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1922. Brunei Stamps with overprnt Malaya Borneo Exhibition,contraversial stamps because Brunei and sarwak not Malaya state ( malaya only icluding Straits- Singapore,malacca,penang & labuan and Malaya state) , I have read at Sarawak Specialist Association information that Sarawak Rajah CV Brooke sponsored the printing of this stamps, why not overprint Sarawak Stamps? please comment, I think may be Rajah CV Brooke didn’t like his picture on stamps overprint with Malaya Borneo exhibition because all Sarawak stamps with the picture of Rajah and this overprint will made, no other picture, yourmajesty afraid will made misinterpratation sarawak under malaya state. If the collector look at overprin Malaya Borneo exhibition on Malaya Stamps not on the stamp with King or sultan picture. If the collectors agree please someone whohave this stamps used in Sarawak to show his collections because that collection was the fact of my opinion.
1964. Azhari puppet North Borneo united State Jakarta Embassy postal cover, this puppet state want to united Northborneo,Brunei and Sarawak with his PARAKU -Pasukan Rakjat kalimatan Utara (North Borneo people army). This the onlyone cover ever seen from that puppet state and one of the very best memorable postal history was better to show at Brunei National Museum because many Brunei people died during this Sukarno confrontation era, please comment especially from the King of Brunei because during that time his majesty still young crown prince but His inmemorian yourhigness 's father and his family  have seen that  black history, I hope didn't ever happen again in the future.I am waiting the invitation.

11-11-1970. Postal used cover fron Serian Production field BSP Co Ltd Brunei to the famaous RRI(Repubic Indonesia Radio broadcasting) Sam Amir to asked the song on Listerner choice, the earliest later after Malaysia and Brunei confrontation by Indonesian Goverment( after the fall of President Sukarno the new president general Suharto stop the confrontation and he have very best relationship with Brunei and malaysia under ASEAN in 1967)
10.7.1895. Brunei first stamps used with Labuan overprint stamps on state of North Borneo stamps used at Labuan(CDS), this very intersting and very rare collection with three country stamps. In this time Labuan under British Protectorate with Brunei , Sarawak and Northy Borneo , the british Gouvenor General office at Labuan ,also the British arm forces and marine port there. The Postal history will give us information and historical fact related to the KIngdom Of Brunei History, please look carefully the other Brunei Postal History below and give comment and suggestions, also perdon to the misspelling words.@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.


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Close up photo of Indonesia Procalmation by Sukarno-Hatta, who the Peta man behind Hatta ? still didn,t identified from UNFO -Unidentified Non Flying Object collections. IUC-Internationa Unique Collections site introductions the sistematically Indonesia Unique Collection will put in Uniquecollection blog , some the collectors ever seen before and the other will put in the future, welcome and thankyuo for collectors visit to my Blog @copyright Dr iwan S. please look at the illustration from another site of IUC -below this UNFO.

British India allied forces (Gurka) during landing at belawan and Medan 1945 (Vintage Book illustration) from Indonesia Independent War.


The latest used Dai Nippon rvenue sheet Java as the Recieve of water supply (Hudoan Kansuka) Bandung Yugatsu 2605(1945) from Indonesia Revenue History (Dai Nippon Occupation Java)


Artifact neck yuhunchupin vase Yuan red in glazed from Artifact Yuan ceramic (red in glazed)


Vintage Picture Postcard Sultan Pontianak from West Borneo Unique Collections.


vintage Chinese Matchboxlabel sale in Indonesia from IUC ‘s Indonesia Label Collections.

The Westborneo Dayak 's shoulder back baby carrieage with ancient beads from Indonesia Beads Collection.

Indonesia Unique Collection(IUC) were

the illustration  of Travel Unique

Collections  (Kisah  perjaanan Dr iwan)

around Indonesia. All the collection were

found during travelling.

Indonesia is the numer three biggest po-

pulation in the world , consist thousand

island and the area as biggest as Euro and

USA that is why to write about IUC much

arrangging systematically and all information

related to native Indnesia and foreign 

countries due to sosio- economic and 

political communications.

IUC will arranged to that topic like :

1. Indonesia War Collection (Independence

war, Dai Nippon war, West Sumtra Revolt etc)

2. Indonesia Postaland Revnue History

3. Indonesia Coins History

4.ndonesia Art ( Native and foreign)

5. Indonesia Label (Matchbox,Cigar ets)

6. Indonesia Tionghoa etnic(ex chinese –

overseas collections(Kitchen Ceramic,

callygraphy,book & other  homeland


7 Indonesia Vintage Health collection

8.Indonesia Vintage Province collection

( West Borneo Dayaks , Battaks, Padang,

Bantam, Celebes, Papua, Bali and related 

area, Timor and related area, Molucca 

and related area)   

Also many types of Indonesia Unique

Collections. Thank You verymuch to the

facility from WordPress, Google, Yahoo and

 Facebook because without that facility my

blog never exist, maybe our communication

will developed in the future.

I want to ask apologized to all collectors

scientice, scholar, from older to children

who have seen and look carefully at my

blog , still many wrong word spellings  because

I am now work alone and straight typin

and upload illustration into my blog via

internet  but give me perdon and I think

everybody can understand what I have

 written(my narrations) . Please send me

more information, your collector’s choice

and need9idol0 at comment or to my e.mail.

At least I hope my vision t be the best Unique-

collections blog in the world will be blessing

by God and everybody especially the senior

collectors will gave me best informations to

identified the UNFO(unidentified Non Flying

Object) collections.

Greatings from dr Iwan S.

 @copyright Dr Iwan S 2010.


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