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During this time Burma was the province ogf British Clony India, that is why British India stamps and revenue used at Burma.
The revenue sheet collections were during King Edward and king George, please the native Burma help me to translate the ccument because were writing in native language.
The Bristh India stamps used in Burma, was found nly from three city, Rangon, Moulmen and Mutiyana from Queen Victria until King George
(Mutiyana in Burma , Nepal other country ? please comment, during this time als used in anther country like Tibet,Nepal,Bhutan, and Aden, the cllectors wh have this stamps please share with us via comment)



(1) British Colony Burma flag

(2) Vintage Military Picture

(3) Vintage Native Picture

(1) Dr iwan S.collections

(2) Mr Konrad collections

(b) Union of Burma postally used Cover

new info the collections of Mr Konrad

1.Dai Nippon Occupation Burma Postal History

He told that he was in god health and asking about his children. His wife stayed at Soerabaja, During Dai Nippon Occupation the Indonesian citizen who merried expatriat didnot put in the POW camp.
Look at two very rare collections :
(1) Dai Nippon Moulmein POW Card sent to Batavia(Jakarta)
(2) His wife Dai Nippon Java ID issued by Dai Nippon Military government at Soerabia.

Moulmein POW Camp

Moulmein POW Card

<img src="https://uniquecollection.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/p4160453.jpg?w=225" alt="" title="P4160452” width=”225″ height=”300″ class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-7368″ />

POW card caption

Health info

Mr Romeijn handsigned

Front of POW card



DaiNipponBurmaPOW wife ID

Dai Nippon POW Card

Ex POW Burma collections

The POW at Moulmein Camp


The Movies Poster 1957

this famous bridge later became at theme of the very popular film with the famous song theme the Elephent Walk and also look at the picture of the POW camp..

The Bridge Of River Kwai

The bridge of river Kwai stamps

AND 1944

Dai Nippon Burma 1943

Dai Nippon Burma 1944



Ba Maw


Aung San

Union of Burma in native language overprint the British colony Burma stamps, revenue sheet and definif stamps.

UoBurma Rev.Sheet 1960


U Nu

UOB flag

UnionOfBurma stamps


Saw Muang


Gen. Ne Win


Vintage A.S.Syuu Kyi

Postal Used Union of Myanmar


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A.The Ancient Burma
Burma was a Buddhist Mnarchy in the Middle age
1.1st century BC
The Pyu arrived in Burma
2.6th Century AD
The Mon Kingdom of Dvaravati
3. 9th Century AD
The Bamr(Burman) people migrated from the China-Tibet brder region into the valley of Ayeyarwady.
4. Small Kingdom in Burma between 11th -14th century AD
(1) The Kingdom of Pagan (1044-1287)
(2) The Shan state at Arakan (1287-1539)
(3) The kingdom of Ava (1364-1555)
5. The Kingdomof Toungod(1531-1752)
6. The Konbuang Dinasty (1752-1885)

B. British In Burma
1. 1824
Britain Through three wars gained lower Burma 1n this year.
(1)In this year Upper Burma also gained by Britain and administered them as part of India .
(2) During Burma as the province of India with capital Rangoon, the British Colony India Stamps were used in Burma :
(a) 19th century
l the Queen Victoria stamps of British colony India were used with CDS Rangoon and Moulmein . (look at the Map where that famous city situated)
(b)20th century
The King Edward and The King George stamps of British Colony India were used in Burma , CDS Rangoon and Mutiyana ( Burma or other countries city ? please India collectors comment)
(this collections found at Padang west sumatra and Jakarta)

3. 1936,
The second University student strike in this year was triggered by the expulsin of Aung San ,leader of RUSU(Ragn University Student Union)

(1)The British separated Burma from India and Granted the British Colony Burma and Burma became a self-governing under the British Commenwealth. and Ba Maw was pointed to be the first prime Menistry.

(2) the British Colony Burma stamps issued in this year, overprint Burma on British colony India King Edward Stamps (look at the illustration.)

In this year ‘The 1300 year Revlution'(named by the Burmese calender year) led by the Buddish Monk, a wafe of strike and protest that started frm the oil fields of central Burma. In Rangoon Student protest were charged by the British mounted Police Wielding Baton and killing a Rangon University student called Aung Kyaw in Mandalay and Plice shoot int a crowded of protester.

(1)Aung San cofounded the PRP(People Revolutionary Party) and he als instrumental in founding the Freedm Clc by forginf aan Alliance of the Dobama(Plitically active monk), and Ba Maw Poor Man Party.
After the Dobama organization called for a National uprising, an arrest warrant was issue formany of the organization leader including Aung san , he escaped to China.
(2) Ba Maw succeeded by Prime menistry U Saw until 1940.
(3) The British Colony Burma issued the Burma King George Stamps.(look at the illustration)
(4) The king Edward and King George of The British colony India revenue sheet without verprint still used in Rangoon Burma in 1939 and 1940.
(5) The rare postally homemade cover send from Malacca (straits settlement with King Edward stamps to Rangoon Burma, and then used as document with native Burma language handswritten document (Please the native Burma collectors help to translate)
(All the Burma cover and revenue sheet were found at Kunming South China in 2007-including the Dai Nippon revenue sheet )

C. Burma During Pacific War (WW II)

(1)January 1942
(a)Prime Menister U Saw was arrest by British Burma Government for communicated with Dai Nippon Milutary Administration in South East Asia and Aung San announced the formation of BIa-Burma Independent Army in order to anticipation of the Dai Nippon invasin of Burma in this year.
(b) In 1942 te Dai Nippon had win large territoriest in Asia in small cost. also in Burma they had strategic , The Dai Nippon Military administration had promise eventual ‘Independence’ to Burma only if this country became co-operative satellite states. Japanese attamps to win over the mass of Burmese people same with ther Asia people to support the war against against their frmer colonial masters was almost totally a failure. The great majrity of he ordinary people did not see the conflict as their war.

(2) Simultaneous with the invation of Malaya, another Dai Nippon Army crossed from Thailand in to Burma and by the end of April 1942 hade driven the weak British Forces into India and
Burma was overrun by Dai Nippon Military Administration.

(3)September 1942
The first Prisoner Of War (POW) arrived at THanbyuzayat (65 kmm from Moulmein), via Molemein . (known as The Dai Nippon Burma Moulmein POW Camp) and established as a POW base camp.
From this POW camp the Prisoner sent to Nong Platuh ,359 km suth of Thanbyuzwat , where the build the famous bridge across the Mae Kong river from Nong Platuh Burma to Tamarakan Thailand because in 1957 , made the film base on the original story The Bridge on The River Kwai (the rename of the Mae kong River in 1960)
The Bridge on the Rver Tamarakan was the Train Crossing wooden bridge which spanned the mae Kong River (rename Kwai Yai River in 1960), the building of the bridge begun in October 1942 using prisoner of War labour .
Please look the collections related with this Moulmen POW Camp and the Bridge on the river Kwai (Moulmen POW card from te Dutch Soldier to his wife in Surania via Batavia Indonesia, and the Dai Nippon ID card of His wife issued by The Dai Nippon Surabaia -Shi.)

(4)The Rare Dai Nippon Burma Collections 1942
(a)The rare Burma Revenue sheet collections with the Burma emblem two Swords used in Burma with the native Burma language handwritten (please native Burma collectors to translate this rare dcument)
(b)The Postally used cover with Dai Nippon Native Burma Bird emblem overprint the king George of British Colony Burma CDS special comemorative stamped in japanese kaji character date 8.12.2602(1942). send from Japanese Special Service Post Burma to Mr Thanan Clark office of BDOM Military camp Rangoon Burma( I think this original CTO-phillatelic cretions covers)
Also look at the off cover of the same stamps collections.
(The very rare Prison of War from Moulmen Camp Burma card was send by the Dutch Soldier to his Wife via his family at Batavia (Jakarta) and the Dai Nippon Soerabaia -Shi ID card of his wife (the complete infrmation read below, and look at illustrations of that very rare cllections)

2. 1943

The Bride of River kwai was completed and operational by early February 1943.
(2) Dai Nippon Military Postal Office issued Engraved printing Dai Nippon Burma definitif stamps (look the illustrations)

(3)In this year,when the Japanese declared, in theory ‘Independent’ , the BDA was renamed BNA-Burma National Army, the Ba Maw declared head of State, and his Cabinet included Aung San as War Menister.

3. 1944
(1)Aung San began negtiation with Thakin (communist leader) and Bi Swe(Socialist leader) for the Formatin of the AFO-anti Frascis Peple Freedm Leaguae.
Thakin and Tin Swe made contact with the exile Colonial Government in Simla India. There were infrmal contact between AFO and the Allies between 1944 and 1945.

