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1.The Mongolian prime Menistry cardname and papermoney. (Dr Iwan S Collection)

send from my French friend

2.The Bhutan Film label
(send from my Bhutan friend,the prducer Jigme.W. and the actress Jeeshewoog.)
rare label ,first report, from the unknown country

3.The picture from the Tibet Bhuddist Monk

4.Native Sofja picture

5.Liban Coin

7.Unique Native India Picture

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(As the bonus I will illustarted some new info just found . )

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UCM-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberMuseum
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(1)The Negative film and the label Cover of Chinese overseas Amateur photo Studio were found at Cholon during my last visit Ho Chi Minh city in 2009.
(2) My Friend Indra help me with the digital technical photo from the original negative film

(3)The Postive photo will invert by My photographer
Albert S. later because he stayed in Prabumulih Saout Sumatra, and I have send this negative photo to him and he will invert and made the picture to more good condition because almost 50 years ago,but the B-W negative film photo still in good condition as you see below (please wait a momment until Albert post the postive photo)

2. The Vintage Vietnam Saigon Cholon amateur photo Label cover.
The Vintage Amateur Travel Photo Studio Khan Cholon of the chinese overseas was found during my last Visit Ho Chi Ming city 2008 at Cholon the chinese are of Saigon, this vintage labe very rare because many broken during the Vienam Liberation war 1963-1975.

3. The Negative Digital Photo
This negative digital photo from the original Black and White vintage negatifive film photo inside the vintage Saigon Cholon Chinese overseas amateur travel photo studio cover ,consist the negative foto of the Vietnam Liberation war Chineseoverseas military with uniform and his fiance, and the Vintage Vietnam Zoo nagative photo ,Vietnam Tiger and elephant, other familial negativefoto. Our photographer Albert S. will invert this negative foto to positif photo.

Vintage Chinese Overseas of Vietnam Saigon Cholon Negative Picture found at Ho Chi Mint City 2009

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rare Japan stamp

Rare Labuan Stamp

Rare Tibet Stamp

rare Austria stamps

Rare Germany Stamp

rare Russia stamp

Rare Italian Stamp

rare Vietnam Stamp

Rare India stamp

My son Albert S,our photographer will write a special note how to choose the best Digital camera, he choose the Digital Olympus camera , we have three types camera first for close up, second fr automatic fast mvement and during traveller, and third the proffesional photgraphy special for art phtgraphy.
I suggest Olympus digital camera will be my blog sponsor, special for photography and picture galery collections. The perfect picture send by my native Friend also used the same camera , that I have made blur in order to protect agains reprductions, because to much f my Info were us by many blog without say hello to me via google., hallo Indnesian blogger I am still waiting your comment.

my native Bhutan friend

How to arrange the picture of native traditional ceremonial , because best informative related the native traditional ceremony with the unique traditional collection were used during that ceremonial will up the interest of collectors and travellers to visit their countries. like I have arranged the ceremonial situations, and the unique traditinal item used at Bhutan, especllialy the Bhutan Buddhist statue ,I made in large side ,may the mighty Buddha belssed me and the spnsreship I have suggest :the national Turisme Board or the famour International travel Agent will used my blog as the promtional tool and want to be the spnsrship of this prgram. this picture send by my native Bhutan friend in April 2010. what are the sponsrship cmment,please send via cmment.

Native traditional ceremony

To craete an artistic illustration, the blogger must have an artistic and unsual type of illustration, like uniquecollections.wordpress.com blog have done,the cutting of the illustration, how you created that.
many collectors who seen this illustration send the comment nice article illustrations. look at the beautiful cute native Bhutan recent pictures was send by Dr iwan S friend.This Graphic technologic suggest sponsored by the Graphic factories or association..

nice cutting illustrations

The sponsored ship of uniquecollection.wordpress.com Blogs special free program
@copyright Dr iwan S.2010.
@copyright Dr iwan S 2010.

