenya meliwati perairan Somalia dan kemudian beberapa orang dengan senjata AK (Andre Kolanikov) buatan Rusia naik kapal menuju anjungan pengemudi dimana ada Kapten Kapal yang telah banyak pengalaman dan pengemudi turunan Asli afrika.
Dalam ilustrasi terlihat bagaimana wajah Kapten Kapal yang berpeluh dan ketakutan begitu juga awak kapal suku asli Afrika.
Pemimpin Bajak laut memerintahkan kapten kapal untuk memanggil seluruh awak kapal untuk berkumpul di anjungan Kapal.
sesuai dengan dengan rencana, Kapten kapal memberikan pengumuman tanpa kata aman, sehingga seluruh awak kapal siaga diarea mesin kapal, mesin kapal dimatikan.

(3) pemimpin Bajaklaut memberikan waktu lima menit, bila awak kapal tidak naik dan berkumpul digeladak kapal maka satu persatu awak kapal dan kapten kapal yang berada dianjungan kemudi akan dibunuh.
Kapten kapal mengatakan mungkin speaker di kapal rusak sehingga tidak dapat mendengar pesan kapten kapal,
Pemimpin bajak laut bersama awak kapal turunan asli Afrika, berjalan turun kearah area mesin kapal, disana beberapa awak kapal senior yang merupakan pensiunan Marinir Amerika sudah siap menghadapi Bajak Laut dengan senjata tajam karena mereka tidak memiliki senjata api.

(4)Saat pemimpin bajak laut turun kearea mesin kapal, salah seorang awak kapal Amerika menangkap pemimpin Bajaklaut somalia, semula ia ingin membunuhnya dengan menusuk leher Bajaklaut tersebut, tetapi awak kapal senior melarangnya karena nanti seluruh Bajak Laut akan menyerbu kapal,

(5)Kemudian diadakan negosiasi , Tawanan akan dipertukarkan, Bajak laut boleh mengambil uang yang ada dianjungan kapten kapal dan di silahkan pergi , setelah negosiasi yang cukup menegangkan (lihat Bajaklaut menelpon temannya), akhirnya mereka setuju (lihat ill.Bajak laut yang diikat tanggannya).

(6) Saat bajak laut meninggalkan Kapal amerika, mereka meninggalkan sebuah kapal merah kecil ,mungkin ada bahan peledak. kapten kapal menghubunggi Kapal Angkatan laut Amerika yang berada disekitar wilayah tersebut, dan mengirim helikopter untuk menghancurkan kapal bom bajak laut (lihat illustrasi helikopter penyelamat).

(7) Lihat bagaimana ekspresi keluarga kapten dan Awak kapal amerika ketika mendengar suaminya selamat, dan juga illustrasi awak kapal turunan asli afrika saat kapal dibebaskan, dan bagaimana suasana pertemuan kaptendan awak kapal amerika dengan keluarganya di lapangan terbang dan foto Presiden Obama saat bertemu dengan kapten kapal. Presiden Obama mengucapkan terima kasih dan selamat ata perjuagan Kapten kapal dan awak kapal. (ternyata Bajaklaut Somalia tidak profesional, mereka hanyalah nelayan biaya yang ditunggangi ex militer Somalia dan tentunya berbagai pihak yang memanfaatkan situasi, Perserikatan bangsa-bangsa juga telah membentuk satuan pengaman wilayah perairan somali dari negara India, tetapi menurut informasi bajaklaut Somalia tetap eksis, tetapi kapal Amerika akan eselalu memberikan perlawanan. harap komentar dari kolektor Indonesia ,apakah Anda sudah penah mendengar kisah pertua-langan ini dan pernah melihat profile Bajaklaut somalia liwat comment -Dr iwan suwandy. )



UCM-uniquecollection.wordpress.com Cyber Musuem short show
@copyright Dr iwan S.2010

A. The Vintage Somalia Collections
1. The Italian Colony Somalia
2. The Somalia during World War II

B. The Moderm Somalia Collections
1. The Somalia After World War II
2. The Somalia in 21th century
(1) The Somalia Conflict
(2) The Adventure of Somalia Pirate

The info of The Somalia Unique Collections still in processing will finished two days later,please be patient.
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

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Alexander Graham Bell

Backside Bell Telp

Front Bell Telp.

