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The Vatican city holyland pictures


Photgrapher and photo outline for show Mr Indran Sanusi as volunteer

This story and illustration rare stamps dedicated to Jessica the student of the London of Public Relation School for her show about Italia.Many rare and valuable stamps especially on postally used cover related with postal history not beutiful in graphic design but very interesting for historian as the history fact , but some rare stamps also in beutiful design and related to the famous event and famous man like Leonardo Da Vinci paintings, Classic Composser Viverdi , race . Interpol, Radio ,televison , the visit of President Italy to brazil and Peru(this stamps ever issued with wrong map of Peru and short time reject but I don have,in my collection the reprint in right map) and many other topic. I have almost compleet the rare stamps of Italian Republic stamps except one series consist three stamps in 1951n FG.51 first Gymnastic Festival Florence 1951, If someone have this stamps please send the photos to the editor email for made this collections complete or exchange with me with another country rare stamps you prefer.Yessica please edit this story and the photo make more clear with the photoshop,this are your working as a student,my editor just going abround in two weeks ,he have many work at his own job,the picture still nor clear to protect from reproductions, before show you must edit with photoshop program let upgrade your skill.(Dr Iwan S).
Before show the Italian Republic rare stamps I will show some Italian pictures,and old Italian Kingdom rare stamps below.

a.The rare Italia kingdom stamps on cover

b.The rare 19th century Papal State stamps(now Vatican)

c.The unique Italian f1rst stamps
(1)the first issue stamps

(2) The ovpt BLP bustelari poste means discount postal price,now rare in mean condition.

(3) this used stamps below were very rare in unused(mint) condition

During my younger age , I have many friends with the Italian priest in Padang, they gave me many Italian stamps and some of the Rare Republic Italian stamps will installed due to Jessica aksing for show at his Italian Exhibitin in Jakarta Indonesia.The rare stamps have not only from the priest but also found at Jakarta Phillatelic center circa1990- 2000.firdt in Cikini post office and later in Ex Pasar Baru central post office now became the phillatelic museum.msny rare postal history not beutiful grapic design but some very best design especially related to the stamp centenary,the famous man
,sport,interpol,radio television and the visit of Italian president to Brazil and peru, be careful many beutiful graphic stamps issued after 1970 very common and nonvaluable stamps because issued more than 100.000.000 items because that time too many speculatio on stamps, before 1970 especially thew 55 cent stamps always in blue color very limited editions because not many used and the economic situation after the WW II which made economic crisis no one speculations or invest in stamps like this day the same situation who want to invest in stamps no money enough to buy one series up than 10 US$, if the colectors have enough money I suggest to invent the high nominal value stamps on postally used cover as 10 pound,50 dollars,50 euro,1000 yen etc on postally used cover twnety years later when the economic situation became good this investation will be very rare and high value, like I done in 1979-1980,when German economic crisis the German and Switzerland stamps very cheapest, and now the value became up more than 20 times.
This my tips for the beginner collectors,please clic my blog every weeks and you will seen the new informations.
Thank You Yessica for your invitation for Cyber Show, I hope the collectors give pardon because I cannot show at the exhibitions, if the London Scool od Public Realtions send the invitation and recomandation about Yessica Italian exhibitions, I will send my volunteer photographer Indra Sanusi to cantanc and some of the best stamps will be taken the special Photo by professional phoitograper Mr Indra for show, because I cannot show the original stamp due to security and protect the condition of stamp from tropical exposure.
from The Founder of Blog
Dr Iwan S.


The picture of Napoli

1.The best ten of republic Italy rarest Stamps no 1 until 10

(1)1949.The Republic of Rome centenary stamps with design Vascello Castle,send from Italia to Surabaya Indonesia in 1949

(2)1950.The International Radio conference(difusion altered frequency) postal used on cover send from Italy to Bandung Indonesia

(3) 1951 Triennial art Expo Milan
(4) 1949. ERP Euro Recovery Plan stamps
(5) 1951. Restoration of Monte Cassino Abey
.(6) 1949 Volta Discovery of Electric cell centenary
(7) 1945 Work justice and family,rare in postally used cover send from italy
to Bandung I0ndonesia or in unused condition.
(8) 1951. 29th Milan Fair
(9) 1950. Euro Tobacco conference
,(10) 1952. 50th Milan Fair.

2. The other rare stamps .
1) 1951. Verdi the c lassic composer 50th Death centenary (2) 1951.Sardian stamp centenary,(3) 1952 Modena and Parma stamp century,(4)1954 Introduction of TV in Italy (5).1953.Rainbow over Atlantic,(6)1958 Visit of Pres.Gronchi to Brasil,(7).1961 visit pres Gronchi to Peru ,the reprint in right map with different color, (8).1952. Leonardo birth centenary design his painting,(9).1954 Interpol Congress Rome,(2) The modern high valuse stamps 500 Lire with Road bicicle rice and the modern arr design
The Picture of Napoly

PS. I stop the installed because I spent ten hours full worktime , and I have many other work to finish fast, but in Yessica please asking me to continue in comment to installed the next ten rare stamps or another collector and pleasesend to edior email a formal written statement from you school and organization with a thanks statement to uniquecollections.wordpress.com blog by Dr iwan S for joining the exhabitons(Piagaman ucapan terima kasih), I need this for UCM promotions, and one day may by your school will asking me a special show with their sponsorship logo with some donations for operational cost, for this story free for you as the student. from the Founder of Blog Dr Iwan S.
@Copyright Dr Iwan S 2010


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1/4 c Indochina 1944

Rare Indochina Stamp

hallo collectors ,thankyou for click UCN today
UCN-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberNews
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

UCM will install the info and ill. of the very top click Vietnam War during French Indochina, and also top collectors Choice THE RARE FRENCH INDOCHINA COINS starting this day and will finish at night.
The illustrations the very rare French Indochine coin
1/4 cent Copper French Indochine 1944
Please click UCM THE VERY RARE FRENCH INDOCHINA COINS, The installed still in processing,read UCN everyday to know when the installed finish.