4. 1945
(1) March,27th 1945
In this day, BNA rose up in a countryside rebellion against the Dai Nippon Army (this day celebrated as The Resistance Day). then Aung San and other subsequence began negtiation with the commender in Chief British allied forces Lord Munbatten and officially join the Allies as PDF-Patriotic Burmese Forces.
(2) June 1945
Both the wooden and the adjescent steel bridge of River Kwai were subjected to numerous air raids between Jan and June 1945. POW labour was used to repaired the woden bridge in each occassion.Tamarakan is 50 km north of Nong Platuh, 5km north of Kanchanabuty, and 359 km south of THanbyuzwat were the Dai Nippon Moulmein POW camp was located.
Total grave at the Thanbyuzayat or moulmein Camp 3771, 15o8 British including 27 unknwn grave, 1335 Australian and 621 Dutch.May be one of the grave was the Dutch soldier who sent the Moulmei PW card to his wife,who knows I never vist this area (I have a tobacco metal box with the incised of the Moulmen camp,may be the owner as the POW labour in the bridge of River Kwai, I didnot installed the illustrations because I am afraid smeone will made repro, the rare box was found in Jakarta in 1995 , this one of the POW who still alive back to Indonesia and after he died his tobacco box was threw ut by his familily because they didnot understand the meaning f incised info on tha box the date and year he insiced from batavia,singapore and Moulmein POW – and back to Batavia, may be one day I will made an exhibitions of this rae collection together with the pOW Card and the DN ID card -dr Iwan S.)

(3)July 1945
British Troops were fighting in Burma and the Japanese were fanatically resisting the advance of Americans on the Island approached to their homeland. The war was expected to last many mre monts,unitil the atmic bomb in August 1945 reveald its awesome power and unexpectedly ended the fighting

(I have found The very rare collection of Dai Nippon Military administrations Collections related with the Dai nippon military administration java indonesia in 1943. This collection belong of The Native Indonesian who stayed at Surabaya (found at Jakarta) consist two very rare collections :
(a) The Imperial Japanese Army Prisorner of War at Camp War Prisoner Camp at Moulmein Burma postcard send by military courier without stamps, from the Dutch POW Romeyn M(AX) nationality Nederlander,rank Landstorm Soldaat to his wife Mevr.(MRS) E.F.C Romeyn adress P/A Fam L.Linn Salimba 15 B Batavia Centrum Java, Mrs Romey live at Soerabaja-look her Dai nippon ID card.
(b) Dai Nippon yellow ID Card of Mrs EFC Romeyn with handstamped revenue F 80.- (for women, for Man F100.-)
The Form in Japanese and Indonesian Language.
(b1)The front side :
(aa) Name: Nj.Romeyn-Berrety,Emma Frederike Clementine ( I think she was Java Indonesia-Euro race
(bb) Adress: Kaliboetoeh 183, Serabaja Shi (city)
(cc) status : have merried with four children
(b2) The Backside in Japanese and Indonesian language with Dai Nippon Official red double circle stamped Pendaftaran Rakjat Soerabaia-Shi.

Orang jang terseboet diatas dinjatakan, bahwa telah bersoempah kesetiaan pada tentara Nippon, serta soedah masoek daftar penduduk bangsa asing
1.Soerat Keterangan ini haroes senatiasa dibawa, oentoek memboektikan, bahwa ia telah bersoempah kesetiaan pada tentara Nippon,serta soedah masoek daftar pendoedoek bangsa asing.
2.Soerat keterangan ini soepaja dijaga djangan sampai kotor atau hilang, sebab serat keterangan adalah perloe boeat psir ataupoen partikelir.
3.Djikalau ada perbahan apa-apa tentang hal jang tertoelisn disoerat keterangan ite haroes dengan segera memberi tahe tentang perobahan ite kepada kantor jang memberi soerat keterangan itoe.
4.Momer,tanggal dan tempat keterangan ite haroes ditjatat agar moedah dioeresnja kalau serat keterangan hares diberikan lagi atau lain-lain.
5.Djikalau soerat keterangan itoe hilang haroes segera memberi tahoe hal itoe kepada kantor jang doelooe memberikan soerat keterangan terseboet dan minta soerat keterangan baroe dengan membajar ongkos jang soedah ditetapkan.)

D. Burma After the WW II

1. 1947
(1)January,27th 1947
The negotiation for Burmese Independent which were concluded succeesfully in Londn as the Aung San-Atlee Agreement.
(2) April 1947
The popularity of The AFPFL now dominated by Aung San and the Socialist was eventually confirmed when it won overhelm Victory in the April 1947 constituent Assembly Election.
(3) July,9th.1947
U Saw , a conservative pre war prime Menister of Burma,engineer the ASSASINATION OF AUNG SAN and several members f his cabinet this day (later this day commenorative as the Martyr Days)

(1)In January,4th.1948 Union of Burma became Independent outside the Commnwealth by treaty and a member of the UN in this year.
The constitution which went into effect in 1948 created a parliamentary democracy
(2)No sooner after had independence come to Burma,than internal disruption threatened to plunge the country into chaos, The British had left behind a demcratic constitution modelled on Westminster, which proved unsuitable for a country so under-develped and so disorganised. At the time of Independence, Burma was led by U Nu,an oustanding plitician who manage to maintain constitrutional democracy intact fr ten years until 1958.
(3) Union Of Burma Postal ffice in this year issue the Overprint Union of Burma in native language on British Colony Burma stamps
(look at the stamps illustratin, only overprint on King Goerge British colony Burma 2 rupee Stamps,( I have the highest value 10 rupee but I keep on the bank deposit box afraid will broken if made the picture.)

In this year the film :The bridge n The River Kwai was produced by the film directr David Lean, and this film have seven academy award including the best Actr Alec Guiness, best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenply, and Best Cinematography.(lok at the poster of that film)

Union of Burma provided for nationalization of certain industries and in this year political crisis, Gen. Ne Win tookover the Government from Premier U Nu.

Election were held in this year and the union party headed by U NU won a large majority, he again became premier in April 1960.

(1)Political and economic problems continiu and the government was again taken over by Gen. Ne Win.
(2) March,2nd.1962
Gen.Ne Win set up a revolutionary Council with himself as chief of state.

5. 1972
Gen. Ne Win setting aside the constitution in this year and he became premier. The Ne Win government pursued a socialistic program and Nationalized nearlly all f Industry and trade which had been controlled by Indian and China minorities. It continued a neutralist foreign policy and isolated the nation from most freign policy.

On January,4th,1974 a new constiturion aimed making Burma a Socialist Republic under one party rule, was adptred, Ne Win continuede as premier.

Recurrent problems facing the governmentvhave been the need to stimulate production,rebellions staged by Chinese-backed Communist frces and pressures from groups seeking greater autonomy for local ethnic groups. Communist guerillas ecame more active after the communist victories in Indochina in 1975.

8. 1987
The patient peple of Burma, who a suffered for twenty-five years from the Burmese road to socialism, began to give vent to their frustrations in largely studen led riots in Rangoon in September 1987.

9. 1988
The seventy year old General Ne Win decided to mve to the sidelines and resigned in this year amid signs of military disaffection. Reform were promised, it looked as if Burma would more out of her-self imposed isolation and darkness. But just a month later, in September 1988, the military took over and general Saw Maung emerged at the head of a junta. The restoration of law and order marked the beginnings of a repression against students and dissidents, brutal even by Burmese standards.

(1)In this year the name of Burma was changed to Myanmar, a transliteration of the English’Burma’ into Burmese.
(2) In this year , placed under house arrest the most likely leaders of any oppsition, including Aung San Suu Kyi, the daughter of Aung San (who played a crucial role at the birth of the Burmese independence) and wife of an English Lectrured at Oxford. Syuu Kyi had returned in her native land to lead a new party,the Natinal League for Democracy. It was her criticim of Ne Win and her call for justice and democracy that led to her arrest.

11. 1990
But to the chagrin of the junta, which had fielded its own front party , the National Unity party, the National League dor democracy gained aclear and outright victory at 1990 election.winning a huge majority in the Assembly. The military junta had no intention of bowing to this verdict.

12. 1991
In this year, Aung San Suu Kyi remained under arrest, and the military declared that they would release her only if she leaves the country and her adherence in her principles she was awarded the Noble Peace Price in this year. (still until now during the junta leader Tan Swee, she still under house arrest, why ? I donnot understand.look at Ta Swee and Suu Kyi. vintage photo 1989)

Installed still in processing will finish in April 14th 2010.
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Ancient Monument Of Somalia

Somalias first President O.Daar

Maj.Gen. Salaad

Somalia Berber Postmark

British Somaliland stamps

Italy Protectorate Somalia

Somalia stamp 1977

Somalia stamp 1981

Somalian Pirate now

cute Somalian Now

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1. Paleolithic period
in Somalia was found the palelitic Cane Painting cirvca 9000 BC, the Deer disign , fanmous as the Anciet Rock art (look the ill.)

2. Stoge Age Period
(1)There were te Somalia stone age culture were called the Douan cultures .
(2) In 2th century BC, there were The Kingdom of Punt Deir el Bahr , still exist now the relief of temple.
(3) The Roman empire had conquer the Smalia Nabatean empire
(3) in 4th century BC there were the Jaleb Sie in North Somalia.

3. Ancient Mediveal Somalia
(10 In Somalia we also found the ancient pyramid, Tombs, ruin cities and stone walls
(2) The Adal Sultanate of Gerad dinasty was called the Apuuran State.