Ericson telephone info

Bell telephone info

Vintage NGMagazine 1936

Hallo collectors, thankyou verymuch for click UCN today
UCN-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberNews
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

This day UCM short show will installed the Vintage Telephone collection, consist two info :
1. The Graham Bell telephone info and picture , with Dr iwan s. Vintage Graham Bell telephone collections.
2. The Ericson telephone infor and vintage book illustrations

Kolektor Indonesia, hari ini Dr iwan S.mengistalled photo koleksinya telephone antik ciptaan Graham bell , lengkap dengan illustrasi Graham bell dan penemu telephone lainnya Ericson dari swedia, kolektor Indonesia Mas Mahfud memiliki Ericson Telephone yang ia perlihatkan pada Dr iwan s.ivat blognya, terima kasih pak Mahfud , anda memotivasi saya untuk menampilkan berita yang menarik ini. selain itu juag terima kasih kepada National geography magezine 1936 dan Bandung Magazine 1975 atas informasi anda, saya harap anda tidak keberatan menampilkan beberapa illustrasi anda untuk melengkapi iilustrasi lain yang merupakan koleksi Dr iwan s dan Mas Mahfud.


UCM-uniquecollectio.wordpress.com CyberMuseum
@copyright Dr iwan S.2010

A. Intro
I found The Graham Bell vintage telephone at Padang in 1985, and after that I never seen and found another original vintage first telephone. I have seen many fake and more rescent telephone in Indonesia collctors, except Mas Mahfud Ericson Telephone, plaese all the Insrument Collectors must be carefully because many fake and repro telephone exist to day please look carefully my original collections before buy one for your collections, plaese another Instrument collectors who have the same original first telepone tell me via comment,thankyou verymuch .

B. The Vintage National Geography Magazine Graham bell Telephone Info 1936

A Prophecy of 1877
One of the first business telephone transactions on record, and probably the firs over ‘long distance’ was between a Travelers man and the father of Alexander Graham Bell- concerning an accident insurance policy.
A publication of the period quaintly observed :’This,we think, is the latest novelty in accident insurance, and a fresh demonstration of the usefulness of Prof. Bell’s invention. It is not only capable odf transmitting the human voice over long distamces, but preserves every articulation distinctly, and it no doubt destined ere long to be of great practical value’.
Prophetic words! Both telephone and the Travelers have come a long way since that day in 1877. Both have grown into vast service networks that cover the entire cntinent.
Today (1936),thanks to this expansion, the holder of Trevelers Accident and Automobile Insurance, while he may be out of luck, is never out of reach of help when he needs it. No matter where he may meet with an accident, he has only to call the nearest Travellers man for prompt service.
For travellers has thousands of representatives, and claim statins located strategically throughout the Unites States and Canada. Thus Travellers policyhlders can be certain, not only of accurity is along-established company, but of getting their money when and where they need it. (look at Graham Bell with his telephone in 1877 book picture illustration, and anther Graham Bell vintage pictures)

C. The Vintage Bandung Magazine 1975 about Telephone inventions.
(1) Alexander Graham Bell telephone
It Happened on March,10th.1876, Alexander Graham Bell , was the first man to have his voive transmitted by telephone. In his labotary while he was wrking on a transmitting instrument he had just invented, Bell spilled acid from a battery over his clothing. Spontaneously he immediately spoke through the instrument to call his assistent , warsn, who was in another room:’Mr Watsn,come here. I want you!’ Watsn rushedinto laboratry, shouting ‘ Mr Bell, I heard every word you said, very vclearly!’ the acid that was spilled in Bell’s laboratory in Bston uSA accidentally helped to make the day one to be remembered by the whole world as the date when the telephone came into existance. the first telephone that could be used publicly was installed in 1877; today (1975) more than 170 millin telephones in the world.
Perhaps Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor, didnot rea,ized that his discovery was going to become one of the most important means of communications.

(2)The word telephone comes from the Greek words tele meaning far and phone meaning sound. These words actually describe what the telephone does. It carries sound over a distance, by using electric currents. The telephone transmits speech so that it sounds natural.