1. Rare French Indochina Stamp
Please look at the illustrations and read info click Vietnam War During French Indocbhina.
2.The highest value Indonesia stamps
Please click The Rare Indonesia Stamps, there were three DN occupations stamps 1942-1943 and the military Surakarta emergency stamps 1949.

The installed of THE RARE YUAN SNAKE CERAMIC have finish info and illustrations, and The rare Ming Cow or Water Buffalo starting to process ,will finish monday night March 22th 2010.

@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

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China is Red stamp

Unissued Mao Stamp

Small 4c ovpt red revenue

Hallo collectors, thankyou for click UCN uniquecollection.wordpress.com Cyber news to day, because the very busy to installed the Qing Dynasty postal History, the cybernews were for February 19th and 20th 2010.
UCN still waiting for say hello from the Newspaper or another kind blog which linked uniquecollections information via comment, our hope your kind comment our info, thanks.

All phillatelic collectors have known of the rarest China Stamps, but the value I think not many knowned.
1. China is Red
During Mao cultural revlution era, PRC issued the map of China with all in red color but Formosa(China Teipeh) in white color like another countries. This stamps very fast banned, because PRC always said China Teipeh was the part of China until this day, I didn’t understand who was the painters of the wrong design, please someone tell us via comment.
about the real price, only the recent information the price of the expert repair stamp US $ 24.000.
I have the information that Indonesian collectors have bought at international auction Block of eight this China is red stamps, please the owner send us the informations and photo of that collection anonim,thank you.

2. Unissued Mao Stamps, price US$ 30.000,-

3. Surcharge small 3 cent red Revenue price US$ 16.000,-, the bigger 3 cent common stamp.


1. Singapore Ship Post
Please look at “Singapore Ship Mail collection” content : Ship mail paquebot history , Paquebot mark, singapore ship mail type and Singapore stamp used in Indonesia.
This collection were one of the marine Collections.

2. Lithography printing
Read in Indonesia langguage , the type of Collection in Investation value of Unique collections. in the collectors want to read in English language this informations please aksed as collectors choice via comment.

3. Vietnam Tuong binh
Please look ” The vietam Liberation War collections phtography’ in this block

The Qing Postmark History, near complete with illustration, this night will 100 % installed.

@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

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DEI first stamp

DEI second stamps

Brankas (Safety box) stamp

Bandung Jaar Beurs 1922

Kon 5 gulden.(rare), this stamps later overprint 1947(common)

Kon 25 gld 1942

KON. 35 cent-1942

Dai Nippon Occupation Aceh Star overprint.

Dai Nippon Occupation East Sumatra Dai Nippon yubin overprint

Dai nippon Occupation Tapanoeli Hinomaru overprint

Dai Nippon Occupation West sumatra Cross overprint

Dai nippon Occupation Palembang dai nippon squared overprint.

Dai Nippon Occupation south sumatra postmaster Arifin Ring initial overprin

Dai nippon occupation overprint postmater Palembang initialIPL.used off cover.

Dai Nipoon Occupation overprint postmaster Palembang IPL(lengkong) ,the ring stameped very expensive.

Dai Nippon Occupation overprint Hinomaru lampong.used off cover.

Dai Nippon Overprint Dai nippon Yubin Lampong,used off cover


Soerakarta Emergency Miltary stamps. Used off cover.

Preface :

Hallo collectors, especially collectors from Indonesia. Many Indonesia stamps collectors asked me how much the price of Indonesia rare stamps? very difficult tl answer this questions because many factors related to the price, but I promised to answer the collectors questions. please look at the stamps illustartions, not much rare stamps in Indonesia as off cover or unused stamps , the very expensive were the postally used because the limited edition stamps used very short time due to the political or war situation especially during Dai Nippon occupation and Indonesia Independence war. The earliest stamps issued many stamps about 1.000.000 stamps, but still have good price because many Dutch collectors lover their Royal King or Queen, but the young generations have different opinion and because of the economic crisis the price became lower until 10 % of Catalogue price. I think the collector can buy the lowest price now, but some trader still didn’t want to sold their collections only the rare stamps, they want to sold all of their collection, that is the problem the  trader want the highest price, the collector want the fair price and the investor want the chiepest price. Many collectors unhappy because when they want to sold their collections no one to buy with catalogue price up that 30 % , many want 10 %. The collectors must be carefully to arranged their collections because many garbage stamps and that stamps cann’t sold with the catalogue price ,many investor want to buy maximum $1. each.

The very expensive Indonesia stamps only Six  stamps (very rare stamps I have ever seen)

 The first : Dai Nippon Occupation ” Lombok sunray over print” on postally used covers , off covers or mint not expensive because the serious collector didn’t want that stamps.   I ever seen this stamps, butvthe owner didn’t want to sold, now he was passed away.