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UCM-uniquecollection.wordpress.com Cyber Museum
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Bhutan Promotional stamps souveneer sheet label 2010
Bhutan souvener sheet 2010Bhutan FDC
Bhutan Vintage Picture Postcard

Bhutan Royal Postcard and envelope

Butan Lake countecy Bunthab,my friend from Bhutan


(1) BHUTAN AREA 18.00 sq mile, is an independenent Himalayan state, under the prtectorate in respect of foreign relations, of His Majestys Gvernment, possessing s fretile soil and temperate climate. The population ,computed to number about 300.000, are sturdy folk, of Tibetan affinities, in recent times there has been a considerable Nepalese immigration in the foot-hill region.
Though politically independent of Tibet. Bhutan is succeptible to Tibetan influence for the Bhutanese share the religion and culture of Tibet, and look to the Dalai lama as their spiritual head. In former times,China exchanged presents with Bhutan , but did not established effective suzerainity.
(2) For some 250 miles ,Bhutan dominated a tract of Land,singulary rich and fertile ,situated partly in Bengal and partly in Assam,knwn as the Eighteenth Duars( Duar being a dr or pass). This area and what is now the Stae of Cooch Behar formed the traditional happy hunting-ground of Bhutanese free-boters.
(3) The History of Bhutan
indeed it was the fOrcible abduction of the Cooch Behar Raja and his brother that led indirectly to the first intercuse between ,John Company’ and Bhutan. This Bhutanese aggresion was followed by a small successful expeditin under a COmpany Officer. This led then Tashi Lama (wh was also Regent of Tibet) to address a friendly letter to Warren Hastings, inter-ceding on behalf of the erring Bhutanese.
Warren Hastings immediately respnded by deputing Bogles ‘Good-Will Mission’. Bogle travelled via Bhutan and en route establish cordial relation there in 1774.

(b) 1792
The Bogle travelled continiue till 1792. in this year Nepal invaded Tibet, the Chinese suspected that the Bengal authrities had engineered this invasin, and by their influence induced the Bhutanese to shut the door.

The suspicion and hostility thus engendered was accentuated, when the Company extending its influence to Assam, on the expulsion of the Burmese in this year 1825, became heir to the uneasy relatin existing between the Assamese and Bhutan; cnditin prevailed comparable with thse in the Derajat on the Waziristan border at their worst.

Thirty cases of plundering occured and at least 25 Indians were unknwn to have been carried ff into slavery. Meanwhile 50 outrages were committed in Coch Behar territry (ne invlving ver RS 20.000 wrth prpertys) and 60 residents of the state were Kidnapping

(e) 1857
Indian Mutiny of 1857 served to post-pone settlement.

The envoy (Mr E.Eden) sent in 1863, charged with proposals of a concilliatry charactor, but instructed to demand the return of all captives and plundered property and security for the future peace of the Frontier was insulted in open Darbar and put under duress.

The Bhutan war of 1864 led to the conclussion of the Treaty of Sinchula in January 1886, Bhutan cede in perpetuity the whle f the 18 Duars and in return recieved a subsidy f RS 50.000 a year.
Since that date realtin with Bhutan have been exellent, and the bonds between Bhutan and India grown closer.

In 1907 the leading chief of Bhutan, Tongsa Pealop Ugen Wangchuk was elected by the unanimous votes of Bhutan Chief s and a number of monks as hereditary Emperor of Bhutan
Bhutan vintage Pictures

(i) 1910
Finally in 1910, in return for an increase in the Subsidy of RS 50.000 paid under the Sinchula Treaty to RS 1.000.000 that treaty has been amended t include a provision that Bhutans freign relatin should be cntrolled by the British Government at the same time undertaking to exercise on interference in the internal administratin of Bhutan.
Under anther agreement the Bhutan Government has undertaken to remove all liqour shops from within a 10s miles zone of the British District border in return for an annual conpensation of Rs 1.000.000.

look at the Bhutan Royal letter below

in 1926 , Emperor Tongsa was succeeded by his eldest son Sir Jigme Wangchuk .

Postally used cover intern Bhutan from Simnachai to Thimpu

Postal Used cover from Bhutan To Calcutta

Postally used cover from Tashing to Pare intern Bhutan

Postally used cover from Bhutan to Nepal

Postally used cover from MangarZhong to Thimpu intern Bhutan


(1) The Map of Bhutan related countries 1908
(2) The Map Of Bhutan Related countries 1908

(3) Bhutan Map 1950

(Foreign language librabry,Beijing,1962)
In this book illustrated several India-china border Map during the border conflict 1962, ex PRC embassy Jakarta library)

( Jevan F.,Pray Changing The heart of the Indian Sub-continent,Be a voice be a bridge,2002)

