The Gate of Palace

Palace Museum

Palace Museum info

Copper&Iron Vats info

Chillin copper vats

INcense Burner

Bird Copper vats

Imperial dragon staircase

The hall of Supreme Harmony

Supreme Harmony hall info

The field of Supreme hall

The Roof of Supreme Hall

The Wall's tiles of Supreme Hall

The Window of Supreme Harmony Hall

The Door Of Supreme Harmony Hall

Turtle copper vats

Sundial (Ri Gui) info

Sundial (Ri Gui)

Central Harmony info

Hall of Central Harmony

Preserved Harmony info

Hall of Preserved Harmony

Heavenly Purity info

The Palace of Heavenly Purity

Heavenly Purity info

The Hall of Union and Peace

Union and Peace info

The Magic Door

The Magic door info

The Imperial Garden

Imperial garden info

Branch interlocked info

The Branch Interlocked

Crimson Snow info

Pav.of Crimson Snow

Pav. of Spring Seasons

Pav. of Ten Thousand info

Floating Greenary info

Pav. of Floating Greenary

Hill of Elegance info

Hill of Accumulated Elegance

Platycladus garden info

Platycladus Orientalis garden

Shenwu gate info

Gate of Devine Prowers

Good By Forbidden City

Summer Palace Introduction

The gate of Summer Palace

The God of Longevity info

The stone of the Longevity's god

Hall of Longevity info

Guidance Map

Garden of harmony info

Garden of Harmony

Eastren varanda info

Eastern Veranda

Grand stage info

Grand Stage

Hall of Nourisly Pleasure

Hall of pleasure info

hall of jade info

Hall of Jade Riples

Yiyun Hall info

Yiyun Hall at the Top

Yiyun Hall info

Yiyun Hall

Chang lang info

Long coridor Summer palace

The Summer Palace lake 2008

In the front of Ming-Qing Palace 2008

Hallo Collectors,thanks verymuch for click UCN uniquecollection Cyber News this day.
UCM-uniquecollection Cyber Museum this day will open the special Chinese New Year cybershow “THE CHINESE IMPERIAL POSTAL HISTORY ” this morning the chronologic historic postal history collections will install and later the illustrations, please all the chinese,chinese overseas and Indonesia Tionghoa collectors click this showed, because this cybershow of UCM special for you, the founder and all staff send to you our greetings at the happy seasons”Gong Hi Fat Choi” and at night UCM will install the cybershowed “THE BEIJING IMPERIAL PALACE COLLECTIONS” consist imperial ceramic, meubeluer and painting from the two palace ,Ming-Qing Palace in forbidden city and Emperess Ci-xi Summer Palace musuem. Very difficult to have the original photos of the collections because forbidden to to take picture, but with hidden camera we can showed all the collector the very rare imperial collections, very pity some of the imperial paintings have in the bad conditions , i hope the Chinese government to protect this human heritage collections.

To add your informations about this two Beijing Palace, UCN will write the information and general infrmation with illustrations “THE CHINESE IMPERIAL PALACE AT BEIJING”


(1) The Forbidden city Gate

(2) The Ming-Qing Palace Gate

(3) The Palace field area

(4) The Copper and Iron Vats

(5) The Emperor staircase

(6) The Hall of Central Harmony

(7) THe Hall of Preserved Harmony

(8) The Gate of Heavenly Purity

(9) The Palace of Heavenly Purity

(10) The Hall of Union and Peace

(11) The Magic Door

(12) The Imperial Garden:
(a) The Branch inetrlocked, (b)The pavillion of Crimson Snow,(c) The Pavillion f Ten Thousand Spring seosns, (d) The Pavillion of Floating Greenary,(e) The Hill of Accumulated Elegance,(f) The Platycladus orientalis flower

(13) The Gate of Divine Prowers

(14) The Lake behind the palace


(1) The Summer Palace Introduction

(2) The Summer Palace Gate

(3) The Stone of the God of Longevity

(4) The Hall of Longevity

(5) The Summer palace Guidance Map

(6) The Garden of Harmony

(7) The Eastren Varanda

(8) The Grand Stage

(9) The Hallof Nourish Peasures

(10) The Imperial Qing Ceramic

(11) The Imperial Qing Paintings

(12) The Imperial Qing Meubeleur

(13) The Imperial vintage photo and card.