The second : Surakarta Emergency Military stamps (ill) many unused stamps still exist, Mr Eric have the bigger bloc of eight. The postally used on cover only one item belong to Mr Vrijdag Netherland , have sold in V.esbensen auction 1985, I don’t know the latest owner.

The third : Dai Nippon Occupation Bengkulu David Star (Jews star), I have this time before off cover , Mr Bulterman Bought from me, because I only collectect Postally used Covers.

The Fourth : Dai Nippon  Occupation Postmaster Ring overprint south Sumatra , I never seen this stamps postally used cover or postcard. The used Cover Fragnent not expensive (ill)

The Fifth      : Dai Nippon Hinomaru Lampong postally used, I have this cover but bad conditions the stanps half broken that is why I sold to Mr Bulterman after repared, the only one ever seen. 

The sixth : Middle Sumatral Typemechine overprint Rep: Indie: I only two exist ,  fragment cover (my collection keep on Bank deposit locker) and off cover (Collection Mr Ricardo now in Den Haag Museum Netherlands). I cann’t show this stamps because I am afraid someone made the copy or repro, inDen Haag Museum invite me, I will show that rarest stamps in Indonesia with Mr Ricardo collections.  

The postally used cover during earliest republic Indonesia at Sumatra still difficult to find the original guinine covers , many fakes CTO covers exist now, that is why I cann’t show that cover.I have sold 8 postal used postcard and covers Sumatra Republic Indonesia emergency stamps toIndonesian Collector because I need money to move to Jakarta and paid my Son education and buildt my uniquecollection cybermusuem and cybernew home office in 1985, but pity he didn’t hold his promise that very rare collection were sold at Netherlands auction 1n 2008, but I have the color photo of that collections.

How much the price ? hwen I sold my collections, in 1985 , the basic price were the rare stamps (only 10-20 item exist) US$400 per items and the very rare only one ever seen US 1500.- per items. I am very lucky, that collections in 2008 cann’t sold in Indonesia Auctions because the price to high one postally postcard US.5000.- no one want to buy, at least at Netherlands auction they used my price US $ 1500. but only one sold , the other one only US$400.-

What about the limited edition Dutch East Indie :

(1) The first and second stamps (ill) , I have bought in USA auction 1n 1979 durinng euro crisis, the two stamps used only US $ 30 only 10 % of catalogue price, the unused stamps I didn’t bought because the Indonesian wheater to hot and not dry, the gum always became brown (troopis) , the unused bloc eight very expensive only one exist belonged to Singapore collectors ever show during Internationa exhebition in Jakarta, also the second stamps one full sheet (50 stamps) used   before belong to Indonesia collector but now sold broad this also the very expensive stamps. This stamps on postally used cover mixed with the third Indonesian Stamps also very expensive only one ever seen.

(2) The limited edition Konijneberg Queen Wilhelmina 1942, the very rare 5  gld(issued 8000) , 25 Gld (issued 14.000) and 35 cent (issued 10.000) . this stamps will very expensive if postally used cover,but I only seen one cover of 25 Gld  and the other 35 cent and 5 gld never seen postally used cover. The unused stamps still low price before I sold 35 cent unused US$100. I don’t know the price now, in auctionblock of six 35 cent price US $ 600.- but no one bought. the 25 gld, I want to buy through the international auction  US $ 25.- used off cover , but cann’t succeed because the other collector bought upof my price, in 2009 I bought from Bogor collector US$30.-

(3) Bandoeng Jaar Beurs overprint stamps (ill) I bought one collection Ned.indie .collection with this stamp exist, US $1000.- and I sold that stamps because unused tropisc condition to Dutc collectors US $ 600,- In 2009 I bought this stamps in Indonesia only US$30.-(5% of catalogue price).

(4)Brankass stamps (the stamps used when sending document to keep in the brankass) , I have the off cover used stamps not expensive, but I have never seen postally used cover, catalogue price very expensive.US $ 3000.- used stamps complete,postally used cover I want to buy only US $ 300. 10 % of catalogue price.

haloo collectors, do you ever seen this rare Indonesia Stamps, if you have that stamps postally used cover please contact me via comment I need that stamps , but with fair price not catalogue price. This day I meet the investor, I asked one postal caver 19th century send from Indonesia to Vietnam indochina US 20.- he said ok you buy all my collection each postcard Us 10.- he have more than 200. Indonesia 19th postcard, but i only need that postcard to put in my blog under “Vietnam Indochina collection”, in vietnam I only bought US$ 3 to 1o per covers. still cheapest.

My suggestion to collectors, please only by the fair prizes rage between Us $ 1.- to US.30,- not more because very difficult to sold in the future except the only one ever seen stamps on postally used cover US 300.-

My Suggestion to Traders, please donn’t sold the stamps in one collections because no one to invest on stamps anymore, better choose the very rare stamps and sold in the auctions, and the other stamps sold 10 % catalogue prices because if you keep the collections you must have high investation fund or you will bankrupt, I have seen thousand traders bankrupt.

Suggestion to investor, better seek the stamps and cover from the sources : old Archives, if you are lucky you can found in very cheapiest prize and you can sold very fast in the fair prize.