(3)Lars Magnus Ericsson Telephone
Two year after Bell invention,in 1879, a Swedish name Lars Magnus Ericsson also succeeded in making a telephone in his own cuntry. Although this equipment was rather primitive compared with today’s telephones, the word was amazed by Ericsson’s creativity (look the illustration of Ericsson profile and his first telephone)
When Ericsson retired frm bussiness activities in 1903, his company had already grown and was well known throughtut the world. Nowadays Ericssn’s company can make a picture telephne so that you can see the person’s who is talking to you. Using this instrument you can show your companion picture,photos,diagrams and the likje, while you talk to him on transmitter (1975)
As you often see in foreign film (now everybodies in Indnesia and the world have the digital handphone, and Ericsson company joint with Sony was one of the modern first product now ), there is wieless or radio telephone that doesn’t use a telephone cable.
Ericsson also made the first buttons telephones , change from the Dial telephones.( Sonny Ericsson product also developed in the technology until now,like Ipod and blackberry etc)

@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

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Kingdom Mempawa Tomb

Kingdom Mempawa Palace

King Tanjungpura Matan

Ancient West Borne

Hallo collectors, Thankyou for Click UCN today
@copyright Dr Iwan s.2010

UCM will installed The Kingdom of West Borneo collection , look at the sample illustration old West Borneo Map and the King Saunan as the King of Tjanungpura-Matan kingdom.
Another West Borneo’s Kingdom like the kingdom of Sukadana,mempawah,Sambas, Tayan, Sangau ,Pontianak and other frgotten kingdom of West borneo will illustrated with the Map, King picture and another unique collections, please read UCN when the install will finish.


1.The Comic Card Collection
Please click Kartu Komik opa celine, later UCM will installed UCM The Vintage Comic Card Collections.

2. The Cat Spotted Cat Figurine Collection
Later will install The Rare Ming Cat Collections.

1.The rare ming Monkey Ceramic have 100% installed.
2.The Kingdom of West Borneo collections have starting installed this day and will finish in March,27th,2010.

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King Archaemid III 400BC

Archaemenid III 400BC

King Cyrus II

Cyrus II 576BC

King Darius I

King DariusI 550BC

Alexander TheG 330BC

Alexander the Great

Greeco Buddish 130BC

Ex Capital Balkh1stctry

Balkh Capital Aryana

ex Balkh 1stcentury

Kanishka Coin3rdctry

Kanishka statue3rdctry

Kanishka 3rd century

Peshawar 3rd Century

Capital Peshawar3rdCtry

Capital Bagram3rdCtry

Bagram Buddish 3rdCtry

King Chorid 6thCentury

King Ghazni coin

King Ghazni

King Mahmud Ghazni

Ancient Ghazni 790AD

Ghazni Islamic center

Genghis Khan 1360

Genghis Khan 1370

Timur Khan 1370

King Z.baber 1500

King Z.Babur 1500

Shah Jehan 1526

Shah Jehan 1526

King Hotakia 1709

Vader Afshar 1738

Ahmad shah 1747

Timur Shah 1790

Zaman Shah 1810

Br.Occ.Kabul 1837

Br.Occ.Kandahar 1837

BRGen Mac Naghten

King Shuja 1837

Sher Ali khan 1838

King Yacoob khan 1878

Dost Mohammed Khan

AngloRussian warship 1839

Amir Abdur Rahman 1888

King Amanullah Khan 1919

Civil war 1925

King Nadir Shah 1929

King Zahir Shah 1950

King Zahir Shah 1957

King Zahir Shah 1950

Compile from many Vintage Books illustrations by@copy right Dr Iwan S. 2010.

( 6th – 1th CENTURY BC)

1. Archaeminides Dinasty of Persia (550-330 BC)
The Archaeminides dinasty of persia occupied Afghanistan.
(1) Emperor Archaemenid III (550-576)
(2) Emperor Cyrus II (576-550 BC)
(3) Emperor Darius I (550-480 BC)

II. The Greeco dinasty
The Greeco dinasty of Greeks occupied Afghanistan
(1) Alexdander the Great (330 BC)
(2) Greeco-Bactrian state in Balk city(250 BC)
(3) Eueratides dinasty (130 BC)

(1st – 7th CENTURY AD)
1. Aryana Kingdom (1-1600 AD)
Aryana meands the Lands of the Aryans with Capital Balkh.
(1) Dinasty Peshadi
(2) Dinasty Yama
(3) Dinasty Kawi and Kawa
(4) Dinasty Kwat and Aspo

2. 1000 AD
Zoaraster, philsopher from Balkh teaching Averta religion.

