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(Original?) 12 thin line thumb CDS on British north Borneo Postage (Fist edition?) please information this CDS from what city?. All the rare North Borneo stamps found in Indonesia from senior collector , one from Sumatra and two from Java.@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.

Sandakan CDS 5 Jan (year ?) on British North Borneo second edition compare with the first editionabove. I hope the expert of Sarawak Speciaiist association will kind to comment my opinion on the rare North Borneo stamps. Thank You very much.


Rare red CDS Sandakan 3.8.1898 on British North Borneo Postage Revenue , please comment this CDS original or CTO ? I think original.


Be careful many fakes stamps like this with soft or dark color with CDS sold at KK-Kota Kinibalu, compare with the guinine overprint stamps below and non overprint with original CDS above.


North Borneo Postage reveue overprint 1 cent in red colour, compare with the fake onverprint stamps


Used CDS San(dakan) overprint 6 cents North Borneo Postage revenue stamps (compare with the fake non overprint stamps )


British protectorate Overprint on state of north Borneo stamps, the history read at “Sarawak related collection’ in this blog.


rare State of North Borneo stamps , I didn’t have another series of this stamps. please information pen cancalled for revenue or rejected stamps ?


State of North Borneo new frame stamps, very rare postallu used cover.


State of North Borneo pre WW II stamps, very rare on postally used cover.


1942-1943 State of North Borneo stamps overprint Dai Nippon, this stamps very rare on postally used cover, if the collectors have that cover plaese show us.


1944-1945. Used Dai Nippon occupation North Borneo definitive stamps, this stamps with other definitive Dainippon occupations stamps Dutch Borneo -east Naval area and Sumatr were print at Kolff Batavia (now jakarta), I think sarawak and Brunie also used this stamps , please comment and show the postally used of this stamps in Sarawak, Brunei and Sabah during Dai nippon occupation.


15.3.1950 Postally used cover from Jeselltown(now KK-Kota Kinibalu) to Singapore with State of Northborneo stamps overprint Crown G V-(British Colony)


1.7.1954 Elizabeth II Coronation Firstday cover of Colony North Borneo used to send registered letter from Jesseltown (now KK-Kota Kinibalu) to Malacca Malaya(now Malaysia)

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2.11.1867 CDS B-172 , East India Company(EIC) postagent at Singapore because I have seen the postally used cover with India stamps with this cancalled , also at Malacca and Penang but with B-different number. Very rare CDS on postally used cover. Please collectors comment and report their collection bearing this rare CDS, also the below CDS .@Copyright Dr Iwan S 2010.

CDS Singapore round without date , rare on postally used cover. I had ever seen a postally used cover with this type CDS from Sarawak Sarawak stamps CDS S via Singapore added stamps CDS round Singapore to London, I think this British England agent Pos CDS , please comment and show us your collection with this rare CDS.


26.12.1881. CDS Thumb bold 9 lines , please compare with the later Thin lines below.


2.9.1887 CDS Thumb thin lines .Rare on postally used cover.


Rare CDS Singapore multiple point, please collectors who have this CDS with date or on Postally Used cover please inform the date.I only have one item.


16.april 1894 CDS Singapore A


10.3.1898. CDs Singapore B

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James Brooke when met Rajah Muda Hasyim at Kuching, after succed to destroy the pirates he became the Sarawak first Rajah due to Hasyim promisees started fromKuching ,the complete information read "Sarawak document and Postal History" in this blog.@copyright Dr Iwan S.2009.

Rajah Muda Hasyim during Kuching as Brunei area when he met James Brooke as him to destroyed the pirate and if success he promise to gave Kuching


The frist Rajah James Brooke


The State of Sarawak Document(Rajah waepon)


Rajah Charles Brooke


Rajah CV Brooke Handsign with offiacial chped on Land certificate document.


Rajah Charles Vyner Brooke

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