If the stamps Collectors, traders and investor did’t carefully I think one day the stamps collection will “Died” , only the Postal history will stil live in the futures, the three must be partners to built the Indonesia and International phillatelic collections.

Sorry, if my opinion did’t well, but you must know I am only travellers and uniquecollection collectors, i don’t mind with priced , for me more important the information fact from theat collection as the human heritage collections.

Please comment, what ever your opinion, i think very good for your , but for another collectors depond on him.

Greatings Dr iwan S.@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.

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Mac Thi Boi (Herione Guerilla) stamps 2000 D, plese who have the postallu used on cover this stamps show us via comment.Thank from Dr Iwan S.

Potrait of Mac Thi Buoi(Guerilla Heroine) 5000 d -used off cover @Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.


Chan dung(Potrait of) Mac Thi Buoi (guerilla heroine) 1000 D .(mint unused) @ Copyright Dr iwan S.


Hallo Collectors our topic this day  The Vietminh rarest Stamps , this  very rare stamps will put in this cybernews site becasue yesterday many collectors click VIETHMINH PHOTOGRAPHY, I think they will happy look this stamps and complete informations especially the native Vietnamese stamps collector.

During my last visit at Ho Chi Minh city, I cann’t found Vietnam recent Stamps Catalogue, the Bookstore tell me no Vietnam catalogue issued, may be the Vietnam Phillateliv society, in Scott catalogue I didn’t found complete information and illustrations.

During my visit at Phomphen Cambodge in 2007 , I found a special Vietnam catalogue  TEM BUU CHINH VIETNAM 1945-2005 issued by  NHA XUAT BAN BUU DIEN A POST AND TELEMATICS PUBLISHING HOUSE  -HANOI 2006 WIT PREAMBLE BY PROF .dr OF Science  Do Trung Ta Menister of Posts and Telematics, with Preface by DR Hoang Tho Thai Member of VNPT’s Board of Management Chairman of Vietnam Philately Association. Also in this special Catalogue  , we can read A Few Words aboutvHistory of Vienam Postage Stamps. This special catalogue became difficult to found in Vietnam because limited issued.

The informations of the rarest stamps below compiled from this book and other information from Google explorations, I hope the Vietnam stamps collectors will be happy .

(1)The name of stamps : Mac Thi Buoi (Army,s heroine)

(2) Date of Issued : November  .3nd.1956

(3) Sesigner : Bui Trang Chuoc

(4)  Size  : 37 x 26, Perf: 11.5 Offset monocoloured. 90 stamps per sheet.

(5) Printed at Vietnam National Bank Printing Works.

(6) Number of Issued : not known

(7) catalogue prize : Gia ban tem Series(VND) 9.280.000. but Scott prize lower, the same at auctions only US $100-200.-Postally used on cover never seen.

(8) Illustration complete four items  mint unused 1ooo D, 2000 D, 4000 D and 5000 D. in the catalogue, but the used stamps illustration only two item  1000 D and 5000 D.

I hope the native Vietnam stamp collector give us more informations about the postal used cover with this stamps , exist or not.

The Founder : Dr Iwan S. @Copyright 2010.

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II. The Discovery and Manifactures
2.1.The Transportation’s Discovery :
a.The Ship
(1) British Empire & Colony
(a)British Guainea old Ship.
(b) Papua 1906, ovpt British new Guinea,nominal 2,6 Shilling
(c) St.Kitts & Nevis: 1934 ,nominal 10 shilling,the ship of st.kitts founding commerative.
(d) Nigeria, 1938, nominal 1 Pound.Traditional canoe ship with king Edward
(e) Aden,1937,traditional ship,10 RS.
(2) China Empire
(a) 1894, Empress Dowger “Cixie” birthday commerative stamps, nominal 24 cent,Chine “Jung” traditional ship,limited edition 3.4035.
(a)German Colony; 1901 , nominal ,5 Mark from :Deutsch-Neuguinea,Deutsch-East Africa, Deutsch-South West Africa, Kamerun , Caroline, Kiautschou , Mariane Island, Marshall Island, Togo.( 2.1. a-2.01-09)

(4)Turkey Empire

(a) 1858-1861,Stamps of the Turks Admirality Stoomvart , manuscript 11/2 , design old sheep.

b.The Train

c.The Bicycle and Motorbike

d.The Aircraft
1) Zeplin
(a) Germany
(1) 1928,Zeppelin, 2 & 4 RM (2.1.d (a) 01-02)
(2) 1930,Overprint Sudamerika on Zepp.2 and 4 RM (2.1.d.(a) 03-04)
(3)1931,Zeppelin 1 Rm(2.1.d(a) 05)
(4)1931 ,Overprint Polar Fart 1931, on Zepp.1-2-4 RM
( 2.1.d.(a) 06-08)
(5)1935,overprint Chicagofahrt, on Zepp.1-2-4 RM
(6) 1934, Potrait of Zeppelin and his aercraft, nominal 3 M, blue stamp (2.1.d(a) 012)

(1) 1930,Graf Zeppelin stamps,nominal usd 0.65,1.30-2.60 limited stamps.

(1) 1938 Zeppelin 40(blue) and 80 kon(red)

2) aeroplane
(a) France,1936, air-post,50 f,blue, aeropolane and the landscape;500f ,1949,air-post,1000 f.
(b) Dutch East Indie(Indonesia,1933, reverse(kopstand) aeroplane overprint on DEI air-stamp, nominal 50 cent.,limited only 15 of 50 stamps found in Bandung post fice.
(c) Japan, 1919, overprint aeroplane on definitive stamps, lmited edition 11/2 sen 50.000 and 3 sen 30.000.