3. 2nd Century AD
no info

4. Dinasty Kushand (3rd Century AD)
a.King Kanishka the great of Kushand dinasty conquered large part of India, he have two capital :
(1) Summer Capital Bagram
(look at illustration of Begram Buddha statue and illustrations of Begram city)
(2) Winter Capital Peshawar
(look at the illustration of the Peshawar city ,ancient and now)

b,During the Kushan Dinasty, in Aghanistan were built The Temple at Bamdan, Bagram and Peshawar and large fire temple at Baghean.

c. King KUshan had a political and commercial relation with China and Roman empire because Afghanistan area in the middle of the Silk road between the two empire.

d. Kushan glory began to fall away gradually and West Turk and Sasanid Kingdom have made number of conquest which created Ephtalides Dinasty.

5. The Dinasty of Ephtalides
During this Dinasty, King Rubbic and Brahman rule Kabul (Afghanistan). (no illustration exist)

6. 6th-7th Century AD
Emperor Chorid from Kutub Minor of Delhi conquest
Ghanavid in India, introducing civilization move from Lahore to Delhi.

( 8th-13th CENTURY AD)

1. 642 AD
Arab defeat Sasaman by Pricess Herat and Saistan.

2. 8th Century AD
The first Arab missionaries and troops entered Westren bodies of Afghanistan and the Capital city Kabul.

3.Ghasnaevid Dinasty (*th-9th Century AD)
The emperor Mahmud Ghazni of the Ghasnavid dinasty conquered Afghanistan, and Ghazni City started to challange Bghdad,Tangier and Cairo as the center os Islamic civilization.

(1370-1526 CENTURY AD)
1. 1370
The first Mongol Khan(emperor) Genghiz Khan occupied Afghanistan and oder Timur Khan as the king of Afghanistan with the capital at Herat.
(look at the picture illustrations of Gengghiz Khan and Timur Khan with the capital Herat)

2. 1500
Zahiruddin baber came to Kabul from Farghana valey.

3. 1502
Safavid King of Iran Took over Afghanistan in this year
(look at his picture illustration 1502).

(1526 -1738)
1 .1526
Jehan Shah the King of the Mughol occupied Afghanistan (look at his picture illustrations)

The Hotakia dinasty king Mirwais Khan.(look at his picture illustration) from 1705 until 1738.

Shah Mahmud who led an Afghanistan army into Persia defeated persian. at the Battle of Guenabad.(look his picture illustration)

3. 1738
Jehan Shah the last King of Mughol(look at his picture illustrations)

V.. Durani Empire (1747-1826)

King Ahmad shah the first king of Durani or Afshenif kingdom with the capital at Kandahar, he was the Father of the SAfghan nation (look at his picture illustration 1751.}

The Son of Ahmad Shah, King Timur Shah became the king of Afghanistan and he transfer the capital to Kabul from Kandahar.

3. The grandson of Ahmad shah,Zaman Shah the became the king of Afghanistan.

(19th-20th CENTURY)

1.The Siege of Herat.(1837-1838)
During the King Dost Mohammad Khan, collision between the expanding British and Russian Empire ,significant influence Afghanistan., this situation escallationed to The Siege of Herat from 1837 until 1838.
(Look the illustrations of King Dost Mohammed Khan and the Herat city picture.)

(1) The First Anglo-Russian war (1839-1842)
British occupied Jalal Abad, Kabul ,Shasmi and Kandahar.This war destruction British army.
because the British Resident General Mac Naghten and King shuja was assaination by Amir Sher Ali Khan at Kabul and British troop quit Afghanistan.
(look at the illustartion of Gen.Mac Nahgten , King Shah Shuja and Amir Sher Ali Khan)
(2) The Second Anglo-Russian war (1878-1880)
(look at the illustrations of British Naval War Ships)
The British second invasio vs Amir Mohammed Yacoob Khan (look at his picture illustration)

3. 1880
The battle of Maiwand ,Amir Abdur Rahman became the King of Afghanistan unitil 1905 and he unified Afghanistan.(look at his profile illustration) .

4. 1905-1914
no info

5. 1915-1918
Afghanistan netral country during World War I.

6.Reform of Amanullah khan and civil war
( 1919-1929)
look at the King Amanullah Khan picture and vintage civil war Photo illustration.

7. The Reign of Nadir Shah (1929-1950)
look at the King Nadirs Shah picture.

8. The Reign of Zahir Shah (1950-1973)
The last King of Afghanistan King Zahir Shah9
(look at the Book illustration of his profile in1950 and 1958)

@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

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Rare Pieerot Ceramic

Rare Pieerot painting

Pieerot clown

Pieerot Pieerette card

Pieerot Pieerette clown

Pieerot clown book ill.

