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veryrare mint Straits first Stamps(used in singapore) overprint crown and three Half cent n India victoria blue stamps

Block four Straits first set stamps overprin crown on India stamps,31/2,3 and 2 cents


Straits firs stamps, overprint crown on india Stamps, 4,6 & 8 cent block four


Straits Settlement overprint on Labuan Stamps, during this time straits including Singapore,malacca,Penang and labuan (illustration the rare stamps of the set)


Overprint Straits Settlement on Labuan Stamps used in all straits area including labuan and Singapore,Malacca and penang.(illustration one of the uncommon stampsfrom the sets.)


Victoria surcharge five cent

Victoria surcharged 10

Victoria surcharge two cent


Victoria double overprint 8 on surchage 8 cent -victoria definive 12 cent


Victoria surcharge 10 cent


a collection of common Overprint (revalue) with strip on Victoria definitif stamps

MNH complete set Victoria deffinitive stamps(illustration used uncommon, but rare if cancelled with the first Singapore postal stamped B-172)

mint King Edward bigger $100.(I havn’t found the used revenue, also edward bigger $100 ,please who have that stamps or revenue to showed us,please sand via my e.mail )


Used Postal $10 (illustration unidentified postally or revenue,please comment), the same type small King Edwar $100 mint or used revenue I have never found please the collectors who have that very rare stamp to showed us ,please send to my facebook e.mail the photo to” iwansuwandy@gmail.com”


Used King Edward 45 cent


used King Edward 21 cent


Mint King George III $500. (illustration used revenue)


mint King George III $100.


Used King George III $25. (illustration Used Revenue)


Straits King George III $5 mint (illustration revenue),veryrare on postally used cover.


Straits King George III 21 cent


Mint No Hings(MNH), Bigger Block(six) King George IV stamps


Block four mint no Hings King George IV Singapore first stamps.


The rarest of Modern Singapre stamp ,Rafles statue $10,commemorate the Republic Singapore Independence .

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Dr Iwan S. in the Swarnabhumi Airpot Bangkok during traveling from Bangkok to Phom phen Cambodge 2007@copyright Dr Iwan S. 2009

Bangkok Post office, unique collections flea market around this post office like stamps,coin,stone etc.I suggest you to visit this area.

My first Thai unique collection , the sukhothai coverbox ceramic, was found during travel around Bukittinggi west Sumatra in 1969. During my first visit to Bangkok in 1974  by flight fromPenang because by bus and train not secured, arrive at the old airport, I have met Mr Le Loi  phillatelic shop trader at Isetan Trade center and found some unique Thailand postal history , and also during my Police Hospital comperative study in 1994, but during my last visit 2007 by flight straight from Jakarta to Bangkok’s new swarnabhumi airpot , I didn’t met him again , they told he was passed away(In Memoriam) my god bless my friendly friend, someone gave me information to seeking unique collection around the Bangkok Post office.

The Thai unique collection found during travel around Indonesia and thailand will put in My Blog ,please click “unique collection.wordpress.com” and please choose the collection to pu in my IMUCS cybermuseum.

Greating from Dr iwan S.

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