(d) Iran,1928,Fiscal stamp overprinted poste arienne (aeroplane),Nominal 3 kr,yellow brown, limited edition 6000.type 1.
(e)Colombia, 1921,SCADTA, europlane. Rare if overprint with veious Nationality postally used covers.
e.The Natur Wrath.

2.2. The Discovery Inovation and Technology

a.The Postal Invention and technology

b.The Comunication Telephone , radio ,television

c.The Roads and Canals

d.The bridge and Dams
1) 1932 Australia,Sydney Harbour Bridge,Nominal 5 Shilling
Black colour(2.2.d.(1) 01)

e.The Medicine and Biology
f.The Conquers of Space
g.The conques of Poles and Ocean

III. The Society and Social Life

3.1. The Job and Social Life

a.Farming and Animal cestodian


(1) Germany
(2) Indonesia, Surakarta emergency Stamps,Blue colouer, limited , 200 found .
(2)South Vietnam Military Stamp without Nominal value postally used on cover with red military areal stamped KBC during vietnam war 1968.(3.1..c.01)
d.public force
e.legal &prosecutor
g.Industrial community (labor)
h.management administration
i. The eintertement.
Famous Film Star ,Limited Cambodge Stamp and Sheet.(3.1.i.01)

3.2 The Education and Laisure.
a.Mother & Child
Swiss Pro Yuventute(For Childer Fund)
b. Education & Teacher
c.Children’s Games and toys
d.Parlor games &Board games
e.Food & Drink
f. Seaside & laguna.

3.3. The Einvirontmen, health and HumanRight

a.Persevation the einvirontment

b. First aid & Medical care
Red Cross Stamps
Henry Dunant the Father of Red Cross.

c. The battles against diseases
d. National health & safety company

e.The health status & image of world.

3.4.The Human Habitat

a.House & Village
(1)1918,Tsingtau, nominal 2 and 5 S,Lager Post Bando,village nativeHouse and tree.

b.Desert,Rural,Urban and Town

c. Monumen,castle and palace
1)Ankor Watt Cambodge
2)Temple Of Heaven,China
3)Germany,1930, Building and statue, nominal 50 + 40 Pf(3.4.c.01); 1931,Building nominal 50+40 Pf.(3.4.c.02);
1932, Building,nominal 40 + 40 Pf.(3.4.c.03)
4)Japan,1915, Palace, 4 (edition 2.170.000) and 10 sen (edition 2,230.000),

d. Park,forest,and garden.
1) Japan, National Park,10 sen Blue stamps, 1936 .1938 s, 20 sen -1939 ,1940, 1941, limited edition 300.000.-

e.Public building

f. Major Cities and their monumen

3.5.The Believe and Costume:

a.World religius ;
1) Islam


c.Place of praying
1) Pagoda&tample
3) mosque
a)Selangor,1935-1941, definitif, Mosque,nominal
5 dollars.

d. Monk,missionaris,and rabi

e.Ritual of believe.

3.6. The Art work,Festival & Costume:

a Art & culture

b. Jewelery

c.Work Art: Paint and sclupture
Leonardo da Vinci

d. Literature.

e Festival and constume
1)Japan,1916, The Crown of Japan empire was used during the emperor’s cermony ,nominal 10 sen, limited edition 86.000.

IV.The Nature

4.1. The Mineral,Fossil,and Prehistoric adnexa

4.2.The Flora

4.3 The Fauna.
a. Duck
1) Japan,1949,the painting of Duck flying, Phillatelic weeks commerative, fdamous stamps , edition 2.000.000.-
b. Pinguin
1) Falkland Islands,1933,nominal 5 shilling,black & yellow orange , in mint condition very difficult.
1)Japan,1919,nominal 10 sen,edition 1.772.000.-
2) 1845,Switzeland ,peagon wapen,first local stamp ,stadt post Basel.
1) 1869,USA,eagle,red,30 cent, rare mint center stamp.
4.3.2 Mamalia
a. Tiger
1)Federated Malay States, 1904-1922, definitif,
Tiger, nominal 5 dollars.
b.Orang Hutan
1)Indonesia,1984,Sheet,commmemorative Wild
World Organization.

1)Federated Malay States,1904-1922,Elephant king carrieged ,nominal 5 Dollars.
2)Perak,1895-1899, Elepant King Carriaged, nominal
5 and 25 Dollars
3.Gambia,1922,King George, Elephant, 3 shilling,brown,

1) Iran, 1875,the armour of Iran, second issued ,limited edition 120,000, nominal 1 ,2,4 and 8 sh. Roulette and imperforated.
2)1943 ,Italia, lion statue,nominal 3.7 lire, overprint deutch bezatung zone at zara.

1) England,1929,a knight on Horse and king George,nominal one Pound, black, commemorative Postal
Union Congress 1920.
2)Cyprus,1928,Horse,specimen B.W.& co.
3)1897,British Central Africa,BCA overprint British South Africa , nominal 1 pound, two horse wapen.
f. Sea-dog
1)Falk Island, Sea-dog,King George, nominal one pound.