(14) The Hall of Jade Ripples

(15) The Yiyun Hall

(16) The Long Corridor

(17) The lake and dragon boat

(18) The Wenchang galery

I hope all the collectors be patient because the illustrations will install one by one.

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Qing Amoy Port Stamps 1/2 c First issued 1895

Amoy Port stamp 1 cent

Qing Amoy Port stamp 2 c 1895

Amoy Port stamp 4c 1895

Amoy port stamp 5 c 1895

Local Amoy Port 15 c 1896

Local Amoy Port 20 c 1896

Local Amoy port 25c 1896

Surcharge half cent on Amoy stamps 4 cent

Surcharge half cent on Amoy port stamps 3 c 1896

Surcharge 1c on Amoy Port stamps 4 cent 1896

Surcharge 8c on Amoy port stamps 15 cent 1896

Postage due surcharge on Amoy 1c 1895

postage Due surch on 2 cent 1895

Qing Foochow port stamps 1895

Qing British Post Office postmark A11 Amoy

Qing British Postoffice cds Amoy 1913

BPO postmark Amoy China Independent 1914

China BPO CDS Amoy 1919 on Hongkong stamp

CDS Hankow 1912 on temple f heaven stamp

Quanzhuo Fu special pstmark

Fukien Homecity postmark Tjiang tjioe-1929

China Nationalist postmark CDS Szeming Amoy 1930

China natillnalist postmark CDS Szeming Amoy 19.9.35

Dutch Consulat stamped on visa revenue to indonesia

Chinaoverseas passpert-1935

Dutch Consulated stamped on visa to Indonesia-1935

Fukien profile on DEI greencard

Revenue sheetof Chineseoverseas Green card

Gov.General l stamped on Chinese green card

CDS Amoy 27.1.49

The First Amoy Local postmark 1896

UCM uniquecollection Cyber Museum
dedicated to Chinese overseas Fukien New Year Gong Hi Fat choi day.
UCM Presented the show of



(1) 1895

(a)The first Amoy Port Stamps, five types 1/2,1,2,4 and 5 cent.

(b) The POstage Due surcharged issue, two types Postage due surcharge on 1 cent and 2 cent, also another type but I donn’t have that stamps as bigger Postage due surcgarged on 1 cent.

(2) 1896

(a)The second Amoy port stamps ,three types 15, 20 and 25 stamps , the same design with the first stamps

(b) The first surchaged Issue, two types half cent on 4 cent and half cent on 5 cent.

(c) The second surcharged stamps issue ,two type 1/2 n 4 cent and 1/2 on 5 cent

(d) The third surcharged issue two type half cent on4 cent and half cent on 5 cent with thin bar.

(e) The fourth surcharged issue two types 3 c3nt on 15 cent and 10 cent n 25 cent.

(f) The 5th surcharged issue. two types 3 cent n 15 cent and 10 cent n 25 cent.

(9) Oct.17.1896
The first type Amoy Local Postmark during Qing Dynasty.

(10) late 20th century
Amoy British Post Office postmark A 11.

(11) Jan.4t 1913
Amoy British Post office postmark CDS on hongkong queen victoria stamp.

(14) August .1.1914
Amoy British post Office


(1) Aug. .1ST 1919
Amoy British Post Office(BPO) postmark on Hongkong stamp.

(2) Jan.23th 1930
China nationalist post office postmard CDS Szeming Amoy. CDS 23.1.30.

