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Dai Nippon overprint Perak 10 cent ,used revenue off document with chinese language sign, rare in document, Please choice the best Revenue History collection below, and report the very rare revenue on document $100. and $500.-@copyridght Dr Iwan S.

King George type 2 coconut tree decoration $1 and $2 on document ” Straits settlement Affidavit for distress ,district court of Sinagpore. very rare $5 in mint condition or on postal cover.


5.3.1923 King George 4 cent revenue on Promise to pay notes dcument $24 only.


rare King George $500 revenue, very rare revenue on document and extreme rare in mint condition(never seen,please report)


King George Postage & ravenue $100.- mint condition very rare, also veryrare revenue on document.


King George $25. revenue, very rare if Postally used or mint condition.


King George $20. revenue,off document,uncommon on document.


King Edward $5 revenue,off document,uncommon.


King Edward $2 (2x) revenue, very rare small King Edward revenue $5,$10 and $100 on document also bigger King Edward $100. and $500.- revenue on document 9never found, who have that items please show me)


10.7.1907 KIng Edward $2 (2x) revenue on Writ of Summon in the supremecourt of the straits settlement ,settlement Singapore, the rare up than 1904 (3$50) look below.


26.10.1904 King Edwar 50c,$1 and $2 revenue on Writ of Summon in the Supreme court of Settlement Singapore certifcate sign by Sir William Henry Hyndman Jones knight chief Justice of the Straits settlement.same as the writ of summon above.


16.10.1903 King Edward revenue $10, with $2 no date.


Queen Victoria revenue 50 cent used by HSBC-Hongkong Shanghai banking cooperation ,no date (i9th century),and Postage & revenue issued during King Edward the erliest 25.9.96 (not illustrated,new finding)

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Riverpass in the Singapore straits with native ships 1881, all the picture below were German antique book ,slythoft 1881. The complete information read "Singapore unique collection' in this blog,please choose thes item and join collector choice.@copyright Dr Iwan S.

Malacca bridge Singapore 1881


Raffles museum 1881


Native Singapore ship at the country ‘s border(paalwoningen)-1881


The Fruit street (now Orchad street)-1881


Hindu temple singapore 1881


China temple singapore 1881

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The lady was pulling on the shoulder with native cart (Euro archeology book,1858) complete information read "Singapore Unique collection" Please choose the best item,joint collector choice.

Chinese overseas with qing dynasty hair stayled(tao-cang) in the chinese town street (Euro archelogy book,1858)


China town Singapore (Euro Archeology book,1858)


Singapore from the Eastside of government hill( W.spred lith,1832)


Penang Hill (spred lith.1832)

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 from Unique collection'blog by Dr iwan S. welcome to our firs cybershow from some off our site, logo match Box label made in swasen sale in indonesia before Worl war II, Mark(tjap) Kerbo (Buffalo). Please chose the best collection below.

Cyber newyear show from unique ceramic collection site, Bird’s head ewer sung dynasty


new year show, Exciting Breast spout of Ming wan li Kendi


happy new yaer show from Vietnam unique colection site, Chinese cash coin mint at viet nam circa 1470-1497 Hong Duc Thong Bao ( collector choice )


Happy new year show from Vietnam war site, early anamese tran dynasty W.Blue ceramic at IMUC cybermusuem office


new year show, Chinese overseas Land”s certificate on Indochine francaise revenue sheet added emergency revenue


Happy new year show from Singapore Unique colection site, Straits revenue on Singapore vintage document.


New year show : Rafles gun


Happy new year show from Prangko Langka(rare stamps) site, India rare stamp from Chakari state


Happy new year show from Sarawak unique collection site, James brooke vintage photo, and two other new year bonus show below


new year bonus, Charles brooke rajah handsign


new year bonus, The last letter from sarawak to Indonesia before confrontation 1963


Happy new year from Indonesia Independence war site, newyear bonus Dai Nippon rvenenue on the reciept of House rental payment at Magelang 10.9.45. DN still have power here, two other bonus below.


Happy new year bonus from Indonesia Independence war site: Dai Niipon Grogol Sontyo Jakarta document 18.8.1945 ,Dai nippon stillhave power one day after proclamation.


Happy new year bonus; Vintage photo Indonesia Independence war the proclamator Sukarno Hatta

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