(1) Bhutan Information 2002
(a)BHUTAN is the only democratic theocracy in the world with the King governing through a strong Buddhist elected assembly. It is completely land-locked, strategically located between India and China.90% mountainsous with difficult terrain. It hast a predominanatly rural population praticing subsistence farming. Monastic education given a high priority and takeng place in Buddhist colleges and meditation centers.
(b) Statistic
Capital Thimphu
Language nepali,Dzongkha and English.
Population 900.000
District 20
Villages 67.503
Total peple grouth 147
Christian less than 1%
Major people groups : Bhote,Drukpa,Ngalong, Nepalese.

Bhutan Postally used cover cds Zhemgang Zhong 1968 on Mickeymouse stamps to Thimpu the capital city of Bhutan.

(2) Bhutan Map 2002

(2) Bhutanese-Nepalese picture
the phrese below the picture:
I will put my Spirit in you And you will live,
And I will settle you In your own land
Ezekiel 37:14

2. Bhutan Collection found In Indonesia 2007-2008

During preparation to visit Bhutan I buy some Bhutan stamp and when vist Bhutan i will take this stamps to the post ooffice and made postally used on cover as the [hillatelic creation or CTO because I am afraid this collection will lost or not transfer because of many political reason,because until this day i never recieved as postally used cover from Bhutan, I send reques three times in 1985.2007 and 2008, also I asked my native Bhutan to shoe me their postlly used cover from their friend in Bhutan but only promise and thei only contact via chat if abroad, and SMS phone, I have ever seen in auction postally used cover all cds penshouling,the Border post office with India but I cannot proof this really original or fake. All of the stamps in mint unused stamps.

(1) Bhutan first stamp issued
(2) Vintage Bhutan Three dimesion stamps

(3) Bhutan Modernstamp sheet


B. The Story of Bhutan in 2010Bhutan stamp and sheet 2010
bHUTAN pOSTAL hISTORY FROM SEVERAL POST OFFICE SEND FROM MY FRIEND MUHUL BOWNIK (special for Indonesian phillatelist Adi Dharma ,after seen this you will know that the Bhutan postal services with border are exist,


in April 2010, I have found several Native Bhutan friend, three of them became my best friend, they send me their Royal picture and native traditional picture, I have asking them the other kind of uniquecllectins but they donnot understand that is why no phillatelic ,coin,vintage picture etc unique-collections donnt exist, but will the picture illustrated below, The Bhutan country was same like other country life,but still not many tourist came here because the strict turist Policy for prtect their cuntry from bat habit polution of globalitation. One of my native Bhutan friend which this time still study Master in Thailand understand about uniquecollections after click my blog, and he promise to collect all kind of uniquecllectins as much as he can ,a nd give all to me , he will back home August 2010 and he will invite me as the guest to his homeland Bhutan ,because the Native Bhutan Peple allow to invite two friend for visit Bhutan country without the special charge for common turist visit and the cost became reasnable fr me to visit Bhutan in September 2010.
Please look at the modern uniquqcollections from Bhutan below.:

1.Bhutan Royal Picture
in April 2010 My native Bhutan friend have sent me the Bhutan Royal picture, look at the two picture below.

2. MY Native Bhutan Friend figure
In April 2009 , I find several native Bhutan friends, and two of them was work in cinematography entertaint-ment , one send me her profile with native traditional Bhutan gown (look at the illustration below) and the other one no profile photo, they send me several native traditional Bhutan picture look at point ad3 ,Native Bhutan picture below.

3. Bhutan Native Picture 2009
My native Bhutan friend in April 2009 had sent me several native bhutan picture,including Miss bhutan and Bhutan picture scene.

Native Bhutan

4. Bhutan Landscape Picture
my native Bhutan friend send me the beutiful and exciting landscape picture of Bhutan, the countri with-out polution., and still fresh and healty wheather,

Bhutan landscape picture

In April 2010, My native Bhutan friend have sent me two exciting recent picture of the ancient Buddhists heritage building at Bhutan :

The Nong Nooch Buddhist Stupa at Bhutan were small sizes,but many in one sites, look at the exciting recent picture below, I must look this area when my visit Bhutan in september 2010 (pray for me in order to succeed my nex adventure, the Adventure of Dr iwan s ‘Five Day In Bhutan 2010’ ).

