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Vietnam War Postcard



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This book grew  from my first vietnam postal history collections, the private  postally cover from the Indonesia ‘s Police who join the United Nation ‘s ICCS mission   during the end of Vietnam war to his friend in Indonesia (after the fall of Saigon) as a given from my friend Suroto,

During the Vietnam war I still study Medical Doctor Faculty, graduate , joined the police health & medical depatment ,that time in the  armed forces command that is why several police went to Vietnam ,from them iI found postal History,stamps and photos.

When the Fall of Saigon in 1975 I have duties as the Health and medical officer at Solok west sumatra where my two sons (now at the editors of this blog).

I have read all the story of vietnam war in New Paper and Magazine, and I have started to collect all postal History from South East Asia including Vietnam and the realted area ex Indochina.

Indonesia first president Sukarno  is the Uncle Ho Chi Minh friend as the part of non aligned country , espacially during Bandung Afro-Asia Conference in 1955, and very lucky in 2008 I have found a collections of original Vietnam topographic photo included Uncle Ho and vietnam Heroes , I think this Photo album  was a given from Uncle to the Indonesia’s Ministry or high level official.

During Sukarno old Regime between 1950 to 1965, the Vietnam postal history like stamps and First day covers were collect by the Indonesian phillatellist, but after the New Regime ‘s president suharto anti Communist the vietnam Postal history forbidden as a part of communism were forbidden to collect, that is why no more Vietnam postal history were found in Indonesia, but some stamps and postal history still found bring by  the Indonesia Armed Forces who join theUnited Nations Civil mission , that is why in 1996 I have found the Vietnam collection and relatted area in one  album.

After Vietnam joined ASIAN and I have retired from my Job, I have much time made the travel to Asian country including Vietnam and after made a prpaparation to add the in formation about Vietnam country, my first travel to Vietnam via Bangkok and  Pnonphen in 2007 ,and some interesting books, document, Revenue and postal history collections were found at Ho Chi Minh City (before Saigon) and Hanoi will be discuss in this book  (The complete story in my book “The Unique travelling’s Collactions)

Before and after  my first  Vietnam’s travelling , I have found several unique   books about Vietnam as the Basic Historic and another informations, I hove the writter and the publisher of that book will give me the permission to used their basic historic  informations as full as what they have written did’ not change.

The first book writing by  Stanley Karnow”Vietnam A History”, first published  in USA 1983 by the Viking Press,

The second book : The United States In Vietnam by  George Mc Turman Kahin & John W.Lewis , First Delta Printing in USA,1967 this book with the writer Handwritting sign as a given to Indonesia Historian when he was passed the familly throw out  his communist book, and as the old paper sold to the “Lapak” native trader who buy and sold old paper, I have bought at the lapak this book as the old paper price in 1989 , very lucky because that time no  one collect the communist collections the same with the Russian and china communist revolution ( I will write the book based on my  document and postal history of that country , because this day the situation were changed no Real  Communist anymore except North Korea and Cuba)

The third book written by J.A.S. Grenville, “A History Of The World In The Twentieth Century, publishe by the Balkan Press of Havard University Press ,Cambridge, Massachistts,  first Edition,1980. ( found in Indonesia i 2009).

The Fourth book, written by J.M. Romein & W.F.M Wertheim, “ Asia Revolt” published by Djambatan (Bridge), Djakarta/Amsterdam 1954. ( found in In Indonesia ,1995)

The Fifth book, Atlas Semesta Dunia (All the World), published by Djambatan (Bridge),Djakarta,1952. Inside this book the ex owner put the newspaper clipping about the country bised the map of that country.( found in Jakarta 2009)

The Sixth book, Cyclopaedia of India and South east Asia, written by , 1888 .

Before my last visit to Ho Chi Minh City, I have prepared by internet explorations, and. I found the information about Military coding system for Militray Postal distribution number (KBC= Khu Buu Chin ) of Military Head Quaters or facility, and Armed Forces Abrrevation  used before, During and after the Vietnam War.

