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British made for sale in Indonesia Chatillon improved sping House scales. @copyright Dr Iwan S.2010. Hallo collector please choose the best scales and weight collection to pu in IMUCS Cybermuseum.thanks. Hallo Mr Albrecht ex administrator German Ship "Hammona" and british wooden trader (fogorten name) the two scales $ weight collectors ,they met me at Padang Antique Shop now Ambacang Hotel Padang(now broken during Earthquaece 2009) , your kind informations about this collections help me to built the best unique scales &Weight collections, please contact me via comment.Greetings from Dr Iwan S.

British made Postal Packets round shape counter weight scale for sale in Indonesia, we stiil found at the village or smaal city post office.


Various Round shape counter weight (like watch) Postal scales. The best Mark and Round counter of Netherland Aalexanderwerk postal scales look below.


Beautiful Angel Mark of Netherland’s Alexenderwerk postal scales with round shape counter balance(close up photo0, the complete scale look up.@copyright Dr iwan S.2010.


Dutch (Netherlands) “Alexanderwerk” Round counter balance Postal scales for sale in Indonesia.the mark and complete scales look above.


Chinese Ming Ceramic coin shape weights(Three size small,medium and big) the first report because before I think this were Chinese token but without mark.@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010


Grocer’s Scale and two pion shape counter weight


Ivory Scales in the oval Biola shape box France made and I also have the same shpe wooden box with chinese calligraphy in black color chine-ink .may be this is the opium scales. compares with the metal opium scales&weight in the small squared wooden box below.


British made(English) farmer scales with heavy metal baal counter weight (close up photo of the ball look below)


Heavy metal ball counter weight of British made farmer scales look ablove the complete farmer scales &weight


The smallest chinese opium weight scales in Topand middle side of the wooden box complete with ten different weight balances. Ialso have five types bigger weigth balance and weeight scales , but not illustrated because still used until this day at Indonesia village market. This is the first report collection found in Indonesia @copyright Dr Iwan S.


The left bottom weight scale box for keeping the weight balance with different shapes and weigths.


The smallest weight scale cup at the right botton wooden box (chinese opium weight scales


The Chinese token shape weight balance,four type weight.


The Bullet shape weight alance with radial lines, four type weight.


The Squared top hole shape (jerrygen0 shape weight balance,four weight.


The disc shape weight balance , three different weight.


The Plaque shape wieght balance, three diferent wegit and variation.


The Bar shape weight balance, four different wiegts.


The Pion shape weight balance with Meteorology authentication still used until this time in the village market Indonesia.


The Smallest pion shape weight balance


Bullet shape Weight Balance, Before met the collectors I think the bullet token,@Copyright dr iwan S.2010.

One of the meteriology collection were Weight scales and Weight balance because weight for trading must check and authetication by the meteriology official office.

I have met the collector of weight Balans and weight scale for the first time in 1982, they asked me to seek that kind of collections. Not many collectors in Indonesia, that is why I still have found the rare vintage collections especially the bullet, chinese and other unique shape weight balance.

This is the first report o Indonesia vintage weightscale and weight balance weren’t used anymore  now, because that vintage collection used for identified medicine or opium, now all medical substances indentified with Digital electronic weight balance. Please the weight balance collector comment and give us more informations because I never seen the catalogue or auction of this type collection.@copyright Dr iwan S.2010.


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1810. Pualau Pinang Coat of Arm series East India cOmpany-Bengal(two flag) half Cent (Half Pice) copper. All the earliest Copper coins weren't limited issued but many deleted for making Guns and Canon during World War I and II that is why not many exist this day (rare) , The Brass coin rare if limited editions, the copper coin only issue one years only. if the collector have the rare coin didn't illustrated (I don't have that coins) please showed in this blog send via comment. i hope all colector choose which one the best collection to put in IMUCS Cybermuseum,@copyright Dr Iwan S. 2010.

1835. Headside Singapore Marchant Token Island of Sultana one Keping copper the coat of arm same as East India Company Bengal but with one flag -East India Company-Singapore Presidency.