4. 13th Century AD
(1)Saad ad-Din build the Mosque at Maga Dislu and became the center of Islamic.
(2) 1314-1344
Amda Seyine I asacended the throne
(3) 1415
(a)Sultan Adal capture Saad ad Din, then Ethiopian emperor Victor Yesha I occupied Saad ad Din until recapture by the Son of Sultan Adal Saad Ad Din II.
(b) Saad Ad Din II ascended the throne , became the king of Adal, and he built the newe Capital at Zeile (now Dakkar, famous city at Paris-Dakkar rice)
(4) 1432
(a)Emperor Yeshaq was died, and his sn Jamal al Din ascended the throne, but he was assasinated by his brother Badlay Ibn Saad, and he becomes the King of Bali.
The king of Bali sent envoybto Sultan Mamluk of Egypt empire.
(b) The Adelite kingdom rule by Sultan Muhammad , and Solmonic ruler of Baede Marya.

5. 16th Century AD
Imam Ahmad Ibn ilribr al Ghanz the leader of Somalia.
(b) 1541
The Portugeus Estecai da Gamma arrive at Somalia

7. 1660 AD
The Portugeous Mom bar Surrender and joint the Somali Omani Forces. and the new dinasty was born The bni dinasty and the Gobron Dinasty with sultan Warsangli.
The thirs sultan was Sultan Jusuf Mohamud Ibrahim.

8. 19th century AD
Sultan Jusuf Muhammad was died , and his sn Ahmad Jusuf ascended the throne. in this century European power begun to scramble Africa.
Mohammad Abd.Harson was the leader of Somalia, he repulsed the British infrm Expedition t Somalia, and he have therelation with Center power , The Ottoman empire and Germany empire.
(c) Sultan Muhammad was died and his son Shamayed Di ascendid the throne
(d) Sultan baeda was died and his son, Eskader ascended the throne
(Somalia that time divided in several Kingdom)
(e) The War between the the Adelite Kingdom and the kingdom of Baeda. (King Shamayed vs King Eskader), Empeor Eskader win and invaded Dakkar.

1. The Italian Protectorate of Somalia acquired frm 1888 to 1927, extended along the Indian Ocean from the gulf od Aden to the Juba River.

1.British Somaliland was formed in the 19th century in the northwest.
2. 1940
Itali8an conquer the British Somaliland
The British were able to trally reconquer Somalia
Somaliland under the BMA (britis Military administration),lok at the BMA overprint of British Somaliland stamps.

1. 1949
The UN approved eventual cfreation of Somalia as a sovereign state .
Italy took over the trusteenship held by the Great Britain since World War II. (the MEF-middle east Frces area)
Somlai Indepence prclamatin, SYL was the Somalia first and most powerful party.
(1) The North and South of Somalia Spoke different language (English vs Italian), Somalia made refendendum the North Somalian rejected the referendum that had won a majritry vote.
(2)Britain gave the Somalia independence June.20th 1960. and on July ,1st 1960 it joined with the former italian part to create the Independece of Somali Republic.
5. 1961
Mother paramilitan Organizatin revolted when placed under the Southern Command. Between 1960 until 1964,open conflict Somalia-Ethiopia
6. 1964
chase fire between Ethiopia and Somalia.
the Somalian Democracy general election. and Abdullad Shermade became the first president of Somalia(look at his picture ill)

1. 1969
(1) October,15th
Coup d’etat led by Major General Sahad Gabeire , pressident Shermade was killed.
(2) October,21th
On October,21.1969 , a SRC (Supreme Revlutionary Council) seized power in bloodless Army and Police coup, named a mainly civilian cabinet to aid it. and abolished the assembly. it made Somali, a Hamitic language spoken by most of the population became the official language, and decreed a standardized spelling using latin letters.
(3) October,28th
Maj.gen. Shad Gabeire and Mohamas Saad Barre assumed the Civilian Gvernment.

2. 1970
(1)in May ,1970 ,several foreign companies were nationalized,
(2) NSC (National Security Courts) were set up as the Judicial arm of the States. The SRC alomoverhauled the Local Government move important then Marxis ideolgy to the republic acceptance of the revlution reign in this country.

3. 1971
SRC creation the somali revolutionary Socialisst party as one party State

4 1975-1976
Ogaden war.

SRC dissolved itself, formally vesting power ver government in The SRSP under the direction of Supreme Council.

Ethiopia and US aliiies regained control over Ogaden.

SRSP secretary were Saad barre and his son in law Abdullah as the NSS chief

President Saad Barre grips the power.

Saad Barre and
engisten agreed to withdrawal their armies from futher confrontation in the Ogaden

(1) in this year begun the Somali Civil war
(2) Jan.25th
USC(Union Somali Group) led by Mohammad Farah Aided attack Mogadishu.
(3) Jan.26th
Saad barre gvernment was taken out of power and the Nothern westren Somaliland hill. region of Somalia declare its Independence led by Isaaq.

11. 1992
UN Securiy Council Resolution approved a coalition of UN peacekepers led by US to form UNITAF , tasking with ensuring human security, the troops landed in 1993.

12. 1993
the battle of Mogadishu

UN withdrew in march 3rd 1995.

14. 1997
Saad Barre of Westren somalia liberation Front infiltratin the Ogaden

(1)The Self proclaimed State took the name Puntland afterd declaring temprary independence in this year.
(20 In this year als declared the State of Jubulaid at the southern West of Somalia.

16. 1999
RRA(Rahaweyn Resistantance Army) self proclaimed in this year along the lines of the Puntland.

Abdiqasin Salad Hassan was selected to led the TISG armistic Nation government.

The Temporary Sucessor was reasseted.

Abdulah Jusuf Ahmed , the former presiden of Puntland was selected as the next President of Somalia.

4. 2006
TFG support in Somalia until US armies back in this year
The rival ICU (Islamic Courts Ubion) in Mogadishu .

5. 2007-2008
ICU splintered into several different faction.
Al Shabaan Score Military victory as the end f 2008, the group had captured Baitor but not Mogadishu.

6. 2008
(1)In this year following of the Transitinal Federal goverment to the President of the cuncil asking assistance from the International Community in its efforts to address act off Piracy and armed roberry against Ship off.
(2) Nov.21th 2o8
BBC reprt that India Navy had reciceived UN apprved to enter Smalian water to combat piracy/
(1)In January 2009, Al Sahaab and the militants had managed the force and the ethipian trops withdrew from the cuntry leaving behind an underequipped AU (african Union) peacekeeping force
(2)The new president was elected.
(3) February 2009
TFG (Trasitition federal Gouvernment) with the help of AUT(African Union Troops) began a counter offensive to retake control of Southern half of the country.
(4) March 2009
Somalia newly established Coalition Government announced that it would used the Sharia system as the Natinal official Justice system.
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My Willys 1953

My Vintage Willys manual

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A. Belajar Nyetir dengan Jeep Willys 1953(1974-1976)
1.Pak Azis guru nyetir yang andal 1973
Pada awal tahun 1973, saat saya sedang main tennis dengan Pak Utora dari Komdak(saat ini Polda), ada pangilan dari rumah dan saya meminta izin untuk Pulang, rupanya pak Utoro lagi sedang asik main tennis dengan saya sehingga ia berkata,’Iwan ini kunci mobil saya ,naik mobil lebih cepat kembali’.
Sungguh saya malu, karena belum mampu mengemudikan mobil, tetapi saya tetap ngengsi, kebetuln saudara sepupu saya juga ada disana, saya mengajaknya sambil berkata’ Anton ayo ikut saya belajar nyetir biar nanti tidak malu’ maklum saya bukan dari keluarga yang mampu beli mobil, saat itu harga mobil sangat mahal . Untunglah Anton sudah pernah belajar nyetir, itulah pertama kali saya naik Mobil Toyta bensin yang masih baru.
Setelah itu saya bertekad akan belajar naik mobil, pertama kali meminjam mobil saudara ayah saya yang punya Bengkel , belajar dengan supir bos Pak Azis, karena terlalu sering pinjam supir Pak Azis, bos saya Pak Mahjuddin jadi kasihan juga karena saya belum juga kebagian mobil dinas. Akhirnya saya kebagian Mobil Jeep Willys 1953 dalam keadaan tidak jalan di bengkel, saat itulah atas kebaikan montirk bengkel dinas Pak Cong, saya sempat mencari dari tumpukan arsip-arsip eks Dinas yang ditumpuk dalam peti untuk digunakan sebagai kertas membersihkan tanggan, Saat itulah saya menemukan Manual Jeep Willys 1953 dalam keadaan sangat kotor, tetapi setelah dibersihkan jadi lumayan (lihat illustrasi), selain itu jug asaya menemukan beberapa dokumen PRRI (nanti akan saya perlihatkan dalam West Sumatra Revolt PRRI pada kesempatan yang akan datang, ada dokumen yang istimewa ,yaitu booklet PRRI dengan tulisan Pak Sumitro ayah Pak Probowo, selain itu juga ada laporan-laporan operasi )
Manual ini sangat membantu saya untuk membangun kembali Jeep willys 1953 sehingga layak pakai.
Setelah Jeep Willys 1953 tersebut cukup memadai, saya memberanikan diri mengendarainya bersama isteri saya LilY. Isteri saya membawa makanan kecil agar sambil jalan bisa dinikmati. Apa yang terjadi saya sangat takut tabrakan, sehingga jalannya selalu belok arah kiri sehingga kemungkinan tabrakan dapat dicegah, lebih kurang dua jam kami berjalan, Isteri saya sangkit takutnya sehingga lupa makan makanan kecil yang dibawanya, dan saya keringatan sampai basah kuyup,tetapi ada perasaan bangga karena sudah mampu setir mobil, maklum saat itu Mobil masih belum banyak yang lalulalang , saya jadi ingat saat pertama kali nyetir dijakarta dengan Mobil Toyota Hardtop Diesel BJ40 1984. saat pindah keJakarta, saya hanya jalan di jalan tikus yang kecil dan tidak banyak belokannya. Lama kelamaan saya jadi lebih mahir setir mobil Jeep, apalagi waktu dimutasikan ke daerah pergunungan di Solok, saya jadi terlatih menghadapi tanjakan, tetapi Jeep willys selalu tidak mampu mengatasi tanjakan tinggi di Bukit Sitinjau Laut dengan belokannya yang berupa huruf S (saat ini sudah diperbaiki) , suatu saat mobil Jeep tersebut ngandek dan mundur keBelakang , supir Pak Azis, saya dan isteri yang lagi hamil terpaksa turun agar lebih ringan dan siap-siap dengan kayu nganjelan bila mundur, sungguh mengerikan.
Setelah mengalami kejadian yang mengerikan tersebut, saya jadi nekad bermdalkan tabungan satu juta rupiah tahun 1974 tersebut, saya memberanikan diri kredit Mobil Toyota Corolla 1974,warna Apple green dengan Pak Ali Aceh, sisanya dua juta 800 ribu boleh dicicil kapan sja, untung Pak Ali sangat berbaik hati, karena punya hutang, saya bekerja keras dari Pagi sampai malam dan setiap minggu saat pelang dari Solok, menyetor angsuran cicilan kredit langsung kepada Pak Ali. Pengalaman ini sangat memberikan motivasi agar bekerja keras, saya keliling seluruh wilayah Sijunjung,Solok dan Tanah Datar agar memiliki lebih banyak relasi dan komunikasi, setelah dua tahun saya hanya menunggu di Solok , seluruh relasi saya dari tiga kabupaten pada datang mengunjungi saya.(baca lebih lanjut kisah tersebut dalam Koleksi Mobil Toyota ,klik dalam blog ini).