My native Bhutan friend Yeesh. send me the recent photo ,the ancient biggest incised carved of Bhutan Buddha in the mountain, when I visit Bhutan I will looked at this perfect and exciting ancient Bhutan art.


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native Battaks textile Modigliani Book figures.

2. Native Battaks Textile and ornament Picture Postcard early 20th century.

(1) Native Battaks earing.

native Battaks Earing.

(2) Native Battaks Weaving picture postcard

Native Battaks Textile Fabrics

4. Native Battaks House
Beside Modigliani fig , I als have the vintage picture postcard of native Battaks House in 19th century.

(1) The Vintage Picture Postcard of Native Battaks House lattest 19 century.

2. Native Battaks House Mfdigliani Bok illustration

(1)Figure 4 : House of the Battaks
House of a chief amongst the Toba Battaks

(2)Figure 5: Giorognam-Giorognam
The characteristic adorenment of the gable frnt of the houses is a most elaborate concern called giorgnom-girognom

(6)Figure 6: Signa Niriama
on the each side of the fecade , is a symblic figured head, it is called signa

Vintage Battaks House

5.Native Battaks Figures Mdigliani book illustration

(1)Figure 3 :Battaks Women
Nai Muara, a Toba Battaks women.

(2)Figure 2: The Guru Somalaing
Guru Smalaing, a Battaks patriot and alearns amng them,who accompanied Modagliani advanture, and saving him on several occasin form eminent danger.

vintage book

UCM-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberMuseum collection@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.

A. INTRO (Dr Iwan Notes)
1. This rare Info and illus.of Tapian-Nauli (now Tapanuli, Tapian means beach and nauli-beutiful) were post special fro my new friend which his homeland at Tapanuli, Mr Horatio Simadjuntak, I hope your comment , Are this is the first time you read and look at the nice and rare illustrations of your homeland? and please tell your native Tapanuli friends to click this info.This story also fr my best friend who have help me much in finding the uniquecollection,thankyou Mr Herry Hutabarat, and mr Aris Siregar.

2. The informations from two rare vintage 19th century books, two Vintage book 1938, and Dr iwan S.collections related with the Tapian-Nauli. faound during my visit in 1974 ,read the adventure of Dr iwan s from Solok to Tapanuli with My Toyota Corona 1974.

3. I have ever seen many vintage collections at the Parapat shop in 197, but in 1996 nothing exist anymore, many were bougth by a psychiates from medan ,he made the Museum and write a book,later together with the Franch, I have that book. I also still have the new Battaks Toba statue produced in 1974, but now no best quality anymore, the native older Battaks Samosir islan Toba lake I think were passed away and no young generations made the ethnic statue anymore, please the Tapanuli young generations click this info and starting to reproduced for tourism, because many froreigner still collect the new items, in 1985 I have sold many small statue in $10,-per item which I bought only $1.-, i still keep some best statue.-

(Formed By Dr Elio Modigliani During his Recent Explorations in Tapanuli, Giglioli -vice president of Anhropological Society of Italia, Schmeltz JDE,Leiden,1893)