(3) 1934
Hongkong Dutch Consulate DEI visa with Consular revenue, on the chineseverseas passport wh want to be expatriat in Indnesia.

(4) Sept.19th 1935
China nationalist Amoy Szeming Postmark cds 19.9.35

(5) 1935
The Dutch Revenue sheet 1935 of Chinese overseas DEI (Indonesia) Greencard ID with the wner photo.


PRC revolution postmark Amoy 21.1.49

This cybershow still in processing, another information and illustration will completed in this afternoon.

@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.

Amoy(Xianmen) old building

Amoy(Xianmen) native market

Amoy (Xianmen) city modern area

Amoy,now Xianmen-port

Haman city near Changzou

My grand Pa home 's street

Tjiang Tjioe9QuanZhou) ancient area

Pagoda at Kaiyuan Temple Quanzhou

Quan Zhou native Building-my grandpa house

QuanZhou native market

My Grandpa Home postmark Tjiang Tjioe

Szeming(Amoy) Postmark 1935

Ancient Turle Stone carving in my Grandpa homeland.

Fukien Grandpa House now at Tjiang Tjioe

With Mao at Amoy(Xianmen) city

Grandpa homecity postmark Tjiang Tjioe

CDS Amoy British Postal 1919 on Hongkong stamp

Qing Dynasty Amoy Port stamp

Hallo collectors, thank you for your click UCN uniquecollection Cybernews .
According to the Chinese New Year “Gong Hi Fat Choit” to all Chinese ,Chinese overseas and Indonesia Tionghoa ethnic and UCM -uniquecollection Cybermuseum will made the cybershow ” The Indonesia chinese overseas and Tiongha ethnic unique collections”, one of the show frame is ” The Postal History of chinese overseas homeland Fukien ” will put in blog this day with illustrations Imperial Qing Prt Amoy stamps and Fukien Postmark from Amoy-Szeming(Xienmen), Naman, Changchou(Tjiangtjioe) and Foochow (the capital of Fukien province).
This special show dedicated to my in memoriam Grandpa G,K,Thian , his homland at Changchou.
Several Xianmen,Naman and Changchou(Tjiangtjioe) photos will illustrated .
The complete cronologic historical collection from 1895 until 1941 will showed, please click in this blog at afternoon “The Postal History of chinese overseas homeland Fukien ”
During my last visit Fukien by China airlaines 1n 2008 straight from Jakarta, about five hours. At the airprt very difficult communications with the taxi driver becaue they cann’t speak english, my taxi divers was a yung lady, the communication via handphone to her boss and that man give her the address. our hotel at the bigger road at xianmen, but she tok us around , I know she want more much money, she made a full like didn’t now the area. i think the chiense taxi drivers muc learned English and didn’t made fool because this not good for chinese tourisme.
When I want to go by bus to my grandpa home land ChangZhou (Tjiamg Tjioe) always the didn’t understand the think I want to go southern Guanzhu (Canton) but very lucky the tea trader gave us the directions.
The Air cnditioning Bus tke me to Chnagzhou in three hours, during in the middle of the road I saw the small city Naman (I have the postmark fromthat area).
The same situation had fund again with the taxi driver in Changzou, but I saw the Pagoda of Kaiyuan temples and we stop there, after looking the very exciting and unique ancient temple about 300 year ago, i wallked to the corner and then I look at the same house like the Tionghoa kampung Cina area , oh my Grandpa I came t yourhomeland that yu ever told me when I am a youner boy, I have seen my homeland, how happy am I. In that area I have fund some Mao cultural revolution book collections, but the stamps nt found there.
After cameback Jakarta, my friend told me why yu didn’t went t Fochow the capitalof fukien only three hours mre, in that city many pstal history were sold.

To all Tingha and chineseverseas collectors wh homeland also at Changzou (tjiangtjioe), look at your homeland illustration and postal history showed , and you will felt the power of our belved homeland.

@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.
@copyright Dr Iwan S.