1)1888,Australia, nominal 10 shilling, 1 & 2 pound,

h. Bulls
(1) 1909,North Borneo, overprint red 20 cent 0n 18 cent bull.


1) North Borneo,1894-1922,definitif,Crocodile,
Nminal 12 cent.

V,The Competitive Sport
a) The Land Sport , b) The Water Sport,
c)The Areal Sport

5.1.The Land sport:
a.The Summer Olympic
g. Lawn Tennis
h.Table Tennis
k Polo
l Horse riding
m.Badminton .

5.2)The areal Sport :
b. Motorbike
c. car rally
d.Combat sport
e. traditional sport

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1.1.Thematic Prehistory (100 BC-4 ct AD)

1.1.1 Antiquity Prehistory

1.1.2.The Prehistoric Man,

1.1.3 The Ancient Egypt and Persian
1) Piramid Egypt(

1.1.4 Greco-Roman World,

a.Greeks Commerative Stamps:First Olympic stadon and statue –Greace, stamps (1.1.4 a.01) and postal covers(1.1.4b.02)

b.Italian Commerative Stamps :
1)Roman Ancient Building, commerative Rome’s Italia stamps in 1949, on covers from Italy to Indonesia.(1.1.4b.01)
2)Rome’s ancient statue-Italy,commerative Unesco Conference –Florence ,1950(1.1.4b.02)
3)Rome ancient Building-Italy, commerative the reconstruction Montecasino,1951.(1.1.4b.03)

C,Dutch Stamps
1)Dutch First proef, imperforated Stamps, Mercurius Rome’s Goddest design,(1.1.4c.01)

D. Chile First Stamp, Mercurius Rome’Goddest Design (1.1.4d.01).

1.1.5. The Ancient China.

1.2 Thematic The Barbarian To the birth of Modern Time(VI-XVI cth)

1.2.1 The Invader and Setter

1.2.2 The Knight
a. England,1913, the Knight on horse, King George,nominal ten shilling(blue) and one pound(green).

2.3 The Silk Road

1.2.4.The Golden Age of Islam
1)Aviscena,famous Islamic Medical Doctor,Comerative Famous man -DDR,1952. (

1.2.5.The Renaissance and the war of Religion.

1)Papal state stamps (Stato della Chiesa Pontificio),XIXth centrury (1852-1870) after that under Italian Empire.

a)1852-1867,first type ,inperforated,nominal value BAJ,the higher investation ’s value 1 and 50 BAJ and 1 Escudo (

b)1867-1870,second type inperforated, nominal value Cent, the higher investation’s value 3 (tre) cent (

c)1869-1870,Third Type, perforated, nominal value cent, the higher investation ‘s value 3(tre) and 80 cent (

2)Lombardovenetian’s First Revenue collections
a)First Type-ever used as stamps,XIXth century(
b)Second Type ,XIXth century(

1.3.The Conquers of Countries and The new Wish

1.3.1 The Ocean Discover
1) Colombus –Commerative Columbus Exhabitions USA-1886 , 30 cent & one dollar .(

1.3.2 The Spanish Conquer the new World
1)Red Isabela, The Qeen of Spains,Spain,postally covers from Spain to Vemezuela.XIXth century.(

1.3.3 The British Colonies of North America and The Caribean,
1)Queen Victoria –New Foundland,specimen,XIXth century(

1.3.4 The Indian and Pasific Ocean.
a. Turkey admirality shipmail(Port Admirality Administration) 1858-1861 stamps(1.3.4 a 01) during Islamic Ottoman Kingdom.
b. Indian and Pacific Ocean British Colony
(1)British Guaina
a)The highest value Stamps, British Guiana Stamps-only one ever found .Non Colour repro(1.3.4.b(1) 01)
b)The British Guiana 1852 (1.3.4.b(1)02) and 1856(1.3.4.b(1)03) stamps, the design and color same with the highest value stamps above, but value much lower.
1.4.The Birth Of Nations(XVIIth-XIXth century)
1.4.1 The Birth of USA

a.The First American President Whashington stamps(1.4.1.a 01-02)

1.4.2 The France Revolution & Napoleon War
a.The Postally used cover with Louis Napoleon Stamps(

1.4.3 The Nation State of Europe

a.The German State Stamps (1.4.3.a.01)

b.The Switzerland Cantonal State, Geneve and Basel Local (Canton) Stampas (1.4.3.b.01-03)

c. The Denmark Kingdom
1)The First Numeric Denmark Friemarke KGL Post bue stamps(1.4.3.c.01)

d.The Norway Kingdom
1)The first Norwegian admored blue stamps(1.4.3.d.01)

e.The Finland Kingdom
1) The first Finland admored blue stamps(1.4.3.e 01)
2) The reoulette III perforations stamps(1.4.3.e 02)

f.The Island Kingdom
1) The overprint 1 gildi ‘02-’03 on 25 aur Numeric Red-blue stamps(1.4.3.f.01)
g.The Sweden Kingdom
1)The unique “TOE” in the Middle of swedish first stamps,kingdom admored,tre skill, streep of threen unimperforated ,used stamps Stockholm,22.9.57 (1.4.3.g.01)
h.The Italian Kingdom

i.The Vatican Kingdom.