1. The Adventure of Dr Modigliani in the Battaks land.
Dr E.Modigliani,who hqd earned for himself so distinguished a place among our foremost scientific travellers by his bold and successful exploration of Battaks, has proved himself not to be one of those who are content to ‘rest on their laurels’.
He had scarcely finished seeing his splendid volume on the result of his first exploration therough the press, when he bagan to long to be on the field again; his glimpse of Sumatra had left an ardent wish to see more of that beautiful and yet partly mysterious land, the legendary Lake Toba and The Battaks tribe who live on its shore, a nation of lettered cannibals, had for him a endeavour to open out a filed as yet untrodden by the Scientist.
After careful preparation, which are so large a part of successs in such undertakings, Dr Modigliani left Florence in August 1890; he had secured the services of Abdul Kerim an alble Persian collector and taxidermist, who had done good services with
arquis G.Doria in Persia, Borneo and Tunis, and thus made sure of the Zoological Collections in order to be able to devote more time to geographical and ethnological researches.
Early in October he was at Siboga; there he heard that war was going on in the Toba region, the Singa manga Rajah , head chief and religious primate of the Battaks who had already given so much truble to the Dutch, was again coming to the front, and this time in connection with the Atchinese from the north- an alliance of hereditary foes, for the Battaks have always repulsed the Mohammedan Malays, against the invading Whites. But this did not deter Modigliani from his object; by the middle of October he was at Balige on the shores of Lake Toba and on the edge of the wild and unexplored Battaks country, the Land of his dream.
The Dutch Colonial Authorities were quite willin to give their aid and support to our Treveller, as long as he kept within the bounderies of the subjugated tribes;but beyond, evidently feeling that tey could no longer protect him, they did not wish him t go. This would however have singulary curtailed his explorations, and greatly dimished the importance and interest of his researches; the uknown was beyond those bounderies!Whilst at Balige came in contact with several influential Chief; he was asked who was his chief, and by answering’Rajah Roma’ quite unwittingly he gave himself a powerful lift and grew great in the eyes of the Toba Battaks. For it appears that withthem a Rajah Roma is a great and mystic personage (perhaps Modigliani thinks a derivation of Roma;anyway of Rajah Rom our traveller was able to penetrate into the heart of independent Battak country, where in all probability, no other European wold have been able to go; and many were the things he Had no promise in Rajah Rom name, and many presents and great the aid he got as envoy. But to this Modigliani was obliged to leave his resident secretly , and in this he was greatly helped by the Guru Somalaing a Battak patriot (fig 2) and a learned man amonst them, who accompanied our traveller in his adventures journey and faithfully protected him, saving him on several occasions from imminent danger,besides letting him into manya secret of Battak folklore.
With Guru Somalaing and afew followers, Modigliani travelled right through the land of the zindependent Battaks, cutting across Sumatra by a new route , on the way he discovered the wnderful Sumatra Niagara (Sigura-gura ?) , the Native name of which is Martua Sapuran Si-arimo; he reach the east coast f the island at bandar Pulo near Tanjong Balei, and renamed to lake Tba by a different route. He was away on this journey about amonth;on his retrurn the Dutch Colonial Authorities informed him that they could not allow him to cross again intothe independent Battaks country, and that if he attempted to they would have to ask him toleave. This was a sore disappointment, altough Modigliani had indeed made the very best of his time and opportunities; however decidede to leave the Toba highlands, and was back to Siboga on the west coast by the middle of March 1891.
I thought it necessary to give this concise introductive account of Dr Modiglianis exploration before my notes on the very important ethnographical collections he has brought back. I must also add that he has quite recently published an a ccount of his tracels in the land of the Battaks, splendidly got up and profusely illustrated, these illustrations carefully taken from original photographs or drawn from the specimen collected, gave a special value to Modiglianis important conclusion to our knwledge of the hiertho little known Natives of that prtion of Central Sumatra, I have to thank my friend for the loan of some of them which engance the interest of my paper. The matter contained in Modiglianis recent book formed the subject of two lectures he delivered last year, the first on the 6th of February before H.M.the Queen of Italy, and the Italian Geographical Society at Rome; the second before H.R.H the Duke of Aosta and the Anthrophological Society of Italy on the 13th of March at Florence.

These notes of mine about The Toba and Independent Battas of Central Sumatra.:
(1) Amongst the Toba Battaks , Modigliani was not successful in obtaining human skull, but with the helpof guru Somalaing, he was able to take with bility and perfection a magnificent series of plaster casts of the face fromlife,both of men and women;the mainly and energitic one of the guru amongst them.
(2) He was able besided to take a splendid collection of photographs illustrating the people and their belonging.
(3) A most extensive and perfect series of actual specimens and carefully constructed models made on the spot of the non moveable , illustrate completely the ethnography of these Battaks.these specimens I shall forthwith comment upon the following order

