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Vintage profile photo of the famous Dutch Medical doctor at Tobacco deli Plantation medan who was the founder of Spleenomegaly's Suffner sign, Profesor DR August Paul Suffner, if the collector want his autobigraphy please asked via comment. All Health Uniqie collection from IMUCS ,plaese choose the best one.@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

Vintage Yang seng Ie Hospital (now Husada Hospital Jakarta) photo from one year commemoration Yang seng ie Hospital – this picture for Ms.Siswati Mkes my wife best friend, I ever travel with her , my Wife and DR Gemala Hatta during International IFRO Meeting at co Ex Building Seoul 2007.This hospital now became one of the best Hospital at North Jakarta, in this collection put in IMUCS CYBERMUSEUM I hope Husada Hospitalwill became our sponsered,please contack uniqquecollection blog secretary Mrs Lily W. MM.


Medical faculty University of Indonesia stmaped on Medicine Vintage Book. (Geneeskunde means Medicine/kedokteran) This is the first report of Medical faculty Indonesia University.(alumni pertama Fakultas kedoteran UI tempo doeloe mempergunakan buku literatiur ini)


Postal history cover with Batavia School of medicine stamped in dutch “Geneeskunde hooghe school” 1930 (this name after STOVIA and before MEDICAL FACULTY)


Postal History cover Indonesian Biggest hospital “CBZ-centrale Burgerlijk Ziekenhuis -Batavia -C” stamped, now RSCM-Rumah sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo , the bigest Teaching Hospital in Indonesia, until now everybody in jakarta stilcalled CBZ hospital although they don’t understand the meaning of Hospital and indonesia still called Hospital as Sicken House (Rumah sakit) translate from Dutch Ziekenhuis.


Unique Vintage TB-control photo(19390 a TB control nurse gave standing postion injection outdoor for clear light becasue indoor no lamp and the vintage camera without flash. (in Indonesia suntik gaya nunging diluar rumah)


DEI Miltary Hospital Padang postal card to inform the pasien to their Boss.(1937)


Rathkamp Aphotek(drug strore) machinal postal canceled on cover (Postal history)


vintage physician private practice Medical record (1942)


Native Indonesian Chineseoverseas physician private practise medical record pasien with diarrhea in 1942 at jakarta (during Japanese Occupation java)


Vintage photo Native indonesian physician during DEI School Health Care (Kesehatan sekolah) -1939


DEI (Dutch east Indie-Hindia Belanda) Higiene promotion (Healt promotive program) vintage photo-1939


Vintage Boedi Kemoelian Mother and Child Hospital at jakrta pasien ID card for children weight and vaccination control during Dai Nippon occupation java 1943.


Postal history C7 Postal document for authentication the handsign used to recieved Money order,post packets and registered letters during DEI, belong to the first type Indonesian physician called “Indisce Arts”(Indonesian native doctor, from STOVIA -school tot Opleiding Indisce Art,only have liscenced for native village and variola disease, to be physician must added at Hollands eg Leiden University medical faculty and they became Medical Doctor (GH-Genneskunde)


Indonesian native Medical Doctor (dr) Postal History,special illustrated for his son Mr WD -senior phillatelist Jakarta, I have also mr Grandpa postal card pre WW II .


Vintage ten years (10 tahun)commemoration issued Indonesia Medical doctor organization(IDI 1950-1960)

For my callegeous in Medical and Health services ,Scholar and researches , especially for the specialist collector thematic Medicine and health after prepared almost five years at least the Health and Medical vintage informations were illustrated with naration . I hope the collections will be the historical fact of Indonesia Health from ancient until 20th century.

Health information consist vintage illustration of all type of People Health in Indonesia including Health services, health Promotion and Health rehabilitations will be put in “Indonesian Heath Information Collection”

Health Service e.g. School Health, Mother and Child health care, Health prevention against epidemic endemic & pandemic disease , Health sanitation, Health disaster  including Man made disaster (War), Narural disaster Tsunami  floaded eartquacked etc)

Medical Information : Hospital history, Medical Doctor history ( School/faculty), profile Medical doctor, organizations, Medical record etc.

Please all medical and health Collectors comment and suggestion in order to developed the Collection related the Health thematic need, please tell me what health or medical information you need like Coding of  the Disease (ICD-10 and vintage ICD history), Vintage photography of your Hospital etc.

Greatings to my ex student of APIKES -Indonesian Medical and helath record academy at Indonusa university, this site dedicated for you, please send me information where do you work now and your profile to put in this blog also for my medical collagaeu at Medical and Health Center of Indonesian National Police (PUSDOKKES POLRI)  and Senior Indonesia phillatelist Jakarta Mr WD ex Indonesian national Oil company (PERTAMINA) Sumatra Leader who have special South Pole Postal History, a postal card send by his father Dr Adman WD from Pajakoemboh to batavia(jakarta) in 1949, that time Mr WD live at Payakumbuh from DEI, Dian Nippon occupation and Nica , after RIS  ther moved to Jakarta.