Wayangwong figure Wibisono

Wayangwong figure Arjuna

Wayangwong Figure Arimbi

Wayangwng figure Hanoman

Wayang Sugriwo

Wayangwong figure Sadewo

Wayangwong figure Bagong

Wayangwong Petruk

Wyangwong figure Semar

Wayangwong figure Gareng

Wayangwong figure Gatotkaca

Wayangwong figure Krisna

Wayangwong Figure PANDOE

Hallo Collector, thanks for click UCN-uniquecollection Cybernews this day.
uniquecollection.wordpress.com Blog annaunced that from this day UCM-uniquecollection Cyber Museum have promotion showed with thema “VINTAGE INDONESIA WAYANG COLLECTIONS” , in two days our staff and the founder have prepared that promotion showed in order to celebrate th Etnic Tionghoa chinese new year , and from feb 14th until 29th will added the Chinese overseas and Tionghoa Unique collections.

This night the uniquecollection Cybermuseum promotional show will open with the story of Indonesia Wayang Chronologic Historic collection,with the illustrations of the best UCM collections only sample not all because used much space and very long time t nstalled, the complete collection will illsutrated if UCM have the sponsor because this cybershow free, we nee operational cost,please the collectors who have friend from the International trader or factory related with Wayang like Batiks factory or Javanese etnic traders please contact via comment .thank you verymuch.

This day in this cybernew we will discussed about Children Playing card used Wayang Wong prfile.

During my son Anton age between 7th-15th before he have the Computer, he played playing card with the war design, maybe also the wayang ramayana and Mahabrata war, but pity when we moved to Jakarta all the vintage playing card were burned by my wife because our editor this keep his playingcard as a collections , he told me I am the money collectors ,the really recent money.but he still playing computed Games like my wife,other son Albert, and my Grand daughter Pricessa, and I don,t have time to playe computer games because I cann’t see the smallest and fastes object mowing , this object will made me nauseu and vomiting. I prefer the collection or playing card with more slow and bigger object, that is why my collections illustration in close up . please the collectors accapted my physical and physchological stituations. All the Compter gamers lets turn your player to discovered the uniquecllections you have never seen with google exploration or click uniquecollection. wordpress.com (all in small characterwithout space) and youwill added you fantastic information for discussion or chatings.

In 2000, someone from middle java have found the original vintage Wayang Wong children playing card still in complette sheet, this card issued during Dai Nippon occupation java, the wayong wong figure like the punakawan Bagong-Petruk-Gareng and Semar, also also another popular figure like Kresno(Krishna),Gatot Kaca, Sadeo and Soegriwo, (H)anoma, Arimbi, Hardjoeno (Arjuna) ,Wibisono and Togog.
All the woyongwong figure playing card will inllustrated in UCN, I hope the wayang mania will happy.
Please read and look the illustration of UCM best collection of the THE INDNESIA VINTAGE WAYANG COLLECTIONS.and the collectors will understand the development of wayang puppet theaterical show.

To all collectors of Chinese homeland & overseas and Tionghoa etnic Indonesia “Chong Hie Fat Choi” (happy chinese new year) from the founder and all UNC staff, we hope all of the collectors will always healthy and longlife and found more happiness & succeed in their trading and educations or their proffesional work or bussiness.This Time Jakarta not raining, the weather very best,

Greatings from uniquecollection blog founders and staff.

@copyright Dr Iwan S 2010.

Kebun Angrek singapura 1973

Albert dan mami di Brastagi 1974

Anton di pantai Kuta 1984

HO CHI MINH city Vietnam

Han river Seoul Korea

nami island Korea

Gu lang yu island Xianmen

The Greeat wall China

Forbidden city Beijing

Kisah perjalan para pendahulu kita telah dibahas dalam Kisah perjalan Dr Iwan (1) dan (2), ternyata kisah perjalanan pribadi Dr iwan yang merupakan lanjutan dari seriah Kisah perjalanan keliling dunia khusunya Asia belum diinstall oleh editor.




