(a) Houses and Huse furnitures
The villages of the Toba Battaks are fortified by a thrown up bank or terre-plein all around,thickly palnted with thrny bambos; ne r mre apertures about 1 meter high and 60 cm wide, are the sle gates .
The house f the prer inhabitants are low huts with mud walls and thatch roofs,they are in the out-of -the way corners; flanking the principal street are the house of the rich and notables(Fig.4);there are much larger , built on piles frm 80 cm to 2 m high.in front is a sort of varanda,shut off frm the entrance which is reach by a ladder and which is always beaneath; the floring and walls are of stut planks, the latter ofter elobaretely rnamented with carvings and paintings(fig 7) .The roof of ijuk(Arenga-fibers) , is high and steep, with projecting gables at each end; on the peaked gable in front is the skull of a Buffalo or an imitation of its head in ijuk with real horn attacked. But the characteristic adornment of the gable frnt of the huse s of thebetter kind is mst elobrated concern called giorognom-girognom (fig 5),f which I give here a drawing a more eloquent than the best word descriptions. Besides ,on each side of the facade, is a huge symbolic figure-head , elaborately carved and painted; it has a sort of probscis and a generally elephantine aspect, it is called signa (Fig 6) , and may be a relic of Ganesa, for Battaks show many sign of remote Hindoo influences. The area beneath the house is used as stables, and divided by paftitions. The inside of the house has no divisions, at one end is the hearth , and on the walls around , from the rafters above or in the corners, are arranged and stowed away the husehold utensils;the valuables being secured in near two big boxes with a lid let in grooves.
The house furniture is simple enough;sleeping mats,rolled up in the daytime,neiter bed frames, pillow or chairs beiing used; basket for dry provisions,such as rice and fish; cocnuts,gourds or bamboo-jints for liquids, such as water and palm-wine.These with divers cooking nd eating vessel ,aticles of dress,weapons,and implement of agriculture complete the list in most cases. Beside the ordinary dwelling-houses rich and poor, the Battaks villages always contain one or more Sopo;these are built much like the better kind of houses , but they are open all round; only a sort of loft formed by the chief for his valuables and those belnging to the community. The first floor is used as an assembly room and also for guests, and being pen all round these are kept in sight always. Some sp are of large dimensions. Besides actual specimens of girognom, digns snd vsrious painted housed-boards , Modigliani s cllection contain beautiful reduced models of one of the finer houses and of a sopo, and a complete set of house furniture and mveables.

(b) Boats
There are of various sizes and called solu; they are dug-outs with boards added on and bound with iron tacks; they are elegant in shape, somewhat of the gondola type, long and narrow. The largest , fr 5o rowers, are about 18 meters in length;there is a slight keel carved fore and aft (fig.8). Themen sit in pairs on crss seats, and row sitting; the paddles have an oval blade and cross handle. On lading, the seats,oars and ornaments are removed;the latter are peculiar; the stern one, giarogia di pudi, consist of three sticks with tufts of horsehair and a row of shrter sticks called rame rame with a bigger one in the middle distinctly phalloid, strung across; no tradition appears to explain this singular ornament. At the prow is a carved and pointed figure symbolising a Buffalo head, with another rame-rame strung in the front with its singular central phallus; then comes a srt of bowspirit with tufts of horsehair at the sides and one of human hair at the end; over it rises an upwright carve post, the torgiok. modigliani has all that original ornaments of one of the bigger solu, and reduced models of entire boats.

(c) Agriculture implement
Of these Modigliani has collected a cmplete series .Painted poles of hardwod called Accinan are used fr breaking up the ground; various kind of rakes, large and small, are used t smooth it down; they are entirely of wood, the bigger nes, Sisir , used for wet paddy fields, are drawn by Buffaloes, yokes with wooden anga.
The plough (fig 9), ningala is again entirely of wod ;varius kinds f hoes, hhudali and rogo, of wood r else with iron points, and spades f wood or irn are used for rice. The principal cultivatins are : rice,mais, gadong an gourds.

(d)Textile Fabrics,dress and persnal ornaments.

(e) Food and stimulants

(f) Implement and weapons

(g) Musical Instruments

(h) Supersitions and Scorcery
This twnwords may be I think appoprietely used t express the manifold and primitive belief f the Battaks,base on that great mover of humanity fear and I might add fear of the Unknwn , of Mysterious. Modigliani has been singulary fortune and careful in collecting a larde series of obiects connected with the supersition of the Toba Battaks and their witchkraft, as practised by the ‘guru’ their wise or medicine-men, vulgo sorcerers.:
(a) Pangulubalang and gana-ganq
(b) parsili and parpagaran
(c)Tunggal Panaluwan
(d)Hatiha Mardalan
(e) attaks medical amulet