This information from Force Postal History Association, IMNAHA Associations.The List of KBC number and Armed Forces Abrevations made from many sources, especially arranged by Mr Andrew Crenshaw with his  friends, Son Bui,Johyn Caroll,Joe Cartafaisa,Jack Dykhouse,Nguyen Xuan Son,Toan Nguyen,Harry Steward , David Tran, Tran Trong Khai, and Pater Dang, I hopo they don’t mind to used their informations, and may be they will write the comment about my collections, especially about the native vietnam written document and postal history, especially military abbrevations Military Head Quaters and facility/team , KBC numbeand facility/team , KBC number were’not listed  from  my own private collections.

. During my last visit to Ho Chi Minh City in July.2009,   I have found another interesting collections to made the informatrions more wider  like the very rare postally used cover with KBC stamped with Military Stamp without nominal vaslues type 2 (red-green colour), President Nguyen van Thieu 10 Dong Stamped , also unusual Military stamp  type one (Green-yellow) with that founding the postal history were  great.Beside that always found a serial document with revenue  during Indochine, State of Vietnam(etat du ), and during the Liberation war from 1924 until 1980, the document and fiscal collection from Automobile repaired paid ‘s reciept and house rental paid ‘s reciept , vintage photo , Graduate certificate, Medical Doctor liscense, Brevet for shooting, ancient coins and ID card.

The old and new finding will given us the cmplete history of Vietnam in XXth century especilly Ex “Saigon –Cholon” area and another area in ex”Cochin China/south Vietnam”, but the ex “Tonkin and Anam” more difficult to find the unique collections because not many Chinese at that area who have the best administrative/archived that always checked than the native ones , the same in all Asia the Chinese overseas (Hoa Kiao) keep all of their archived until died. Cholon was the chinese area of Saigon and that area I found many informations but very difficult to have the cntact persons there for Westren people except me the same chinese overseas.

In this book we will have the first report of transitions informations between Indochinese Francaise 1911-The State of Vietnam 1950 (Etat du Vietnam-Bo Dai era) and The Democratic Republic of Vietnam(North Vietnam-Vietminh gurreulla-Ho Chi-Minh era) 1947-1955, The state of Vietnam quoquoc (Republic of Vietnam- Ngo Dien Diem era ) – Vietnam Coniem – Vietnam Conghoa (Vienam du Sud-Nguyen van Thieu era)1955-1975 (Liberation war,vietcong gurriella)and Vitenam Liberation 1976-1980(Vietcong era).

This was the first Vietnam’s Chronologic archived ,revenue & postal History collections ever reported with copy right reserved with amizing information  about vietnam History, her Heroes, and the fighting against three foreign country China-Ming Dynasty, Franch vietminh War, and Vietcong liberation ‘s war, the transition period during exchange the power.

The information and collections still not complete, but near complete for write a book, Please sponsorsshiped to publish this interesting info with rare masterpiece collections illustrations dedicated to  all the Vietnam War victims and their families.

I want to asked apologized ,if this book not  satisfied  like everybody hopes, that is way I still need more comment ,corrections and informations  from the writers ,publisher and the collectors from Indochinese phillatelic associations or private collector,especially native collectors.

Everybody who have given me best compliment and helped , Thank You very much especially the man at Phivu Hotel Nguyen Trai no 7, and my two person’s contact at Lee Cong Key and Cholon-Ho Chi Minh City, may God bless Them. Also thank very much to Mr Andrew Crassow IMNAHA for your KBC and military postal history informations, I hope one day we will made a show together  at the Indochina phillatelic clubs USA, please send me your invitation that will help me more easy to get USA visa.

I introduce new logo IMUCS means Iwan Masterpiece Unique collections, because too much same logo Unique collection’s .blog by Dr Iwan S, and I hope more faster and please don’t   used the same logo IMUCS because copy right reserved and the same logo didn’t unique collections only the same logounique collection” which  near same with my  “Unique Collection’s .blog by Dr Iwan S.“  but that blog didn’t  discussed the  collections item , thanks .

At least I hope one day all the Vietnamese document and Postal History collectors will joined together to show our unique and best collections at Ho Chi Minh City and United States as the memorabilia of the Vietnam War to everybody who ever joined this moment including their family, My God bless the victim and we prayed together to made the world more happy, loved , friendship as the human being and the War will never happen again.

Dr Iwan S.

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