Saya harap para kolektor bersabar karena kisah perjalanan dan koleksi unik yang ditemui akan ditulis secara bertahap, untuk lebih menarik terlampir beberapa illustrasi, koleksi unik yang lengkap dapat dibaca dan dilihat dalm blog ini,click nama negara yang bersangkutan akan dapat dinikmati oleh para kolektor, mohn maaf prses install sangat membutuhkan waktu yang banyak sehingga secara bertahap akan di tampilkan. Harap komentar dan saran dari para klektor Indonesia.
@hak cipta Dr iwan S 2010.

Dutch East Indie Royal Army-KNIL patrol at Acheh

The Deli Tobacco plantation's Boss & Koeli

The 1st Graduate Indonesia Law Highschool

Hallo collector
UCN or UNIQUECOLLECTION CYBERNEWS this day after the lounching day report the unreported Indonesia vintage picture.
The picture found in the rare Dutch vintage Book 1950 “HET AANZIEN VAN EEN EEUW” meaning from Ancient to Recent time.
Many of the picture in this book have reported in Indonesian Newspaper,Magazine or Book like Hatta photo during studied in Holland, Acheh War, Round Table conference, Raden Adjeng kartini,ultatuli, Inland people Pest terapy , but there were three Picture never seen published in Indonesia , why ? please comment ,may be the picture were the image of colonialism and the Mingangkabau native dress maybe the book very rare noone have seen that picture:

(1) 1879
Colonial Military Patrol in Acheh

(2) 1888
The colonial Boss and the native Koeli(worker) at ofDeli Tobacco plantation

(3) 1928
The first Graduate of Batavia(jakarta) Law Highschool Mr Muhamad Nazif from Koto Gadang west Sumatra with Minang traditional cloth.

@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

Calender 1900 ill.Wayang figure Ganesha

Kretek promo Wayang Semar smoking 1930

Wayangwong painting 1938

Ancient Wayang book Semar handpainted

Anciet Wayang Book's callygraphy

Wayang Kulit Shadow Show Painting 1928

Vintage Wayang Mask

Wayang golek Sundanese

MB label Wayang figure Semar

Wayang kulit Cheribon P.postcard 1951

Wayang Berber painting 1938

Wayang berber watercolour painting 1945


UCM-uniquecollection.wordpress.com CyberMuseum
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010