2. Ny Dr Iwan belajar nyetir dengan jeep Willys 1976
Setelah saya menganti mobil Toyota Corolla dengan mobil Toyota Corono 1500 tahun 1974, isteri saya jadi kepinggin menyetir mobil maka saya melatihnya dengan mempergunakan mobil Jeep Willys 1953, tempat latihan di lapangan sepak bola dibelakang asrama. tempat itu kosong bila siang hari karena sinar Matahari sangat panas.
Isteri saya , Lily memberanikan diri naik Jeep , jalanannya seperti ular liar berbelok-belok kiri kanan ,karena sangat sulit mengendalikan Jeep Willys tersebut, Kemudi harus selalu digerakan agar tetap stabil, dan kopling sangat keras Lily tak mampu menganti porsneling. Hampir satu bulan, akhirnya jadi pandai juga, dan kemudian saat setiap minggu dengan Toyota Corona 1500 CC , dijalan lurus Lily selalu belajar menyetir, dan akhirnya selama satu tahun jadi mahir juga. Pesan saya agar belajar nyetir selagi masih muda jangan seperti saya, karena itu putra saya albert dan Anton belajar nyetir dengan Toyota Hardtop Diesel BJ 40 selagi di SMA, dan malah ia sekarang lebih mahir dari saya,maklum selalu test driver mobil Toyota edisi terbaru. Adik danayah saya juga belajar pakai Jeep Willys,malah adik saya sampai nabrak pohon untung dalam pekarangan rumah sendiri, ayah saya saat itu sudah berumur lima puluh lima tahun, belajar juga dilapangan sepakbola sampai diteriakin anak-anak, tetapi beliau saat itu dapat dengan cepat menguasai kendaran tersebut, dan mengendarai mobil Toyota Corrola saat saya mengantinya dengan Toyta corona.
Banyak wanita tidak berani belajar nyetir sehingga saat diperlukan repot cari pengemudi, Isteri saya ,Lily, saat ini tiap hari nyetir sendiri di Jakarta dan malah lebih berani dari saya, maklum sudah mulai uzur matanya malam hari kurang teliti, makanya saya hanya jalan siang hari saja, dan pertualangan dengan mobil sudah saya hentikan saat memasuki pensiun, sudah puas banget bertualang pakai mobil, sekarang naik cruiser ah, tunggu nati awal Mei 2010, pewrtualang dengan Kapal cruiser meliwati sunggai di China dari Zhongqing(Chungking) ke Huzou ,terus dilanjutkan sampai Guillin, harap bersabar nanti kisahnya akan saya tulis setelah kembali dari pertualangan tersebut, koleksi unik apa yang saya akan peroleh sudan direncanakan dengan matang.
B. Kisah Pertualangan Dr Iwan dengan Jeep Willys dari Solok ke Kota Baru Sijunjung 1976.
Pertualanggan ini sangat mendebarkan hati karena Jalan raya dari solok baru sampai Sijunjung, sedangka selanjutnya masih jelek.
Pertualang ini dengan mbil Jeep willys 1953 pada tahun 1976 dengan pengemudi Pak Jenggo (ini gelarnya) karena Pak Azis diminta kembali oleh bos saya pak Mahjuddin, bersama seorang perawat Rivai, kami menuju ke Kotabaru dan kemudian menyebrang Pakai perahu Ponton menyebrang sungai Indragriri ke wilayah diseberangnya. Didaerah tersebut selama dua hari saya dan rivai mengadakan pengobatan bagi para anggota dan keluarganya, tetapi banyak juga penduduk asli ikut karena diwilayah itu belum ada fasilitas kesehatan.
Perjalanan menuju Kotabaru sijunjung cukup lancar karena tidak hujan kendatipun demikian cukup mendebarkan karena di wilayah Gunung Sebelah calannya sangat kecil dan bila hujan sangat licin sekali, hal ini saya alami waktu perjalanan pulang sehingga Jeep willys berjalan sangat perlahan sehingga hampir 10 jam merangkak jalannya dan hujan turun sangat lebat,jalan jadi licin sehingga bila direm mobil akan memutar balik kearah yang berlawan, hal yang sama saya alami kita bertualang dari Jambi Ke Palembang tahun 1984 tetapi saat ini dengan Toyota Hartop diesel BJ40.
Mendekati Sijunjung hari sudah malam, mobil Jeep willys mati mesinnya bila lampu dihidupkan,karena Aki lemah akibat dinamo casnya tidak berfungsi, Supir saya Pak Jengo benar-benar sudah pengalaman bawa mobil tua nekat jalan terus tanpa pakai lampu, pakai lampu senter saja , tetapi lau lintas saat malam hari sangat sedikit karena banyak supir takut dengan Harimau, saat itu masih
banyak berkeliaran disana. Syukurlah kami bisa selamat tiba kembali di Solok. Saya jadi ngeri naik Jeep Willys tersebut, sehingga mobil itu saya ngantung,alias dipensiunkan tanpa dihidupkan hampir tiga tahun sampai tahun 1979 saat saya pindah kembali ke Komdak, sungguh ajaib mobil Jeep willys tersebut, setelah mesinnya dibersihkan ,ganti ollie dan untung katanya bensin masih penuh sehingga tankinya masih utuh. (apabila anda mengantung atau mengistirahatkan mobil janggan lupa isi tangki minyaknya full agar tidak karatan. ). Mbil Jeep willys tersebut dapat berjalan dengan lancar, dan kemudian sistemnya banyak yang perlu mendapatkan perbaikan seperti kopling, dan remnya tetap tidak berfungsi dengan baik sehingga perlu diganti dengan sistem hidrolik, akhirnya Jeep Willys tersebut saya jual karena perlu dana untuk memberi Toyota Hardtop Diesel !984 dalam keadaan baru, saya jadi nekad lagi kredit, tapi saat ini dengan keluarga sendiri Agen Toyota saat itu Intercom, katanya sampai saat ini masih ada, malah salah seorang pegawainya pernah jadi kepala Bengkel toyota jalan Sudirman Jakarta, dan saat ini sudah pensiun,jualan Mobil bekas di Kelapa gading namanya Suwandi alias Siong Hoa.

C. Kisah Pak Bagong sebagai Inspektur Upacara naik Jeep Willys tahun 1993.
Pada saat saya bertugas di Kalimantan Barat bos saya pak bagong sangat ngandrung dengan mobil antik. Salah seorang anggta memiliki Jeep Willys 1953 yang kondisinya cukup bagus. Suatu hari saat upacara pembukaan pendidikan di SPN Solok, Pak Bagong sebagai inspektur Upacara, berangkat dari Mapolda (yang lama) naik Jeep Willys 1953 ke SPN seperti jendral German saja (maklum Pak Bagong tampilannya kayak Bule) , saya melihat Pak Bagong memasuki lapangan upacara, kayak Presiden RI saja saat pembukaan pendidikan Akabri, dan paling mengesankan bagi saya adalh saat memeriksa barisan , dan saya jadi ingat pertualangan say denga Pak Bagong di Kalimantan Barat ,silahkan baca kisah tersebut dalam blog ini. Kisah Perjalanan Dr Iwan S. di kalimantan Barat.Demikianlah kisah pertualangan saya secara ringkas.

