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One of our collectors from Imnaha USA have send me the unique Vietnam Military postal history during Vietnam Liberation war, thank you mr Imnaha.
Look the illustration of the colletion :
1. The insigned at the cover

The Vietnamese Air Force(VNAF) the handstamped on the cover, shown at right was obviously applied by hand from a rubber stamped. Please the collectors who have the same original pre-printed full collor Insigna like this one on the left to report and send to the editor via his e.mail thankyou.

2. The VNAF Postal history from KBC

The cover was sent from KBC 3198 that served the Vietnamese 1st Air Division in Danang from returns address,the sender was with the 41st Tactical Wing (Khong Doan Chien Thuat) 512 th Flying Squadron. This is the first references ever seen to this squadronThe postmark is illegible, but the cover is prbably from 1966 or 1967 based on the stamp.

3.The Lee Min Dao Cover from KBC 3011. Oval Handstamped 4-digit Secteur Postal 4736 , was a transitional marking with French text but that includedma four digit KBC(Khu Buu Chin) zone number. The used of KBC abbrevation in the adress line. The reipient appears to have been at KBC 3011, The VNAF (Vietnam Airforce) general headquaters in Tan Son Nhut. Lookk at the Cover and closed up handstamped below THE PROFILE PHOTOS OF LEE MIN DAO THE SENDER OF THE COVER ABOVE
4Thankyou very much Mr Imnaha for your info,please another collectors send their rare collections via editor email
antonjimmisuwandy@gmail.com not to the secretary.
for more information search The Vietnam liberation war collections and you will seen more clear illustrations.


(a) Native army

(a2)Governour General House Saigon

(b) Vietnam Indochina Picture Postcard

(b2)A long Bay

(b3)Native Vietnamese

(b4)Chineseoverseas Cholon Saigon

(b5)Hue the capital city of Anam Kingdom

(b5)Cathedral Basilica Saigon


(b8)Hanoi high rank native women


5. My friend from Geofr. from canada send me some of his collections of vintage Vietnam Army:
1) Vietnam Native join the French Indochina Army

2.The vintage Vietnam Indochina Army postal card

@copyright Dr iwan S.


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UCM-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberMuseum
@Copyright Dr iwan S. 2010


(1)The Negative film and the label Cover of Chinese overseas Amateur photo Studio were found at Cholon during my last visit Ho Chi Minh city in 2009.
(2) My Friend Indra help me with the digital technical photo from the original negative film

(3)The Postive photo will invert by My photographer
Albert S. later because he stayed in Prabumulih Saout Sumatra, and I have send this negative photo to him and he will invert and made the picture to more good condition because almost 50 years ago,but the B-W negative film photo still in good condition as you see below (please wait a momment until Albert post the postive photo)

2. The Vintage Vietnam Saigon Cholon amateur photo Label cover.
The Vintage Amateur Travel Photo Studio Khan Cholon of the chinese overseas was found during my last Visit Ho Chi Ming city 2008 at Cholon the chinese are of Saigon, this vintage labe very rare because many broken during the Vienam Liberation war 1963-1975.

3. The Negative Digital Photo
This negative digital photo from the original Black and White vintage negatifive film photo inside the vintage Saigon Cholon Chinese overseas amateur travel photo studio cover ,consist the negative foto of the Vietnam Liberation war Chineseoverseas military with uniform and his fiance, and the Vintage Vietnam Zoo nagative photo ,Vietnam Tiger and elephant, other familial negativefoto. Our photographer Albert S. will invert this negative foto to positif photo.

Vintage Chinese Overseas of Vietnam Saigon Cholon Negative Picture found at Ho Chi Mint City 2009

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1/4 c Indochina 1944

Rare Indochina Stamp

hallo collectors ,thankyou for click UCN today
UCN-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberNews
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

UCM will install the info and ill. of the very top click Vietnam War during French Indochina, and also top collectors Choice THE RARE FRENCH INDOCHINA COINS starting this day and will finish at night.
The illustrations the very rare French Indochine coin
1/4 cent Copper French Indochine 1944
Please click UCM THE VERY RARE FRENCH INDOCHINA COINS, The installed still in processing,read UCN everyday to know when the installed finish.