Pieerot clown

Herlequin clown

Chaplin Archelino clown

Archelino clown

Trivelino clown

Zaccagnino Clown

Fagolino clown

Fritellino clown

Hobo Clown

Tramb clown

Buen Clown

Pochinko clown

Sue morrison clown

Vintage Pierot ceramic

Compile from vintage book with clown illustrations,Vintage Clown ceramic ,painting and Vintage clown picture postcard.@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

I. The Vintage French Clown
The very famous French clown in Europe was the Pierot clown created by Pieerot Pirouette is comedian art of character Pedrolino, Pedrolino appear without masked, but more famous as Pierot clown.
pierrot ussually appears in White face typically with very little other color,
Pierrot clown is often famele and she had been called Piroutte or Pierrette , when Bernard Delfond wa made a life show, he choosed Pierrot and Pierrette as the supporter of his coat of Arm,
UCM have installall the Pieerot clown illustration several vintage Photo , Vintage book illustrations and vintage ceramic of Pieerot clown.

II. The Vintage Italian Clown

1. The Arlechino Clown
The Arlechino clown always carries a cane with which to strike the other performance, although this cane is normally tkaen fromhim by the other performance and used against him. the famous comedian Chaplin also played Arlechino (look ill Chaplin arlechino clown and two other Arlechino clown illtrs.)

2. Other type Italian Clown :
(1)Herlequeen Clown (ill)
(2) Trivelino Clown (ill)
(3) Zaccgnino Clown(ill)
(4) Fagolino Clown (ill)
(5) Fritelino Clown masked (ill cap.Fritellino Clown)

III. The Vintage USA Clown

1. Hobo Clown
The Hobo clown always migration and find work during travel.with white face and red nose(ill Hobo clown)

2. Tramb Clown
The Tramb Clown always migration but they didnot work to the special show, but they have thier ownself shows.(ill. Tramb clown)

3. The Buen clown
The Buen Clown didnot migration and non work, the have their own show near their living area.(ill Buen clown)

IV. The Vintage Canada Clown

1. The Pochinko clown, develoved by Richard Pochinko.
look illustration caption Pochinko clown.

2. The Sue Morrison clown (illustration caption Sue Morrison)

after this will show Around the World with Modern Clown .read UCN when the installed finish.
@Copyright Dr iwan S.2010

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Original Indochina coin

Fake or Original ?

rare original coin

Fake Indochina coin

Afghanistan Last King 1958

King Zahir Shah 1950

Kabul City now

Rare book issued

Afghanistan Official Seal 1958

Hallo Collectors from all over the world, especially the Hindus Collectors ,Happy No Light (Nyepi) day yesterday my Sang hyang Widi(god) give you mercy and healthy. also Thankyou for click
UCN-uniquecoleection.wordpress.com to day.

In 1996 Dr iwan S found the very rare Vintage Afghanistan Past and Present Book issued by the official Afghanistan Government ” Beaurau of Afghan Publicity Cultural relation Office Departement of Press and Informations. Kabul 1958.
This book very rare with the photo illustration, and history of the Ancient and modern Afghanistan war unitil 1958, this book issued before The Soviet War and the Afghanistan Taliban war vs US and British Force, because during that war all the vintage book were burned at Afghanistan and also in Indonesia during Suharto regime ,this book they called communist Russia occupation book, communist literature forbidden to keep until 1998 , and after Suharto regime fall in 1998 , the reformation regime didn’t mantioned anymore the Suharto law agianst communism, but very rare to find now.
This very rare book with another vintage collection will used to write and show THE ANCIENT AFGJANISTAN WAR COLLECTIONS, will starting installed this day and when fibish UCM will announced at UCN.
look at the illustration of the very rare Afghanistan book:
(1) The Official Afghanistan government Mark of the Beareu Publicitydepartment of Press and Information
(2) The city and date of book issued,Kabul 1958
(3) The Kabul City picture book illustration
(4) The last King of Aghanistan profile. The King Zahir Shah. 1958.


1. White Maltese Penny Black
please click THE EARLIEST BRITISH POSTMARK COLLECTIONS but the illustration didn’t good because the white color of the White Maltese cross poatmark bluur on the the black penny stamp, other color more good.