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1.UCM have post and installed The Jeep Willys Collections, The Somalia Unique Collections and in Indonesia language The Adventure of Dr Iwan with His Jeep Willys 1953.
2. Tommorow the new style of UCM and UCN will strating, I hove the active collectors communications with send the illustrations of his own uniquecollection via comment, the Editors will contact the colector to joint the Uniquecollection booklet contest, the first arrivive Postcard from each countries will send the the Uniquecollection booklet to them direct via their SMS or Blog Adress.
Let be more active communication between UCN and UCM with the collectors, and the Blog which used our info please contact us via comment to say hello and comment.
Greating from the founder of uniquecollectionwordpress.com Blog
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Protp. Mormon Herrington Ford 1937

Prototype Willys M38A1 1941

Jeep Willys MB 1941-1945

Korean War Jeep willys

Jeep Willys caricature

Willys manual 1942

My willys 1953 manual

My Jeep Willys 1953

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This day UCM short show have installed The Vintage jeep willys cllections, constist the history and illustrations from The prototype jeep for constest, and the winner Jeep Willys, the Jeep Willys MB productions during the WWII 1941-1945, The Korean War Jeep willys two type 1953 (low mechine top) and 1955 (high round mechine top ) and my Jeep Willy CJ 3 A 1953. (read the adventure of Dr iwan with his jeep willys 1953 in Indonesian language)

Setelah kolektor mobil antik Indonesia membaca Koleksi Mobil Toyota, hari ini dalam bahasa Inggris telah dipostkan The Vintate jeep Willys 1941-1955, termasuk koleksi Dr Iwan S-my Jeep willys 1953, dan juga Kisah Pertualang Dr Iwan S dengan jeep Willys 1953 tersebut. Dr iwan S sangart mengharapkan komentar kolektor mbil antik Indnesia, apakah anda sudah pernah membaca dan melihat illustrasi seperti ini via Comment, apabila anda masih penasaran saya juga punya cerita dan gambar illustrasi dari foto pribadi lama Ibu saya,mobil Ford 1938 milik Kakek Dr Iwan dan juga koleksi reklame mobil dari majalah lama tahun 1940, berbagai jenis mobil saat itu, merupakan koleksi yang sangat langka, belum pernah dilaporkan dalam media surat kabar atau internet, juga dilengkapi cerita Ibu saya tentang Mbil kebanggannya, dan juga pengalaman saya naik mobil antik merk Dodge 1940 tahun 1973 milik saudara ibu mertua saya. Bila kolektor mobil antik ingin melihat kleksi tersebut, harap and minta liwat komentar dengan syarat lampirkan foto koleksi mobil antik anda atu teman keluarn 1940 atau sebelumnya. Saya pernah melihat foto Mobil Toyopet 1938 milik orang Tua isterinya BM Diah puteri seorang dokter pribumi di Bangka sebelum perang dunia kedua , Ibu Herwati pemilik hotel megah didepan patung Pak Tani Menteng Jakarta.

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UCM-uniquecollection.wordpress.com Cyber Museum shrt Show
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A. The jeep willys protoype Contest 1941.

1.The Jeep willys prototype (1937-1941)
Willys MB were the US Army Jeep, along with nearly identic with Ford Jeep production with named. Mormon, Herrington Ford 1937 (look illustration).

2. The Jeep Willys win the contest 1940-1941
in July,22th.1940-1941 Three Car manufacture inc. joined the contest for protype War jeep:
(1) Bantam protype name Blitz Bugsy (I didnot have the picture please the collector wh have that picture please show us via comment)
(2) Ford protype named Mormon-Herrington Ford Jeep
(3) Willys Overland Motor Inc prtotype named Jeep Willys MA

3.The Jeep willys collection 1941-1945
(1) 1941-1942
Willys overland Motor Inc. win the contest with their prototype after 49 days test because the machines strong, the price mre lower and US War Departement made the contract to Willys overland Inc for producing 1500 unit jeeps, but until October 1941 Willys Overland Motor inc cannot finish that jeep, and US War departmen asking Ford Inc to built Frd Jeep type GPW with used the Willys lincensed.
During the second prduction from 1941-1945 Willys prductions 363.000, Ford 260.000 and 51.000 export to Russia.

(2) 1943
Ford also producing The Amfibian Jeep 13.000 items with name GPA or Seep for Sea Jeep.

(3 )Then US War Department asking the Three Car Inc to built the more best Standar Jeep , the joint productions between the three inc, Bantam,Ford and Willys, starting frm desiagn A , but reject, then they built model B , approved and named Jeep Willys MB, every incorporation producing 1500 unit, and at least 16.000 unit.. .

B. The Jeep Willys MB Collections 1949-1953

(1)In 1949 Willys Overland Motor inc built the new model versi CJ (Civilian Jeep) with same design with Jeep willys MB with mark CJ-3A ( my Jeep willys was the CJ-3A type,look the illustrations)

(2) The Korean War Jeep Willys Collections 1950-1955
1. The jeep willys low mechine top 1950 (look at the ilustration)
2. The Jeep Willys High Round mechine top(look at the illustration)

(3) My jeep willys 1953
In 1974, My official car was The Jeep willys 1953, I learned to drive the car with the best driver Mr Azis, he gave me many infrmations and how to be a good diver , like how to turn the stir to left or right with the best hand positions, and we made the adventure travel from Solok to Sijunjung during the road still very bad ,small at the high mountain and across the Indragiri River with ponton small ship, read the complete adventure in indonesia language Kisah pertualangan Dr iwan S dengan Jeep Willys.
In 1985 the jeep Willys 1953 was disposal (dump) and I bought that jeep very cheapest because almost 11 years I spent many cost to made that Jeep still in very good conditins, but the Rem still not good because that time still in old type technlgy, also no power steering, we must alway turn the stir to made the Jeep in the straight positions, alsso the charger dynamo always get trouble which made the electricity power dwn in the night, that is why i alway used the jeep only in daylight.
(the comple story, read in Indonesia langguage)
My Wife, Sister and Father also learning Stirring with my jeep willys 1953 with my directed.

@Copyright Dr iwan s.2010

Hiject info from internet exploration

The Captain underpressure

The US cargo had Hiject

The Somalian Pirates in action

Pirate capture by the crew

Somalia Pirates in actions & nego

Native crew during&After Hiject.

Pirates leave and US heli came

Crew family after Hijeck

backhome meet family at airport

Pres.Obama meet the Captain

Hallo Collectors, thankyou for click UCN today
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This day UCM short show will installed the hot breakingnews in this year about the Adventure of Smalia Pirates, and I have seen the very interesting documentary film at National Geographic TV channels about The Americal cargo ships captain and crew have fight against the Somalia pirates hijack, very difficult to take the picture because the documentary film have taken in the night from the outside of Captain cabin, and also the pirated red boat, I think better the collectors to see that interesting documentary Film, and also read and look at the illustration of vintage Somalia stamps , picture and document historic related with the collections. Very difficult to find the Somalia collection in Indonesia, may be we will found more easeir at Itay because Somalia before The Italian Colony. the installed will finished in two days .

1.Kolektor Indonesia tentunya sudah mendengar tentang bajak laut Somalia yang membajak kapal dagang yang liwat diwilayahnya untuk memperoleh tebusan uang guna dana perjuangan mereka umumnya kapal tersebut menyerah dan membayar tebusan yang jumlahnya jutaan dolar, termasuk awak kapal Indonesia juga pernah dibajak tetapi dilepaskan dengan keadaan sehat, Apakah anda tahu dimana lokasi somalia dan bagimana sejarah dan koleksi apa yang dapat ditemui di Indonesia, serta kisah pertualangan bajak Laut somalia dalam film dokumenter pada national geography TV chennel, bagaimana perlawanan dari para awak kapal dan bagaimanakan profil para pembajak, awak kapal dan keluarganya seperti di siarkan beritannya oleh TV CNN silahkan click THE SOMALIA UNIQUE COLLECTIONS, agar and tidak ketinggalan informasi, kisah pertualangan para bajak laut Smalia dan awak Kapal Amerika sangat mencekam , rasanya sangat mendebarkan khususnya bagi anda yang memiliki hobbi sebagai petualang tentunya menarik. Saya pernah merasakan bagaimana rasanya naik Pesawat terbang dari Bangkok ke singapore naik pesawat timur tengah tahu 1997, saat itu banyak pesawat di bajak dan bagaimana saya dengan isteri digeledah dan bagaimana rasanya dalam suasana mencekam, karena saat itu tidak ada pesawat yang dapat membawa kami kembali ke Indonesia, sedangkan saya sudah harus masuk kerja cutinya sudah liwat, baca dalam Kisah pertualangan Dr Iwan naik pesawat Timur Tengah Air Jordan dari Bangkok, dan berjuang naik pesaawt garuda dari singapore ke jakarta tahun 1997, akan diinstalled dengan judul Kisah pertualangan dr iwan Naik Pesawat Timur Tengah tahu 1997.