1810. Tailside Coat of arm East India Company-Bengal in arabic Pulau Pinang half cent(half Pice) copper.

1845. Headside Queen Victoria East India Company 1/4 cent copper


1845. Tailside East India Company 1/4 centcopper ( I don’t have one cent copper)


1845 Headside Queen Victoria East India Company half cent copper


1845. Tailside East India Company half cent copper.


1862 India Straits half cent copper ( I don’t have 1/4 cent )


1862 Headside India Straits Queen Victoria one cent Copper.


1862 tailside India Straits one cent copper


1901 Headside Straits Settlemements Quen Victoria 1/4 cent ( I don’t have 1/2 cent -very rare 1883, and also 1 cent-very rare 1878)


1910. Straits Sttlement Queen Victoria Bronze 1/4 cent(the first issue Copper 1872, the very rare Copper 1873 and 1883)


1890. The headside of Silver Straits settlement Queen Victoria 50 cent coin 1890, the only one and very rare coins issued one years after this coin by the same mint 1891-H, the tailside look below with another info.


1890. The Tailside of Silver Straits Settlement 50 cent.(the firs issue 1886, and the very rare coins issued 1889 and 1893) .


1978. Limited edition cuppro-nickel Singapore $ 1.- in this year and will be the rare coins in the future.

After Tumasek became the East India Company area, Singapore used Penang Token with Governour General Initial (1800-1804) Governor Leigh (GL) ,Gvernor Farquhar(GF)  and in 1809 issued with innitial A&C(Anderson &Clubley) .This Token never  found in Indonesia because  this time In Indonesia especially Sumatra were used Palembang Darusalam Tin Pices ( about this token please look at Palembang Ancient Token(Tin Pices) ,will put in this blog  next week) .The Singapore rare Token and Coins which used in Indonesia area  because  west coast sumatra(Bencoolen and west sumatra ) as the enclaved of Brtish  after Java and other area Indonesia Gave back to Dutch , and West Borneo border area with Sarawak also used that Token. Singapore marchant also issue many type s token between 1828-1853  , first : The East India company series, Second: Island Of sumatra series, Third : Island of Sultana series, fourth : Fighting Cock Series,Fifth : Native States Token series (Pulau Perca -the native Ruber sumatra Island, Negri Acheh,Negeri Tarumon,Menangkabau,Negri Dilli-Deli-Medan area,Negri Siak-sri Indra Pura riouw, tanah malayu, Negri Perak,Negri selangor,Negri Trenganu, Tanah Ugi-Bugis celebes, Muang Thai and J.B. james brooke Sarawak. (Muang Thai and Sarawak J.B. kepeng until this day never seen / found in Indonesia) all this tokes forbidden to used in Indonesia starting from 1850 when dutch East Indie issue the definitif Coins 1/2 cent,1 cent and 21/2 cent (look in this blog nect week “Indonesia Numismatic History (rare DEI-coins). Beside this Token , at Singapore circulated East India Company Queen Victoria coins, India Straits Queen Victoria coins, and Straits settlements coins. All that token and coins have illustrated in Standard catalogue of Malaysia Singapore  Brunai coins & paper money issued by ISC Kuala lumpur Malaysia,18th edition 2007-2009 edited by  Steven Tan. 

All the tokens and Singapore cois from EIC, India straits and Straits settlement Queen Victoria also cirrculating at the Sarawak border area West Borneo (Sintang) and West Coast Sumatra that is why I could find that rare  token and coins from that two area when I have worked there. The rare Singapore related  Tokens and Coins found in Indonesia in my collections were the first report from Indonesian cllectors @copy right Dr Iwan S.2010 will arranged in Chronologic collection matching illustration rare Token & Coins with Basic History Singapore , please apologize if the illustration and basic history mismatch , tell me via comment to edit. The uncommon token and coins didn,t illustrated because the collectors can look in the Steven Tan Catalogue. Please look carefully the chronologic Collection below and the illustration of rare token $ coins collections below.

1805  Raffles as Assistent the court of secretary Directore resolve on consilidating the establisment at Penang.

1810. illustration. Coat of Arms Series -east india Company at Prince of Wales-Pulau Penang. Half Cent(Half Pice) copper penang Token headside coat of arm -EIC  1810 and tailside in arabic Pulau penang.

1811-1816 Sir Thomas Stampford Raffles became Indonesia Govermor General after win the Napoleon Java War at Mester Cornelis war (now jatinegara, complete history will put in this blog’ Napoleon Java war 1811, the war between EIC british India soldier with French-Dutch and native soldiers). Raffles issued Lead Douit Java coins (look at Indonesia Numicmatic history/Raffles coins,wil put in this blog next week).