Due to UNESCO announcement that Wayang Kulit , a shadow puppet theater and the best knw of the Indonesias Wayang, as a Masterpiece of oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity and also the later announcement in Novenmebr 7th 2003 , in return of the acknowledgment, UNESCO demanded INDONESIA TO PRESERVE THEIR HERITAGE.
I think all the collectors in the world especially native Indonesian must keep all vintage Wayang collections and write a report informations because Wikipedia said that not much informations about Wayang have found .
When I sought the wayang information via Google exploration , no systematic historic informations found.only the scattered short informations but with the warning “YOU AREN’T AUTHORIZED TO READ THIS INFORMATIONS” I must joined as the Mamber with paid contributions.
I donn’t understand why the heritage of Humanity wayang collections must paid not free, I hope UNESCO will asked the provider to open that Human Herritage informatins with the UNESCO sponsorship for the provider operational cost,may be star with Uniquecollections blog Wayang collections, may be one of the unesco staff read adn look this UNC Wayang Collection free show.
One of my friend said to me, don’t show your collections because after that show your collections didn.t have value anymore, he was the trader in his mind only how to ge profit, different with me I like all the collector all over the world know the uniquecollection informations.
During Google exploration , all the writers used the Wikipedia free informatios :
(1) Wayang is an Indonesian word for theater (literally “Shadow’ means Bayangan) .When the term is used to refer to kind of puppet theater, sometimes the puppet itself is referred to as Wayang. Performace of shadow puppet thearter accompanied by “gamelan” (java music) in Java and “gender” in Bali.(the sound like Timbels Tang tang Ting Tang Tang etc or TAng Tang Tang !!).
The legend in Indonesia said Java have many copper metal that is why they have made many type round gamelan from small to bigger one(gong) that is why the sound slowly and honorarilly , when the blambangan man run to Bali from East java they cann’t brought musch metal, they made Gender like Copper Bonk and the sound more faster and dynamic rasembled like the bird fly because the fled from Java, and the Sumatra’s have not much coppers they had more gold, that is why the use onle two r three round “Talempong” and the sound like the Horseride Tang-Tong tak tong Tong.
They were many types of Wayang due to the historic development of Indonesian nation from the Hindu era, Budha era, and Islamic Era. Each of the era developed their special type, that is why we must connected the Wayang collections with the History of Indoensia nation building.
During the era before Islam came to Indonesia, the type of Wayang will the Human dancer with their Masked (Wayang Wong=Orang), the wooden puppet near human original profile (Wayang Karucil or Wayang Kletik, and during islamaic era forbidden the show the human figure because will “berhala” only one God Allah, also the the prophet profile forbidden to show, one day my mother burmed a book with the islamic prophet figure she said forbidden and not allowed toshow that picture because his grandpa was Islamic and she also cann’t eat pork, that is why during islamic era very difficult to found Human figure like wayang in Batiks, ceramic and other wooden statue except in traditinal era in Nias,Bataks, and Dayaks. May be all the Wayang human figure archived were burned by the Islamic people, and the Wayang golek with not natural human figure made by the animal dried skin allowed to show their Shadow(Bayang later became Wayang). The west Java,and zbali aslo have their wayang with different names.
The stry related to Wayang theater related to the development of religious in Indonesia, the Hindu and budha priest also islamic ulama uset the Wayang theater show for the religious development that is why the story reffered to the religious like Hindu mahabrata and ramayana, Buddha have their own pupput by chinese overseas called Wayang Potehi with the Chinese heros figure puppet,During Mojopahit the story of Damarwulan at wayang Karucil and the islamic shadow wayang Golek.
When my first research begun 20 years ago, I have found many difficulties because i cann’t read Dutch , Old javanese langguage Wonocaroko and ancien Arabic malay langguage but after met many wayang collestors I starting t undersatnd but not all type of character that is why please all wayang collectors all over the world to help me for translated the collections.
I hope UNESCO want to be wayang uniquecollecetion sponsored because I have the competitor the Ryal dutch KTILV organizations because they swept all the archived wayang collections with very high price, I have ever met their man asked them to work together but until this day no communications I donn’t understand they may be still think they ware the zupper lavel and Indonesian still below “Inlander” remember we are the same human in the world no colonial anymore, the Wayang collection as to Human haritage lets keep together ,we are in the same wolrd .
Jakarta,Feb.9th 2010
Dr Iwan S.
the founder of uniquecollection.wordpress.com blog




1.1st Century
Hindusim arrived in Indonesia from India and slowly adopted the local belief system,Sansekrit became the literary and court language of java and later Bali.
May be in this era storytelling tradition that had a profound impact on the development of traditionl puppet theater.
The Hindus changed the Wayang to spread their religion mstly by the stories from Mahabrata and Ramayana.

2.7th century
The Islamic King have fight each other in order to cupied the Middles East area have changed the scial and political situation in Europe

3.930 AD
The first record of a wayang performance, an inscription date in this year which said “Si Galigi Mawayang” ( Sir galigi played Wayang). Galigi was an itenerant performer who was request to perform for a special Royal ocasion , at that event he(dalang) performed a story abut the hero Bhima from the mahabrata.

4.9th-10th century
Wayang developed from 9th-10th centuries as a media for communication.