2.Kisah Perlawanan Kapten and Awak kapal Amerika terhadap pertualangan Bajak laut Somalia.
Kompilasi dari berbagai sumber Informasi oleh Dr Iwan S.
@copyright Dr iwan S.2010.

(1)Banjak Kapal yang di bajak oleh para Bajak laut dari Somalia tidak mendapatkan perlawanan, termasuk kapal Taiwan dengan beberapa Awak kapal dari Indonesia yang umunya selamat dibebaskan setelah bernegosiasi dan membayar uang tebusan.
Pada tanggal 8 April 2009, bajak laut Somalia mendapatkan perlawanan dari kapten dan awak kapal Amerika setelah mereka menyusun suatu taktik yang sangat tepat dan dapat mengelabupara Bajak laut somalia yang umunrya adalah bekas nelayan yang merasa daerah perairan taanh airnya dimanfaatkan
dengan leuasa oleh Kapal Asing karena situasi dalam negeri Somalia yang dalam keadaan perang saudara (informasi lengkap baca dalam bahasa Inggris The Somalia Unique Collections)
Taktik yang digunakan adalah dengan memperdaya Bajaklaut yang menodong dan mengancam kapten kapal dianjungan, dengan sandi bila ada pengumuman tanpa kata aman berarti tidak perlu dilaksanakan perintah Kapten. Ketika kapal bajak laut mndekati Kapal dan memerintahkan untuk kapal berhenti,kapten kapal menelpon keluarganya. Lihat bagaimana sikap keluarga kapten dan awak kapal saat mendengar kapal suaminya dibajak direkam dari siaran CNN (illustrasi Keluarga kapten dan awak kapal saat itu)

(2)Bajak laut yang telah mengikuti kapal Amerika yang berangkat dari Mombasa kenya meliwati perairan Somalia dan kemudian beberapa orang dengan senjata AK (Andre Kolanikov) buatan Rusia naik kapal menuju anjungan pengemudi dimana ada Kapten Kapal yang telah banyak pengalaman dan pengemudi turunan Asli afrika.
Dalam ilustrasi terlihat bagaimana wajah Kapten Kapal yang berpeluh dan ketakutan begitu juga awak kapal suku asli Afrika.
Pemimpin Bajak laut memerintahkan kapten kapal untuk memanggil seluruh awak kapal untuk berkumpul di anjungan Kapal.
sesuai dengan dengan rencana, Kapten kapal memberikan pengumuman tanpa kata aman, sehingga seluruh awak kapal siaga diarea mesin kapal, mesin kapal dimatikan.

(3) pemimpin Bajaklaut memberikan waktu lima menit, bila awak kapal tidak naik dan berkumpul digeladak kapal maka satu persatu awak kapal dan kapten kapal yang berada dianjungan kemudi akan dibunuh.
Kapten kapal mengatakan mungkin speaker di kapal rusak sehingga tidak dapat mendengar pesan kapten kapal,
Pemimpin bajak laut bersama awak kapal turunan asli Afrika, berjalan turun kearah area mesin kapal, disana beberapa awak kapal senior yang merupakan pensiunan Marinir Amerika sudah siap menghadapi Bajak Laut dengan senjata tajam karena mereka tidak memiliki senjata api.

(4)Saat pemimpin bajak laut turun kearea mesin kapal, salah seorang awak kapal Amerika menangkap pemimpin Bajaklaut somalia, semula ia ingin membunuhnya dengan menusuk leher Bajaklaut tersebut, tetapi awak kapal senior melarangnya karena nanti seluruh Bajak Laut akan menyerbu kapal,

(5)Kemudian diadakan negosiasi , Tawanan akan dipertukarkan, Bajak laut boleh mengambil uang yang ada dianjungan kapten kapal dan di silahkan pergi , setelah negosiasi yang cukup menegangkan (lihat Bajaklaut menelpon temannya), akhirnya mereka setuju (lihat ill.Bajak laut yang diikat tanggannya).

(6) Saat bajak laut meninggalkan Kapal amerika, mereka meninggalkan sebuah kapal merah kecil ,mungkin ada bahan peledak. kapten kapal menghubunggi Kapal Angkatan laut Amerika yang berada disekitar wilayah tersebut, dan mengirim helikopter untuk menghancurkan kapal bom bajak laut (lihat illustrasi helikopter penyelamat).

(7) Lihat bagaimana ekspresi keluarga kapten dan Awak kapal amerika ketika mendengar suaminya selamat, dan juga illustrasi awak kapal turunan asli afrika saat kapal dibebaskan, dan bagaimana suasana pertemuan kaptendan awak kapal amerika dengan keluarganya di lapangan terbang dan foto Presiden Obama saat bertemu dengan kapten kapal. Presiden Obama mengucapkan terima kasih dan selamat ata perjuagan Kapten kapal dan awak kapal. (ternyata Bajaklaut Somalia tidak profesional, mereka hanyalah nelayan biaya yang ditunggangi ex militer Somalia dan tentunya berbagai pihak yang memanfaatkan situasi, Perserikatan bangsa-bangsa juga telah membentuk satuan pengaman wilayah perairan somali dari negara India, tetapi menurut informasi bajaklaut Somalia tetap eksis, tetapi kapal Amerika akan eselalu memberikan perlawanan. harap komentar dari kolektor Indonesia ,apakah Anda sudah penah mendengar kisah pertua-langan ini dan pernah melihat profile Bajaklaut somalia liwat comment -Dr iwan suwandy. )



UCM-uniquecollection.wordpress.com Cyber Musuem short show
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A. The Vintage Somalia Collections
1. The Italian Colony Somalia
2. The Somalia during World War II

B. The Moderm Somalia Collections
1. The Somalia After World War II
2. The Somalia in 21th century
(1) The Somalia Conflict
(2) The Adventure of Somalia Pirate

The info of The Somalia Unique Collections still in processing will finished two days later,please be patient.
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

Dr Iwan JeepWillys 1953

The Content of Willys manual

Willys 1953 Autoparts

Willys manual Front Page

Willys 1953 Manual cover

Hallo Colletors, thankyou fr clic UCN today
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Dr iwan s.have a very rare Jeep Willys Manual 1953 collections related with the illustration of the jee Willys profile and complete with the Autopart of the vehicle, and Patent Mark, the manual cover with the logol of Jeep Willys. The adventure d Dr iwan S. used his Jeep Willys 1953 during 1974-1985 will installed at UCN tomorrow and The Adventure od Dr Iwan with his jeep Willys 1943 will written in Indonesia lenguage the day after tomorrow , Please the collector who have the same Jeep Willys manual from the same or more older years please show us via comment. This is the first report from Indonesia, and I have never seen the Manual of Jeep Willys 1953 book during Gogle explorations, except the Military manual for Willys truck 1943.


A.THE COLLECTION OF JEEP WILLYS 1941-1964(dalam bahasa Inggris)
DAN KISAH PERTUALANGAN Dr IWAN S.(dalam bahasa Indonesia)
@Copyright Dr iwan S.2010

B The Collection Of Jeep Willys 1941-1964 :
1. Prototipe jeep Willys (1937-1940)
2. Perlombaan disain Jeep willys 1941
3. Produksi Jeep Willys 1941-1945
4. Produksi jeep willys 1945- 1955
5. Koleksi Buku Manual Jeep willys 1953

C. Kisah Pertualangan Dr Iwan S dengan Jeep willys 1953
tahun 1974-1985.
1. Belajar nyetir dengan Jeep Willys tahun 1974-1976
2. Jeep willys mendaki Bukit Sitinjau laut 1974
3. Pertualangan ke Kota Baru Sijunjung dengan Jeep willys Tahun 1975
4. Jeep Willys tetap Jaya setelah digantung lima tahun 1979
5. Pak Bagong naik Jeep willys 1952 sebagai Inpektur Upacxara tahun 1994.

Untuk informasi dan illustrasi selanjutnya click UCN THE COLLECTION JEEP WILLYS, 1941-1955 dan BERITA KOLEKSI INUK Dr IWAN S : KISAH PERTUALANAGN Dr IWAN DENGAN JEEP WILLYS 1953..

1.The Hallo Kitty Handkerchief Collections
Please click Koleksi Hallo Kitty Princessa,Mama princessa and will installed Koleksi Hallo Kitty Opa Princessa and also click The ventage Indonesian embroidery, especxlally the Vintage Minang Kabau embroidery at Handkerchief.

2.Cigaret Escort Label
Please Click The Indonesia war Cigaret labels, biside Escort also Commodore from BAT, and Krtek Cigaret Label illustration during Indonesia Independent War 1948 , copyright document, in white and black illustrations.

UCM Short show have installed The Turkish During Ottman Empire Collections consist the chronlogic historic collections of Stamps,Minipainting, Ceramic and vintage books related with the Ottoman empire frm 15th century and 19th century.
Today until the day after tomorrow UCM will installed The Jeep Willys Collections and the adventure of Dr Iwan S, with his Jeep willys 1953 collections, and another type of Jeep willys he had seen.