(i) Literature
It is well known that the Battaks have a literatur of their own; their book are naturally all manuscripts; Modigliani was so fortunate as to secure twenty volumes of various sizes, they alllook old, and some are quite venerable tomes. They have much the aspect and shape of our mediaeval books, being bound in wooden boards; the folded leaves are f beaten bark, which has a vellum-like aspect. The writing is very regular,clear and minute. it runs fromleft to right; many figures are intercalated in the text ; manifold hatiha and often insects,scorpions and such like.
These books are sacred, medicinal, include the art of war and are generally f an encyclopaedic nature; they are the work of learned Guru, are very highly valued and naturally not easily given away, especially to a Foreigner, even when a high price be offered.
Their translation will no doubt give much and valuable information on the science and lore of the Battaks.
I shall now leave these interesting people, on whom Modigliani’s future studies and made by my friend in the latter part of his explrations.

2. The List of collections illustration(Figures)
(1)Bataks village, Bonan Dollok vintage picture
(2) The Guru Sumalaing picture
(3)Nai Muara,a Toba Battaks women (innoccent topless
(4)House of a chief amongst the Toba Battaks
(6) Signa niruma (the front wooden carving at the native house0
(7) Ornamentation of house front
(8) A Solu (native ship) on lake Toba
(9) a Battaks plough
(10) Battaks textile facbric
(a) Raghi Buting
(b) Raghi Hotang
(c) Ulos Bolean
(d) Raghi Dup
(11) A Battak earing
(12) Bracelets
(13) Battaks Salt bag
(14) Wine bottle
(15) Chunam or lime box
(16) Tobacco Boxes
(17) Toba Battaks Pipe
(18) Battaks shield
(19) Bow-sling
(20) Powder horn
(21) Battaks Chief wallets
(22) Doal-doal bulo
(23) Gana-gana of the Toba Battaks
13 magic statue.
(24) Funeral ex-voto
(25) Village parpagaran
(26) magic staff tunggal Pagnaluan,(two types., I have ever seen this original staff at the parapat shop, the owner asked me US $ 2500, very expensive, but after that I came back in 1985 have sold to the foreigner,be careful many repro an dfake staff with low qualities,)
(27) Toba Battak omen on their way to market pictures.


C. The List Of Vintage Tapanuli collections illustrations 1896(Haeckel.Erns,tranlated by Juynbol,HH.DR, Insulinde, chapter Naar Een BatakKampong , Leiden,AW Sijthoff,1896
1. Batak Hoofd(native chief)
2. Gedrooge Batakhand (magic mummification)
3.Native Batak picture
4.Native Batak wife(vrouw)
5.Native Batak house
6.Reistmesjes (Rice knive) of Toba
7.Rice knife of Moehase
8.Rice knife of Tonkin.Prov.Son-la
9. Rice knife of Borth Siam,Kunfa (Meau)

E.The List of Vintage Tapanuli Collection bok illustration 1938.
1.Native women in the front of native House at Samosir island Toba lake
2. native Batak Karo house
3.Bull Horn gunfire powder box

F. The List of Tapanuli Collections founs by Dr Iwan S in 1974 at Samosir Island. Toba Lake Parapat.
1. The Vintage Battaks statue found at the old Battaks House at the Samosir Island
2. The Vintage Small statue of Samosir Island
3. The Vintage Statue of Samosir island ,used as the cap of Magic bottle.
@copyright Dr Iwan S 2010.

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Dayaks Mandau original or fake

East Borneo Mandau 1888

Fig h-l Handles Type

Fig e-g Pamor Mata type

Fig a-d Blades type

Dayaks Mandau Book

(Tromp SW,Assisten Resident of Koetei, Schmeltz JDE,Band I ,Ethanographie,Leiden,1888,ex Libris J.Jonge Jan)
UCM-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberMuseum collection.@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.
(this info dedicated to Dr Sugeng,Pontianak, ex my officer during my duty at West Borneo 1990-1994, he now have finish Medical Specialization Orthopaedy, and the chief of West Borneo National police Medical Hospital. During my last visit at Borneo in 2008, Dr Sugeng and his chief Dr Priok were helping me to seeking the uniquecollections, and made My Adventure from Pontianak-Kuching-Miri-Brunei Bandar Sri benagwan-Labuan-Kotatkinibalu were succeess ,also with the helping of Mr Chan kee Text-Sarawak, and many other friend along the very happy adventure,all about that I have written in Sarawak and related countries Collections
Dr Sugeng , Dr Priok and mr Chan Kee text thank you very much for friendly helping during my last visit Borneo, and Do you have the original Mandau collections? please show us via comment-Dr iwan suwandy.)
1.The information about Mandau,the special Dayaks waepons, from the West and south Borne have been written, that is why I (Mr Tromp) must written the mandau in my area Koetai.
The mandau of Koetai were from the nothern area ,Berouw. In Koetai , there were two types of Mandau,:
(1). The light and small mandau from Dayaks at Toendjoeng, Bentia, and Benoewa( Southern Dayaks)
(2).The bigger mandau from Dayaks at Modang , Bahau, kenja,Penhing and Poenan (central Dajaks in the Koetai Aboveland-Benedenlanden van Koetai).

