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ill 4 Rolex 18k yellow goldPresident band US$ 4.700.-

ill.3 Rolex only buckle 18k gold and leather straps US$ 2.300,-

ill.2 Rolex 18K yellow Gold US$5.300.-

ill. 1 Rolex 18 K white Gold US 5000.-

Hallo collectors . one of our collctors from Indonesia asking me to put the rare watch collection with the price have sold, that is why our topic this day about that expensive collections that only rich collectors could made investation or for show their social grade high society. All of my watch collections very fast sold because I am afraid to the hot tropische climate will mad the collections condition become bad and the value became very low. I am now only used the watch have gift to me as promotion from Canon, and before I used the common watch but when the service man change the batterei he told me this is expensive watch because the machine was original Omega very lucky because I bounght very cheapest only US$50.- I have 18 K vintage pockets watch mark Junghans the popular wacth duirng that time special the grandfather clock. Before i only sold the rare vintage pocket watch between us $ 100- to 200.- but the expensive one us $600,- with the design of locomotive and military tiger corps. My suggestions be careful because many OMEGA or ROLEX watch with Hongkong or China machines – this repro were started after 1950.

The history of Rolex reflects the progress of watchmaking in the 20th century. Examplesof the development include the first officially certifiede Wristchronometer (1910), rotor self winding machines
(1931) ,date window (1945).Rolex has been a pioneer in the quest for perfection.
The tradition continious today , not only in trems of technical sophisication but also in the uncomprimising integrity of Rolex craftsmanship . Each watch is built tothe highest standards of procision ,beauty and endurance at Switzerland .


ill. 1. OysterbPrepetual Day-date model 18039/7286/9 value US$5.000.-
Superlative chronometer.Rotor self winding.27 jewel/18 K white gold. Saphirre glass cruystal. luminoius hand and hour makers.

ill. 2. Oysterquatrz day-Date ,model 19018 waterresisten value US $ 5.300.-
Superlative chronometer. 18 K yellow gold case, engraved ezel and integral band with ahidden claps. Champagne face.Sapphire crystal. Luminous bands and solid gold hour markers.

ill. 3 . Model 18038 F008c. 18 k yellow gold. value US $ 2.250.,-
18 K yellow gold buckle with black and brown leather straps.

ill. 4. Model18018038/7286/8. Foo8D1. 18 k yellow gold President band. value US $ 4.700.-
18K yeloow gold President band has a hiden claps.

The other type value under US.1000,-didn’t illustrated.
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.


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Simeon sing the love song Love love Kiss my chick.

Drunken Simeon Backhome after drinking too much wines.@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

Darling Simeon I am coming !!! sorry collectors simeon picture lost during install and add the new picture upper than the right palce,its only a joke, .@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

Drunken Simeon went home


Simeon gilr friend stayed on the balcon during he cameback home


Newspaper and satirical publication, were training grounds for many well-known comic artists in the early 1900s. The health medicine product promotion crazed provided a great deal of employment for these and orther artist whose work is comperatively undocumented but worth . The humour from that time can seem crude or even offensive today, but the situations shown in the best humour book are as amusing and fresh now as they were then . There is a wealth of material in topical gags dealing with then novelities, such as health such as medicine effect to the bad evils. The first Humour Book from Bayer -Aspirin tablet (famous that time & now) promotion before the World war two Until now Bayer still use for promotion antipyretics medicine Panadol and also by insecticides againts Mosquito’s bite (Obat Nyamuk).

This Indonesian Humour Medicine Promotions book of Aspirin Tablet product Bayer in Indonesian language were very difficult to found in fine conditions.
Some of our collectors asking me to put in the blog the vintage Indonesia Heath humour (Karikatur), but very long time I didn’t found, and tomorow my friend Sofjan sold to me and I put in the blog, but in three episode :

1. Episode one : Simeon drunken back home and when he look at the beautiful girl on the balcon , Simeon fall in love and singging the song for her.

2. Episode two : Sudenly a cold water falling on Simeon faces and body, the Beautiful girl angry the he took the cold water and poured to Simeon from the balcon. Simeon run away and near his house there were raining and all his body have cold due the raining effect.

3. Episode three: During back home ,Simeon on the street feel affraid because he saw a gost her face very bad and her eyes bigger on. Simeon take a steal stick but the gost didn’t afraid and shoot her arrow to Simeon that made simeon filled pains.

4 Episode four : When Simeon arrived at his home, he sit on the chair, his hand filling broken like the steal stick knock down, many evil attacked him at head back and leg, that is why simoeon shouted loudly until mr Medicine hearded.
5. Episode five : The Bayer cross was hanging in the front the house called Apotheek(Medicine shop), the windows were open , like have oredr by some one, one tube full cointained run out. Look! one Aspirin tablet get in the glass and disolved alone. The Tube shouted to Simeon, lets drink fast. Right, soon after he drink all the disease off. Where the disease evil gone ? Aspirin took them out. (very clever didn’t kill, different the recent promotion all the devil were killed, why during that time allthe people think evil cann’t died)

The Bayer Aspirin promotion very suceed, also the recent common cold medicine “Bodrex” the evil were killed by the soldier ‘s angel.

ill.1. Aspirin promotion label
ill. 2. Simeon
ill.3 Perkara bergoena (About the need)
ill.4. Simeon Profile
ill. 5 Simeon Drunken’s walk
Naration :
Sameon djalan sempojongan (Semeon labil walking)
Mabok,minoem anggoer kebanjakan (Drunk, drink wine too much)
Poelang karoemah terang boelan (Came back home the moon shining)
djalannja selea-seleo kiri-kanan ( his walking labil-labol left-right)
ill.6. : Sameon stop and singging love songs at down of balcon where the beautiful girls stading.
Naration :
Berenti sebentar dimoeka roemah sobatnja (stop a while in the front of his friend home)
boeat bikin maea-maen sebisanja (for done plyaing as he could)
Sameon menjanji lagoe tjinta-tjinta (Sameon sung the song of Love-love) .
disitoe-dibawah itoe djendela ! (there under the window!)
Sameon menjanji sama boenjiin gitarnja( Sameon singging with his guitar)
Ach, berdebar -debar hati saja ( my hearth have pounding)
Djantoeng hati tjioem pipi saja ( loving Heart kiss my chicks)
bikin mati api tjinta saja (made my fllamming love off).

I hope humor collection collectors will look the another episode Simeon 2,3 and 4.
@copyright Dr iwan s.2010.

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