1)Pope Pius XI (Ponroficatio Di Pio XI)

a)1929,Series deffinitive Concillation ,Rotocalco, fotografis Felici, the high investation’s value ,10 Lire (1.4.3.i.01)

b)1933,deffinitive, Giardini e Mediaglione, the highest investation value, stamp L 2.75,violet and back colour (1.4.3.i.02)

j)The The Kingdom of Belgie

a) 1929,Overprint L(Leopold) on First Orval Stamps,limited edition 5000 exp.,8 type stmaps(1.4.3.j.01)

1.4.4.The South American Independence
1)The South and Middle American Independence State
first Stamps of Cuba,Mexico,Argentina,Chile and Brasil(

1.4.5. The Colonial Empire

a. Great Britain Empire and colony
(1)British Empire
Black Penny Global first Stamp, on cover(1.4.5 a (1)01)
British High Nominal Value, Victoria and King Edward
2’6 Shilling ,5 Shilling ,10 Shilling , one and five Pounds (1.4.5.a(1) 02-09); King George 10 Shilling and one Pounds (1.4.5.a(1) 010-020)

(2) Australia

a)Prestamped covers from Australia to Italy(1.4.5.a(2).01)
b) 5 Shilling Sydney Harbour bridge,(1.4.5.a(2) 02
c) One and Two Pound Kangorro Stamps(1.4.5.a(2) 03-04)
d)Five shilling new southwales ,Australian map,brown stamps(1.4.5.a(2) 05).

(3)Malaya and Straits Setlements

a)Straits Settlement
Queen Victoria-India stamps overprint crown ,India stamps used in Singapore with Postal stamped B-136 (1.4.5 a (3).01), Straits Settlement,stamps (1.4.5.a(3).02) ,special postal stamps B-136 Singapore on Strait Settlement stamps(1.4.5.a(3).03), High nominal value King Andrew and George 100 dollar and 500 dollars i mint and Fiscal used condition(1.4.5.a(3).04 &05)
And Revenue with special Bank Stamped(1.4.5(3).a.06)

1888-1897,Rajah Brooke-Sarawak British-colony,limted edition nominal 16 c( issued 10.440),32 c(issued 10.440), and 1 dollar (issued 12.120) postage& revenue stamps (1.4.5.a(2).01-03)

3)North Borneo and Labuan Wappen British colony (1.4.5.a(3).01)
4)Queen Victoria-India, imperforated first stamps,ever used in Straits Settlement-Malaya, rare if used with
special postal stamped or Crown overprint at Malaca ,Penang &Singapore and red 4 anna type-(1.4.5-a(4).01)

5) Malaya States
(a) Trenganu
(1)Five dollar Trenganu sultanate,red and black stamp

(b)Kedah,1937, Sultan Abdul Hamid Malim shah, nominal 2 dollars.(1.4.5. a(5 b) 01)

(c)Johor,1904,Sultan Sir Ibrahim,nominal 100 dollars,green

(4) British African Colony
1) Queen Victoria-African british Colony(1.4.5-a(4).01)
2)King Edward high nominal value stamps collections in British African Colony , mint & fiscal used(1.4.5.a(4).02)
3)British Central Africa(BCA)
(a)B.C.A overprint Rhodesia one Pound stamps(1.4.5.a(4).03)
(b)British Central Africa Protectorate, King Edward,10 Pond,blue and black stamps(1.4.5.a(4) 04)
(c) 10 Shilling and One Pound,British Central Africa Armoured stamps(1.4.5.a(4)05)
4)British East Africa Protectorate
Fifty Rupee, Qeen Victoria , stampas(1.4.5.a(4) 05.
5) Southern Nigeria
One Pound ,King Edward,Red and black stamp(1.4.5.a(5) 01)
(a)One Pound King Edward Postage and revenue stamps
(1.4.5.a(6) 01)
(5) British East India Company
1)India Stamps Used Abroad in Aden and Burma (1.4.5.a(5).01)
2)King Edward And George ,Birma stamps(1.4.5.a(5).02)
And Revenue(1.4.5.a(5).03)

(6)British Middle East
1) Gibraltar
(a)Five pound ,King George, Postage and revenue stamps
(b) four shilling ,King Edward(1.4.5.a(6.1) 02.
(a)One Pound,King George,Postage and Revenue Stamps
(a) one Pound,Malta armoured,Red and Black stamp
(1.4.5.(6.3) 01.

(7)British Pacific Ocean
1)New Zealand
(a)Queen Victoria, green ,One shilling stamp(1.4.5(7.1)01
(b)King Edward,red,official stamp(1.4.5.(7.1)02)
(c)one Pound,queen Victoria,Queensland(1.4.5.(7.1)03)

2)British & Colony ,Papua & New Guinea
(a) One Pound Papua New Guiana traditional house
Stamps(1.4.5(7.2) 01)
(b) One Pound Papua Neuginia ,traditional fish catcher,black (1.4.5(7.2) 02
3) British Solomon Island
(a) One Pound,King George, red anf black stamps

(8)British North America
(a)Queen Victoria,green,six pence stamps(1.4.5(8)01)
(b) New Foundland ,Specimen overprint, queen victoria stamps(1.4.5(8)02)

b.DutchEmpire and Colony,
(1) Dutch empire
(a)1872-1878,King Wllem III, 21/2 gld,limited edition 256.500 .(1.4.5.b(1).01)