1818-1824 Rafless became Governor British Position at West Coast Sumatra-Bencooeln and West Sumatra/Padang. 

1819 Raffles became Administrator Singapore under Bengal Presidency (EIC-Madras)

1824 Singapore caded to British (EIC) from Sultan Johor.

1826. Singapore and Malacca were transferred from Bengal Presidency to Penang Residency.   

1830 Rename Penang EIC residency to  the Presidency of Straits Settlement east India Company .(India Straits)

1832 Straits East India Company ‘s Presidency transfered from Penang to Singapore.

1835 Illustration Coin Collection : Singapore marchant Token , island of sultana series one keping copper coin with one flag coat of  arm Straits East India Company , same as East India company Madras  but with only one flag, Madras two flag . many colectors didn,t understand why EIC have to coat of arm with two flag(EIC-Madras) and one flag to the left( EIC-singapore) to campare look at penang token wit two flag(EIC-Madras residency Penang)@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.

1845 . illustration collection. The first EIC -Singapore presidency  issued  East India Company Queen Victoria brass coins with three value 1/4 cent and 1/2 cent , but I didn’t found  1 cent.

1862 .Illustration collections. The second EIC-Singapore presidency issued India Straits Queen Victoria brass  coins with three nominal value :  1/4 cent (i didn’t found), 1/2 cent and 1 cent.why didn’t EIC  because Singapore during preparation to be the EIC  supervison office and the name will change from East india company Bengal -Madras to East India  company straits-Singapore.

1867. Supervision of the Straits was transfered from India office-Madras  to Straits Colonial office-singapore .After this Singapore administrator of Straits Settlements including Singapore,Malacca, Penang and Labuan Island.

1872. the first  Straits settlement brass coin issued three nominal value 1/4 cent,1/2 cent and 1 cent , but Ihave only the last issued of 1/4 cent strait settlement  coins  1901 but still difficult to found in Indonesia(illustration) , the 1/4 cent very rare issued 1873 1nd 1883 I didn,t found please who have its showed us. illustration 1/2 cent brass straitsetllement queen victoria 1901 ( I don’t have the very rare  1873&1883), and 1 cent 1890( I didn’t have the very rare 1878) 

The modern Singapore coins is the first cupro-nickel Singapore coins $1.- 1978, limited edition only 37.000. I hope the collectors keep this coin in their collection because still exist now.

@Copy right Dr Iwan S.2010. 

1862. Illustration collection.

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Tumasek Leads Deer animal Token (this token maybe issued by the Malay kingdom ,because due to the information from the book"History of malaysia Coin" the queen of malaya Kingdom had a prsent from abroad rayol kingdom the Deer (Kijang), she were very fond and love that animal, that iw way Malay Kingdom issued Kidjang Gold coins, and the malaysia coins also have the Kijang Figur. Kijang Gold coins now put in Malaysia Numismatic museum. The collector must be careful to collect this type of token because many reproduction now, that is why look carefully the unique Tumasek figurine token below.(ill from Google exploration from International token auction 2010)

Tumasek leads Fish Figure token, I think this token have made by Chinese overseas at Malacca or tumasek because Fish was the chiese symbol of Weathyness.please comment.


Tumasek leads Knife Token


Tumasek Cat statue animal Token( The unsuual ahape better name token than coins, coin had the official mark, please comment this figurine were coins or Token)


Tumasek Leads Cone shape coin( compare with my UNFO collections,the same cone shape, please comment that UNFO cone shape same with this coins!)


Tumasek Leads Ring coin

When Singapore was the part of johor kingdom was clled Tumasek, in this era the Marchant in malaya archiphelago includeing Tumasek after the fall of Srivijaya used Tin Figure coins, after Singapore as the part of East india Company the used EIC coins  (look at Singapore rare coins and read Singapore unique collection 2 in this blog).

The new report with bluur illustration about the founding of Lead  Figurine Coins in the Shipwreck excavation at Straits of Malacca , and some of that coins were put in Auctions, the illustrations of Tumasek lead figurine coins in bluur condition . I hope the collectors will enjoy this latest information, thank you for Google exploration information.

Greatings from Dr iwan S. Please read more infprmation about Indonesia Brass Figurine coin ” Indonesia Numismatic History(ring coin)” in this blog.

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