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Sultan Ahmad I

Sultan Suleyman

Sultan Murad III

Sultan Osman Picture

Sultan Osman ceramic

Sultan Mahmoed

Moldovia stamp 1858

M.Ali father Albania

First Ottoman stamps 1863

Ottoman stamps 1867

Ottoman stamps 1868

Last Ottoman Sultan

Istambul Unique Coll.

Vintage Book cover

Vintage Book cover

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This day UCM will posted The Turkish during Othman Empire Collections between !5th -19th century, created by Dr iwan S from his wn collections related to Othman empire which have fund in Indonesia, stamps, vintage book with illustrations and recent turkish plate ceramic with Ottoman emperor handpainted.
This is the firs Indonesian collections of Ottoman empire have report in the Cyber area. Please remember this cretion still @copyright Dr iwan S.2010. forbidden to copy without written permitions from Dr Iwan S.

Hari ini UCM telah menginstalled info and illustrasi mengenai negara Turki pada masa kekaisaran Othoman dari abad ke-15 sampai ke 19, Dr iwan S telah menyusun info ini berdasarkan koleksi yang ditemukan di Indonesia berupa koleksi prangko, buku lama lengkap dengan info sejarah yang terkait serta illustrasi yang langka, dan info ini merupaka suatu laporan pertama yang disusun oleh seorang kolektor Indonesia, sebaiknya sebelum membaca info ini, klik dan baca The Vintage Palestina war Collections dan The British Mandate Palestine war karena ada beberapa informasi terkait dengan situasi ditimur tengah dan jatuhnya jajahan kerajaan Ottoman palestina ke tanggan kerajaan Inggris sesudah perang dunia kedua, dan prangko kerajaan othoman yang terakhir juga dipergunakan didjajahannya palestina.
Dengan lengkapnya informasi dari wilayah ini, sangat membantu bagi kolektor yang berpergian atau bertualang di Palestina khususnya jerusalem (baca The Vintage Palestine book 1938) dan Turki.
( Saya sudah merencanakan suatu pertualangan ketempat tersebut selama sepuluh hari, agar koleksi yang ditampilkan akan lebih lengkap dan menarik, tetapi sponsr belum diperoleh,mungkin ada kolektor pengusaha travel mau mengajak saya sebagai guide ke perjalanan visit the Holyland Jerusallem, Tiberias, dengan lanjutan ke Istambul Turki untuk melihat musuem yang sangat hebat dan memukau Tokapi Sarayi, walaupun belum pernah kesana, saya telah memiliki klksi yang lengkap tentang wilayah tersebut, silahkan kontak editor Anton J.S via comment,terima kasih.-Dr iwan S.)


1.Pinocchio Puppet Wagon
please click The vintage Dysney’s Pincchio Book, yand you will have the complete inf and ill. related to Pinocchio.

2. Palembang Pittis coins
ucm have complete Palembang pitis coins which made from tin, and the info nd ill will installed later The Ancient South Sumatra Collections, all the clollection still compile and after finish , the info will starting to installed.


From the Thirteenth to the Nineteenth Century
UCM-uniquecollection.wrdpress.com Cyber Museum Show
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Many people chancing upon ‘Turkish during Ottoman Empire collections’ will be suprised that there such a subject as Turkish unique collections like postal collections , turkish vintage book with miniature painting and picture illustrations, also the vintage Turkish hand painted plate Ceramic belongs to Dr iwan S which found in Indonesia and he created this rare informations and installed in his uniquecollection blog for all the collectors all ver the world, especially for middle East collectors and also Indonesian Collectors.(Dr Iwan S.)


1.The 14th Century
In the second quater of the 14th century the Osmanlis were so strong’s son Orkhan wa able to consolidate Osmanli ( and Islamic) authrity in Westren Anatolia(Turkish) and crss the Dardanelle int Balkan Europe. Orkhan’s succession cmpleted the Islamicizatin of Europe’s southeastren corner in the second half of the century, and the Ottoman Empire was on its way.

2.The Ottoman Empire in 15th Century

(1) With the heart of Byzantium now in their control, the Ottoman Turks spent the next century cngquering the Arab world, a task that was aided immeasurably by the presence there of the remnant Mamluk and Seljuk population from the centuries of the Crusades. Thier authority eventually extended beynd Egypt to the berber Lands of the westren Medireanean, but their primaly cntrol over Arab culture was centered throughout the region f the fertile Crescent, frm the Nile to the Euphrates. For the fitst time since trhe collapse of the Roman empire a thousand yer earlier, the Middle East brought under the dominon of a foreign state-Ottoman Anatolia (later Turkey)-that had the pwer to maintain political order and security.

(2)The Reign Of Murad II (1421-1451)
look at the mini painting of Murad II ill.

(3.) The Reign of Mehmed II (1451-1481)
Look at The mini painting of Sultan Mehmed(Mahmoed) ill.

(4.) The Reign of Bayazid II (1481-1512)

4. The Ottoman empire in 16th Century

(1)The Beginning of the sixteenth century
By the beginnig f the 16th century condition in the middle east seemed favrable to renewal of ecnmic prperity and the renascence of Arab culture through a revival in fortune of the native mercantile classes,which were still mostly Arab. The Ottomans had restored order and security to the intercontinental trade rutes that passsed through the Fertile Crescent. They had eliminated mst of the internal squabbles between and among the Turks and Mamluks in provincial areas of Egypt, Palestine and Mesopotania. They shared a common religius outlok with their Arab subject. Nevertheless, instead of an era f increasing properity and advancing culture, a perid of further economic decline, plitical deterioration and culture stagnation was t be the Arab’s fate in the centuries to come

(2)The Reign of Selim I (1512-1520)

(3) The Era of Suleyman the Magnificent(1520-1566)
(a) The miniature painting , the Amik lake in the plain of Antakya and the rntes River with arabic descriptions of the stages of Sultan suleyman’s campaingn in the two Iraqs.(not illustrated)
(b) The miniature Painting, The westren half f Baghdad n the right bank of the Tigris with Arabric dsecription f the stages of Sultan suleyman’s campain in the two Iraqs (Not illustrated)
(c) The Miniatur Painting showing Sultan Suleyman recieving Sheyk Abd al-Latif .(illustrated)

(4)The Reign of Murad III (1574-1595)
(a) The Miniatur painting of sweeper cleaning the parade ground; in the background, the reviewing Sultan Murad III seated in a kiosk
(b) The Miniatur painting of Attendants entertaining the public; courtiers and Eutopean ambassador n the reviewing stand in the background (not ill.)
(c) The Miniatur painting of the taxidermist passing review in front of Sultan Murad III(not ill.)

4.The Ottoman empire during 17th century

(1)The Reign of Sultan Ahmed I (1603-1617)
(a) the miniatur painting , above : Music in the house f a notable, belw: grotesque dance performed by masked man during Sultan Ahmed I.

(2)The Reign of Sultan Ahmed II (1617-?)

5. The Ottoman empire during 18th century

(1)The Reign of Sultan Ahmed III (1703-1730)
(a) several miniatur painting of Sulatn Ahmed III, only one ilustrated.
(2) 1798
The French invasion in this year, when the france broke out of Egypt and entered Palestine, the Ottman gvernment appealed to England for help. the England had interest to prevent a unilateral French takever of The Middle East, thus the England responded to the Ottoman appeal with a force of Military adviser and all ver the empire quickly trew the poorly supplied napleonic forces back into the Nile delta.

6. Othman Empire during 19th century
(1) The Reign of Sultan Mahmoud I

(a) 1801
Toward this end an Aglo-Ottoman force invaded the Nile Delta in this year and defeated the remaining French troops.

(b) Muhammad Ali , Ottoman visceroy of Egypt
A ranking officer in this force was aman of Turkish and persian ancestry whse father was an fficial in the Ottomans European province of Albania. His name was Muhammad Ali, and through a succession of events after defeat of the French he was appnted by the Ottoman emperor to be the new ruler of Egypt-the personal viceroy of the Ottoman sultan.