 Always remember www uniquecollection .wordpress.com all in small character not big, click anytime you have need an indonesia Health and medical information, every i ge new information will put the illustration in this blog.


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Rare "Kraak" porcelein Bowl bring by Portugeus Ships(Carac) all illustrated photos made by IMUCS CYBERMUESEUM team Albert S.Gea Eng.This was he sample of the musueum collections.@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

Imperial Persian Mohameddan blue bowl


Imperial Kang Hsi flying horse cup


Imperial Qing KangHsi Landscape stemcup


Imperial Ming Wan Li offering Cup when praying to God for family fortune and Long Life


Imperial Ming Wan Li dragon Cup

IMUCS  means Iwan Museum Unique CollectionS  CYBERMUSUEM means Musuem In Internet @Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

IMUCS  CYBER MUSEUM founder Dr Iwan S , this project have prepared since 1985 twenty years ago when Dr Iwan S bought the first Personal Computer , the Idea suggested by His teacher inmemoriam Fraters Servaas A.J.M de Bear from Netherland during study at Don Bosco Highschool Padang West Sumatra 1959-1963 when the first satellite was discovery. Frater Servaas told Dr Iwan S. during that time study at class three B about Space ” Iwan starting to collect anykind informations object related with Human Heritage History especially artifact and archived which needed by everybody in the world” Thank you frater Servaas your adviced will realized in February,9th,2009 with soft opening uniquecollection blog “www uniquecollection.wordpress.com” to informed about Dr iwan s. best collection called IMUCS. During launching Unique Collection’s Blog( By Dr iwan S) in Feb.9th.2010, with proudly and happy 65 years old anniversary Dr iwan S. will announced soft opening IMUCS CYBERMUSEUM.

Preparation of this Ctbermuseum were made with put in this blog Collector Choice, every collectora from  all over the world asking to choice the best collections illusttrated from Dr iwan S. collection to cjoose the best one to put in the block with the name of the collectors, every month we will announced the best Collection in the month from February 2009 until 20010 and the best choice will send our gift unique collection from our stock 

 “uniquecollection blog”,s founder Dr Iwan S ,secretary Mrs Lily W.MM, editor Anton J.S. Mech.Eng, Photographer Albert S. Gea and Marketing Mrs Grace S.MBA & Alice S.BC Ec.

IMUCS CYBERMUSEUM  seeking sponsored because this project need  large space in internet which consist many illustration photography  and Video have need special cost, all Collectors can looked the musuem free.

One of the best sponsored is Telivision Media, TV RI have asked Dr Iwan S. to joint their program in January 2010 still in contact and prepared, but IMUCS CYBERMUSEUM need monthly TV Show “THE BEST IMUCA  CYBERMUSEUM OF THE MONTH & YEAR  coordinated by our Marketing teams, please Indonesian or international TV program will contact us about this project.

IMUCS CYBERMUSEUM  Vision ” SAVE GOD CREATION THROUGH HUMAN UNIQUE ART AND HISTORIC OBJECT’  or Save Human Heritage . Mission  Studying Collectors Information’s need related to uniquecollection, Strategic collecting artifact unique object related to human history especially related to the Collectors Idol from everycountry in the world , all the collection found during Dr Iwan S & other teams travelling around Indonesia, Asia and another country which invite him to show IMUCS best collection from their country.

IMUCS CYBERMUSEUM photographer have made one best photo to put in that musuem ,look at the Sampling above ” Unique Ming Wan Li Imperial Ceramics Restored Artifact”.

IMUCS CYBERMUSEUM OFFICE just near finish renovation at Dr iwan S Homeoffice at Pondok Gading,Kelapa gading North Jakarta, and we will used this office for meetings, library, monthly TV show shooting in we have TV Show sponsored.

IMUCS CYBERMUSEUM THEMATIC COLLECTIONS, Postal History, Revenue history, Coins and Banknote History, Ceramic, Antiquarian Book, Vintage photography, Label History, Trade Card History, native Batiks & Embroedery, Vintage Picture,UNFO-unidentified Non Flying Object , Unique native ethnic object, Militaria, record   and other kind unique object related to Humen creation History heritage.

Our soecial target : 20 % of Internet Playing Gamers will look and play to seek Historic Humen Heritage Informations from their countries and related area.  IMUCS CYBERMUSEUM will be the best Museum in internet related to Uniquecolection object not only story but also audiovisual.@Copyright IMUCS CYBERMUSEUM Dr Iwan S 2010.

Greatings and Happy Newyear to all uniquecollection colectors all over the world especially our sponsored from Dr Iwan S and teams

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