(b) Pricess Wilhelmina ‘1891-1896, Loose hair 5 gld limited edition 34.108,’1899-i905 Empress Wilhelmina,Bontkraag .10 gld limited edition 15400, 1913-1920,Empress Wilhelmina, Jubileum 10 gld, limited ediion 22.800; 1920-1913 “Empress Wilhemina 10 gld overprint 2 1/2 gld, limited edition bontkraag 51.800 and jubileum 76.800 ; 1923 limited edition 2½ gld(51.025) and 5 gld (37.050) 1.4.5.c(1) 02-07)

(2)Dutch Empire Colony

(a)Dutch East Indie:
1854 -Willem III imperforated 1st and 1868-Emperor Willem III,perforated 2th stamps, 1923-limited edition(15.707) , Empress Wilhelmina Jubileum , nominal 5 gld , 1941.Empress Wilhelmina ,painter:Konijnenberg, limited editions: 20 cent(450.000) , 25 cent(180.000) , 35 cent (10.000) ,5 gld (9.000), 10 gld(21.000) and 25 gld- 14.000. Circa More than 80 % of the stamps overprint by Dai Nippon Military Administrations, that is way very scarce and verry rare Guinined postally used on cover or cutting squared , attantion some filatelic CTO cretioned by Phoa Lim Koey Surabaya, Gho Kong Liang-Padang, some from Medan Indonesians and Swistzerlands(Pengoempoel Perangko ). (1.4.5.b.07-014)

(b)Curacao,Wilhelmina jubileum’23 : 5 gld limited edition stamp-4002, 1941-1942, Empress Wilhelmina ,Konijnenberg, 2 1/2 gld-limited edition 74.000(1.3.3.b. 015)

(c)Suriname .Wilhemina Jubileum’23, 5 gld limited edition – 3408 (1.4.5.b.016)

c.Great East Asia Dai Nippon Empire

1)Dai Nippon Stamps overprint Korea(

2)Dai Nippon Stamps overprint China(

d.China Empire

1) Large Dragon The first china local Qing stamps XIXth

2) Empress Dowger”Cixie” Birthday limited Qing Stamps (1.2.5.d.02)

3) Qing Dynasty ,China Local Port Stamps(1.4.5.d.03)
The detail see in the book”Tionghoa inland and homeland

e. The Siam(Thailand) Empire
1) Local stamps with wrong overprint from another provence (1.4,5. e.01)
2) Local Stamps Batambang provisional overprint block four mint stamps on King Rama first stamps(1.4.5.e,02)

f.The Ottoman(Turkey) Empire
1) The Ottoman Armoured,limited stamp,green color (1.4.5.f.01)

2)The Ottoman Armoured,limited stamp,blue colour(1.4.5.g.02)

h.The Spanish colony of South American and the revolt.
(a) Argentina Numeric first Stamps(1.4.5.h(1)01)
(b) Rivadiva Blue and Green Stamps(1.4.5.h(1) 02-03)

i.The Portugeause colony
(1) Brasil
(a) Bull’s Eyes,Sheep’s Eyes and Goat’s Eyes Brasil first numeric Stamps(1.4.5.h(1) 01-03)
(b)Don Pedro Stamps(1.4.5.h(1) 04).

1.5 The War,Revolution and Construction of Nations(XIX-XXcth)
1.5.1. The War World I
1) Postally Cover Poland under Germany Occupations(
2)Italian occupation Austria ,overprint Trieste,
On Austri Stamps(
1.5.2.The Soviet Revolution
1)Stalin ,the Father of Soviet Revolutions Stamps. Commerative Esparanto campaign and imperforated commerative The Death of Lenin(
2) Commerative of The Soviet Revolution Heroes’s death(Martyr) (
1.5.3.The Comunisme
1.5.4.THE World War II
a. The European World War II(Hitler war)
(1) Hitler ‘s document and postal history(1.5.4(a)01)
(2) Hitler Face overprint
(a)Dobelcin 1945 overprint(1.5.4.(a)02),Line 1945 Overprint(1.5.4(a) 03.
(b)Austria Type Overprnt(1.5.4(a) 04).
b.The pacific War(Dai Nippon Great East Asia War)

1.5.5 The Rise of Islamic country
1) Sultanate Of Qatar,5 and 10 Ryals mint stamps
1.5.6 The Construction of Euro,APEC,Arab,Africa and America
(a) 30 cent , blue, victory bell stamps(1.5.6(a1)01)
(b)70,80,and 90 cent ,diffinitive numerric stamps,in mint conditions(1.5.6.(a1) 02).
(a) 100 Lira red Stamps on Covers (1.5.6.(a2)01)
(a)Dolfus,10 Schilling,blue stamps(1.5.6.(a3)01)
f Israel
1) Coin thematic stamps 250,500, and.1000
(1.5.6.(f) 01)

1.5.7. The Regional War,Democratic Socialism and Humanright
a. Indonesia Independence War
1)Indonesia Independece Revolt 1945-1950(1.5.7.a-01)
the details in the Book “Indnesia Independence Revolt’s document and postal history record”
b.China Comunise War
1)Mao revolution’s Stamps(1.5.7.b.01)
2)Mao Cultural Revolution’s Stamps(1.5.7.b.02)
Th detail in the book “Tionghoa inland and homeland unique & ethnic collections”
c.South East Asia Liberation War
1)Vietnam War(1.5.7.c-01)
2)Cambodge War(1.5.7.c-02)

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