2.The original Mandau was used by the Dayaks commander of Chief-Si Ramboet Kawat . The best mandau in Koetei were made at the native Kenja-fabric by Poh-Kedjin, locatated at vthe mountain at central Borneo near Kajan-river, the price was fbetween 10-12 Guldens, for the best quality was 50 Guldens.

3. The Illustration of Koetai -Mandau

(1) The type of Mandau Blade
(fig a) Monong
(Fig b) Logna
(Fig.c) Lidjip
(Fig d) Li-po-tong

(No information of the sarung mandau, please compare with my two original Mandau were found at Pontianak, and the other one at Jakarta,may be from East Borneo, pleae the mandau collectors send more info via comment. Be careful and compare with this original information of the Dayaks Mandau, because many fake and new repro Mandau exist now-Dr Iwan S.)

(2) The Type of Mandau Pamor(mata)
(fig e)Mata djoh
(fig f)Mata kalong
(fig g) Tap-set-sien

(3) The Type of handle(So-op)
(fig h) So-op Kenhong
(fig i ) So-op kombeh
(fig J) unknown named
(fig k) So-op goanliklik
(fig l) So-op njong pendjoh.

(I hope the Mandau Collectors send us new information about the original Mandau illustration, and My West Borneo Mandau original or fake ,please send your info via comment,thanks very much )
Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

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Celebes Dagger 1895



Vintage Book 1895

UCM-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberMuseum collections.
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

1.Intro (Dr Iwan S. note)
This show dedicated to the South Celebes(Sulawasi selatan) dagger Collectors, and especially for my best friend Pater Saelangi ,Dental Physian (drg) who have praticed and stayed along his duty and also stayed at Makassar after retired, he always help me to get the Makassar and Bugis Uniquecollection during my Visit Makassar for several time, but I never seen this very rare Dagger there, I have found more long Bugis dagger at Pontianank,one day I wiil show in my blog.
2. This rare vintage book was found at Jakarta ,in several other vintage 19th century arkeaologist book,I will posted many lithographic picture related to the Indonesia Native Uniquecollections dedicated for my best friend.

2. Dagger And Sheat From Celebes?
(Schmeltz JDE,conserver and ethnographhist, leiden,1895,ex libris J Jonge Jans)

The weapon of which we give here a figure, has been recieved by the Museum od Science and Art at Edinburg without indication of the exact locality.
We owe the following description of it to Mr Walter clark,curator of the Museum :
(1) Blade of ‘watered’ steel,wrought a jour along the back for two-thirds of its lenght,the remaining third has acutting edge.
(2) Both faces are slightly ‘hollowed and best flamboyant designs encrusted in gold, the gold itself being delicately engraved.
(3) Handle of mottled brown wood carved with foliage .
(4) Sheat of wood,covered with rattan,coated with ‘red and yellow lacquer, at the top is a mount and lower down a floral ‘button’ (to which a red silk cord is attached both in nielloed silver, the four pettaled flowers which partly make up the design being ‘picked out’ in gold. Amount is missing from the lower end.
(5) length of Dagger 0,45 m (near same with the Badik I have found in Pontianak, may be the same type, but my collection without the sheat -Dr iwan s)

We are inclined to believe thast the weapon in question comes from the Bougis of Celebes. Is any of our reader able to indicate the exact locality ?
(Please the south celebes Dagger(Badik) collectors who have the same collections give us more information via comment, after this i will installed the vintage lithography picrure of dayak mandau 1888, compare with my west Borneo Dayak Mandau collections-Dr iwan s.)
@Copyright Dr iwan s.2010.

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