2. Travel to Nanning
Nanning was the new capital of southern China otonom Chouanzhi(Quanshi) province, Please click The Dr Iwan S travel unique collection (Kisah perjalan Dr Iwan S.) for more complete story.
Dr Iwan S. in 2007, after made the PRC visa in Ho Chi Minh City ,took the night Vietnam Air flight to Hanoi, arrived about 9 MM , very lucky I met the Pilot wife who sit beside me, she told me how to find the strategic hotel at Hoan Kiem lake area, I came there by Bus, but the station very far from the city, and I must paid 40.000 Dong (US$ 4.-) by private Motorcycle because the Taxi asked high US $15.-, and I arrived at Hoan Kiem lake area Motel about 11 PM, only one Motel open , I must paid high for one nigth US$20.-. Early in the morning after eating very delicious Vietnamese Rice Noodle soap (Mie Tiauw), I starting walk out the Motel to find the trevel beaurau, still in the same street I met the Vietnam Chineseoverseas travel and Motel Nam Pu-tao(the name of famous temple at Xianmen China), no Bus this morning because the ticket must bough one day before, they didn’t want to told me where the bus station. the suggest me to take the night Train vis Pushing to Nanning , and my bag could deposit there, and I have one day walking around the beautiful Hoan Kiem Lake, and at 10.00 PM starting to Nanning by nigh train, I sleep with two young Dutch who want to go to Guangzhou(ex Canton) via Nanning by flight.
At The border, the Vietnam Immigration chopped the Passport, I alway took my Bagged with me ,never leave at the Train, but one European still leave his bagged in the train, when we back to train,there was the new China train and all the leaving Baggeds were move to other train Room, the Eurpean ver angry he shouted Where is my Fucking Bagged 10 times, my be he wasnot European , he was the USA man. Everybody in the train laughing because he seaking alone to every train night room. In the Train the Immigration have check and open our bagged , they didn’t know the Indonesia washer Soap ,they think opium but after check very carefully one of the inspector known because still in the packing.
After eight hours , early moning next day I arrived at Nanning Railways Stations, I found many AC Hotel with best charge only US$ 8,- per nigt double bed with lift .
After shower I asked the Hotel countergirl who could speak English clearny (not same in Xianmen or Beijing), where the Bus Station, she told me take The Best Bus no 08 . I shaw the modern city with big road and highbuilding in the front and the people Apartement behind. Many Chinese people Jogging in the morning, someone in the bus told me the old capital was Guillin.
After one hours arrive at the modern bus stations near same as the modern airport , and I coould by the Bus Ticket with English language to back to Nanning by Bus only US$8,- After that I came back to the Hotel near Railway Station with NO O8 Bus, and saw the beautiful Metropolitan city.
In the Nanning city, the food very delicious and cheep only US$1,- you could eat three kind of Pork and Keilan that you must Paid US$5,- in Jakarta or US 50,- in Singapore.
I am walking from 10 am to 11.00 PM around the very biggest and long corridor shop, very best place for shopping, and also I met Flea Market, I found the rare Kuomintang (Dr Sun and chiang era) and Mao stamp, medal,Cultural revolution poster and book with very cheap price betwwen US 10 Cent to US $2 1/2 only, I will show some in this blog .
When back to Hanoi by Bus ,all the best Toll Road and I show the beautiful Chinese Mountain and other langscape, and after 6 hours whe arrived at the very famous Lanson border (theu call The Friendship) border through the biggest road through the highest mountain, I used the Electric golf car, many native people walking at their feet up to the mountain (read about Langson at The vietnam War Collection in this blog), And two hours from the border to Honoi, very historic and lagendarist road during Ancient and Vietnminh War, and the bus station in the front of Ka Ka Hotel near Hoan Kiem, if the collectors want to stay in Hanoi for transit to Nanning better stay at this more expensive Hote betweenl US$ 20,- t0 50.-, you can by the room via internet booking.Very pitty I cannot show all my Video cam recording because to have the facility must paid the special charge and I din’t found the sponsored,may be The Vietnam Travel Agency want to sponsored please contact via comment and the editors will contact you.

3. Fake Coins
Many collectors click Fake Coins, and I will added some new Indochina fake silver coin with the original coin for compare, the day starting installed and may be at night finish. Please click Indonesia fake Coins, all the fake coins found in indonesia flea markets, all the collectors must be carefull.

UCM -uniquecollection CyberMuseum have installed THE ANCIENT CLOWN COLLECTION 100% , and this day will finish THE VINTAGE DISNEY COLECTIONS , also starting installed THE VINTAGE CLOWN COLLECTIONS and THE ANCIENT AFHANISTAN
WAR COLLECTIONS if 100% installed will inform at UCN.

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