(c) The Wahhabi Revolt
At the end of the eighteen century, emerge a man named Abd. Al-Wahhab. as a priviladge son of the Wahhabi tribe, he had been sent to Bagdad for religious studies. repelled there by the Ottoman theological perversion of Islam, retuned to the Nejd inflamed by a passion fro reform, he preached a return to Muslim purity and a revival of the simplicity of Islam.
With the help of a local warrior sheik by the name of Muhammad Ibn Saud,the Wahhabi reform movement spread quickly, naturraly and fiercely through Arabia during the firs decade of the 19th century. But when Ibn saud began to lead tribal armies into Syria and Iraq to forcibly impose Wahhabism on the Arab strongholds of the Ottoman Sunnite realm, the conflict became more than religious; it became political, as well as, and when IBN saud and his wahhabi forces tok over the hejaz (look at the hejaztamps) and close off the anual pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, thereby compromising the authority of the ottoman Sultanate throughout the islamic world, they touched off a series of political and military event that would, a hundred years later, bring the entire Arab would out from under the yoke of Ottomanism and produce the Arab political awakening.The Ottoman Sultan at the time of Wahhabi revolvt was sultan Mahmoud II
(d) Sultan mahmoud II had set out to make reform in the Ottoman institutions so as the strenghten the empire sufficiently to meet the threat of the increasingly apparent European imperialist designs on the eastren mediterranean. but he was totally unprepared for the Wahhabi chalange to his authority. as Caliph, he was responsible for the safety of pilgrim travelling to the shrine.
(e) Action by Sultan mahmoud was imperative, but the Ottoman government could not put enough forces to attack Ibn saud and his arnies nor could it cmpel the pashas (governor) Syria and Iraq to carry ut imperial orders to destroy Wahabi.
(f) 1810
Muhammad Ali was the most powerful and influential man in the Arab part of the Ottman empire, and it was to him that Sultan mahmud finally appealed to put an end of the Wahhabi in Arabia.
(g) 1812
Muhammad ali responded by sending an expedition to the peninsula in this year.
(h) 1818
After six years of intermitten warfare the froce of Muhammad Ali, led by his son Ibrahim capture Dariyah, Ibn Saud’s capital in the Nejd and snuffed out the power of the Wahhabi in Arabia.
(i) 1821
In this year, the Ottoman Sultanate was faced another revolt-this time in Greece-Sultan Mahmoud again turned to his Egyptian viceroy for help, promising him dominion over Palestine and syria.
(j) 1825
Muhammad ali sent his army and Navy t Greece in this year.
(k) 1827
After two year fighting, the Muhammad Ali Egyptian frces were destroy and the Ottoman empire became weak, because Briatin,France and Russia jointly intervened out of their resctive self-interest.
Treaty of London signed by British, France and in 1828 by Russian and the Greek war of Independent were lasted..
Crete Island was administrated from Egypt and Serbia became an Autonom principlaity.
Despite the defeat, Muhammad Ali called Sultan Mahmoud n his promise of Syria, when Mahmoud refused, Muhammad Ali prmptly decided to seize Syria by force and in this yaer launched attack across Palestine. His cnquest of Syria was rapid and caused profound consternatin in the Sultanate. Muhammad Ali had made his intentions clear. He wan nw intent on Wrresting the sultanate away frm Mahmoud and taking it for himself.
Sultan Mahmud went to The British for help , but Ali had already cncinced them for his drive to Constantinople was directed at strengthening the Ottoman Empire so that it could resist grwing Russian imperialistic design in Ottman europe; If Ottoman Europe fell to Russia, the Russian would only be a short remove frm central and Westren Europe. the British supprted Muhammad Ali’s ratinale and Sultan Mahmoud then turned to Russia for assistance.
(k) Ottoman during a grave international crisis
Ninetheenth century European great pwer political cmpetitin was at its height and the Russians, perceiving an opportunity to gain an easy fothold in the Ottoman empire, promptly came to Mahmoud’s aids. This in turn brought British and French threats against the Ottoman and resulted in what in mdern plitician parlance wuld be called a grave International crisis.
After a gd deal of saber-rattling between Britain,France,Russia and the Ottman , thye crisis was relved,but nt befre Muhammad Ali was granted Syria (along with four more Muslim territries) and the Russian presence was firmly established by treaty at the very gates of Constantinople.
(l) The Rivality between Muhammad ali and Sultan Mahmoud
The rivalry between ali and Mahmoud continued unabated. while two jousted ver the limping empire, the European nations sharpened their attantion. If the Ottoman Epire were to disintegrate through its own internice strife, each of the European imperial pwers was intent on picking up the pieces for itself, or at least preventing its rivals from gaining control of the Ottoman domain.
(m) 1838
Muhammad Ali announced his intention to remove all ttoman lands from Syria westward from the cntrol of the sultanate and to incorporate them under his wn independent Egyptian rule. This brought an attack of forces from Constantinople.
(n) 1839
The Ottoman forces were completely routed by Ali’s armies in syria in June of 1839. Shrtly thereafter Sultan Mahmoud I died, and the disorganized Ottoman leadership had no choice but to accede to the victorious Alis’s demand.

2. Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

(1) 1840
(a)It looked now as though the sultanate and the center of Ottoman power were about to shift from Anatolia t Egypt, where the French would enjy special status. Britain could not permit this happened. The British persuaded three of the other four great European powers-Russia, Austria and Prussia- to join it in putting a stop to the transfer. The four then put pressure on France.
In this year France wasced, under the threat of war with Britain and Russia, to acquiese in a British attack n Muhammad Ali’s forces in Syria and palestine. The british won, thereby shring the Sultanate and forcing Ali to abandn his dream of ruling the Ottoman Empire. The European permitted Ali to retain independent control over Egypt,at the instance of France; in so doing they guaranteed Ali’s autonomy except in religious matters and thereby disctated Constantinople’sloss of Egypt. From this date on, the flow of event in the middle east was no longer dependent upon the Ottoman or Egyptian ruler, but upon the European powers.
(b)In this year the fisrt public post in Ottoman empire.

(2) The Cremean war (1854-1855)
The interplay of imperial rivalries and interesta in Europe subsequently brought the crimean war, which pitted Russian against the Ottomans , in alliance with Britain and France. Although the Ottmans won because they had enlisted the aid f Britain and France, their empire came inrrevocably under the economic and political tutelage f these two cuntries. Thereafter, the Ottoman gvernment fell into a steady state f decline. Constant iner-Arab warfare in the Fertile Crescent-ussually religius cmbat by Muslim against Christian incited by reactionary Ottoman ruler trying to shore up their influence-brought repeatedEuropean intervention.

Moldovia (now in Romania) were Principality under Ottoman empire forming theNothyern mst part of the Ottman empire (look at the rare local Moldovia stamps and the Admirality steam ship stamp used at Suez canal )

Moldovia (now under Romania) and wallacge declared their independence (look the rare Local Moldovia stamps ill.)

(a)Only 58 Post Offices in the entire Ottoman empiree including Europe and the first stamped with Ottman emblem was issued, the first stamps use fr the whole empire from Europe to the top of Arabia, westren to Libya.
(b) Ottman issued the firs stamp with ottoman emblem decrations (look at the illustration)

In this year The Ottoman wages another was with Russia-the one unsuccessful-and felt into functional bankrupcy. In rder to protect their investment, the british and French stepped up their intervention in Ottman affair.

(8) 1878
Bulgaria became Principality

(During Sultan Abdul Hamid II ,the Ottoman empire postal services in 1863 had Issued the first stamp with the Turkish Ottoman coat of arm, and in 1867 the second issued Moon and crescent design, in 1869 the third issued were overprint the second issued with new nominal currency, after that issued another rare type stamps like the figure of Sultan Abdul Hamid II
I have also found in Indonesia a vintage Turkish multicolour handpainted ceramic plate with the last Ottoman emperor Sultan Mahmoud I picture decoration. (please look the illustrations)

(9) 1882
(a)The first massive intervation came in this year, when the British occupied Egypt in rder to protect their Suezanal and other econmic interest during an uprising of nationalist Arab against the Ottman ruling-class descendants of Muhammad Ali. the occupation only served to fortify the native populatin’s resentment against freign presence and influence.
By 1882 the idea of revolutionary nationalism, forged out of the French revolutin, was a well-established idelogy throughout Europe. Indeed , it had fr some time been at the heart of the Ottoman empire’s troubles as first Greece, then other Ottoman province in southern Europe, struggled to free themselves frm Turkish cntrol and establish, by revlution, their own soverieghn states.
(b) The Sultan in 1882 was Abdukl Hamid II, and behind him were arrayed the frces of Ottoman reactionism.Hamid was a fanatical Muslim who promulgated a policy of Pan-Islam, a policy that envisioned the entire Ottoman world free of any other religious influences.

(10) 1890
By the 1890s small but vocal secret Arabic societies had sprung up in Syria, Iraq and Egypt devted t the struggle for local plitical independence frm Ottoman rule.Simultanneusly, in Europe, a small movement called Zionism -based on the Jews dream of restring their riginal hmeland -was gathering adherents and momentum.
( In the year 1905,a bk appeared in Paris called The Awakening Of The Arab Nation, published under the imprint of the League f the Arab Fatherland. it propunded the natin of an independent Arabic-language nation extending from the Tigris-Euphrates across Syria and Palestine to Suez canal. The state wuld have an Arab’sultan’ to exercise political rule and acaliph to administer religious affair. By 1905 then,Arab nationalism-however much the cncept dependened on a religius structure that cntradicated truly nationalistic impuls-was in its first stage of birth-Thomas Kiernan)
( In 1908, the stresses and strains to which Arabs were subjected during Sultan Hamid’s harsh regime were alleviated somewhat, if only temporarily, by a palace revlution in constantinople in july 1908. A group of yung turks exasperated with Hamid’s rampant depotism, ousted him in coup d’etat and set out under the banner of their Committee of Union and progress to intitute real reform within the empire and restoreit to its former glory.France already had control of the frmer Ottoman province of Algeria and Tunisia and was moving n Marocco. ritain was irmly ensconced in Egypt and alng the Arabian pennisula. in 1916 which ttally ignred Mac mahon’s agreement with Srafid Hussein. in 1917 Hussein and his sns succeessfully carried out their action and in this year had destroyed the llast remnats of Ottoman rule in Hejaz. france and Great Britain agree to futher and assist the setting up of indegenous gvernments and administrations in Syria and Mesopotamia.Thomas Kiernan)

(11) 1899
Crete became autonom
The end.
@copy right Dr iwan s.2010