1. Rare French Indochina Stamp
Please look at the illustrations and read info click Vietnam War During French Indocbhina.
2.The highest value Indonesia stamps
Please click The Rare Indonesia Stamps, there were three DN occupations stamps 1942-1943 and the military Surakarta emergency stamps 1949.

The installed of THE RARE YUAN SNAKE CERAMIC have finish info and illustrations, and The rare Ming Cow or Water Buffalo starting to process ,will finish monday night March 22th 2010.

@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

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Hoan Kiem Lake, I have stayed near this beautiful lake still the same during may visit 2007.@gopyright Dr iwan S.2010

Native ship at Nha Khong Port Saigon

French expatriat teacher of Donh Khanh high school at Hue

Native Vietnamese Singer Hanoi

French expatiat nun and Physician at the front of Gia dinh Hospital Saigon (1925).

King Duy Tan prepare to leave Hue Palace.

During my first visit Vietnam in 2007 , I still found the earliest 20th century Vietnam  photographies, ad the last visit 2009 no exist anymore. Many foreign picture postcards and photograpies have swept all of the collections in Vietnam.

“Vietnam War During Indochina ” were the best top click of the  years, please the collectors all over the world to choose the best top ten collections to put in IMUCS Cybermuseum please choice via comment with your name , because we will send the unique collections gift to the winner during uniquecollection blog louching in February.9th.2010.

In order the make the “Vietnam During  Indochina collections” as the Best of the Best Collection of the year,  I put my special rare Vietnam Indochina photography early 20th century , all the native Vietnamese and expatriat vietnam will be happy to look the very historic photography as the Vietnam Indochina  human heritage and we can compared with recent situation, if someone have the recent photo related with this vintage photo please send via comment, thank you.

The Vintage Vietnam Indochina photography will arranged in several catagory :

1.Famous Building :Ngoc San temple,Kim Lien Pagoda,The resident superior House, Hanoi Great Opera House,the gate of guardman military camp in Hang Bai Street, Godard Restaurant,Hang Co railway station. Hanoi Grand Cathedral , Metropole hotel, Dong Xuan Market, Lui Finot museum. The gate of Hue imperial,Tien Mu Pagoda Hue,Van Mieu temple,the gate to Thai Mieu Temple, The Security  Concil building, Dong Ba Market,Thai Mieu Temple, Ngo Mon Royal Gate,Hue Railway station,The Hue King office, Saigon  NHa Kong port building,   Saigon cityhall,Norodom palace Saigon, The Govenoer of  Indochine palace at saigon, Military Hospital saigon, Gia Dinh Hospital Saigon, etc.

2. Famous landscape : Hoan Kiem lake, Hang Hom street, Hang Giay street,Hang Duong Street, Paul Bert street, Hang Kay street,  Hang Trong street, Old Hanoi citadel, The port of Hue, Saigon River,  Saigon street etc.

3. Native Human Figure: Old women, Children,native trader, native Women trader in the market, Beautiful native teans and lady  , native Man music player, native women music player,famale student, Native farmer, native Vietnamese nurse, Native vietnamese Indochine miltary guard, native Vietnamese singers, native vietnam boy, native vietnam indochina army.

4. Vietnam Royal during Indochina : King Duy Tan leave palace, The native Royal guard, the Native Royal elephant guard, The Native Vietnamese Guards of Honor to accompany  the King, Native Vietnamese Royal ceremony guard,The native Vietnamese Police gaurds when Royal visit, the Military honory guard during the Royal welcome ceremony etc.

5. Transportation during Vietnam Indochina : various type Ricksaw, Horse Carriage, vintage Bus, vintage tram, the King carriage, the  Elephant carriage, vintage Train, vintage car, Native ship, vintage citybus, the Indochine Gouvernor car, Indochine Military cavalary.

6. Unusual phtography : very are special curious photography of the famous vietnam Indochina figure or other unique collections(will in put in the blog through uniquecollection cybernews)

I hope all the photography collectors all over the world (Vietnam Indochine specialist) will choose this collection as the best of the best collection of the year. for native vietnamese your comment ” Vietnam Indochine the Best” via comment.

@copyright Dr Iwan S. 2010.

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