5.During Majapahit Kingdom, the Wayang karucil with the story of Damar wulan still exist in Indonesia until early 20th century ( look at Wayang Karucil story collection 1900.)
Wayang Karucil also called Wayang Kletik, because the sound tik tak from two wooden wayang puppet impact each other during playing.
Wayang Karucil puppet figures accupy a middle group between the figures of Wayang golek and wayang kulit. They are constructed similary to wayang kulit figures but from thisn pieces of wooden instead leather and like wayang kulit figures are used at shadow puppet.
A further similary was that they are the same smaller size like wayang kulit figures, however wood is more subject to brakage than leather during the Battle scenes , wayang karucil figures obtain sutain considarable damage.
The Wayang karucil figures came orriganlly from eastern Java and the origin of the stories involved in this puppet plays came from the Kingdoms of eastren Java : Janggala,Kediri and Mojopahit.
From Jengala and kediri Kingdom came the story of Raden Pandji which told the adventures a pair of young villagers with their fighting cock. (readl The story of Wayang Karucil collections-1900 will put later in this blog)
Wayang karucil can be used to performed puppet plays either during the day or at night, this type of wayang is relatively rare.
If the story from Javanese jistory and romance , the wayang playing called Ketoprak, it is differs from Wayang orang, which shares with Wayang kulit a repetoire drawn from the hindu epics mahabrata and Ramayana.

6.11th century
Wayang Wong(Human) developed when the center of javanese kingdom move frm Prambanan (central java) to east java.
Wayang wong also known as Wayang orang (literally human) is a type of theterical performance with themes from the kingdom of jenggala in which the player wera mask and known as Wayang Topeng 9literally mask)


1.When Islam begun to spread in Indonesia for display God or gods human form was prohibited, and the style of painting and Wayang play was suppressed.
Raden Patah King of Demak Java, who preferred to see the Wayang in its traditional frm , but failed to obtain permission from the Muslim religious leader. As an alternative, the religious leaders converted the Wayang Golek into wayang purwa made from leather, and displayed only the shadow instead of the figures itself, instaed of the forbiden figures only their shadow picture was displayed, this era were the birth of Wayang Kulit.

2. 18th century
(1) early of 18th century
the collection of a hand written caligraphy Javanese wonocaroko and Malay- Arabic char translate ‘s book with watercolour handpainted Wayang Punakawan , this rare native paper book collections was one of the best unicollection belong to Dr iwan S. (read and look i”Ancient Wayang handpainted caligraphy book” will put later in this blog)

(2)In the middle of 18th century Wayang kulit’s Rama and Pandawa play at Wayang Wong theaters. The Dalang (narative and troupe leader) provide a suluh(prelude)

(3) Wayang Sri Wedari first performanced at solo (still until now) based on the European drama, created by KGPA Mangunegara I (the King of Solo.)

(4) circa 1860
The vintage Wayang Golek Cepak of Indramayu west Java circa 1860 ,150 years ago all were written in the old song book with the date of created in java language, but the old book were broken , have sold to a Wayang collectors from Jakarta by the last owner from four generations because he need money for his leaving cost because after played the wayang cepak almost 50 years, now the Wayang cepak theater have lost the audinece,many Indramyu people more prefer the new theater which cost much lower about 15 % of the Wayang theater cost and aslo not many dalang exist anymore.
The type of antique and unique Wayang Cepak which have sold were Wayang Cepak Garuda (Indonesian eagle,look the illus-tration) , Butha Naga (the blind dragon), Ketek putih (white armpit) and Lamsijan ( the humor type of Wayang cepak) like Cepot (one f the five The wayang clown punakawan, the the Semar,Petruk, Gareng and Bagong)
The Wayang cepak story , about the Menak (the Java high level society ) in the desert countries (Arab Gulf) which came to Indonesia archipelago, that is why before this wayang was called Wayang Menak, but later became Wayang Cepak because the head of Wayang Papak or Cepak which have no telekung top of head (straight).
One of the wayang Cepak story was about the Prophet Muhammad SAW uncles, Hamzah, and the other story from Babad (history) Ceribon , also the mythos about the North Beach of of West java. The Wayang cepak theater only exist during the ethnic traditional celebration like Ngunjung Buyut ( Came to greetgrandchildren)- (all the informasion based from Timbuktu Harthana, Kompas newspaper,March 2010. compile with another vintage book by Dr Iwan S. I hope Mr Hathana sent more info via comment)

3 1900
The rare Wayang Calender with Java-Dutch-Malay date. collections (read and look “Wayang Calender collection-1900” will put in blog later)

Wayang Kulit Puppet maker Picture Postcard

5. 1916
(1)Batavia Wayang Wong Masked dancer Picture postcard published by Tio Hek Honh wetevreden Batavia.
(2)A serial Wayang Wong Picture postcard :(a) Sembadra & Pregiwati,(b) Srikandi,(c) Walkoedera & Gatotkatja,(d) Abimajoe

6. 1917
Chinese Wayang Wong at Batavia Picture Postcard

7. 1919 Wayang Kulit shadow puppet performace Picture Postcard.

The Wayang beber painting -colour engraved
The picture of Wayang Beber painted on canvas made from cloth scroll plate.

The Ciung wanara , the legend among sundanese people have showed at elite and oriental Bioscop (Majestic) Bandung. The story of Manaroh or Ciung Wanara or Prabu Suratana or Prabu Jaya Prakasrsa who went to feast(bertapa) and the Kingdom lead by the menistry Lutung Kasarung.(comedian Wayang)

The wayang Kulit paintings card in the book “INDIE” written by J.C.Lamster reproduced the wayang painting by the expatriat painters Hermanus Josephus Wolff . ( read and look ” The Wayang Kulit Painting card” will put later in this blog)

The first Wayang Wong grup Ngesti Pandawa performanced.


(1)Costum of Mask for Wayang wong performance followed the iconography of Wayang kulit shadow theater of Cheribon (reported Pignaud)

The rare wayang book with illustration “DE Dalang Acter ‘T Sherm” by de Hon & Zuidhof, Wlters Batavia.

(3) The bank of Java issued Wayang Papermoney 200 gulden based on the painting by C.A. Lion cachet.

The Dutch Governor General Tjarda van Starkenborg officially opened the Wayang Museum Batavia(Jakarta) as the old batavia museum. later n its collections were mved to the now Jakarta History museum while this building strated to house the wayang puppet. The Wayang or puppet Museum pened on August 13th 1975 by the Jakarta governur.
( The information from the wayang Musuem in the book Guide to Our Museum,Jakarta,1992:
Wayang are classified based on the main material they are made off; the wooden one, for instance , are called Wayang Golek, while the one made f buffalo-hide or goat dried skin are known as the Wayang Kulit. wayang golek are three dimensional puppets made of wood and dressed with colourful batik cloth while the Wayang kulit are made of intricately carvaed and painted hide.
The Dalang or puppeteer manipulates the movements f the puppets by means f thin woden rods attached to the puppet’s body. A spirited dalang can fascinate his audience for endless hours)

Dutch East Indie(Indonesia) issued Wayang Dancer 4 cent stamp , painted by J.F.Dichhoft.

15.The Early 20th century Wayang matchbox label collections.

The original Wayang Berber waterclour handpainted collections.

Postally used Wayang Postcard send from CDS Ceribon 3.9.51 to Djakarta.

Terang bulan (moon shining) magazine with wayang story “Tjekel Endroloyo” & illustrationa. .

the Book “Wayang dan Karakter Wanita(women character)” by Ir Sri Mulyono with illustrations.

The rare vintage book about wayang ” Wayang a sophisticated manisfestation of combined arts in Indnesia ” with many infrmations and illustration written by R Soprapto. ( read and look “indonesia modern Wayang -1979” will put later in this blog).

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